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 From the Front Line of The

Moral, Social, Economic, Military, Political, Constitutional and Governmental Disintegration

of the United Kingdom.

 The Comment That They Do Not Want You To Read: 

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4th July 2024

 Ballot Paper


Gus Ferguson – Motherwell, Wishaw & Carluke - British Unionist Party (BUP)

 Cllr. John Jo Leckie – Airdrie & Shotts - British Unionist Party (BUP)





15th June 2024

The Good Life


The Golden Agers are now enjoying The Good Life and cashing in and checking out of employment.

 The Golden Agers sense that the nation (that they threw away over 60 years) has gone and that only The Wasteland now exists outside their front window and comfort zone.


Retirement, Partial-Retirement, Part-Time Working, Semi-Release, (whatever you want to call it),

those born into Christian Integrated, Industrial Britain are now getting out the employment market and pulling up the ladder and spending, spending, spending

to say nothing of the B&Q Card that has not seen so much spending action since the B & Q Summer of 2020.


The Splurge (Mortages, Second Properties, Cars, Holidays Resturants, Club memberships etc) now taking place is EndSpend.

It is selfishness in motion.


It's The Good Life until they meet .........the new neighbours.




15th June 2024

The Recruiting Station and The Polling Station


"power comes from the barrel of a gun"

 Mao Zedong


Without force (ready to be deployed), politics is empty.

It's time for the British (what is left of them) to visit the Recruiting Station before the Polling Station.





8th June 2024

The COVID Eelection - But It's Not


Having injected over 52 million with an experimental DNA altering material (deadly and debilitating) with excess death and damage rates to prove it, 

the Conservative and Labour Establishment is to ignore the entire COVID Period (The National Suicide) in the general election, of course they are.


AstraZeneca, Immigrants or Separtists are not responsible for the throwing away of the British nation state, the British people, in the ballot box are responsible

and even at this very late stage they can put it right (as advocated be restoring their nationhood.


Wether it's COVID, Immigration or The Union, the Conservative and Labour and SNP Establishment did not take power by armed coup,

they have been given power (again and again and again) by the British in the ballot box.


Only the British people (what is left of them) can get themselves out of this




8th June 2024

SNP - A Vote For The Union


A vote for the SNP is first and foremost (before all other matters) a vote for the Union.


The SNP has declared that all of it's candidate's will take their seats in the British Parliament.


Their policy is Representational not Abstentionist.

A Unionist can vote for the SNP without compromising their Nationalism (Unionism) and the integrity of Britain.


The prime threat to the Nation (Union) comes (and has come) from the Conservative and Labour Establishment.


It was the Conservative party (not the SNP) that initiated - the 2014 Referendum -  The Conservative Party Leader launched it on the Andrew Marr Show BBC on the 8th of January 2012.

The BBC have - removed - this episode however have the official transcript location of the programme:


It should be noted that the (unconstitutional) 2014 referendum franchise on the existence of the United Kingdom

was calibrated (by the Conservative and Labour and SNP Establishment) so that the British nation could

have ended through a single vote from ie a Nigerian 16 year old resident in Aberdeen.


Having taken Britain to the edge of destruction in September 2014, Conservative and Labour agents, in 2024 once again advocate "Tactical Voting"

by voting for ...........the Conservative and Labour parties, mmmmm seeeeems....... a bit ehhhhhhhh.........suspect.


Every vote for the Conservative and Labour  - parties/party - is a vote for the vanquishing of the British.



 8th June 2024



There have been more than 9 million British abortions since 1967.





 23rd May 2024


If a nation does not reproduce it will not exist.

It's territory will be taken by  a new tribe or tribes.

This is what happened to Britain in the run up to (and through) it's National Suicide in 2020.


The British reproduction rate is about 1.2, the reproduction rate required is at least 2.1 per couple.

The 60 year abandonment of nationhood (and the national religion) saw Britain (a selfless nation) metamorph into a selfish (all against all) sub-state on 23rd of March 2020.


The writer Louise Perry provides a substantial critique on the "Sexual Revolution" and it's contribution to the dissolution and National Suicide of the United Kingdom.



23rd May 2024


The Security Industry Authority (SIA, established in 2003) is the (Conservative and Labour) government agency that organises and regulates the "security" "industry in the Former United Kingdom.

 It is the new - post - United Kingdom (privatised) security force.

It's function is to suppress and regulate and contain the British in Britain.


The "British Army"  has about 75,000 personnel (including those on Diversity and Inclusion and Equality courses and those commanding desk's, in "roles" that were formerly civil service posts).

SIA has over 400,000 registered "operatives" - increasingly, foreign men of conscription age.

Foreign forces are now in situ.



 30th April 2024

Get Married

The British nation state was built upon the married family unit.




30th April 2024

A Pint

Martin Luther

"Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!"



 30th April 2024

One Voice was established in April 2011






15th of April 2024

We Don't Talk Anymore

 Free speech is restricted by self-censorship and legislation.

Before March 23rd 2020 it was widely observed in British society, that in especially new company, you should not talk about politics, football or religion, the - generally wise -  reason for this was that you may offend anothers deeply held opinion on a matter of importance to them before establishing a more substantial relationship with them over time after which such topics can be - safely, without threatening the relationship - raised and opinions exchanged, even opposing opinions in the context of a friendly and even loving relationship.

 While medical matters are rightly, a traditionally private subject, no mention is ever to be made of The Jab (a profoundly public subject).

The Jab as a subject of general conversation is now unacceptable (designated a divisive, depressing and fearful topic - which it is).

It is the King Elephant in the room.



The COVID period (March 2020 - February 2022) is to be forgotten - we referred to this state sanctioned memory wipe on 7th May 2022.


"COVID" - It Was All A Dream

(A Memory Wipe)


The "Conservative" Party and Labour Party and SNP etc Establishment (CALE) is now engaged in a national memory wipe.

A process of deletion of the collective memory of the past two years (especially of The Injection) is in full swing.

According to CALE "Covid" did not happen.


This reminds us at of the 1980's tv series that killed off one of it's leading characters only to bring him back a year later

when the ratings took a dive.

The explanation for his had all been a dream.



Bobby's Return supports A Force For Good's "Free Speech Rules" Rally in George Square Glasgow on Saturday 20th April 2024 at 1.15PM




 15th of April 2024


All contraceptive availabilty must be placed under medical licence.




15th of April 2024

Abolish and Demolish

Legislative devolution must be abolished and Holyrood, Stormont and Snedd demolished.




15th of April 2024 

Soylent Green has recommended "Limetown" and "Severence" tv series that reflect political, corporate and bio-digital themes in the Epoch of AstraZeneca.

The film - Soylent Green (1973) - also refers to a number of present day matters.




15th of April 2024


 The roll out by ScotRail of over1,000 more bodycams to staff is the use of state power and money in an attempt to intimidate and enforce the decrees of the New State.

It is a further attempt (a step on from fixed camera's) to intrude upon and restrict the private dimension of life.





3rd of April 2024 

The Epoch of AstraZeneca, Year 5 


The Transformation of Britain from a nation state into a sub-state of the Godless Global State is now complete.

While the Jab's Dead and Damaged numbers increase (and are more difficult for the Conservative and Labour Establishment to hide),

British society has atomised (like a nuetron bomb detonation, the people have have disappeared and only the buldings remain)

while the wasteland that is left is occupied by the new occupants and their barracked forces.



  3rd of April 2024

The Dead and The Damaged.


What is causing the increase in the death and damage rates ? no one in the Conservative and Labour Establishment (politics, medicine, media etc) knows apparently. can tell them, it's The Jab.


An experimental (X) material was rolled out into the general population (between December 2020 and about February 2022)

 and it's effects are now becoming visible from royalty to cleaners, The Jab knows no rank.


Do your own research. Do not accept the "official" line.

 If you are Jabbed do not take anymore Jabs.

 If you are Jabbed do not exert yourself.


The (X) material is now transmitted by sexual contact (and associated blood products) if you are in the reproductive pool consider the effects of transmission.



 3rd of April 2024

Defend The Patriarchy, Defend The Nation


 Central to the Dissolution of the United Kingdom has been the official Conservative and Labour legislation to de-masculinise the country in order that it cannot defend itself.

 It is noted that the millions of foreign forces entering the Former United Kingdom annually are not feminised.

 Feminisation of the nation's institutions including it's armed forces  and general culture is now embedded.

 It must be reversed to defend the nation.



3rd of April 2024

Devolution Is Dissolution


Legisative Devolution is a device to disintegrate and dissolve the United Kingdom.

 It was introduced in 1921.

 A Unionist (a national) party asserts the Whole.

A Devolutionist (a regional) party asserts the Part against the Whole.


A devolutioinist party cannot defend the Nation's political or territorial unity, only a party that believes in the integrity (The Whole) of the nation through a an integral Parliament

(composed of the common representation of all constituencies)

 can defend it. supports the repeal of the legislative devolution Acts (and the Greater London Authority Act 1999).



 3rd of April 2024

 The Jab Map

Strange how the excess death map is the same as the Jab map.





3rd of April 2024

Self-Loading Rifle


 "power comes from the barrel of a gun"

 Mao Zedong

 To restore the British nation, the British (what is left of them) must construct a War Economy.




3rd of April 2024






31st of March 2024

Jesus Christ,

Our Lord and Saviour, Has Risen.


Easter Bible Reading

Matthew 28 King James Version (KJV)


28 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.

 And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.

His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:

And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.

And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him.

10 Then said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid: go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me.






16th March 2024

The Lessons of Wolverhampton


"...They (the British) don't have to be big to be great..."



Britain was a nation before it was an empire.


The National Suicide of the United Kingdom on the 23rd of March 2020 finally facilitated the Transformation of the British nation state

into a sub-state of the new global state of AstraZenecaLand (AZL) containing increasing globalised populations within it.


Pre-Imperial and Post Imperial Britain


 The Transformation however had begun in post-war Britain when the nation clung onto the dream of Empire

(and later the hostile fiction of the Commonwealth) rather than recognise that Britain was returning to it's pre-Empire condition

and alter it's nationality legislation accordingly to restore British nationality exclusively to the British.



Part One

Part Two

Part Three







29th February 2024


The most popular art form of the last third of the 20th century was pop music from rock and roll to punk to electronic and other genre's.

The anti-establishment element of the form was a rebellious critique to the establishment of the time.

With the arrival of COVID and The Injection of course, the pop music artist's (with a few honourable exceptions) submitted and signed up to the pro-Injection lobby narrative.

They were all just posing mannn.




29th February 2024

The Official Untruth

The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021

(and recent court cases where the  Judge and other officials of the state referred to a male victim as a female) highlight the movement of the Former United Kingdom

from being a Christian nation that cleaves to the Truth to one that legislates and offficiates for Untruth as promoted by the new godless, Liberal state of AstraZenecaLand

sub-managed by the Conservative and Labour Establishment.(CALE))




29th February 2024

Inedpendent Blood Banks

It is essential that independent blood banks are established and blood and associated products are denominated by COVID Vax Injected and COVID Vax Not Injected.



29th February 2024 

Fortress Britain

The British (what is left of them) must restore and defend their land sea and air border only then can they re-nationalise their nation.



29th February 2024



The British (what is left of them) must now detach themselves from  the Dead State and it's "officialdom" and the corrupt corporatedom of the Conservative and Labour Establishment (CALE).

commonrepresentation encourages homes schooling, independent medical networks and other independent British organisations etc.



29th February 2024

The Fake British Centre

The Fake British Centre Meets it's Own Handiwork.


The consequence of the Conservative and Labour Establishment's (CALE) abandonment of Britain's Border for 60 years

is now knocking on the Palace of Westminster's Door.



29th February 2024

AZL: European Sub-State

The Former United Kingdom continues to be part of the European Union.


The European Union is the regional sub-state of AstraZenecaLand.





22nd February 2024

"What Have We Done"


The Metaphysical Event Has Happened.

Regret (and mass depression) is now hanging over the Former United Kingdom.

It is near tangible on the steets and in public places.

Regret and depression in regard to the 60 year frenzy of godless selfishness that resulted in The National Dissolution that culminated in the COVID scam and of course,

the DNA altering "Vax".


 22nd February 2024

Ban The Pill

The Pill decimated  British society, not only the birthrate but the social fabric, traditions, habits and bonds.

It must be banned.



22nd February 2024

The Surrender to Technology

"Content With Servitude"

 For a number of years has warned against the rapid untested (in comparison to long term researched and observed effects on the individual and the nation) release of new technnology into the national marketplace.

The impact of digital technology on children is just one of the consequences of profit driven rapid untested technology being dumped into society.




21st February 2024

The Protestant Epoch

 From about 1520 to 2020, The Reformation and the Westphalian (The West) Peace that flowed from it, set the template for the formation of the nation state and modern civilisation (from the printing press - including the printing of money)

 to the internet and human progress in general).

The Reformation was in a sense  a broad diffusion of power (religous, intellectual, philisophical, politcal, social technological and economic etc.)

It was the actual empowerment of the individual in relation to both the religious and temporal dimensions of life.


The nation state is the natural buffer against a global state power.

Since 2020 the godless, global, liberal, bio-digital and corporate state that has emerged is a direct challenge to the nation state.


The nation state must be defended at all costs.



21st February 2024

British Irregular Force

 Organise and Mobilise


The Conservative and Labour Establishment (CALE), not being content with dissolving the United Kingdom over a 60 year period and culminating in the injection of a substantial part of the the population with a debilitating and deadly material,

now want to conscript the remaining young Briton's to fight for it.


The British (what is left of them) must now organise and mobilise and fight against the global state power represented by CALE not for it.


"This war will not be won with untrained ploughmen, apprentices, old decaying serving men, we need men with fire in their bowels, who fear the Lord but not the enemy."



 21st February 2024

"What about the others? What others ?"

Bill to John

Day of the Triffids BBC 1981


The 60 year old abandonment of the national religion and consequent dissolution of Britain and it's social atomisation has produced an all against all society,

where the godly nation, manifest a  selflessness (most visible at war memorials and in the yellowing pages of individual war records) - has been replaced with a godless selfishness.



21st February 2024

Still Missing

9 Million Britons are still missing.

In the 60 year old Dissolution of Britain that ended in The National Suicide of 2020 nothing more impacted on the nation (at an individual and national level) than the abortion of 9 million children in the womb.


"Ive been hanging around your address"



21st February 2024

That's Entertainment

 While the Former United Kingdom's excess dead number increases, this below is Entertainment in the degengerate AstraZenecaLand, the godless, global state that you now inhabit.

 (The Vax Scene)





25th December 2023

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is Born


Luke 2 King James Version (KJV)

1 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

 2 (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

3 And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.




1st December 2023

  White Christmas

Trust in God and keep your powder dry.




27th November 2023


After The Dissolution, The Lockdown, The Occupation and of course, The Injection,

the British are now being haunted by themselves.




21st November 2023

Too Late

At we refuse to fake it.

 It is too late - the National Suicide has happened.


Today millions continue to fake it and distract themselves from The Event and to conduct themselves as though The Event never happened.


The Event - The Dissolution, The Lockdown, The Occupation and most of all The Injection - has happened

and the British must now be honest with themselves regarding their approach to it.


Most of all, it is too late to reverse The Injection (it can only now be managed)

and too late to reverse The Occupation only in the political dimension.


It is essential to recognise that The Event has happened.

Only then can can the the British - what is left of them -  start again.




21st November 2023

King Khan

The British are now witnesssing the result of the 60 year old abandonment of their national religion, marriage, childbirth,

disintegration of national institutions and the Conservative and Labour Establishment (CALE) endorsement of the Injection and Imigration.


The National Suicide of 2020 permitted a powershift from the nation state of Great Britain to the New State of AstraZenecaLand

and is reflected in in the capital city's politics and in it's streets. 




21st November 2023

Vaxxed Anti Vax


In Denmark 734,000

were Injected before the government, concerned at it's visible effects withdrew the Pfizer/Astrazeneca Injections.


In Britain 24 million

were Injected before the government (and the entire Conservative and Labour Establishment CALE - including the medical, media and corporate complex),

concerned at it's visible effects withdrew the Pfizer/Astrazeneca Injections.


Altered genetic material is now sloshing about in the population pools in the Former United Kingdom.

While the CALE refuse to discuss this matter in public, sexual contact and blood and associated blood product continue to further the spread of the harmful material .


It should be noted that leading opponents of the Vax include the Vaxxed.




21st November 2023

Politics of the Past

 There are many who wish to ignore 2020-2022.

They wish to go back to 2019 and only talk about The Union or the EU or Tax or the NHS or Education or Pensions or the Economy or Social Security,

anything,  just so long as they do not talk about The Injection or The Occupation.


Many of them have been Injected and many of them see everyday the Occupation

(infront, beside and behind them) of the of the Former United Kingdom by expeditionary foreign forces now embedded across it but do not want to talk about either of these matters as it generates fear.


They wish to hide in the Politcs of the Past.

This is not politics, it is comfort politics.




21st November 2023

 Mr Sunak Goes Home


For 60 years the "Liberal/Progressive" revolutionaries have sought to disconnect Tribe from Territory

(In short, Tribe and Territory form and constitute a Nation)

in order to facilitate the introduction of a new global state

(which duly emerged on the 23rd of March 2020).


Mr Sunak went to India recently (he is of Indian descent).

 Mr Sunak was born in Southampton, United Kingdom and is Indian.


Sir Cliff Richard was born in Lucknow, India and is British.




 21st November 2023

A National Rhythm


The Primeminister Johnson declaration on 23rd of March 2020 brought the United Kingdom to an end as a nation state

and enabled a new global state to take over (including barracked expeditionary foreign forces)

 central to the ending of Britain as a political nation was the ending of centuries of national religous, social, economic, military, administrative and political rythmns.


The COVID lockdown was to end (The Great Transformation) the existing national rhythms and introduce a new godless, globalised single state rhythm.


One only has to examine the effects of WFH (Working form Home) on social, transport and economic rhythms to recognise the disruptive efffect that is has had.on national integrity and social bonds.


We have just witnessed a submission to global poltical and corporate power and the introduction of it's rythmn.


A nation needs it's own national rhythms.



21st November 2023

A Church Distraction

Ater 60 years of abandoning Scripture the imposter Church of Scotland and imposter Church of England

decided - of course - to look the other way as the Conservative and Labour Establishment locked congregrations out of their churches under the scam of COVID.


Rather than confess their actions and ask for forgiveness and affirm Scripture and keep churches open, parishes preferred to set up a committee to extend the church hall.




21st November 2023





21st November 2023

Adopt A Country Week

Following on from the National Suicide on the 23rd of March 2020

the former British can now be any nationality they want providing it's not British.






4th November 2023


We Wunt Be Druv


Bonfire and National Memory


An effigy at Lewes 2021


While Britain now recedes into history, it is vital that memory and tradition remind those in the present why Britain mattered.

If you cannot remember something, you cannot learn from it or bring it back.



Across the (former) United Kingdom, spontaneous - out of control of the government - celebrations will be held tonight to celebrate the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot.

Today (November 5th, unless it is a Sunday) also marks the arrival in Brixham of King William III and the Revolutionary Fleet in 1688,

marking the formal start of the Glorious Revolution that secured the British Constitution and Parliamentary Representative Democracy in what would soon become the United Kingdom. encourages organisations, institutions and others to set up Bonfire Societies along the lines of those in Lewes.


Lewes Bonfire Night Live


Remember Remember

 Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.

 We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! 

  Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament.

  Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow. 

  By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match.

  O, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.

  Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

  And what shall we do with him? Burn him!





23rd October 2023

Life Sentence supports the imprisonment for life of all the principal actors

 (politcians, medical officials and media including Sunak, Starmer, Sturgeon and Drakeford)

 who endorsed and promoted the COVID Injection (a debilitating and deadly material)

 into the British including children.




18th October 2023

No One Is Coming To Help

 The metaphysical event has happened

 (23rd March 2020 - 22nd January 2022)


In the New Epoch (The AstraZeneca Epoch)

the British (what is left of them) must now gather and help themselves.





 7th October 2023

Natural Nation


For a number of years has highlighted the requirement of a constellation of common interests, a consolidation of common interests (a single formation)

and a cadre of officers to articulate the common interests of the British in order to re-assert British nationhood after the National Suicide.


The - Freedom Movement - that has emerged since 2020  is Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Injection and Anti the Godless, Global, Liberal, Bio-Digital, Corporate State.


  The Freedom Movement (including the "dissident" alternative media) has a large Christian and working class base and has an emotional and practical attachment to

the British Constitution and the Unity, Liberty, Authority and Territory and the history of Britain and it's independent traditions, customs, conventions and eccentricities.


 The Freedom Movement reflects a Britain that existed before The National Suicide that took place on 23rd of March 2020.


Britain  is the natural outcome - a nation - of the British collective existence over centuries - millennia. 

 The Freedom Movement (that emerged during the COVID Period) is the surviving embodyment of Britain.


It contains the seed of Britain.




30th September 2023

It's Not There

There are millions who are dissapointed on a daily basis because they cannot find Britain, that is, because it's not there.



30th September 2023

Pockets of the Past

 The Golden Agers

(those born into Christian Industrial Britain that they then threw away)

are hiding in their homes (armed with their B&Q discount card or are now part of a wandering tribe, either to be found at railway stations or on highly selective bus tours, getting away from the Wasteland for the day

(courtesy of their retirement packages and inheritance money).


They are also congregating in the smaller towns and villages especially of rural and coastal Britain (geographical meaning).


Having done nothing to resist the Self-Dissolution of the United Kingdom since 1960 while enjoying the benefits of it, for them,

this is a comfortable and rewarding post work period.


These Pockets are self-protective, socially active and wealthy

(ironically everything Britain had been prior to the Self-Dissolution).


They resemble Britain of the 1970's and 1980's in appearence (a white population with tidy street gutters)

they are generally content and reasonable in scale and activity, with the addition of middle range charity shop's

and vanity shop's - not making a profit but keeping the owner and his wife, occupied, active and healthy. The golf club has an experienced chef.


The bars and resturants are middle market with good food with a self -knowing local identity.

Outside, the local church, is of course, adorned with the AstraZenecaLand Flag of Ukraine.


In these Pockets which have a high "COVID" injection rate, there is little if any talk about Immigration and less still of Covid.


It's Over, even for them.




18th August 2023


 "'s mind had been overshadowed with the fear that somehow the United Kingdom might be hussled from one position to another and in the end be overwhelmed without fighting..."

 The Rt Hon J Enoch Powell 10/12/87

 (Speaking about his time in Australia before the Second World War.)



18th August 2023

After Politics War

 Having abandoned nationhood, Britain is now in descent to War.



18th August 2023

Abandoned Britain

By voting for the Conservative and Labour parties for 60 years in general election after general election (in payment  for being provided with moral and temporal comfort  by them)

the British - what is left of them - now find that Britain has been abandoned.



9th August 2023




9th August 2023

Contagion and Containment


 In the Former United Kingdom there are more dying in 2023 than in 2022  or 2021 - see Office of National Statistics.

The "death spike" did not occur from the COVID period (comparable with The Flu death rates which disappered during COVID),

it has occured from the Injection period.


The Injection was released (in "response" to a - virus - that had a 99.7 (higher again in children) recovery rate.

into the populations of the Former United Kingdom between December 2020 and February 2022, 

when the threshold level was met (about60-70/100) and further spread could be attained through sexual contact or blood transfusion or the use of associated blood products,

The Injection was withdrawn from general release and promotion. 


Element X - The Injection material - is now swashing about in the genetic population pools and remains transmittable through sexual contact, blood transfusion and associated blood products. 

  Element X is a deadly and debilitaing material.  


The Conservative and Labour Establishment (CALE - including media and commerce) refuse to acknowledge the excess death and debilitation caused by The Injection

 although it is increasingly difficult for them to hide the excess deaths and excess debilitating medical conditions that are now presenting themselves in The Injected populations.


 The released Pfizer documents (Pfizer attempted to keep them secret) have been put in the public domain (see Niaomi Wolf research and book link below)

 and indicate that in early tests, once injected, the material further contaminated through natural reproduction 

 (they recomended double physical/barrier contraception to prevent this form of transmission). 


A National Covid Institute must imediately be set up and a containment methods policy introduced and made public.

 Central to all action must be the medical denomination of all individuals by their category of injection or uninjection (already held by the government)

this is vital for physical and mental treatment of the wholeness of the individual

  and crucially the identification of all blood and associated items as  containing injected or uninjected material. 




9th August 2023 

 Disturbing The Peace

  Immigration disturbs the national peace.


 The nation state is built on the family and then tribe (self recognising, self identifying (a genetic) collective self-formation that occupies a defined territory

 (a people form a nation, a landmass does not) 

The nation state is the - gold standard - of human collective formations.

 It is based simply on common genetic traits and charateristics and collective self identification and a recognisable group (common) interest of tribe and territory.


While a nation state can accomodate a trace measure of - alien - population - usually at it's ports - (nation to nation interfaces)

 a policy of no immigration preserves the recognition, balance and settlement of the nation.


It is a precious peace that nationhood bestows on the nation especially one that defend's it's Border without compromise.

 The features of Nationhood regulate nation to nation co-operation and and generate a natural resistance to a global authority/state.


It is this reason why there has been a 60 year old process to destroy the British nation state and replace it with

 a new global - informal - not publicly solemnized - state.


Immigration into the UK since the 1950's has disturbed the peace of the nation.

  Time and effort has been and is spent measuring, regulating and policing (politically and administratively) the different and competing power groups that have entered into the territory.


 The evidence for this is found in many countries that having been nation states heve decided to become states that are no longer nation states but are now codified states

 ie those that require a written codified agreement - (that replaces the genetic element) on paper that essentially refutes the self recognisising (genetic) element and instead

 demands alligence to a new written codififed (and implies a higher virtue dimension) document that superceeds the natural and biological self identification of the group.



9th August 2023

  The Exchange


The British (generally speaking) have exchanged their Nation for a Godless Debt-based Pleasuredome and a discount card from B&Q.

 Only in the Summer of 2023 (Year 4 of the New - AstraZeneca - Epoch) can the full scale and shape of the Transformation of Britian into a sub state

 of AstrazenecaLand (The New Godless, Global, Liberal, Injected, Digital, Bio Corporate State) be seen on the streets

 and in the last vapours (public institutions and services) of the old - Reformation - Epoch (from about 1517 until the 23rd March 2020).


 The 60 year dissolution of Britain, culminating in the 2020 National Suicide has happened.


For 60 years an alternative course could have been taken.

It was not.



 9th August 2023

The British Museum

 The Former United Kingdom is now a Museum of it's Past.




9th June 2023






Meta (meaning : after or beyond).


The Bio- Digital state introduced on 23rd March 2020 is a post Christian global state

characterised by it's godless, selfish, liberal, corporate features.


The Meta Platform Incorporated company owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

and is central to the codification and exploitation of data in AstraZenecaLand.



9th June 2023


 The United Kingdom was a Christian nation state.


 China is a secular state and predominately composed of the Han ethnic group.

  They make up about 92% of the Chinese population and account for about 1.4 billion across the Earth (about 18 % of the global population)

  and 25% of Glasgow University's undergraduate population.


Christian, Industrial, Britain has been thrown away.



9th June 2023


Across the Former United Kingdom

victims of the Injection and their supporters are organising

mutual support and opposition to the promoters, political, medical and media etc who rolled out the deadly and debilitatiing Injection to a population that never needed it.



9th June 2023


 It is claimed that about 70/100 of the UK population has been injected with at least one of the deadly and debilitating  material injections officially referred to as the "Covid Vacine".


While every injection was numbered and now forms a unique biological identity card database

  (and by definition forms a further database of those who remain un-injected)

  the Conservative and Labour Establishment refuse to denominate medical information on the basis of  - Injected or Un-Injected.

  (they do this in order that the effects of the contaminent cannot be fully identified and measured)


It is essential that all medical matters and information are denominated on this basis.

  The contaminent material (Element X) and it's effects must be traceable and are traceable due to the numbering system used for each vial and each individual.

  Most of all, it is essential for the containment and treament of the material that the denomination information is made public.


9th June 2023


The age of credit and debt must be brought to an end alongside "interest" charges.


All credit (cards) must be banned and all debt management companies shut and all credit scoring companies closed.

 A British Government (Treasury) must issue the currency (the "Bradbury" Pound) and assume and consolidate all debt and credit assets.

All Pound Sterling denominated debt must then be renderred Void.


9th June 2023

 Bric By Bric


AstraZenecaLand, the new Godless, Global, Bio-Digital, Corporate, Liberal State arrived in 2020.

 It set out to extinquish the nation state and return the Earth to a pre-Reformation (pre-nation state) Global Single State period.

It is currently engaged in extending it's border into Russia.

 The few remaining nation states: Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa etc now associate in the BRICS organisation.




9th June 2023

 Horror Show

"...all I want to do is forget you..."

Millions just want to forget - Covid - "Lockdown" and most of all The Injection, so does the Conservative and Labour Establishment.

We must not let them.



 9th June 2023



 Having committed National Suicde 

the Former United Kingdom is now a territory full of competing foreign power groups who do retain an attachment and affection for their nation's.

 A power competition has now begun.


This what happens when a nation stops believing in itself and becomes dominated by those who are selfish rather than selfless. 



9th June 2023



Central to AstraZenecaLand's transformation of the Former United Kingdom into a Godless, Global, Bio-Digital state

 is to shift human experience from the physical environment into a digital environment.

Central to this is the shifting of items and services from the physical domain into the digital (state controlled) domain including money.


 Keep it physical.

Use physical money.




20th May 2023


 It's Murder.



"the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another."


The "Vaccine" Injection is mass murder and mass debilitation (excess death rates are up 20% ) of the British population by the Conservative and Labour Establishment. supports the arrest of all the principal promoters of the "Lockdown" and "Vaccine" rollout,

(Politics, Media and Medicine etc) and their imprisonment for life including Sunak, Johnston and Starmer etc.





12th May 2023 

The British Coronation


The British Coronation Oath

(Established by The Glorious Revolution 1688-1691)

 is the constitituional bulwark for national government and against despotic government including AstraZenecaLand.


The King has taken the Oath, the Constitutional and Political and Legal Qualification placed before him,

the problem is not with him.



Part 1

The Oath Has Been Taken


The Oath


The King places his hand on the Bible,

and the Archbishop administers the Oath.


The Oath


Archbishop of Canterbury:
Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern
the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
your other Realms and the Territories
to any of them belonging or pertaining,
according to their respective laws and customs?


The King:
I solemnly promise so to do.


Archbishop of Canterbury:
Will you to your power cause Law and Justice,
in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?


The King:
I will.


Archbishop of Canterbury:
Will you to the utmost of your power maintain
the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?
Will you to the utmost of your power maintain
in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law?
Will you maintain and preserve inviolably
the settlement of the Church of England,
and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof,
as by law established in England?
And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England,
and to the Churches there committed to their charge,
all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?


The King:
All this I promise to do.
The things which I have here before promised I will perform and keep.
So help me God.


Archbishop of Canterbury:
Your Majesty, are you willing to make, subscribe and
declare to the statutory Accession Declaration Oath?


The King:
I am willing.


The King:
I Charles do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God
profess, testify, and declare that I am a faithful Protestant,
and that I will, according to the true intent of the enactments
which secure the Protestant succession to the Throne,
uphold and maintain the said enactments to the best of my powers according to law."


God Save The King



 Part 2

 A King Without A Country


 The United Kingdom no longer exists, it committed suicide on 23rd March 2020.

 The Former United Kingdom is now a sub-state of AstraZenecaLand, the Godless, Global (and a population to prove it), Bio-Digital, Liberal, Corporate, State

(Currently at war with Russia).

 The King has taken The Oath to a country that does not now exist.

 The King has taken the Oath, the problem is not with him, it is with the British people who have thrown away their country and therein, their part of The Compact.





2nd May 2023

The Covid Medicine Show

As the number of dead and debilitated increase across the Former United Kingdom

AstraZenecaLand's (Conservative and Labour Establishment) Pharma Division continue to make their products and billion's in profit's.





29th of April 2023 

One Voice was established in April 2011




12th of April 2023 

Inside Outside

The United Kingdom no longer exist's.

(Only the buildings and plastic plumbing remain).


The Former United Kingdom is now the North West Europe Sector of AstraZenecaLand

(The Godless, Global, Liberal, Bio-Digital State).


The Injection and The Invasion are the only two matters that matter.

All other matters rest upon them.


The Injection

The Injection Material cannot be reversed, it can only be contained and managed.


A National Covid Institute (NCI) must be established to:

1. Secure the provision of un-injected blood and other items and to ensure that the Injected Material (infected material) does not spread further into the population and most of all the reproductive pool.

2. To investigate and conduct research into the Injection Material and propose means to contain and ameliorate the effects and provide support to The Injected both mentally and physically.



The principal actors who endorsed and promoted The Injection (The Conservative and Labour Establishment - politicians/medical/media and others)

must be arrested and imprisoned for life for what they inflicted upon the population of the United Kingdom: Johnson/Sunak/Starmer etc



The Invasion

 British Irregular Force's, Militia's and Volunteer's were the basis of the New Model Army and what became the British Army, they must be so again.

Imigration must be stopped and reversed.

A Territorial Defence Force must also be established and the Civil Defence Corps re-restablished.





10th of April 2023

Jesus Christ,

Our Lord and Saviour, Has Risen.


Easter Bible Reading

Matthew 28 King James Version (KJV)


28 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.

 And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.

His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:

And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.

And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him.

10 Then said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid: go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me.




23rd March 2023

Year 4

(In The New Epoch of AstraZeneca)


It is the anniversary of the National Suicide of the United Kingdom and the arrival of the new Godless, Global, Liberal Bio-Digital State:



Watch it happen here:


"...the beginning of any society is never charming or gentle"

"Ruth Collins"

"The Last Man on Earth" (1964)




23rd March 2023

Division of the Species

It is estimated that about 5 billion out of an estimated 8 billion Earth population has been injected with the "Covid" injection

with the highest rates concentrated largely in what has been previously described as the "West" (see Westphalian Peace).

Central to The Injection has been it's alteration of the natural building block of life, DNA.



23rd March 202

Give Blood

 It is essential that the Blood Transfusion Service now operates a dual system of identified blood supply - one for those injected and one for those not injected.

Beyond that, it is essential that independent (free standing) blood banks are established containing deposits of uninjected blood and associated products.

Having reached The Injection threshold of about 66% of the population, it's promoters now rely on natural reproduction and blood transmission and associated new products

to further increase the number in the population that have the DNA altering material.




 23rd March 2023

 37x37 Hours

 37 hours a week is - generally speaking - the average working week.


It now and for a number of decades, takes a husband and wife to both work to afford the penal rates of tax and poverty wages to keep a family and a house financially afloat.

The family unit, father, mother and childdren and extended family (in local proximity) was central to the social fabric and independence of families and local idependent identity from

national government and state power.


 In the 60 year countdown to 23rd March 2020 and the National Suicide,

the Conservative and Labour Establishment focussed on the dissolution of the traditional family and the natural local, moral,

social and economic bonds.


Central to this was the removal of the wife and mother from the family home, the full time nurturing of children and the tending of local neighbourly bonds.

It was and remains, this political purpose that has driven women out of the home and abandoned children to the government promoted sterilised nursery daycare system.


The removal of the mother and women in general, for 37 daylight hours every week into a boring, life confining and poverty level "employment"

(preferred by employers because a large, male workforce is more ressistant to management exploitation)

devastated the rythmn and functioning of family life and dissolved local neighbourhoods, villages, districts, towns and cities.



23rd March 2023

1 Minute City

 Too poor to go out.

Too poor to stay in.

Most Britons (what is left of them) cannot afford (or are now, not inclined, to visit the Wasteland outside their windows) to get out of their street and into their local villages, towns and cities.

About 1 minute should do it.



23rd March 2023

3x5 Inches


The concentration mentally and visually and physically on a 3 by 5 inch rectangular screen is not only detrimental to the eyes

(schools encouraging children to do homework on their telephones should be banned immediately from doing so)

it is detrimental to society and how it interacts with itself.


Through the past 12 years has highlighted the danger of new technology and products entering the marketplace without sufficient

testing and evaluation of it's projected impact on society - if it's that good it can wait.


It is the job of a nation's government to monitor and guard against dangerous (either biological or chemical or other forms)

items, products or services (or indeed people) from entering the public space.


The Conservative and Labour Establishment (CALE) serve AstraZenecaLand (the Godless, Global, Liberal, Bio-Digital State) not Britain.



23rd March 2023


Those born after Britain was de-politicised - November 1990 - must rely on family, and friends and free standing networks and voluntary organisations

(not the officialdom or corporatedom or false flag organisations that exist to serve AstraZenecaLand and obstruct you from living your life)

to recieve the authoritive and transmitted knowledge of Britain's past and why it mattered.


For those born before, they may be fortunate enough to remember a Britain that was a nation.


At we remember Britain as a nation.






2nd February 2023

British Unionist Party

The BUP is open for membership.




27th January 2023

Ready To Go

Are you ready to go against AstraZenecaLand

(The Godless, Global, Digital Bio-state) ?



27th January 2023


 The British (what is now left of them) are now about to learn of what metal they are made of.


  "The Prime Minister, shortly after she came into office, received a soubriquet as the "Iron Lady". It arose in the context of remarks which she made about defence against the Soviet Union and its allies; but there was no reason to suppose that the right hon. Lady did not welcome and, indeed, take pride in that description. In the next week or two this House, the nation and the right hon. Lady herself will learn of what metal she is made."

 Rt Hon Enoch Powell


Falkland Islands

HC Deb 03 April 1982 vol 21 cc633-68

Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—[Mr. Jopling.]



27th January 2023





23rd January 2023



"...what's gonna happen now ? Nothing.

This is the way it's going to be." 


Billy ask's Major Eugene "Sam" Denton




12th January 2023

Epoch to Epoch


The old Epoch (The Epoch made by The Reformation) ended and The New Epoch of AstraZeneca began on the 23rd of March 2020.

 Watch it happen here:


The Reformation was centred on the (Religious and Political) freedom of the individual and consequently the freedom of the emerging nation states.

 The technological advance of the printing press (the Gutenberg Press) in 1440 assisted the rapid spread of the religous, philisophical and political thought of the period across Europe


 - The Peace of Westphalia 1648 (The West)

 which manifest and recognised the emergence of the nation state as the primary sovereign collective formation in the temporal and political affairs of Man.


The advance of individual and national freedoms of the Reformation was secured by the securing of the Christian Protestant British Constition in the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1691.


It was through the British Constitution and the adoption and adaption of it by: Canada, New Zealand, Australia and of course, the United States of America among others,  

 that brought in the greatest period in human freedom, political, social, economic, technological advance, multi-discipinary exploration and in philisophical and material progress.


  (It is no co-incidence that it was these nations that were targetted in the last third of the 20th century by the forces of godlessness and Liberalism  

 culminating in the - Covid Project - and The Injection).


The United Kingdom's abandonment of it's national religion and it's 60 years of Liberal ("Progressive") self harm, culminated in The National Suicide on the 23rd of March 2020


The AstraZenecaLand Epoch is marked by it's Godlessness, (Paganism), Globalism (including mass population movement), Liberalism, Loneliness, Poverty,

the worship of Money and Technology (the Digital State) and the (Bio State) alteration of the human genetic building block. 

It has begun.


It is The New Dark Age.





25th December 2022

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is Born


Luke 2 King James Version (KJV)

1 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

 2 (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

3 And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.





24th December 2022

 Pottersville UK

In the six decades leading to The National Suicide on the 23rd of March 2020

the United Kingdom (a type of national Bedford Falls) became Pottersville UK, a society governed by godlessness, selfishness and money.




1st December 2022

 White Christmas

 Trust in God and keep your powder dry.



26th November 2022

The Money Issue

pound supports the re-introduction (1914) of the Treasury issued "Bradbury" pound.

 The Nation must be the exclusive maker of money.



24th November 2022

Forwarding Address

Putting aside the refusal of the SNP to be an abstentionist party

(they stand on a representational (Unionist) manifesto and travel to and take their seats in the House of Commons

and by doing so accept British Parliament Authority as valid and binding - and get money, power and patronage in doing so)

the SNP would have been more accurate to send their - clarification - case to AstraZeneca PLC at Cambridge Medical Campus addressed to Mr Soriot (the vet) and Mr Johansson (the car dealer)

who run it.

The United Kingdom no longer exists - if you have any doubts about this, try and get a room in your local hotel.

It is now the European north west province of AstraZenecaLand (the new godless global state).



5th November 2022

We Wunt Be Druv

 Lewes Bonfire Night Live




5th November 2022 

Bonfire and National Memory


An effigy at Lewes 2021


While Britain now recedes into history, it is vital that memory and tradition remind those in the present why Britain mattered.

If you cannot remember something, you cannot learn from it or bring it back.



Across the (former) United Kingdom, spontaneous - out of control of the government - celebrations will be held tonight to celebrate the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot.

Today also marks the arrival in Brixham of King William III and the Revolutionary Fleet in 1688,

marking the formal start of the Glorious Revolution that secured the British Constitution and Parliamentary Representative Democracy in what would soon become the United Kingdom. encourages organisations, institutions and others to set up Bonfire Societies along the lines of those in Lewes.


Remember Remember

 Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.

 We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! 

  Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament.

  Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow. 

  By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match.

  O, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.

  Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

  And what shall we do with him? Burn him!




2nd November 2022

"Motorised Instinct"

The former United Kingdom is now operating through "motorised instinct"*.

The United Kingdom no longer exists. It committed national suicide on 23rd of March 2020 after 60 years of self harm.


The nation has gone (a new state has arrived), there is no money left (only a digital fiction) and Authority no longer resides in Parliament (it has returned to the Shires).


Government activities and commercial activities continue only by

the temporary and decreasing force of memory and habit and diversion (displacement) combined with the massive digital debt shifting and debt generation

of the Conservative and Labour Establisment and their political masters in the new Godless, Liberal, Corporate, Global, Bio-State otherwise known as AstraZenecaLand.


*Dr Millard Rausch 




28th October 2022

 The Prism of Everything



Everthing in the former United Kingdom - increasingly for 60 years - has been viewed through Immigration

and the political assertion (by the "Conservative" Party and Labour Party Establishment (CALE))

that there is no such thing as the British and that therefore the territory of the former United Kingdom is open to allcomers.


After 60 years of self harm the United Kingdom finally committed national suicide on the 23rd of March 2020.


Through 60 years, it found the demands and responsibilities of nationhood increasingly too heavy to bare, it preferred - the easy life.

Godlessness, debt (stealing from the future), and social atomisation were increasingly attractive for many millions.

A nation that forgets itself is very quickly replaced by other nations (tribes) that do remember themselves.



28th October 2022 

Empire Sleep 2


Unable to come to terms with the end of Empire (and return to the pre-Empire demands of nationhood, post -war (1945) Britain, chose to sleep.


While it comforted itself with the bedtime lullaby of the Commonwealth

(but not a British Commonwealth - for further see: The Royal Titles Act 1953) a horror story that continues to this day,

it recoiled from altering  the laws that permitted millions across the Earth to enter the United Kingdom as equal to the indigenous British born subjects of the British Crown.


By the time it had begun to recognise the danger, (Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962), air travel had compounded the matter and the fiction of multiculturism had became the cover story for

Surrender Doctrine of the "Conservative" and Labour Establishment.


By the time the coal pits were closed (1985) and the Gates of Debt (1986 Financial "Big Bang") were opened the British were largely beyond caring, they were rich

(in colour television's, video's, debt and property - council house property, of course).


The national religion abandoned, on and on and on the national dissolution (a 60 year old party) would go until one day in March 2020 when the clock stopped.

 By then it was a small step to roll up their sleeve and take their first Injection.



28th October 2022

Golden Agers, Golden Years

A large number (about a million) of the Golden Agers

(those who where born into Christian Industrial Britain and who enjoyed a British education, employment, courtship, marriage, and children,

inside the familiar and comforting fabric and culture bound together by national idenity and unity)

are now getting out of the workplace.


It is part of the "Transformation" (Replacement).


They are checking in their final salary pension schemes, predominately from the former nationalised industries and other former state activities ie education, police and local government etc.

They cared nothing for Britian and they voted for dissolution decade after decade....Thacher, Major, Blair, and the rest until it ended in the National Suicide of 23rd March 2020.


For the Golden Agers, the young can and must pay now for their Golden Twilight

(their perceived lifelong entitlement),

whether it's The Injection (effects disproportionately debilitating on those under 31),

educational debt, slave employment or the abolition of privacy or social atomisation (otherwise known as lonliness) 


All that the Golden Agers cared for was themselves their savings, their mortage and their pension and their cheap train and bus passes, when it came to the Nation they looked the other way.

They have destroyed Britain by putting selfishness before selflessness.

It is time for them to pay.



25th October 2022


The former United Kingdom is now a province of AstraZenecaLand

(a globalised state with a globalised borderless population),

if you do not like this then do not vote for the "Conservative" Party or the Labour Party.

These parties have destroyed Britain, now you must destroy them.


25th October 2022


For over 10 years consistently highlighted the exposure (including physical to digital exposure) of the United Kingdom to national natural and manmade risk.

We advocated for resources to be put into the United Kingdom's infrastructure and it's reserve capability.


Re-opening of the coal pits, nationalise electricity generation and distribution.

Re-establish the Civil Defence Corps and re-establish the Territorial Army.

Secure local and national medical, water and food transport and supply lines and local reserve material depots

and not least, establish a reserve physical money infrastructure that is not dependent on electronic/digital transmission.



 25th October 2022

AstraZenecaLand - A System of Government


 Get out of it, all of it.




20th October 2022

 Britain Has Been Thrown Away


"...this is the saddest thing I have ever heard..."

" did you manage to do, such a stupid thing, such a stupid thing, such a stupid thing..."


"...I've got enough on my mind without you, without you..."





14th October 2022

The Fat Lady Sings

 The Injection is now taking it's toll.

 The official excess death number is now running at over a thousand a week (we regard this as an acturial under estimate).

 The Injection impacts the immune system response, blood interface activity and alters the genetic building blocks.


Between December 2020 and December 2021

 the "Conservative" and Labour Establishment (CALE) in the former United Kingdom (now part of AstraZenecaLand),

injected an experimental material into about two thirds of the population (including children).

 The Injection was rolled out in response to a flu strain with a recovery rate of 99/100 in the general population and higher again in children.




 14th October 2022


The Tech and The Panic.




14th October 2022


 What Defeat Looks Like.


The British (what is left of them) now live in a Defeated Country.

We alluded to this in our first article of the year when Covid - remember that - was in full swing.


What Defeat Looks Like.

3rd January 2022






30th September 2022

Invasion Fleet


The Invasion of Britain continues at such a rate that the public housing and purchased private housing, hostels and hotels and reconfiguered offices etc are still not enough,

cruise liners are now rented and used for the mass accomodation of immigrant populations (barracks).





27th September 2022

Grieving for a Nation

 (Parts 1, 2 and 3)


Part 1

Self Deception


Part 2

The End of Britain



Part 3


("Modern Britain")



Part 1

Self Deception


Oxford Reference (Dictionary)

(...losing the knowledge...)


"The motivated misapprehension of the facts of the case.

This may include actively believing what is not true, and refusing to acknowledge a truth, in circumstances where without the motivation the truth would be obvious. The philosophical problem, sometimes called the paradox of self-deception, is that normal deception requires one agent who knows the truth, and who conceals it from another agent. So within a single agent the state appears to be impossible, since the agent must know the truth to begin a process of deceiving him or herself about it.

One solution is to postulate one part of the mind that knows the truth, and that sets about deceiving another part of the mind that does not. However, it is not clear that it is useful to employ the spatial analogy of minds with parts, nor to suppose that the ‘sub-systems’ responsible for the state are usefully thought of as themselves independent ‘agents’ that not only know things but have plans and projects and can set about doing things. There is nothing problematic about desires influencing beliefs, and some people are better than others at believing what they wish to be true. The problem only arises if achieving this state is thought of as a plan that the agent follows. But even then the project of coming to believe what one knows to be false is coherent, provided that process is spread over time, and the means adopted involve losing the knowledge during the process." 


 A number of years ago we spoke about the empty baubles and trinkets of national events that bore less and less

 relationship to the dissolving nation state of Great Britain.


The hollow ceremonies (that were once full of national meaning and purpose and effect)

 had now become desperate, distracting metaphors for a nation that wilfully threw itself away, in exchange for Godlessness and Debt and The Injection.


The abandonment of Great Britain's established Christian religion and consequently it's nationhood (it's entire fabric) through the past 60 years

has culminated in the national suicide that is visible today in every street, village, town and city (tangible and untangible).


 The Dissolution of Britain led to (and permitted) The Injection

  and of course, the other Unspeakable, the ongoing replacement of the British in Britain.



Part 2

The End of Britain



 There are millions who cannot come to terms with the End of Britain

 even though it is right in front of them and behind them and at the side of them.


They sense that something serious not just an official pandemic or economic dis-integration or social atomisation has happened - but something even more profound has happened

 but they dare not think too much about it, in case that they begin to form thoughts and words about it and words predate action.


 They fear that those words will shatter their carefully constructed, comfortable, material coccoon that isolates them 

(and their memory) to a diminishing degree from the dissolving society that is not too far from them.

  They fear, even more so, that they will have to express effort (such a hassle these days) to think and decide between submission or flight or fight.


Never must they walk in the cities of the former United Kingdom in daylight and never, ever in the dark, or lest they will see what they have done.

The truth is hard to bare but the deception that they cover themselves in, is no escape, it is only a method to pass on

to the next generation  (the majority of over thirty British women are childless) the inescapable hardship that acompanies the wilfull throwing away and surrender of your country.


For those who have already voted for the Conservative and Labour Establishment,

or who have prostrated themselves before it, or most of all, those that have demonstrated their fealty to it by injecting a genetic altering material into themselves,

the decision has been made.

 It is too late.



Part 3.


("Modern Britain")


The AstraZenecaLand appoved new Primeminister referred to "Modern Britian"

when making her statement outisde No10 Downing Street on the passing of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


The new Primeminister did NOT refer to Great Britain or Britain, she referred to "Modern Britain"

 If ever there was a speech so carefully constructed and proof read for every potential political nuance, it is this one.


"Modern Britian" is the codephrase for Surrender.


A codephrase for the 60 year old Dissolution of Britain and it's replacement by AstraZenecaLand (and it's border right up to Russia, India and China).

A codephrase for the godless, atomised, debt ridden, wasteland where the indigenous population is being replaced every single day.

 The codephrase is a signal to the Liberal/"Progressive" Establishment that their policies and legislation of the previous 60 years are safe and will continue


The codephrase refers to a Britain NOT connected to it's past (ie before mass imigration) but a Britain disconnected from it's past,

a Britain where the transmission of itself has stopped and it has been replaced with the transmission of something else ie that which is not British.

It is why Everything in the former United Kingdom in the past 60 years has been filtered through the Prisim of Everything otherwise known as Immigration.


"Modern" Britain or "New" Britain - as Emily Matliss preferred when presenting Newsnight on the Opening Day of the Olympics in 2012,

is all about that which is not British.

Britain and "Modern Britain" cannot exist at the same time in the same place, one must be defeated and one must win.




 In 1957 Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II recognised and forewarned about the corosive forces that were emerging to dissolve the Nation and the "subtle corruption of the cynics".


By 1957 political and social forces were begininning to exercise power in church and politics and society in general that would burst into open conflict in the 1960's

to sideline and push out the national established religion and the common habits and institutions of the United Kingdom and to begin dissolving it,

by November 1990, these forces had suceeded in the de-politicisation of Britian.


From 1990 until 2020 the United Kingdom dissolved at an increasing rate until it's national suicide on the 23rd of March 2020.


God Save The King





2nd September 2022

The Church of Britain

There can be no restoration of Britain without a restoration of it's Christian faith.


The Church of England and the Church of Scotland must be dis-established and all material assets of both (including churches, manses, vicarages and palaces)

assumed by the Church of Britain with the exception being pensions which can be paid for by the new dis-established entities under their new nomenclature.

The Church of Britain must now be confirmed in legislationNational, Established, Christian and Protestant.

The work of the Westminster Assembly of Divines (1643-1653) must now be made complete.


 Assertion of Liberty of Conscience by the Independents of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 1644

Painting by John Rogers Herbet (1847)



18th August 2022

The Protectors

Protect The British Constitution, It Protects You.


18th August 2022

 The AstraZenecaLand Candidate

Unlike the Conservative Party leadership contest in 1965 (which did offer a candidate who offered an alternative political path for the nation)

it does not matter who the next leader will be, they are agents of AstraZenecaLand, as is, more importantly, the "Conservative" Party itself.


18th August 2022

Because We Must

(Number 3)

The Invasion of Britain continues through air, and sea and land, by foot, by boats and planes and trains and cars and lorries.

Legal and illegal.



18th August 2022

Grimethorpe Colliery Band

Coal Not Dole.


Re-open The Pits.


18th August 2022

British Railways

We are witnessing the National Suicide of Britain and part of that is the dissolution of sophisticated and complex relationships that have been established for centuries

moral, social, economic, infrastructural and political.

The strikes on the former British Railways are evidence of this happening.





27th July 2022

The Cost of Liberalism Crisis

There is no "Cost of Living Crisis" it is the "Cost of Liberalism Crisis".


That is what you are now paying for:

the 60 year old de-nationalisation of the nation, a 2 year national (social and economic) shutdown, social atomisation, de-industrialisation, immigration, de-carbonisation etc


   The degenerate Liberal/"Progressive" caste - "Conservative" and Labour Establishment (CALE) Shutdown the British economy from March 2020 until Febuary 2022

  in order to inject the population with a debilitating and genetic altering material and re-order power across the Earth in a reversal of the Reformation and the consequent Peace of Westphalia..


There was never any need for the Shutdown and the devastation that it caused - social and eeconomic.


The economic devastation - not least on small to medium businesses continues - as it was meant to.

  It is part of the "Transformation" of the British economy - a national economy - into a generic, multi-cultural, sub-state, a servicised (not industrialised)

  sector of the - globalised economy - serving globalised corporate caste profit not nation states.




27th July 2022

The Lost Generation 2 

 Not content with injecting a debilitating and genetic altering material into British children (from the age of five)

the "Conservative" and Labour Establishment (CALE) - legislate for the increased abortion of the British.


While immigrant populations enter the former United Kingdom, many of them frown upon and are hostile to abortion

(many of them influenced by the Christian Britain of the 19th century - now abandoned in so many ways by the British themselves).


In the last decades of the United Kingdom (1960s- 2020) abortion became part of the Liberal/"Progressive disposal culture.

New figures show a record high of 250,000 abortions a year, including "Covid" postal abortions (abortion pills sent in the post) now take place.


There have been over 9 million abortions of young Britons (under 9 months) while a majority of the British over 30 female population are now childless.

 The replacement of the British population - through the reduction in the indigenous birthrate and immigration policy and the immigrant birthrate is now taking place.

 A visit to any of the cities in the former United Kingdom will provide immediate and profound evidence of the abandonment of nationhood by the Conservative and Labour Establishment

(elected in general election after general election, it has to be said)

throughout the past 60 year.


This is not the culture of Christian Britain, it is the culture of godless, Liberal/"Progressive" global, AstraZenecaLand.





27th July 2022


Representation and Abstention are different sides of the same common parliamentary authority coin.


If the SNP want to test the electorate on withrawing  British constituencies from the British Parliament

then they have to declare to stand candidates on an abstentionist manifesto before

a general election/by-election/'s takes place

(they have refused to do this at every election since they were formed because they get more votes

and more money and more status by accepting British authority through taking their seats in the British Parliament - even though they do not believe in it).


If they do not do this and then attempt to withdraw British constituencies from the British Parliament,

such action will be unconstitutional, anti-parliamentary and illegal.

It will be an act of insurrection against the long standing and accepted, defined and constituted British Parliament and must be met with all means necessary.

. .


27th July 2022


In April 2011 launched as the only national campaign for the repeal of legislative devolution.

All legislative devolution legislation must be repealed.

The integrity of the British nation state must be restored.



27th July 2022

Slush Fund

The "new" and abrupt discovery of - candy shops - in Regent Street has lifted the lid on fake shops across the country.

There is a suggestion that such shops and others (nail-bars/sunbeds/takeaways/carwashes and all the rest)

are fronts for foreign population movement, foreign interest activities and foreign money channels.

Nothing new about that.



27th July 2022

Ad Astra

One of the most telling examples of the United Kingdom's final years was it's retreat from maintaining the British Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

By the millenium the armed forces were reduced to being cardboard cut outs of their former selves.


Rather than being a national army rooted in the continuity of local regular regimental traditions and local territorial (part-time) army units

the British Army has become a playground for the degenerate Liberal/"Progressive" revolutionaries to impose their - Diversity/Inclusion/Equality policies.




27th July 2022

.Genetic Trajectory

  The species level event (Dec 2020 - Feb 2022) of injecting a DNA/cellular altering material across the Earth has taken place

and for the first time permitted the species genetic code to be altered by a political caste.

 The artificial alteration of the natural direction of human biological evolution has happened. 




12th July 2022


Until recently - the past 60 years - the territory of Great Britain contained a single tribe - the British.


It is the natural connection between tribe and territory that the entire Liberal/"Progressive" revolution (AstraZenecaLand)

has sought to break and must break for their godless agenda to be successful.


Most of all it has been in Great Britain that the connection had to be broken by them.

It was in Great Britain, in the Glorious Revolution, in the British Constitution that the fullness of nationhood was recognised and secured

(and adopted and adapted by other nations across the Earth including: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course, the United States of America)

and it is that, which we remember today


"I look upon the British Constitution, as settled at the Revolution, to be

the most glorious on earth, or that perhaps the wit of man can frame"

Robert Burns






7th July 2022

The Boy From New York City




18th June 2022

AstraZenecaLand - Year 3

 The historical powershift - reversal - from nation state to global state has happened.

For the first time since the Reformation and the emergence of independent nation states at The Peace of Westphalia (The West), power has flowed back to a Global/Universal caste.


This flowback is driven by the Godless/Pagan/Liberal/"Progressive" caste and their tastes, orthodoxies and legislation of the last third of the 20th century

(and assisted by their use of medical, commercial, digital, and communication developments). 


In Year 3 of the AstraZenecaLand (AZL) Calender, the Threshold Level (including children) for the "run-out" of The Injection has been reached and the legislation and policy focus

is now on "Transforming/Replacing" the economy - and "Transforming/Replacing" the population.


Most of all, the New State has been consolidated, not through a ballot paper or even the physical prostration of the population before it

 but by the (metaphysical) submission of the population to a political biological instruction from the "Conservate and Labour Establishment (CALE)


inject themselves with a DNA/Celluar altering material.

It has happened.



18th June 2022

  “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place"

Cromwell’s speech in 1653 to the Long Parliament:

  “It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies of all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau, sell your country for a mess of pottage, and, like Judas, betray your God for a few pieces of money.      

  “Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth? 

 “Ye sordid prostitutes, have you not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?

“Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you who are deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves gone!

 “So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

 “In the name of God, go!”




18th June 2022 

 Permacrisis Is Dissolution

(Dissolution and Transformation)

 The former United Kingdom has dissolved, it no longer exist's.

 What was the United Kingdom is now in Permacrisis until - "The Transformation" - of the nation is sufficiently complete.

  Price rises, Public and private sector implosion (including WFH), Strikes and infrastructural collapse and Social atomisation

 is - "creative" destructionalism - in action.


The Permacrisis now taking place, is "The Transformation" of the nation into a generic (including population)

 substate of AstraZenecaLand (AZL).



18th June 2022

 Rwanda In Yorkshire

 By voting for the "Conservative" Party, the electorate in Linton On Ouse constituency in Yorkshire

 authorised successive CALE ("Conservative" and Labour Establishment) governments policy on immigration and the rest.

 They have got what they voted for general election after general election, Rwanda - which is in Linton On Ouse, Yorkshire.




18th June 2022

Self Love, Self Hate

 The Liberal/"Progressive" doctrine is Self - Self Love (an act of Selfishness) and Self Hate of Nation (the Nation is an act of Selflessness).

  It is a political recipe for national atomisation and then dissolution - in other words - the visible experience of the former United Kingdom since 1960.




18th June 2022

 Rwanda In Glasgow

 Dr Who was born in Rwanda, which is in Glasgow.

Immigration control must - begin and end - at the national border

 (the United Kingdom did not have a border (a singular, circular/integral frontier - like an electrical circuit- a singular perimeter with entry/exit (permission/refusal) points).

  not the BBC Casting Office.




18th June 2022

 Liquified Assets

 The assets of the former United Kingdom

 (moral, social, economic, and political - intellectual/physical/environmental/industrial/educational etc)

have now been liquified (like a national level alkaline hydrolysis event) into digital money

and sold off to foreign nations that have never possessed them and even now, never will.





1st June 2022

Walk On By



1st June 2022 

AstraZenecaLand vs Russia 2





1st June 2022

The Church of AstraZenecaLand

In 2009 the General Assenbly of the Church of Scotland abandoned Scripture.

In 2022 it worships the pagan gods of AstraZenecaLand.



1st June 2022

Live Aid


While Britain travelled through it's last political decade, British young folk

(Greg Dyke, former Director Genral of the BBC would call them "hideously white")

gather in Wembley Stadium to listen to pop music and contribute to charity.



1st June 2022

Genetic Engineering 2


Queues form in Plymouth to alter their natural genetic codes on the 8th of August 2021.



1st June 2022

Papal Visit

 40 years ago.

  The visit was a political visit not a pastoral visit as claimed.

  The visit could not be anything but political as the - universal - claim of the Papal Crown and the - national - assertion of the British Crown are mutually incompatable.

AstraZenecaLand is now jostling for - universal - domination.



1st June 2022

Celebrating and National Suicide

Forget The Injection, Forget National Dissolution and Forget the Occupation of Britain........Celebrate.





 7th May 2022

"COVID" - It Was All A Dream

(A Memory Wipe)


The "Conservative" Party and Labour Party and SNP etc Establishment (CALE) is now engaged in a national memory wipe.

A process of deletion of the collective memory of the past two years (especially of The Injection) is in full swing.

According to CALE "Covid" did not happen.


This reminds us at of the 1980's tv series that killed off one of it's leading characters only to bring him back a year later

when the ratings took a dive.

The explanation for his had all been a dream.



Bobby's Return





2nd May 2022



Lonlieness, depression, addiction, poverty and debt are the features of the "Post-Covid" landscape.

Disturbance, desolation and despair are now widespread across the population - Injected and Uninjected.

Common bonds - the bonds that glued the nation together have gone.

The common bonds for several decades, not renewed and transmitted forward, meant that not only could "Covid" take hold but that after the legislative "Covid"

(Coronovirus Act 2020) period, the absence of common national bonds would permit the former United Kingdom to dissolve into an all against all nationless state

subject to the pagan Liberal establishment of Johnson, Starmer and Sturgeon and the rest.



2nd May 2022

AstraZenecaLand (Formerly The West)

 The - former - United Kingdom population now live in a New State called AstraZenecaland (AZL).

It is a Bio-State.

It is constructed on the  politically instructed injection of a material, the ingredients of which are legally restricted (and the commercial entities are legally immune from prosecution) from the public domain.

It's primary control feature is to operate as a Digital-State - Total Deprevation of Privacy.

The ambition of the New State is Universal.

Only Russia and China and a few other nations remain outwith it's orbit.

The West (at we regard - The West - as the natural descendant manifestation of the Peace of Westphalia itself a natural outcome of the Reformation).

In 2021 we explored the roots of the hostility of the pagan Liberal forces towards of the British Constitution and the national constitutions

that were adopted and adapted from the British Constitution.


Originally Published:

2nd October 2021

 1688 Vs 2020 

 The Covid Project is an attempt (a so far successful attempt) to usher in a new supranational (Global - biological and  political) power, a modern day equivalent to the pre-Reformation Roman Catholic Church.

The Reformation 1517 (Martin Luther's 95 Theses being nailed to Wittenberg Cathedral) brought that global power to an end.

It led to the emergence of Protestant and independent nation states and the recognition of the sovereignty of the nation state at the Peace of Westphalia of 1648

(At we regard - The West - as the descendent manifestation of the Peace of Westphalia). 


The Glorious Revolution across Great Britain 1688-1691 secured the Protestant religion and the British Constitution and Parliamentary democracy

across what would soon become the nation state of Great Britain and then the United Kingdom.

However the Glorious Revolution was not only a national victory for individual and national freedom, it was a geopolitical - European and global - victory and the securing of freedoms for nation states.

It was the historical re-ordering of power and authority across the globe.


It is the British Christian Protestant Constitution above all, that the - Globalists (those intent on introducing a single state authority across the Earth) - have intended to destroy for the past 60 years.

To gain singular global power they must at first destroy the British Constitution and all that it is and represents.


It is no co-incidence that the Covid Project has been targetted and unleashed on the great nations, that most of all freely adopted and adapted the British Constitution on their own territories including:

Australia, Canada, New Zealand and of course, the United States of America.


2nd May 2022

The Hallmarks of The Husk


While The Injected must generally cover The Mark with shirt and tee shirts and blouses,

The Mask, permits the wearer to outwardly signal their high rank of submission to the New Liberal Global Bio-State.

This is why so many continue to wear The Mask.



1st May 2022

  The Husk

 A dried out brittle, Husk, the - former - United Kingdom trades on the final vapours of it's national past and serves it's new master, AstraZenecaLand (AZL).

 The Husk - three jabs, of couse - desperately grasping for a comfort return to 22nd of March 2020, senses however that something is not quite right, something is missing.


 1st May 2022

Mr Speaker Gas

   "...You'll say yeah to anything if you believe all this..."


1st May 2022

Peter Pan Land

 For 60 years the United Kingdom increasingly became a Peter Pan Society reluctant to grow up and engage in the cycle of life preferring to stay locked

into a (rock and roll mannn)  adolescent behavioural scheme.

 Stunted growth and a debt fuelled avoidence of individual responsibility and social development (and the passing on of habits and traditions)

has not only led to an atomisation of society  (hyper-fuelled by "COVID LOCKDOWN"),

it has impacted on childbirth rates and the settled upbringing of children.







27th April 2022

great_britain_uj[1]  RF

Arctic Convoys

 Before the United Kingdom dissolved and merged into AstraZenecaLand (AZL) it had an independent defence and foreign policy.





27th April 2022

The Surrender of the Cities


The Great British cities have been laid waste and abandoned to the Liberal forces of AstraZenecaLand (AZL).

Former office blocks and commercial ventures are now re-configured and have become new - hotels - that cater for the foriegn

"single traveller", "businesspeople", "students" and "student groups".

It is the Occupation of the former United Kingdom.






27th April 2022


 az RF

AstraZenecaLand Vs Russia

The former United Kingdom goes to war for it's new master - AstraZenecaLand (AZL).





25th April 2022

 Zombie State


"I must go and do some telephone calls."

Primeminister Thatcher (to the press)

British Embassy, Paris

20th November 1990


In the lead up to 2020, the United Kingdom had become a Zombie State.


By November 1990 it was to late (there was no one left to phone),

rather than advance, in 1979, a manifesto of national restoration, the Conservative Party (and Labour Party) peddled manifestoes

to denationalise the nation state

(including the end of the mass employment of British men - see National Coal Strike - ends March 1985, "Big Bang" in the financial markets takes place in October 1986,

both being the political hinges of,  the end of Britain's Christian, Integrated, Industrial period and the begining of the Secular, Dis-integrated, Service period.

We should also note that British Leyland becomes defunct in 1986).


The Injection of  60-70% of the UK population with an experimental material could not have happened,

had the nation state remained reasonably intact (morally, socially, economically and politically) through these past decades.




22nd April 2022




The Nomenclature of AstraZenecaland (AZL)


The New Epoch (post nation period) that we have entered (the United Kingdom no longer exists, only the buildings and plastic plumbing remains), is for the British,

a re-entering into a global (near universal - excluding Russia and China and a few nation states near them including India and Pakistan) state.

It is a return to an effective pre-reformation period - without the religion - on the global state's part.


It is only right that the nomenclature of the New State reflects the name of the the New Power, the man-ufacturer of the material that was Injected

into over 60% of the United Kingdom population.

The submission to The Injection - to the invocation of the "Conservative" and Labour establishment - roughly reflects the voting pattern in general elections.

A secular communion has been made between the injected and the injectors.






18 April 2022

Jesus Christ,

Our Lord and Saviour, Has Risen.


Easter Bible Reading

Matthew 28 King James Version (KJV)


28 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.

 And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.

His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:

And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.

And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.

And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him.

10 Then said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid: go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me.




 5th April 2022

The British In Exile 

The British are now in exile in their own land.

For the "Conservative" Party and Labour Party and SNP etc Establishment,

the British are the Wrong Colour, the British are the Wrong Religion and the British are the Wrong Nationality.




5th April 2022

The Jab Is Forever 2

The Jabbed cannot be unjabbed.

Independent analysis indicates that the effect of The Jab is debilitating in regard to the immune system, blood function and interface with the organs and impacts on DNA level structure.




5th April 2022


The former United Kingdom is now in kalidoscopic shock.

It does not want to think about what has happened during the past two years but it is trapped in the consequence of what has happened in the last two years.


Central to the "creative destructionalism" of the 23rd of March 2020

was the requirement to alter the national patterns of political, social and economic life

into the "Transformation" and patterns of the godless New State.




5th April 2022

Men and Women

The success of the Liberal/"Progressive" War on Christian Integrated Industrial Britain

(and the wider Westphailian model of nation states) during the past 60 years

has resulted in the "Conservative" and Labour Establishment

abolishing men and women as the two separate (and complimentary) categories of adult humans.


The abolition of these these two distinct categories

(and their replacement with a slide scale of self identified, self definition)

has been part of the Liberal programme to disrupt Christian relationships and Christian nations

and place the New State (by perscription and regulation and mood forming)

into all aspects of private and public interaction.


This is not some marginal matter  confined to a small number of individuals, it reflects the abandonment of Britain's national religion

and it's replacement with the pagan worship of The Self.




 5th April 2022

Abortion By Post

Having injected British children with an experimental material,

the Fake Parliament now sitting in the Palace of Westminster

has voted to continue to "The Covid" legislation that permits the sending out of abortion pills.




5th April 2022 


The (former) United Kingdom is at one end of Europe and Russia is at the other.

Before the United Kingdom's dissolution, both nation's were independent and full of their own self recognition and sovereign power

including in the religous domain with their own national Christian churches.

Both nations tempered the European balance of power (central to a relative peaceful Europe) through the centuries.




5th April 2022

Berlin 2

2020 saw the 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" establishment (Conservative, Labour and SNP etc) finally show their hand and intent

to consolidate a new Liberal Global State both political and biological.


This however carried a risk, that by introducing the "Lockdown" and The Injection an increasing number of the public would - wake up - to what they had been told by the

"British" establishment for years.


"the moment you know, you know, you know"




 5th April 2022

Berlin 3


 "The technological singularity—or simply the singularity—is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes

to human civilization."



The digital and genetic discoveries of the past 60 years are now being used to construct and consolidate the New Global Liberal State. 


George Orwell

 "Despotic governments can stand 'moral force' till the cows come home; what they fear is physical force."




19th March 2022

AstraZencaland's First World War

 Within 5 months of presenting themselves at COP 26 and within two months of assuring themselves

that they had injected the experimental material into a sufficient number of the reproductive pool,

the Liberal Global State now seek's hegenomy on the European land mass. 




19th March 2022 

No Census

The "Conservative" Party supports devolution and is a component part of the Liberal (AstraZenecaland) Global State.


After 221 years the British Census no longer exists.

It has been dissolved into two ghost parts as a result of devolution and the wider de-nationalisation of the nation.


A census took place in England, Northern Ireland and Wales on 21st March 2021.

 The Devolved Census is - expected - to take place across Scotland on the 20th of March and the Devolved School Census is - expected - to take place on the 21st of March 2022 DV.


The purpose of the Devolved Census and the Devolved School Census is to further compound the dissolution of the United Kingdom, embed the Devolved structure across Scotland

and to permit the State to intrude into the family domain and in particular to record the deeply private lives of British children

and to lock them into the new Liberal (Degenerate) global State. 




19th March 2022

Tidal Waves

By land, sea and air, tidal waves of foreign power enter the former United Kingdom.

Foreign governments recognise that the United Kingdom no longer exists - morally, socially economically, diplomatically, politically or militarily

and that the territory and the resources of the former United Kingdom are now for the taking.




14th March 2022

 "Brave New World"


Of course, the - Brave New World - alluded to in the past five articles does not not exist.




12th March 2022

Marshall In The Field Part 5


"Never Yield"




9th March 2022

Marshall In The Field Part 4

British Irregular Forces (BIF)
Militia's, Yeomanry and Volunteers
The Liberal/"Progressive" plan since the 1960's has been to nuetralise (as we saw in the previous article) and politicise the British Army, to use it's traditions, disipline and structure to subscribe to and enforce the post-war godless Liberal/"Progressive" doctrine.
Central to this plan has been to remove the voluntary/irregular/yeomanry/militia element and compose an army that is exclusively regular - full time -
(or voluntary in support to the regular- the Army Reserve -) because it would be easier to control it directly from (Liberal) Whitehall
rather than be composed (of locally rooted men) and armed and and directed with a large degree of local discretion in the British (traditional) shires and regions of the United Kingdom.
This is the reason for the abolition of the Civilian Defence Corps (strength at about 330,000) abolished in 1968
and the Territorial Army (strength peak about 269-340,000 in peace and war between 1908-1939) and reduced to about 41,000 by 1998 - abolished in 2011.


New Model Army





3rd March 2022

Marshall In The Field Part 3

They Did......




25th of February 2022

Marshall In The Field Part 2

Surrounded by the "Conservative", Labour, SNP Covid (AstraZenecaland) State parties and occupied by foreign forces deposited across the former United Kingdom,

 it is time for the British breakout and to Marshall In The Field.





21st of February 2022

 Marshall In The Field


Joshua 1:9

1. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


The United Kingdom no longer exists (only the buildings and a state apparatus - in effect, the plastic plumbing - continue to exist).

It has been replaced by a Fake Parliament, Fake Army, Fake Police indeed an entire Fake "British" State under foriegn direction.


The restoration of Britain can only now happen with the removal of the Fake State

and the re-assertion of the British Constitution, British Parliamentary Democracy and the British Army and British Police

and the rest of the British Nation State.


If Britain is to be restored, a new national party must now emerge to lead the renewal of Christian, Integral, Industrial, Britain

especially in regard to the British Army and the British Police as well as the other institutions of state.


George Orwell

 "Despotic governments can stand 'moral force' till the cows come home; what they fear is physical force."


While Britain is now secured in memory for the future (see above Memory tab)

it is for Briton's today to Marshall In The Field.







18th of February 2022

Them and Us 

(Politics in Three Words)


The British, according to Liberal/"Progressive" opinion, among all tribes, have no tribe and no territory.

 Not least, those in the "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc parties, assert that the British do not exist as a tribe

(a natural human self-recognising - common - group/category)

and have no - indigenous - claim to the territory of the British Isles.


To these establishment parties, the new arrivals (from Africa, Asia and the Orient)

are just as - British - as those that have lived in Britain and who have family (blood) lineage

that reaches back generation after generation after generation even before Albion into the mists of time.


To the establishment parties that have betrayed Britain for 60 years and ended up injecting British children with an experimental material,

anyone from anywhere can be British and can live here.


"...but all that's gonna change..."





15th of February 2022

Empire Sleep


The post -war British slept from 1960 in an undisturbed sleep until 2020, full of post Empire multi-cultures (rather than a mono-culture) contentment in the United Kingdom.

The function of the Sleep  was to cover and avoid the inescapable national self-destructive consequence of mass immigration into the United Kingdom.

 The disruption and dissolution of the nation state.


The Sleep - allowed the British (and their entire political class) NOT think about the deep and serious meaning of Nationhood

and the essential requirement of self recognition and identity of the tribe and territory that is the origin of all nation states however they later develop.


The Sleep is Over.

(Visit your local town or city)


The low birthrate of the British and the high birthrate of the immigrants

would become the signature demographic feature of the first two decades of the new century.





13th of February 2022

The Takeover


60 years of Liberal/"Progressive" policy led to the Dissolution of the United Kingdom and it's conclusion in The Jab.


For decades the descent and decomposition of the country (morally,politically, militarily, socially, economically etc) was recognised and monitored by many forces outside (near and far)

who set out to seed the country with their own political populations, to takeover, when the time was right.

In this objective they were assisted by the "Conservative" and Labour establishment.


In the aftermath of  the Official Atomisation of the United Kingdom in March 2020 ("Lockdown" - including WFH, "Furlough", "Social Distancing" and Mask's etc)

and The Jab "roll-out" into about two thirds of the population, with no national, moral, political, military, social or economic resistance to it,

The Takeover, is now, taking place.





31st of January 2022

It's Our Parliament, Not Their's

(And again "Remove Them")


Great Britain can only be restored by the defeat and marginalisation of the Conservative, Labour, SNP and the rest of the parties represented in Parliament.  



The Lesson




30th of January 2022
The Integrity of The Reproductive Pool
The purpose of "Covid" was to introduce The Jab and to alter - Forever - the DNA composition of the Nation (and the Species).
This is not some idle - conspiracy - theory, it is the admitted intention of the Liberal/"Progressive" establishment that governs (by popular electoral authorisation)
and comprises the degenerate Johnson, Starmer, Sturgeon, Drakeford and the rest (including the supranational players Blair, Gates and the BBC)
all of this in response to a flu virus with a 99% recovery rate in the general population.
They demanded that the entire population in the (former) United Kingdom submit to The Jab, in order that the natural DNA of the population
 is modified and that the modification of the human genetic composition is transmitted into the future through normal natural reproduction.
This is why the injection of young adults and children has been central to the establishments Jab roll-out.
If it was only the older (non-reproductive) part of the population that had submitted to The Injection then it's harmful effects would die out naturally and not be reproduced.
The effects would be transient and limited - a one off - a philisophical and medical and technological error.
 By pushing the experimental in-jection into the reproductive pool, the government
(the people who are in principal paid by all taxpayers  (Jabbed and Un-Jabbed) to think seriously about the the welfare of the entire nation)
are endorsing the delivery of a debilitating material (check the numbers now emerging from The Jabbed population - most visible at present in media covered activities ie sport and celebrity)
into a large part of the reproductive pool and consequently it's reproduction into future generations.
It is a clear and present danger that must be addressed by policy action.
The United Kingdom had enough problems in 2019, we did not need any more, we certainly did not need to deal with the metaphysical matter of  a DNA altering experimental material being
released into the general population nevermind it's issue into the under 18 population...children.
The penalty for those who have endorsed this entire policy must be commensurate with their action.
30th January 2022
The Lost Sheep
In the Gospel of Luke, the parable is as follows:
Luke 15
King James Version
15 Then drew near unto him all the publicans and sinners for to hear him.
2 And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying, This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them.
3 And he spake this parable unto them, saying,
4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
5 And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing.
6 And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.
7 I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.
8 Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it?
9 And when she hath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost.
10 Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.
11 And he said, A certain man had two sons:
12 And the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. And he divided unto them his living.
13 And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living.
14 And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.
15 And he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country; and he sent him into his fields to feed swine.
16 And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat: and no man gave unto him.
17 And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!
18 I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee,
19 And am no more worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy hired servants.
20 And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.
21 And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son.
22 But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet:
23 And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry:
24 For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found. And they began to be merry.
25 Now his elder son was in the field: and as he came and drew nigh to the house, he heard musick and dancing.
26 And he called one of the servants, and asked what these things meant.
27 And he said unto him, Thy brother is come; and thy father hath killed the fatted calf, because he hath received him safe and sound.
28 And he was angry, and would not go in: therefore came his father out, and intreated him.
29 And he answering said to his father, Lo, these many years do I serve thee, neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment: and yet thou never gavest me a kid, that I might make
merry with my friends:
30 But as soon as this thy son was come, which hath devoured thy living with harlots, thou hast killed for him the fatted calf.
31 And he said unto him, Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.
32 It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found.
A government department must be set up comprising a "Covid" National Institute and a full panoply of resorces and money
(Billions - Track and Trace cost between £13 billion to £35 billion) spent on it.
It must be staffed by those who are untainted by The Jab narrative or participation in it's roll-out.
The Jab cannot be reversed but it's effects can and must be managed.
A public policy must be introduced (and that requires a new party to form a government and defeat and marginalise the Conservative, Labour and SNP etc establishment)
that will mitigate the effects of The Jab on those that have recieved it and on those who have not (social intimidation and loss of employment).
The integrity of the reproductive pool must be paramount in all policy and all action at all times.
30th January 2022
 (Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus)
About two thirds of the former United Kingdom population have now submitted to The Jab.
The Jab is an unorthodox scientific experiment.
It is endorsed by all the Liberal/"progressive" establishment ("Conservative" Party, Labour Party, SNP and the rest).
Job Done.
The first case of "Covid 19" was confirmed in the (former) UK in January 2020.
The Jab was initially rolled out in December 2020 - only 8 months from it's confirmation (less than a full pregnancy term).
By October 2021 about 48 million - out of an official population of about 68 million
(at we hold the opinion that the population about 82 million)
had submitted to at least one Jab.
The Liberal/"Progressive" establishment have suceeded in pushing an experimental material into a large part of the population. 
 The Jab operates at a DNA level.
The short term effects indicate patterns of altered blood composition (clots etc) and interface (debilitating) with organs especially when releated to strenuous excerise.
 The medium and long term effects of the material contained in it are unknown.
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
"Did I solicit thee From darkness to promote me ?"
Paradise Lost By John Milton

22nd January 2022 

 The Carnival Is Over

"The harbour light is calling"


The entire Conservative and Labour (SNP and the rest) establishment are now suddenly gripped by the fear of general retribution for what they have done.

It is this fear that is driving the retreat.


They (all of them) must now pay the penalty for their 60 year descent into the  Liberal/"Progressive" Utopia

that ends with an experimental genetic material being injected into British children.




8th January 2022  

It Had To End


It could not last.


Without any national political opposition, the 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" revolution easily dispersed the last vapours of Christian, Integral, Industrial Britain in March 2020.


With an atomised society and Total State apparatus in place by December 2020, the Liberal establishment introduced The Jab

(an experimental material that had been officially excluded from the standard safety protocols of new - vaccines -),

further mass immigration, the definitive implementation of a servile, service economy (including WFH)

and the "Transformation" of the urban centres.


If in any doubt, see the "Transformation" (and planning application notices) of your local city for it's re-configuration and alteration of it's (now empty) offices

into "hotels" for foreign, single, male "visitors" and "students"

otherwise known as barracks.





6th January 2022 

Now, Now, Now

(The Jab Is Forever Part 2)


In thrawl to the comfort of a past - that they threw away - and the worship of  a 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" Now, Now, Now culture,

many of The Jabbed are now reflecting on their act in haste, repent at leisure approach to the Conservative, Labour, SNP and BBC etc establishment direction to take The Jab.




4th January 2022 

The Imposter Parliament


An Imposter Parliament now sits in the Palace of Westminster.

It is propped up by The Jabbed.


Those who have Submitted to the Jab are, by and large those who vote for the Conservative, Labour and SNP parties

- the parties that form the establishment and it's (Liberal/"Progressive") manifesto.


They are, again, by and large, those who are either participating in the WFH Scam (and the PCR Scam)

or are the "Golden Agers" (those retired or retiring who have personally benefitted from a lifetime of Christian, Integrated, Industrial, Britain, which they have thrown away).


They are also the one's who remain in thrawl to a dead state that demands that they inject themselves with DNA altering experimental material

when confronted with a flu virus with a 99% recovery rate. 


The national suicide and political inaction that we are witnessing is a direct result of the selfishness (social atomisation) that follows the abandonment

of the nation's religion and it's national identity.






3rd January 2022






28th December 2021

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is Born


Luke 2 King James Version (KJV)

2 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.


2 (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

3 And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.





16th December 2021

It Was All The Same, It Had All Changed

The 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" revolution (against Christian Civilisation) that has culminated in The Jab, has dissolved the United Kingdom.


While the buildings still stand everything else has been atomised, replaced or removed - a bit like a neutron bomb.

The moral, social economic and political elements of the nation state no longer exist.

It is better to admit this than ignore it.




15th December 2021 

Covid Spelt J.A.B hold the opinion that across the - former - United Kingdom, the population is about 82 million (the official number is about 68 million)

of whom at least 15 million adults have rejected The (experimental material) Jab.

The Conservative and Labour and SNP etc government (they are a single political entity) know this and know that the effects of The Jab (read the celebrity and sports pages)

must be hidden under the name Covid and its latest cover name of "Omicron", this is what is driving the intensification of the "Jab Roll-Out"


Advice Note:

Do not submit to The Jab.

If you have had a Jab do not submit to others.

If you have had a Jab do not participate in strenuous exercise.





14th December 2021 

A Species Level Event

 The Jab is a  Species Level Event.

It is the exercise of new biological power by the 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" revolutionaries.

Their purpose (so far successful) is to alter natural human biological development and in the process submit it to manmade direction.




12th December 2021


Submission to The Jab (it does not pass through the body like an aspirin) is the most personal and profound verdict possible on the 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" political agenda

(and temperment) of the Conservative and Labour and SNP etc parties.


It is a verdict - a vote in effect - in favour of the 60 year old decomposition and dissolution of Christian, Integrated, Industrial Britain.


More than a ballot paper or general election (external political expression), more than physical prostration (externalised submission to Power),

The Jab, is an in-jection, an in-ternalisation and an alteration (forever) of the natural building blocks of life.


It is a private and public Submission and Supplication to the New Power in the New State.


This is the New Epoch.




1st December 2021

White Christmas


Trust in God and keep your powder dry.





21st November 2021

Walking in an Offensive Manner


British Men Walking.




17th November 2021

Are You A Puppet Of The New Jabbed State ?

"...Like a doll, like a puppet with no will at all

And somebody taught me how to talk, how to walk, how to fall,

Can't complain, I've got no one but myself to blame..."



Playing on the electoral trust of post war nation states the Liberal/"Progressive" revolutionaries have rolled out The Jab and the Pagan Atomised/Totalitarian State.

Eric Clapton and Jordan Peterson among others have submitted to The Jab and now speak against it.

You Are Not Alone (Millions Are With You).

Stand Fast.



13th November 2021






12th November 2021

When The Man Comes Around




8th November 2021

 The Pagan State


You have just witnessed the unveiling of your (post United Kingdom) New Pagan State.

The 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" revolution (anti - Christian Civilisation) is capping it's Der Sieg Der Jab with a doctine of global worship of the Earth.

It is a State/corporate sponsored worship cult.

COP 26 (both conference and sponsored demonstrators) is a choreographed stage show staffed by the "Useful Idiots".

The New supranational (global) State is a Pagan State - a state with many false gods.

Chief among them is The Jab followed by "Climate Change" - the cover for planned penury.




5th November 2021

 Throw The Jab on the Bonfire


An effigy at Lewes 2021

Across the (former) United Kingdom, spontaneous - out of control of the government - celebrations will be held tonight to celebrate the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot.

Today also marks the arrival in Brixham of King William III and the Revolutionary Fleet in 1688,

marking the formal start of the Glorious Revolution that secured the British Constitution and Parliamentary Representative Democracy in what would soon become the United Kingdom. encourages organisations, institutions and others to set up Bonfire Societies along the lines of those in Lewes.


Remember Remember

 Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.

 We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! 

  Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament.

  Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow. 

  By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match.

  O, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.

  Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

  And what shall we do with him? Burn him!




5th November 2021

We Don't Take Lessons From COP


The Bible

King James Version

Psalm 95:4-5


4 In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is his also.

5 The sea is his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land.

6 O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker.



For over ten years has opposed the 60 year old descent into the degenerate, materialist mud

that results in tree pellets being transported from North America to the Drax power station in Yorkshire.

We support COAL to keep British people warm and keep the lights on.

COAL is a natural gift from the past (from trees that provided oxygen to dead compressed trees (plant matter) that form COAL).

The (former) United Kingdom was in effect a large rectangular COAL mine.

National, Secure,Practical, Reliable.

Burn That COAL.


"The Trees"




 For years at we have opposed the indiscriminate use of plastic.

 In 2018, in our Vassal Territory Blog, we drew attention to this and advocated for a return to more natural materials.



 Vassal Territory Blog


 3rd April 2018

 The Plastic Age Again

We must thank China for it’s ban on importing plastic waste for the increased consideration in the United Kingdom of the use of plastic (especially when interfacing with food).

  We oppose the plastic bag charge law (which is now going upwards from the original 5p) in particular, because it permits a private business to apply a tax and then hold on to the sum raised rather than repatriate it back to the taxpayer.

 It is legalised theft.

 Plastic and synthtic materials have a useful contribution to the wider economy however it is vital that the plastic interface with food and drink  and general household activities is reduced and and replaced with natural and renewable material such as (yes, back to the seventies again) paper, cardboard, glass and ceramics etc.

 These are still early days in the widespread usage of plastics in relation to food and drink.

 Once again materials and products have gone to market without deep and long term research.

 Like many other things, the 1970s and 1980’s can teach us a better balanced and durable way of shopping and living.







4th November 2021 

After National Suicide

The New Post-National State has arrived. Presented at COP 26.

It did not take power in an armed coup, it has been voted and voted and voted into power for 60 years.


The Conservative and Labour and SNP etc establishment have facilitated the suicide of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has ended.


The 60 year slow motion suicide culminated in the Jab and Covid - yes, in that order - and the chief false god is Ecology/Earth Worship.

The former United Kingdom is now a client sub-state of the New Supranational State  AKA AstraZenecaland.

The Bio-Digital-Service/Servile State has been put in place.




2nd November 2021


 The dark, majestic, Victorian, St Enoch's railway station (A physical representation of Christian, Integral, Industrial Britain) in Glasgow was built by City of Glasgow Union Railway in 1876

and operated services (including those to London St Pancreas) until 1966.


The station was demolished in 1977(one of the three large stations in the city).

A shoping centre was built on it's site and opened in 1989.


In 1983, the rubble from St Enoch's was used to fill in Queen's Dock in the northern side of the Clyde in Glasgow.

In 1985, Queen's Dock was renamed Exhibition Way and the Scottish Exhibition Centre was opened on it and now operates commercially as the Scottish Exhibition "Campus".


Today it is the site of COP 26.


 At we reject the New Bio-Digital-Servile/Service-Global-State unveiled at COP 26.

We support the restoration of Christian, Integral, Industrial Britain.


The City of Glasgow Motto is

"Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of The Word and the praising of His Name"






 1st November 2021

No Name City

COP and delegates to COP have been told they are in Glasgow, they are not.

Glasgow (Origin 6 AD - Dissolution 1989 AD) no longer exists.

31st October 2021

When The Man Comes Around




30th October 2021

The Jab Is Forever

The Jab - Number 3 is now being injected - the third in less than 10 months.

The experimental material does not pass through the biological system like an aspirin, it is forever.



30th October 2021


Always worth a listen.



30th October 2021

Wake Up The Nation




23rd October 2021

Hate Rally

 The Hate Rally (anti-religious, anti-human, anti-nature and anti progress (regressive) COP) due to take place in Glasgow is the New Model of politics in The New State

No dissent permitted.



22nd October 2021

Der Sieg Der Jab


The Jab has been injected into many millions across the former United Kingdom.

It is is a victory for the 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" revolution and the High Caste of the New Supranational State who will present themselves for the first time at COP.





15th October 2021

The Liberal Disease

It's not a coronovirus that destroyed Britain it was the Liberalism practiced by the "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment for 60 years

and which culminated in the Covid Project.



15th October 2021

Coal Not Dole

For over ten years has supported the re-opening of coal pits, coal fired power generation stations

and associated infrastructure.

Burn That Coal.


15th October 2021.


(Monarchies and Presidents and Popes)

The new surpranational state that is planning to present itself to it's jabbed minions  (across the Earth) for the first time in November in Glasgow

and demands public fealty from the potantates and plenipotentiaries of it's now sub states.

"It's a good life bowing to a tyrant"

"City Dweller"

The Fall



15th October 2021

Abortion, Divorce and The Covid Project 

 The abortion of 9 million Britons since 1967 altered the (former) United Kingdom in many ways, spiritually, politically socially and economically.

One aspect of The Abortion of the British policy is the lack of manpower for all economic activities across the former United Kingdom in 2021

meanwhile the rise of divorce has atomised the national fabric, removing the family unit as an independent bulwark against the New State and The Jab.



15th October 2021

 That Was Then But This Is Now

Now that, The Jab, has largely "rolled out" (however Covid - attributed - deaths have increased substantially on a day by day comparison with Autumn 2020)

suddenly we are expected to forget about Covid and say nothing about The Jab,

and the "Transformation of Britain" into a drugged up - debt fuelled and docile - sub - state.





2nd October 2021


1688 Vs 2020 


The Covid Project is an attempt (a so far successful attempt) to usher in a new supranational (Global - biological and  political) power, a modern day equivalent to the pre-Reformation Roman Catholic Church.

The Reformation 1517 (Martin Luther's 95 Theses being nailed to Wittenberg Cathedral) brought that global power to an end.

It led to the emergence of Protestant and independent nation states and the recognition of the sovereignty of the nation state at the Peace of Westphalia of 1648

(At we regard - The West - as the descendent manifestation of the Peace of Westphalia). 


The Glorious Revolution across Great Britain 1688-1691 secured the Protestant religion and the British Constitution and Parliamentary democracy

across what would soon become the nation state of Great Britain and then the United Kingdom.

However the Glorious Revolution was not only a national victory for individual and national freedom, it was a geopolitical - European and global - victory and the securing of freedoms for nation states.

It was the historical re-ordering of power and authority across the globe.


It is the British Christian Protestant Constitution above all, that the - Globalists (those intent on introducing a single state authority across the Earth) - have intended to destroy for the past 60 years.

To gain singular global power they must at first destroy the British Constitution and all that it is and represents.


It is no co-incidence that the Covid Project has been targetted and unleashed on the great nations, that most of all freely adopted and adapted the British Constitution on their own territories including:

Australia, Canada, New Zealand and of course, the United States of America.




27th September 2021 

 Cancel COP

  One year into the New Epoch and New State Supranational Power - The High Caste presents itself.

The Masters of The Jab.

27,000 delegates (and thousands more media and sponsored demonstrators) of the New State prepare to descend on Glasgow.

 Meanwhile the - official - death toll of the "Covid" project continues to rise (awkward).

On 24th of September 2020 across the (former) United Kingdom there were 40 deaths attributed to Covid. On the 24th of September 2021 there were 120 deaths.

On 24th of Septemeber 2020 across Scotland (an integral part of the former United Kingdom) there were 2 deaths attributed to Covid.

On the 24th of September 2021 there were 50 deaths.



27th September 2021  

Exposed Again

There are now reported shortages in petrol supply and warnings of potential electricity and food supply disruption.

The national infrastructure has been abandoned and what remains has been politically monetised.

In 2021 the United Kingdom has been dissolved, what functional infrastructure remains is exposed and imploding.


For 60 years the "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment have been elected and elected by millions

(who did not care or did not care enough or simply appeared to not care at all)

on manifesto's to disrupt, neglect and privatise the essential fabric of the United Kingdom.


For millions, the individual responisible is not in No 10 Downing Street, he is in the mirror.

The line of authority is between the elector and the elected (the MP).

Generally speaking, you do get what you vote for. 


 For over 10 years has highlighted the exposure of the (now dissolved) United Kingdom to natural and manmade threats.

In particular medicine, water and food supply, power generaton, digital money, public order and transport.


While the national infrastructure dissolves the (national, regional and local) reserve and emergency networks and provisions are now either abolished or depleted.

The Territorial Army has been abolished, the Civil Defence Corps (a 330,000 manned local uniformed organisation) has been abolished

and coal has been decimated as a national, secure, and reliable power source.


For 60 years the "Conservative", Labour and SNP etc establishment de-nationalised the United Kingdom.

Rather than build and secure a solid national infrastructure, the establishment has set up a debt fuelled, drugged up, digital Disneyland. 




27th September 2021 

The 2019 General Election and Covid.

There was no need for a general election in December 2019 (the official "Opposition" and others held the minority "Conservative" government to account).

The previous general election was held on 8th June 2017 only 18 months before.

 (see above tab "Union Glue", book available on Amazon)


On the 29th of October 2019 the Early Parliamentary Election Bill (Act) was passed (Aye 438 votes, No 20, Abstentions 181) with "Conservative", Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP votes.

It recieved the Royal Assent on the 31st October 2019.

The general election on December 12th 2019 returned a "Conservative" Party majority of 80 seats.


The European Community "Withdrawal Act" (Version 2) passed 9th January 2020 (Aye 330 No 231) and Royal Assent was given on January 23rd 2020

The United Kingdom's first Covid 19 case declared 8 days later in York on January 31st 2020.

 The "Lockdown" began on 23rd of March 2020.




21st September 2021 

 Remove Them

 British Authority has returned to to British people and no longer rests in the House of Commons.


The "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment in the House of Commons have submitted to Foreign Writ by accepting supranational direction in connection

to the Coronovirus Act, Immigration and of course, The Jab (a political not medical injection).


The 2020 submission to Foreign Writ is a modern version of The Treaty of Dover (Dover Treaties) of 1670 when King Charles II of England

secretly agreed with France  to betray his country and it's religion.


Now it is for the British to decide how they exercise their Authority that has returned to them since the general election of the 12th of December 2019.




13th September 2021



The godless "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment have now crossed the rubicon and declared that they will inject British children with an experimental material in order to protect

themselves and their 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" agenda.

The establishment claim over 90% of the population is jabbed but are increasingly desperate (free Uber and Kebab's) to jab the remaining 10%...why?

the answer is that they have not jabbed 90%.

Quite apart from the official population number of 68 million, which is a false number (we suggest it's about 82 million),

the large British working class conurbations are about 50% jabbed and 50% unjabbed

while many of the immigrant populations (with recent memories of their homelands, that they have escaped from) also remain unjabbed

and of course, many of the British under 30's (the reproductive pool) remain unjabbed and very importantly, know how to play the game.




5th September 2021 

ناظم الزهاوي


The Iraqi, Nadhim Zahawi who is in charge of the " Covid vacination" programme across the former United Kingdom,

 has today attacked British parental authority in order to replace it with the power of the new supranational state and inject British children with the experimental material.


"What you essentially do is make sure that the clinicians discuss this with the parents [and] with the teenager and if they are then deemed to be able to make a decision that is competent,

then that decision will will go in the favour of what the teenager decides to do."




1st September 2021



The godless "Conservative" and Labour and SNP establishment are not bound by any consideration other than their own personal political power and money.

They will inject anyone with anything if it provides them with power (and their Liberal / "Progressive agenda) and money.


The experimental injection has not been "rolled" out as a political "nudge" to get the population confident again to enter social settings

(after being subject to a year of psychological warfare by the establishment apparatus),

a national placebo - a free packet of aspirins, a pint of beer or a packet of cigarettes, could have done that,

 all of them with known and accepted risk ratios without the use of an experimental injection.

 No - the government activated the public release of a highly experimental injected material

with one singular purpose, it has been to alter the existing natural biological composition of the general population

into something that it was not but now - according to official numbers - largely is.


The new state has now emerged politcally and biologically.

The United Kingdom (c) is now a (legacy) brand name of AstraZeneca  - the patent holder on behalf of the Supranational State Power.


 The experimental injection has been resisted by about 30-40 % of the actual population, most of which is under 30

(in many cities and towns the injection has been resisted by about 50% of the general population including Glasgow, Sheffield

(Parts of Sheffield have a rate of only 32% for the first injection) and Liverpool.


It is this resistance (largely from the British working class and under 30's) that has driven the increasingly desperate attempts by the "Conservative" and Labour Establishment

to get people injected (including free kebab's and uber taxi's) - the reproductive pool is key and the goverment knows this.


It is this demographic that contains the greater number of the reproductive pool of the British.

Providing that this - healthy - reproductive pool remains free of the experimental material,

nature will take it's course and the experimental material will die out.



1st September 2021



The Atomisation of British Society has taken place.

 The selfishness which has been unleashed is now manifest and has created an "All Against All" politcal and social environment.

No families, no common bonds or national institutions.


The only forces now officially permitted to exist and encouraged to function by the new "Progressive" State are power and money and of course, subservience

(not least the bearing and wearing of it's Mark)

to the New State itself.

It is Mutually Assured Destruction.





30th August 2021


The Mask decrees are intended to atomise British society

by preventing the reading of (and uniqueness and beauty) the human face.


The political purpose of the mask is to divide society, facilitate a uniformed unhuman visage - a blue paper mask - and to prevent

common human recognition.


The human face contains a signature of the individual.

It is vital for society (to establish trust and function) to be able to read the human face.


The godless "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc parties represent the new supranational state and wish to destroy trust in

national society and fashion a dependence on the new state.








29th August 2021


The "Conservative" and Labour establishment are intent on injecting an experimental material into British children.

Rule 1 Never release an experimental material into the general population.

Rule 2 Never, Ever experiment on children.

 The Rubicon.


“Despotic governments can stand 'moral force' till the cows come home; what they fear is physical force.”

George Orwell






28th August 2021

The Past and The Present


great_britain_uj[1]    az






23rd August 2021



"It's a good life bowing to a tyrant"*


The new supranational state

that replaced the United Kingdom on 23rd of March 2020

intends to hold it's first public conference - A Conference of "Useful Idiots" - in Glasgow.


In the middle of an - official - "pandemic" that continues with more "cases" and a higher attributed daily death rate than last year,

the "Conservative" and Labour establishment has decided to host

a - Climate Change - conference.


27,000 foreign delegates and thousands more (media and sponsored demonstraters etc) have been permitted to arrive by jet and 

to enter into central Glasgow, with no compulsory medical vetting, no lockdowns, no track and trace, and no "vaccine" controls for them,

for they are the High Liberal and "Progressive" Caste.


Glaswegian's however remain required to wear masks and conform to the Covid legal decrees.



*"City Dweller"

The Fall 





22nd August 2021


There are many jabbed and even unjabbed today who deny that the United Kingdom has dissolved,

they prefer to comfort and pre-occupy themselves with diversions of all kinds.

It has gone and is no more.

 (It now exists only in the memory (see above tab) of the British).


The United Kingdom finally dissolved - after a 60 year old descent - on the 23rd of March 2020.

At we are dedicated to the British Constitution and British parliamentary nationhood but we prefer to be candid about what has happenened to the United Kingdom,

no matter how difficult it is to bear (practically and emotionally) and describe.

We have done this now for over 10 years.


For those who still believe that the the United Kingdom exists, let them point to it, where is it ?

Is it in a homogenuous population (a tribe with a territory), No,

a national established Christian Church , No,

what about common social bonds ? No,

then is it to be found in any of the following :

Widespread Christian marriage, No,

The protection of life by rejecting abortion and euthanasia, No,

The securing of a stable society by rejecting divorce, No,

Ok then, widespread membership of independent voluntary organisations, No,

A singular and integral national government, absolutely not, No,

A loyal and competent civil service and local goverment, No chance,

Family enterprise and local and regional rooted shops and manufacturers, No,

Indigenous Art including British music, performance, painting and architecure, No,

Independent broadcasting and digital inovation, No,

An Army, Air Force and Navy (rather than a defence force of under 70,000), No,

A Free Press, No,

A Maritime fleet, No,

National Industry, No,

Nationalised Industry, No,

A national border, No,

Perhaps a local GP, The NHS (both replaced by political decree and the the pursuit of money), No,

Schools, colleges, and universities (rather than indocrination camps), No,

National (rather than nationless) Sport, Philosphy, Medicine, Engineering, Exploration, Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Fishing, Diplomacy, all again, No,

or perhaps policing, No, - that policeman bearing down a truncheon upon you or zapping you with their taser (while surrounded by his collegues in a public space),

is not a British policeman, he is a new Supranational State policeman -

and on and on it goes, the United Kingdom has gone, it is no longer manifest in the institutions of the state, it has been expelled by itself.

  After 60 years of preparing, it finally comitted national suicide in 2020.


Britain has been replaced by a godless hetrogenuous sub state in thrall to the New Supranational - Global - State.


If you still doubt any of this, this then take a walk down any street in any city or town centre across the former UK

and you will see the new arrivals (overwhelmingly men of conscription age) from Africa and Asia and further afield although you will not find them in the queue for the jab.


 You are now in the New State.





19th August 2021


The Mark

 Year 2 of the New Epoch.


The New State has emerged and The Mark has been issued.

The United Kingdom (c) is now a (legacy) brand name of AstraZeneca  - the patent holder.


The patent holder on behalf of the new Supranational State.





18th August 2021







 22nd July 2021

The Forbidden Zone


Hiding away at home under the blankets of final salary pensions, WFH and "Furlough" (all United Kingdom authorised money)

the "Golden Agers" (those now retiring or retired who benefitted from Christian, Industrial, Integrated Britain 1960-2020)

and the new self appointed WFH middle class

(only the working class now - go out - to work)

seldom if at all enter the Forbidden Zone.


In AstraZenecaland (the territory previously known as the United Kingdom) the cities and towns are now wastelands of the previous, now dead, society.

They are now large museums of a society that committed suicide.


Those "Golden Agers" and the rest, who do enter the cities and towns,

conveniently mentally filter out the strange masks, behaviour and different foreign occupied territories that they go through to get to them,

then just like the "old days", they can shop and have lunch.


"You might not like what you find"

Dr Zaius

"Planet of the Apes"






21st July 2021 




The British - what is left of them - must now carry the Memory of Britain and what it meant.

It is in that memory and in the passing on of that memory from generation to generation that Britain, Great Britain, now lives.

 It is all that is left.






10th July 2021


The Name and The Thing

At last, at least, we now have a name for the 60 year old project to hollow out Christian, Industrial Britain

and replace it with a new secular, heterogeneous, globalised, corporate state, as it did in March 2020: 




It is only right that the nomenclature of the new state is AstraZenecaland.

It is the corporate name of the experimental material injected into the majority of the over 18 population of the former United Kingdom

in submission and in the belief it will save them and protect them

from a low to medium coronovirus that has a 99% recovery rate in the general population

and deliver them back into the 60 year old Pleasuredome.


"Astra" meaning "Star".

- "Zeneca" - is an invented name, invented by the branding company Interbrand.


Interbrand had been given the remit by the demerging bio-science group of activities

from British company ICI - Imperial Chemicals Industries - during the Great Dissolution of British Industry (1960-1989 ),

to invent a name that started with either the first or last letter of the alphabet

phonetically memorable, a maximum of three syllables and with no offensive meaning

(a bit like the privatisation of DERA (Defence, Evaluation, Research, Agency)

from the Ministry of Defence, the entity that became QinetiQ, formed 2001 and floated 2008).

QINETIQ ~ (another one of the unspellable and unpronounceable generic and nebulous companies that has emerged from the sell off of British industry)

is another invented name.

"Qi" is to reflect the company's energy, "net" its networking ability and "iq" its intellectual resource.

The name was adopted in early 2001 at a price of about £400,000. 


In 1993, the de-merging chemical enity from ICI, now a company called Zeneca comprised a pharmaceutical bio-science business: pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals biological seeds and specialities items.

Zeneca then merged with Astra AB (a Swedish pharma company) to form AstraZeneca in 1999.


In AstraZenecaland, men are women and women are men.

In AstraZenecaland, children are adults and adults are children.

In AstraZenecaland, White is Black and Black is Black.


Welcome To The Pleasuredome

"I have it, so I market it,

You really can't afford it, yea really can't afford it."





22nd June 2021

Altered State


The ratio of risk between Covid 19

(over a 99% recovery rate in the general populationand even higher - near zero - in children)

and the risk of the experimental "Vaccine"

(unknown and untested in standard - new vaccine trial -safety protocols (including exempt from the test standard timeframe of vaccine development)

is overwhelmingly in favor of NOT getting the injection.


Even without "Lockdown" (the formal Atomisation of British society and it's economy)

the "rollout" of of an experimental material injection into the British general population and most of all into the reproductive pool is a metaphysical event,

it is the genetic alteration of the national population and the state.

This is not a medical injection it is a political injection.


All the usual suspects of the 60 year old "progressive" movement

(the Media, the Professions, the Church of England, the Church of Scotland, the Public Sector including the Armed Forces, Education, NHS and Commerce etc)

are directed towards getting the "Jab" into the entire population

but most of all getting it into the reproductive pool, for without the experimental material getting into that pool (the young)

the material will not replicate but will die out.


It is essential that a predominate number of the young reject the "Jab".

The numbers at present, indicate a large number (about 20-25% of the population including the young) are rejecting it

and that is what the establishment fear and why the establishment have doubledowned on their propaganda in June 2021 to coral the young like animals and inject them.

Providing enough young people fightback and do not get the injection the entire Covid Project will fail and it will fall.


Please visit YELLOWCARD (the goverment's "vaccine" adverse reaction website)

Below is a link to UK Column's website (an independent news organisation) which makes navigating the governments YELLOWCARD website easier.


Make your own independent judgement and remember you are not alone.




21st June 2021 

Constellation and Consolidation


At the start of the 20th century, a constellation of political, social and economic interests across the nation gathered together and formed the Labour Party. 

The Labour Party replaced the Liberal Party as one of the two principal parties that naturally form in our parliamentary representative democracy in the House of Commons.

 Today a political constellation of interests, organisations and political parties exist that wishes to see the Covid "Progressive" Eststablishment ended

and Britain restored as a nation state.


 This constellation has gathered on the highest possible ground, the very existence of the nation.

It is now time for this constellation to recognise itself and consolidate.

 If not, the new Covid state will be confirmed by the injection and the absence of an opposition.




 19th June 2021

The Missing Link


On the 9th of May 1912 in the Queen's Hall in London the "Conservative" Party could not bring itself to adopt

 the nomenclature of "The Unionist Party" (to describe the merger between it and the Liberal Unionist Party).


The Conservative Party could not commit to being a national (broad) party under the title "The Unionist Party"

 because it remained in thrawl to political forces in the party that had never reconciled themselves with the new British state of 1707,

 this detachment from, The British Interest, remains today and is apparent in all the policy matters of the past 60 years including Covid.




17th June 2021

No Man's Land

The political removal of competent, serious, experienced, independent men from national life

(down coal pits or in power stations, making cars, or in regiments of the British Army etc)

and their replacement by a godless, anti-British, feminised and compliant governing caste

has been a central part of the 60 year old political revolution that led to the Dissolution of Britain in 2020.


lt is only through the gathering together, of these type of men today, in a new (singular) national political party that offers, the only political way,

to defeat the Covid Establishment and restore Great Britain as a Nation - Whole and Free.





16th of June 2021 

Great Britain Vs Astraland


"When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

G.K. Chesterton


Having walked away from their British Christian Constitution,

a large part of the British population now, day by day, line up to worship at the feet of the AstraZenica Party

(the "Conservative" Party, the Labour Party, the SNP and the rest of the 60 year old degenerate Establishment)

- the very establishment rejected in the 2016 opinion poll on membership of the Eurostate.


What a difference a low to medium coronovirus can make.





15th of June 2021 

The Census

"​the process of officially counting something, especially a country’s population, and recording various facts"


"early 17th cent. (denoting a poll tax): from Latin, applied to the registration of citizens and property in ancient Rome, usually for taxation, from censere ‘assess’.

The current census dates from the mid 18th cent."

 Oxford Dictionary


The British Census historically took place across the nation in the second year of each decade ie 1971.

This year 2021, on March 22nd, the United Kingdom did not have a census.

On that date a census took place in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, but not in Scotland.


Rather than measure itself and it's resources as a Nation, a profound political division has taken place in how the United Kingdom administers itself.

Scotland will now have a separate census.

This has substantial impact on public planning and especially on the national measurement and management of immigration - numbers and density.

 The dataset has been divided and divided regarding time and place.

The datamatch has been lost.


It is another substantial act of dissolution underwritten by the "Conservative" Party (80 majority in the House of Commons).

The reason for the abandonment of a national  Census is that the "Conservative" and Labour parties support the constitutional and legislative dissolution

of the United Kingdom and the establishment of new federalised statelets.

The "Conservative" Party (not the SNP) is the only party in British history to initiate and legislate for a referendum on the dissolution of the United Kingdom

(aka the "Scottish Independence Referendum" as described by the BBC)

on September the 18th 2014

(on a franchise of 1/10 of the UK population).



15th of June 2021

The Covid Census



"The great joy of the jab"

BBC Radio 4 "Broadcasting House" Presenter

"Paddy" O'Connell



One of the consequences of the "Jab Rollout"

is that it became a defacto numeric census on the population of the United Kingdom.

The official establishment propaganda is that there is 67 million in the United Kingdom. holds the opinion that there is about 83 million

(please research for yourself - supermarket and sewage statistics provide useful information on macro consumption and waste outflow).

The injected population is lower proportionately than the government numbers suggest in relation to the total actual population

(especially the reproductive pool - the under 40s)

and this is one reason why the government has sought to inject the "unregistered" (illegal immigrants)

that are in the country through informal and casual channels ie mobile "jab buses" etc.

"no formal identification required"







14th of June 2021



King James Version


1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.







10th of June 2021


 "a state of extreme excitement, fear or anger in which a person, or a group of people, loses control of their emotions and starts to cry, laugh, etc."

 Oxford Dictionary


The Official Hysteria, Fear and Injection Cult

(regarding a low to medium virus - see Public Health England website downgrading of the new coronovirus on 19th March 2020)

is built upon the 60 year corruption of the old respected national professions (Education, Medicine, Law, Politics and Church etc)

it is their gutlessness and collaboration in the face of the New Power,

that has allowed the Official Hysteria to continue to dissolve Britain and has led to many more British people die than was ever necessary.






7th of June 2021

Genetic Engineering






5th of June 2021




“Despotic governments can stand 'moral force' till the cows come home; what they fear is physical force.”


 George Orwell






1st of June 2021

Self Immolation


 The self immolation of Britain, including the recent exercise at the ballot box, reflects the consequence of the secularisation of Britain

 (a 60 year old walk away from it's established Christian Protestant religion)

and the abandonment of the serious duties and responsibilities of Nationhood.


A large part of the population are now driven not by Faith but by Fear (and it's attendant impluse to Submit and Divert)

and not by Selflessness but Selfishness (and it's attendant impulse to Submit and Divert). 

 In politics this means that The AstraZenica Party (Conservative, Labour, SNP etc) win everytime, everywhere.


 We are still in the early days of the New Epoch, the New State and the New Sovereign.


 The population is still in a state of shock (with a few exceptions) about it, they cannot quite believe what they have done (and authorised it with their vote)

and indeed they prefer not to think about (or talk about) what they have done.

 They have doubledowned on what they have done (threw it all away) with their votes for the "Conservative" Party, the Labour Party and the SNP and the rest.


For many, The Golden Ager's, in particular - those who benefitted from Great Britain as a Christian, Homogenuous, Integrated and Industrial society, a civilised society with:

a parish church, a local post office, the NHS, a local school that transmitted authority and taught things about the physical world, council house provision, regular and reasonably paid

private and nationalised employment, the protection of the marriage bond, the opportunity to save and a pension, now conveniently, do not want to see what they have done.


They do not venture out too far, the golf club and the garden centre are close by and there is no need to enter the Forbbiden Zone,

to witness the urban carnage that they have authorised with their selfishness, neglect and and greed over the past 60 years.

 That is for The Kids to deal with not them.


The Fear is now generated by the thunderclap of the metaphysical event that has happened.

 It is not some abstract conspiracy theory that Britain was Altered on the 23rd of March 2020, it has happened,

 socially, economically and now if the mass experimental material substantially enters the reproductive pool (the under 30's) - genetically.


On that date, the degenerate "Liberal" forces of the last third of the 20th century finally and fully burst into a level of political power,

that they had longed and waited for since the 1st of May 1997.


The deepest part of The Fear now originates from a creeping, doubting sense in the population that they have done something that they should not have done but they do not want to say what it is

 ( have said it for 10 year - they have thrown away their nation and it's fabric and institutions which had protected them),

 they believe that if they do not say it or do not vote for a party that does say it then it will not have happened - but it has, visit a town or a city near you if you have any doubt.


 In many ways this is a primal reaction - pre-religion - that if only they do not use words to describe something that they can see in front of them then it will not exist but of course it still does.

 In such a case, Submission (followed by Diversions of all kinds) is the default position in relation to the new thing - the New Power, the New State, the New Sovereign

and there is no better way to act,  having encouraged, permitted and facilitated the thing to come into existence in the first place,

 than to submit to it, to offer fealty to it and of course, to carry it's mark.






27th May 2021 

The Rubicon


The "Conservative" Party

(and the other 60 year old Regressive Establishment organisations: Labour, SNP, CBI, TUC, Church of England, Church of Scotland etc)

policy to push experimental drugs into the under 30 population continues.


The under 30's contain the genetic reproductive pool of Britain, they do not need experimental injections.


The Ratio of Risk of Covid 19 (a low to medium virus which has a recovery rate of over 99% in the general population

and it is higher again in the under 30 population - near zero in children)

to the unknown risk of the Experimental Material in the injection, is overwhelmingly in favour of the reproductive pool NOT getting the injection.

They do not need it.

They have a natural resistance to it.


It is the degenerate political caste that wants to inject them with an Experimental Material that they must be protected from.


The "vaccine" has led to over 1,000 dead and over 500,000 have had an adverse reation (including Blindness) as a result of the experimental drugs policy promoted and enforced by the "Conservative" Party

according to the official numbers on the governments own YELLOWCARD reaction monitor system.

 The independent news organisation, UK Column, has made navigating the government's YELLOWCARD database easy

it can be found at


Please visit YELLOWCARD and make your own independent judgement.






23rd of May 2021

20 "When thou goest out to battle against thine enemies, and seest horses, and chariots, and a people more than thou, be not afraid of them: for the Lord thy God is with thee,

which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt."





22nd of May 2021


The Land That Time Forgot

  Walking through the wasteland of the city to the office.

  Walking through the building, corridor after corridor after corridor, office after office after office, all empty of human kind and only the detrius of past human activity is left.


It is as if a thunderclap, a metaphysical event had taken place and had taken all the people away with it, which, of has and it did, on Monday the 23rd of March 2020.


Tea cups (left half full), coats, bags, slippers,umberellas, letters half opened, scarfs, desk after desk full of computers and telephones and printers and photocopiers

(items from another Age, that will never be used again).

 Cabinets and microwaves and kettles and bins and paper and pens, photographs and childrens paintings and maps and toys and biscuits and fridges and sweetie jars.




5th of May 2021

 The Magical Covid Mystery Tour

"Lockdown" then WFH then "Social Distancing" then Social Atomisation then Economic Disintegration then Masks then Track and Trace then Local "Lockdowns"

then initial "vaccine " then follow up "vaccines" then booster "vaccines" then variant "vaccines"

then "Conservative" Party Primeminister announces that it is not the "vaccine" that is "defeating" the virus but the "Lockdowns",

then he announces new "anti-virus" tablets that do not exist






4th of May 2021

The New Epoch, The New State, The New Sovereign.
AstraZeneca and it's plenipotentiaries (the "Conservative and Labour Establishment) now exercise power in the former United Kingdom.






3rd of May 2021

100 Years of Legislative Devolution

100 years ago today legislative devolution was introduced into the United Kingdom.


A very elaborate and outlandish form of legislative devolution (including, later, the buildings to house it) was activated.

Comprising a regional "House of Commons" of 52 seats and a Senate of 26 seats and using a proportional representation system (Single Transferable Vote - oh so very modern),

the devolved structure was introduced rather than implement the alternative policy of continued simple and direct government (including local councils - administrative devolution)

from the British Parliament (on a common basis with the rest of the Nation).

This is when the United Kingdom's ruinous experiment with legislative devolution began.


Today legislative devolution now exists in three corners of the United Kingdom.

Legislative devolution has created a territorial, electoral and institutional conflict in the Nation.

Only England now lives under simple and direct ("Direct Rule") from the British Parliament.


The first legislative devolved Parliament was abolished on the 30th March 1973.





1st of May 2021


Here I Stand


Martin Luther

 I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not retract anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience.

I cannot do otherwise, here I stand, may God help me, Amen.


Luther at the Diet of Worms (1521)





29th April 2021

10 Year was established in April 2011.

A brief record of our work can be seen on the About page at the above tab.

Thank you to all of our supporters and visitors across the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and overseas.


"...ridicule is nothing to be scared of..."

Adam Ant





27th April 2021

Going Back






23rd April 2021



 In 1979 Wolfgang Gerhard was buried in the Embu das Artes municipality of the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

 Forty one years later in 2020, undercover of a low to medium virus (with more than a 99/100 recovery rate) the "Progressive" "Conservative" and Labour Establishment

 released experimental drugs into the general population of the United Kingdom.


Wolfgang Gerhard was also known as Josef Mengele.





20th April 2021

The Pied Piper


The "Progressive" "Conservative" and Labour Establishment has decided that The Experiment's Covid "vaccines"  are to be released into the under 50 population

and in particular the 18-30 population.

They (including "Progressive" commerce) are playing a tune designed to attract and encourage young people to get an injection (that they do not need)

in order that they will be able to return to natural social interaction in concerts, pubs, disco's, festivals, nightclubs etc.


It is one thing for the "Golden Agers", who largely aquiesed in the Dissolution of Britain (while they profited from it - an integrated society and jobs and pensions)

over the past 60 years and who are now past their reproductive point, to submit and take the "vaccines", 

it is quite another for the young people of Britain to be pushed into taking an experimental drug by a degenerate governing caste.


Covid 19 has a recovery rate of over 99/100 for the general population and it is higher again for the under thirties.





12 April 2021

The Experiment


The "Progressive" "Conservative" and Labour Establishment,

is now ready to extract itself from the "Lockdown" that they created as a reaction to a low to medium virus and as a convenient cover for their

Hyper-Transformation of Britain (ie see the building and planning alterations made to your towns and cities in the past year).


Rather than rely on natural human resistance, the weather (sunshine - we had a mild winter) and tested and practical medical methods and social measures

in order to get out of it, the "Progressive" Establishment introduced an Experimental "mass vaccination" programme.


The Experiment is not being conducted in specific (isolated, closed, selected and defined) circumstances (medical laboratories) recognising longstanding

general medical and pharmalogical standards (including time) and legal disiplines (indemnity provisions), it is being conducted outside of these safeguards on the general population.


Below is a link to the standard Vaccine Development Model

 (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations)




   The official measurement of their effectiveness and side effects can be found at the following link:




 10th April 2021


Prince Philip





7th April 2021

Vichy Britain

Under the The Yoke of  the Conservative and Labour Establishment, Vichy Britain crawls back to the 24th of March 2020 only to find it's April 2021 and the country no longer exists.

 Centuries of British identity, territory, authority and liberty have been surrendered.

The headquarters of the puppet government today is not the Sigmaringen Enclave but the London Enclave. 





4th April 2021

Easter Bible Reading

Matthew 28 King James Version (KJV)


28 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.


And, behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.


His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:


And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.


And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.


He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.


And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead; and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.


And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.


And as they went to tell his disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, All hail. And they came and held him by the feet, and worshipped him.


10 Then said Jesus unto them, Be not afraid: go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there shall they see me.





23rd March 2021

The Party's Over




23rd March 2021


 Underneath the Coronovirus Act 2020 legislation lies a dissolved Britain, frozen in time (the 23rd of March 2020).

 With Britain hyper-atomised and in stasis, the governing "Progressive" caste are now able to fly above the destruction that they have caused in order to further their "Transformation" of Britain,

decisively enacting their first and second objectives (via Demoralisation, Des-stabilisation and Crisis),  the destruction of the British Constitution and mass immigration.

 (It is no co-incidence that the first cohort to become infected with and transmit Covid was the "Progressive" (Universalist - No Borders) caste, including the leadership of the "Conservative Party" and the wider

establishment and their fellow air travellers. 


On the 25th of February 2017 we wrote in an article titled "Politics by Proxy and the "Dictaorship of the Air" "


"...It is no surprise that air travel and open borders and the mass movement of people are the issues that have generated so much angst and coverage among them.

   Most of the advocates and virtue signallers of the new “progressive” caste travel this way (See also Vassal Territory Blog Entry 51), conveniently overlooking their precious

 carbon footprint and ironically, for a group so self consciously modernthey ignore all the wonders of modern technology that have reduced the need for the physical transit of

 people, such as (widely available) mobile phones, the internet, video conferencing and 3D printers etc.

   They are largely engaged in the soft, globalised, digital, entertainment, media, service, finance sectors, and that nebulous strata of “management” that floats from one sector to

 another with no root in a particular discipline, knowledge or trade.

   These are all activities highly suitable for digital methods of communication and output with little need for physical transit.

   This new caste has echoes of the

  “Dictatorship of the Air” element of H G Wells 1933 book “The Shape of Things to Come”.

  It tells of a dictatorship coming to power after war, an executive emerging from the surviving transport systems across the globe and exercising power.

   A dictatorship intent on creating a world state and utopia according only to their tastes and their interests."




23rd March February 2021 

National Placebo 

noun. /pləˈsiːbəʊ/ (plural placebos) ​a substance that has no physical effects, given to patients who do not need medicine but think that they do,

or used when testing new drugs.

Oxford Dictionary





12th February 2021

National Suicide


We are witnessing the suicide of Britain.


The 60 year old "Progressive" revolution has accumulated in the "Lockdown" (Dissolution) of British society and it's economy.

Society has been hyper-atomised (Separatism in it's purest form), dissolving the (moral, social, economic and political) bonds of centuries.


Driven by the Fear, Panic and Policies of the "Progressive" governing caste (led by the "Conservative" and Labour parties etc) there is no escape for the British

unless they rally to and vote for a new party to repudiate and remove the "Progressive" parties, politicians and activists from power and their policies

including the Coronovirus Act 2020.





 29th December 2020



Without a new national party to represent Britain to the British in a general election manifesto, 

to defeat the Conservative and Labour establishment and to bring national stability and regeneration, Britain is finished. 

Morally, socially , economically and politically, the 60 year old burnt embers of Britain are floating away on the wind.





27th December 2020

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is Born


Luke 2 King James Version (KJV)

2 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

2 (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

3 And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.





23rd December 2020


Threw It All Away


The dissolution of Britian is the result of the Liberal secular policies of the past 60 years not a low to medium coronovirus.

 The retreat from the national established religion and nationhood and the consequent rise of godlessness, selfishness and materialism has accumulatively

led to the dissolution of Britain in 2020.


 The Liberal / "Progressive" policies were legislated for by the Conservative and Labour parties and others.

These parties did not take power by armed force but by electoral force.

They were elected time and time again by British electors and that is where the responsibility and remedy lies - nowhere else.





19th December 2020




The "First Minister of Scotland's" statement on the 19th December 2020 is a Unilateral Declaration of Independence undercover of a low to medium coronovirus.


The introduction of a border (entry/exit control ) between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom is a calculated breach of the Acts of Union

(we referred to this on the 7th of December).

The separatist forces in the devolved Scottish "Parliament" recognise that the covid crisis is their opportunity to "roll out" their new state apparatus

and it's political and physical (land, air and sea) delineation and have it "enforced" by Police Scotland.


The statement is illegal and unconstitutional.

It must not stand.

Any attempt by Police Scotland to "enforce" the statement is illegal and unconstitutional.

We advise Police Scotland to take advice from British Parliament law officers.






18th December 2020

Parcels and Pizzas


The new Epoch begins with parcels and pizzas.

The damage of the 60 year old shift to a service and feminised and digitalised and debt fuelled economy

(not to mention the Shutdown and "Working From Home" - AKA - not working from work)

can be seen in Ken Loach's new film "Sorry We Missed You".


Mr Loach's political outlook is Liberal and "Progressive" however he has over the years in his films

exposed many of the facets that flow from Liberal legislation:

family breakdown, poverty, poor housing, unemployment and debt etc.


Since March 23rd 2020, one of the signatures of the new Epoch has been the use of digital purchase and delivery systems to supply those in happy confinement

especially those on the Job Retention Scheme ("Furlough") and those "Working From Home".


Mr Loach's new film highlights the basic working conditions of those now trapped in this new "progressive" economic model.



 18th December 2020

Pop Up Policy


Undercover of Covid (a low to medium coronavirus) government policy is driven by a spontaneous Liberal re-action to Liberal culture

especially in officaldom, corporatedom and the education sector (a state within a state) where Liberal and "Progressive" opinion dominates.

The decision to alter the school timetable in England (at very short notice) and order them (school management) to make logistical preparation for mass testing is an example of this method of policy development.

It is a recipe for a further administrative and logistical and political mess.




18th December 2020

129 = 0

It does not matter if the SNP win or do not win 129/129 desks in the Scottish devolved "Parliament".

The "Parliament" has no authority on the matter of the Constitution (or Defence or Foriegn Affairs), the matter is Reserved.

Schedule 5 of the Scotland Act 1998 reserves the matters that are NOT devolved and continue to be subject exclusively to the British Parliament.

Any attempt by the devolved "Parliament" to enter into these reserved matters is illegal and unconstitutional.





17th December 2020 

The War Against Civilisation

 (Part 2)


 The Liberal/"Progressive" 1960's Revolution is now largely complete and exercising it's accumulated 60 year old establishment power

to hyper-dissolve and "Transform" Great Britain into a secular and  identityless state.

 For centuries the British Christian Protestant Constitution, established at the Glorious Revolution, has been and even now at this late stage,

is the foundation of the rule of law and parliamentary representative democracy.


The British Constitution is the standing force against despotic power in our country and the basis of British progress in all spheres.

These are the reasons why the godless Liberal forces have set themselves against it.


The British Constitution has been adopted and adapted by nations across the Earth including:

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India and of course, the United States of America.


The Civilisation that has emerged since the Reformation and the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia

(the recognition of the pre-eminence of national authority, sovereignty and territorial integrity) is now under threat.

Christian civilisation must be defended and the Liberal challenge defeated.





 17th December 2020

 The Body Politic


The BBC (and others) are preparing the political groundwork for the latest Conservative  Party led Establishment attack on the British Constitution.

The phrase "four nations" is now widely used across all BBC platforms.

This phrase is used to imply that the United Kingdom is of a multi-national federal composition.

It is not.

(It is not a federal or quasi-federal or confederal entity, neither is it a "family of nations" or a collection of "four nations").

 The British Nation is natural, organic and singular.




17th December 2020

One Law For Them


While the Conservative and Labour Establishment hyper-dissolve British society under the cover of a (low to medium) coronovirus, it continues to legislate to entrench itself.


The Covert Human Intelligence (Criminal Conduct) Bill now going through Parliament is a direct consequence of the United Kingdom retreating

from it's national established religion.


It is to be an Act that permits government departments to commit crime legally.

 It is a manifestaion of the secular squalor of the United Kingdom in 2020. 






12th December 2020


Lessons from Sheffield.




10th December 2020


Undercover of Covid, Britain's empty cities and towns are being re-arranged and re-populated.

 While empty, the urban street maps are re-arranged and office buildings are being re-designed into singularised acommodation blocks while new unitised hotels and hostels

are being constructed on every available site (and there are a lot of available sites).

 The new population and workforce have arrived. Foreign, Male, Young and Single.




10th December 2020 

 Movement, Rights and Privileges


While Manchester, Scotland, "Liverpool City Region" (Liverpool no longer exists in the new state syntax), Northern Ireland, London and Wales etc all compete for money crumbs from the

"Conservative" Party table, the devolved "Scottish Parliament" and the devolved and newly nomenclatured "Welsh Parliament" are attempting to restrict Briton's "full Freedom and

Intercourse" from place to place across the United Kingdom.

This is not some obtuse constitutional theory but is a written principal (and practicality) central to the British Nation state and it's foundation documents.

It is certainly not a matter for a devloved structure (See schedule 5 of the Scotland Act) or a local council - we do not expect local councils to enter into constitutional or defence or foreign

matters that are outside their legal competence.

It is about the common powers of movement of  Britons throughout their Nation.

 It is a further attempt to consolidate and embed the devolved structures as proto-states in the fictional narrative of the United Kingdom as a federal state prior to it's complete dissolution.

It is part of the "four nations" narrative (there is only one nation in the United Kingdom, it is the United Kingdom) already being constructed

and propagandised everyday by the Conservative Party and the BBC and others).

It is fiction.

These limitations are unconstitutional, illegal and treasonous.



Union with Scotland (Parliament of England) and Union with England (Parliament of Scotland) Acts 1707


"That all the Subjects of the United Kingdom of Great Britain shall from and after the Union have full Freedom and Intercourse of Trade and Navigation to and from any port or place within

the said United Kingdom and the Dominions and Plantations thereunto belonging And that there be a Communication of all other Rights Privileges and Advantages which do or may belong

to the Subjects of either Kingdom" 


The devolved administrations must be abolished and the British Parliament restored to it's  natural and full political (and administrative) integrity.




10th December 2020 

Stockholm Syndrome

The British are held captive, not in the Kreditbanken building but in their own country.

Their captor's: Johnson, Drakeford and Sturgeon and the rest (the entire 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive Establishment) offering occasional mercy - in return for "compliance" - in the

Rubik's Cube of the Covid Tier System.






17th October 2020

United Kingdom Population and Covid

 The Covid numbers and measurement have been based the government's Office for National Statistics (ONS) numbers which claim the UK population is about 67 million.


At we hold the opinion that the United Kingdom population is about 82 million.

 (This would reduce the level of all Covid impact measurements across the population).


The government has already ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford University alleged vaccine. 





14th October 2020

Bonfire 2020

(British Habits, Conventions, Traditions and Covid)

 At we recommend the establishment of Bonfire societies across the United Kingdom.


Even before the New Epoch began on the 23rd of March 2020, Britain had been hollowed out by the Liberal/"Progressive" revolutionaries in the Conservative and Labour and SNP and other parties.

Covid (a low to medium virus) is now being used as a deep political cover to initiate government by Decree rather than government by Parliament.


The Coronovirus Act demands that not only must the codified part of British life  - it's laws and written manifestations - submit to it but also that it's uncodified part (upon which the codified part rests)

- the habits, conventions and traditions of Britain  (all coming out of it's natural Nationhood) must submit to government ministerial decree and temper.


The Coronovirus Act 2020, day by day, week by week and month by month, is dissolving the habits, conventions and traditions and memory of the British. That is it's purpose.


It is the uncodified parts of public and private life that are profoundly free from government.

They are passed on from one generation to another by habit, convention and tradition (not least at times of births, marriages and death) in many cases from father to son

and within family and from family to family and from the rituals and familiar patterns of private association.

They are passed on from one age to another because there is meaning in them and they tells us something, something unique and essential, about us, the British.


The uncodified parts of British life are now either banned or to be codified and regulated by Liberal/"Progressive" Decree.

Without the uncodified parts of British life and it's Constitution there is no Britain.


Among them all, Bonfire night represents one of the most potent and direct uncodified reminders to those who now govern Britain

that it is the British people, gathered round their spontaneous, unpoliced and unregulated Bonfires, who will have the final say in who governs this Nation.


Build those bonfires high.

We shall throw what we choose on the bonfire.


"Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Gunpowder treason and plot

We see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot."




30th September 2020

Asian Rut

  The Conservative Party throws the dice again.


Having dispensed with The Clown option (not working out too well), this time it is the Asian option.

The Conservative Party presents the leadership challengers Ruishi Sunak (Goldman Sachs) or Priti Patel (Weber Shandwick).

This week, the Conservative Party idea is that a bit of Asian economic disipline and practice will whip that British working class into shape

and solidify the United Kingdom's credentials as a multi-cultural state, a state in "Transformation" into a new secular, indentityless, generic  state.



"The British are among the worst idlers in the world"

From "Britannia Unchained"

Palgrave MacMillian





29th September 2020

 Pavlov's Dog


The new Epoch started on the 23rd of March 2020.


The Nation that existed has gone (hollowed out over 50 years), it's society and economy have gone but still so many individuals and organisations behave (denial) as though nothing

has changed or that everything will be simply "rebooted" to the 23rd of March 2020, this will not happen.

 The return of students to student accomodation is just one example of the recent policy and organisational failures that refuse to acknowledge what has happened during the past six months.




29th September 2020 

Rubik's Cube


Totalitarian state control and the codification of human behaviour has been greatly assisted by the expansion of the digital dimension: digital tracking (ie phone identity)

and mass data availability, forecasting and data manipulation ("mood forming").


The "Conservative" and Labour and SNP Establishment (the "Progressive" Party in the United Kingdom) is now engaged in the mass disruption, "creative" destruction, atomisation

and re-arrangement of society and economy into a new (Nationless) identityless pattern.





26th September 2020



Over the years has supported the re-opening of the coal pits and the rebuilding of coal fired power stations and associated infrastructure.

We have have also higlighted the exposure of the United Kingdom to natural and man made emergencies and the "Conservative" and Labour depletion of emergency (national, regional and local) plans and resources

and infrastructure (men, money and material - including the abolition of the Civil Defence Corps (330,000) and the Territorial Army). 


As the United Kingdom enters autumn and the Shutdown continues the Nation is highly exposed to further infrastructual disintegration. 

It is now to late to put in place substantial measures before deep winter. 

Parliament has effectively closed and even if it were operating there is no party sitting in it that can represent the British people and get them out of this National Emergency - that is a matter for the next general election.


All we can hope for now is that the last remaining craftsman and tradesmen and engineers and other practical and essential workers can manage the existing systems as best as possible.

It is essential that the medical, water and food supply chains and not least, the electricity generation and distribution (heat and light and digital money) function and roads and railways are secured.


Below is a link to G.B. National Gridwatch which provides real time info on the United Kingdom electricity demand and supply.





26th September 2020

Set Them Free

The Conservative and Labour and SNP Establishment have, by decree, imprisoned our old and our young

(while putting students £9000 in debt per year - just for tuition fees - for sitting alone in their room, often hundreds of miles from their family and local networks

and doing a digital course) and directed that the British working class must get out and work while the Cabinet phone in their interviews to the establishment media.


Oppose the Shutdown.

Repeal the Coronovirus Act 2020.



26th September 2020

Halt ! Who Goes There ?

While Michael Gove introduces a permit system for British lorry drivers to enter Kent, the fleet of craft entering British waters from France and disembarking thousands

of immigrants (mostly men of conscription age) on the beaches of Kent, continues.

 25th September 2020

Culture Search

A recent survey highlighted the increase of 1970's and 1980's pop music searches during the Shutdown.

This is another example of the British people searching for something

(in this case a popular art form that they recognised, identified with and that meant something to them and that they now find comfort in),

something that has been thrown away.

British culture only happened because the Nation happened - it recognised itself, regenerated itself and manifested and transmitted itself in all forms including the Arts: from Shakespeare,

to Constable, to "The Beatles", to "Brideshead Revisited", to "New Order", to "Only Fool's and Horses" and on and on and on.





22nd September 2020

 Bible Reading


Joshua 1:9

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”





19th September 2020

The Rule of Law Vs The Devo Hoax


It makes no difference if the SNP win 129/129 seats (desks) in the Devolved Scottish "Parliament" election (if it takes place).

The matter of the Constitution is not a matter for it, it is a matter exclusively for the British Parliament.


 The Devolved Scottish "Parliament's" (Anti-Parliament) legal competence is restricted to matters that are not Reserved, this can be found in Schedule 5 of the 1998 Scotland Act.

 The Constitution and The Union are Reserved matters and therefore not matters for the devolved Scottish "Parliament" or elections to it regardless of what may be contained in party (Devolved) manifesto's to it.


 If the SNP (and others) wish to separate a part of the the Nation from the Nation then they have had the opportunity every five years in a British general election by standing as abstentionist candidates, to do so.

They have not done so, even once in their history. This is how parliamentary representation/abstention works (althought the "Conservative" Party and Labour Party continue to allow the SNP to have its

cake (take their seats in the British Parliament) and to eat it (legislate for a referendum - 2014 - to provide a fake democratic cover to formally dissolve the entire United Kingdom).


 The SNP refuse to adopt a policy of abstention because they get more votes by holding a representational policy

(taking their seats and accepting the legal, valid and binding authority of the British Parliament)

and that means more seats, more power, more money and more patronage for it.


In the event of the SNP winning a majority in the Devolved Scottish "Parliament" election and the "Conservative" and Labour parties once again supporting a second unconstitutional,

anti-parliamentaryand illegal United Kingdom Dissolution referendum - originated by Theresa May (after a walking holiday in Wales) in 2017 before the general election of that year, 

it will be duty of all British subjects to maintain the Constitution against all of those who would supplant it.




19th September 2020



A large cohort (millions) of office workers are Working From Home (WFH) and do not want to return to the office, this is not because of COVID

it is because they do not like their work, their commute or general lifestyle or the society that they have watched emerge

before their very eyes, over the past 50 years as the United Kingdom has been "Transformed" from a Nation State into a Nationless State,

full of secular Liberal/"Progressive" doctrines legislated for by the "Conservative" and Labour parties. 


They sense they have lost (thrown away) something, something to do with Religion, Social Bonds (family, local, regional and national),

Serious Industry, the country's Border, it's Unity, it's Parliamentary Representative Democracy, it's Military, it's Public Administration and many other things.


They sense that the society that they knew in their childhood (or have been told about by their parents or grandparents) has gone and they want to get it back.

They long for way of living that resembles that society and was last identifiable in the 1970's and 1980's.


For the office workers (generally speaking), The Shutdown has provided not just a window into the past but a way to get a little bit of that society

back - more traditional, more spiritual, more time at home, more DIY, more local activity, more neighbourly, more slower pace, less interaction

(stress and hassle) with things and services that do not work (privatised trains and stations or vending machines that require the user to notify the

machine owner that it is not working) or a management gripped by functionless group think or the latest Equality and Diversity training course diktaks), more time for walking

and fresh air, more time with the dog and pursuing their interests and artistic talents.


Who can blame them - they have seen the past and it works.

 Of course, the sudden economic shock of The Shutdown and the WFH shock shift to mass WFH (in a day) has decimated the "commuter economy" and wiped out millions of (predominately service sector) jobs.

Millions are now trapped in lonlieness, misery, depression, poverty and unemployment.


This is the price to be paid for the "Conservative" Party Shutdown.

It does not have to be like this.




19th September 2020

The Work Cult and COVID

According to "Conservative" Party government decree, the COVID risk diminishes as you approach the workplace but increases as you approach non-workplaces.

 This is the Work Cult pushing the - largely working class - back into their workplace.


The "Conservative" and Labour parties have decided that the "Rule of Six" must apply to non-workplaces but workplaces are ok for more than six to gather.

Seven individuals in a domestic place is now illegal but seven hundred in the work place is legal.

Seven individuals in a domestic place is now unsafe but seven hundred in the work place is safe.

Can the virus detect which buildings are a workplace and those which are not workplaces ? also with many now WFH can it detect rooms that are workplaces in domestic premises ? the answer, to both, is no.


It is a racket from start to finish, directed by Johnson and Sturgeon and the rest.

Plain and simple.





9th September 2020

This Is What You Want This Is What You Get


Covid Marshall's, Mask's, "The Rule of Six", "Social Distancing", State Tracking.


 For over 50 years the Conservative Party and Labour Party have dissolved and hollowed out Britain.

Their latest agreed policy is to introduce the COVID Shutdown and it's Totalitarian Regime.


In 2020 British society and it's economy has shattered.

This is what you get if you vote Conservative Party or Labour Party.





8th September 2020

The King's New Clothes


The "Conservative" and Labour Establishment decree that you must wear a mask in public.





5th September 2020

Psycho State 


The "Conservative" and Labour Establishmement have imposed a Totalitarian Regime upon the British people.


The Conservative government has used the Shutdown to atomise British society (and implode it's economy) and to micro-re-arrange and regulate it, even to the extent of


 what you wear and where you place your footsteps in a shop.


It is the use of psychological methods on the general population, for the submission to and acceptance of the New Liberal State (constructed over 50 years) that has replaced the


United Kingdom.





29th August 2020



On the 23rd of March 2020 the "Conservative" and Labour Establishment detonated a pyschological bomb over the United Kingdom.

 It has radiated a state sponsored Panic and Fear of a low to medium level biological virus

("... As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) in the UK..." Source: Public Health England)

and shattered British society and it's economy.


A psychological isolationism - a profound super-atomisation / a super-separatism - has been officially seeded into what was left of British society

through the Coronavirus Act 2020 and promoted through the Liberal/"Progressive":  Officialdom, Corporatedom and Media.


The psychological impact is dissolving the longstanding, essential and common expressions of national self recognition, identity and trust

in both invisible (your word is your bond) and visible (shaking of hands) manifestations that must exist in the Nation for it to exist (recognise itself), function and flourish.


The Coronovirus Act 2020 must be repealed, now.





15th July 2020

The Real Thing


The Liberal Revolutionary agenda is now openly endorsed and promoted and enforced by large corporate entities.

For the 50 year old revolution, this is nothing new.




15th July 2020



 We referred to "Barclayland" in Glasgow in a previous article some months ago.

 Barclay's bank (a revolutionary Liberal corporate entity has been engaged in building a new "campus" in the centre of Glasgow,

it was to be  called "Buchanan Wharf". 

(an invented name to associate the "campus" with the main street in Glasgow's "Golden Mile")

however the project has fallen foul of the New State and it's Code.

Buchanan - of Buchanan St - has been exposed as having the audacity to live in the Past and having held opinions and associated with activities that are now forbidden.

Andrew Buchanan of Buchanan Stree was a Tobacco Lord and plantation owner as well as a former Lord Provost of Glasgow.


The latest damage limitation line from Barclays is that the Buchanan in "Buchanan Wharf" actually did not refer to the former Lord Provost but to a steamboat captain called William Buchanan.


The project will now be called Barclays Glasgow Campus.




15th July 2020

Skateboard Revolution


One of the more fashionable accessories of the Liberal Revoution in recent months has been the Skateboard.


The Skateboard was invented in the 1950s

It was mass manufactured in 1959.

 Skateboarding was to appear for the first time in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The 2020 Olympics has been postponed until 2021 (DV) although the Games of the XXXII Olympiad will keep the name Tokyo 2020 for marketing and branding purposes.






14th July 2020 

Hail, The New State


From Defence to the Police to the Civil Service to Business to Advertising to Football, all parts of society are now declaring their fealty to the New Liberal Totalitarian State.

 It is the capping of fifty years of revolution.




 14th July 2020

None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See


 Primeminister Johnson has been accused of abandoning those who voted for him by reversing the policies that he stood on in the General Elelction in December.

 This is unfair.


Thorought his life, Mr Johnson - a Liberal - has been repelled by the British and their natural (traditional-conservative-empirical) instincts to preserve  their common identity, unity, independence and their


 That is why he gained his easy money and easy employment in the Liberal propaganda outlets of The Times, The Telegraph and the BBC

 (If he were not a Liberal he would not have been employed in any of them).

 That is why he became the London Mayor.

That is why he became the Leader of the Liberal "Conservative" Party.


Those who voted Conservative Party in December 2019 and who now complain, refused to see what was actually in front of them and only saw what they wanted to see.

 It was a comfort device.

 It was an act self deception.


That is what they voted for in December 2019, they must blame themselves.




14th July 2020

 The Incredible Shrinking Country


 In the middle of the National Emergency the Liberal "Conservative" Party continues to reduce the Territorial Authority of the United Kingdom.

 The nominal border of the United Kingdom has been redrawn.

 The new federalised political map has been put in place.

 A new border has been drawn from Newport to Rhyl to Warrenpoint to Belfast to Larne to Gretna Green to Berwick Upon Tweed.

 The new powers and nomenclature of the Welsh Devolved "Parliament"(Wales Act 2017), the composition, regulatory alighnment and deliniation of the "EU Withdrawal Act 2020"

 and the exercise of Emergency Powers by the Scottish Devolved "Parliament" (Coronovirus Act 2020) reflect the Conservative and Labour Establishments

 reduction of the British Parliament's Territorial Writ of Authority and the release of that Authority to other intra and extra territorial institutions. 


It is the Partition of Britain.





11th July 2020

 Behind The Mask





29th June 2020


How To Win


British people who wish to restore Britain must do three things:


1 They must exercise their electoral parliamentary authority and elect a new party with a broad manifesto of National Restoration to power

(defeating and marginalising the Conservative and Labour parties)

for without this no other effort (campaign or organisation) will be effective.


2 They must remove Britain's domestic enemies from public funds (including contracts) and public provison and positions of public power

(ie those engaged in the Demoralisation and Destabilisation of the Nation - including those in the: Church, Education, Media, Commerce  Civil Service, Police, Advertising,

Trades Unions, Local Government, Charities, Voluntary Sector, etc).


3. They must teach the young about the national Religion, Authority, Traditions and History.





23rd June 2020


How To Lose

It has been 50 years since the Demoralisation began.

It has been 8 years since the Destabilisation took hold.

It has been 12 weeks since The Crisis began.


We should not be too surprised by the social and economic dissolution or the the public dis-order on the streets of the United Kingdom over the past few weeks.

The "Transformation" of the United Kingdom from a homogenuos to a hetrogenuos, a Christian to Secular,  a Collective to Individualistic and an Industrial to a

Service state had to manifest itself visibly (a revolutionary critical mass) at some point.


With no parliamentary electoral opposition (the only way they can be stopped) to the 50 year old Conservative and Labour agreed revolutionary manifesto,

they win.




10th June 2020




The "Normalisation" now arriving at villages, towns and cities near you is underwritten by both the Conservative and Labour parties.


As the British emerge blinking into the daylight from from their national imprisonment they are finding that "Normalisation" is marked by the full use of state power

(Police, Education, Public Institutions and Public Funds and assisted by Corporatedom and the "Progressive" Media) against the last vestiges of Britishness

(Religious, Social and Cultural - Political Britain ended in 1990) :

Statues, Flags, Building and Street Names and other symbols (all symbols) of the old British Nation.


The institutions of the United Kingdom now abet and embed the "Transformation" into the New Secular, Hetrogeneous, Atomised and Servicised State.




4th June 2020

 The Man in the Mirror

 The United Kingdom has shattered morally, socially, economically and politically.


The Conservative and Labour Establishment can only be blamed for so much - they have not taken power by armed revolution.

They have taken power through the votes that the British people have freely given to them through the ballot box for over 50 years.

If the British people wish to restore and rebuild their country then they must freely give their vote to a new party that will do that.




3rd June 2020

Hoist With Their Own Petard


The image of MP's attempting to "Social Distance" while waiting to vote in the lobbies, reflects not just the consequence of the Coronovirus Act 2020

(passed with limited debate and no vote - similar to the tactics used to pass the Scotland Act 1998 (Modification of Schedule 5) Order 2013

the legislation which permitted the 2014 referendum on the dissolution of the United Kingdom to take place)

but all of the 50 year old "progressive" Policy and Culture Agenda that the Conservative and Labour Establishment has legislated.

The Agenda that has ruined Britain and crashed it into the mud in 2020.




21st May 2020


The Shutdown has exposed many anti-British "progressive" activities and outputs and sectors that are funded by the taxpayer.

One of them is the "Education" Sector.


After the Social Security budget at (£240 billion) and Health (£145 billion), the Education budget about (£102 billion) followed by Defence at £46 billion (2017 Stats).

The education budget funds a large part of the "progressive payroll" and it churns out countless anti-British polemics in the form of "academic" reports and other expensive material.

 The univerities are limited in academic pursuit, monetised and overpopulated, in short they are simply money machines.

It is a racket. 


The Liberal/"Progressive" ideology is embedded in the "Education" sector, effectively a State within a State.

The "Education" sector is also a machine for "Progressive" propaganda, a conduit for mass immigration, an instrument to extract a large number of young from their roots and disrupt their

established bonds with their locality, region and Nation and it is a mechanism for the suppression of Free Speech.


The Shutdown has provided an opportunity to detach the "progressive" grip on British education and restore authentic education, the practice, pursuit and exploration of thought and

the gathering of knowledge and of course the transmission of Authority.


There are about 130 univerisites in the United Kingdom.


The "University" classsification must now be reduced to about 36 in number.

This will increase the quality of output (staff and students) and the general administrative functioning of the Higher Education sector and not least restore the motivation for the quest for

knowledge and discovery and progress in the true meaning of the word.

Those Higher Education Institutions no longer classified as "Universities" must be classified as College's of Technology (College's of Art etc) with many reverting to the status and the

specialised distinction that many of them had with it before the "50% must get a degree" cult set in.


The size of university rolls require to be contained at about a nominal 3000 (Essentially not to small but not to big - University of London has over 178,000 campus based students and

48,000 "distance learning external students") and the practice  of permitting foriegn student enrollment should end.


Universities should serve their locality and Nation and draw the most qualified from their local and national pool.

 The shift from the "Progressive" Mass University Attendance ideology (including the abolition of student debt and student fees) can release hundreds of thousands of young British into

debtless, satisfying, reasonably paid and regular, essential vocational, craft and trade employment.

(See Above Tab: "Not Going Back")



   21st May 2020

ITV Franchise

It is time to remove the 13/15 ITV Franchises from ITV.PLC and reissue the original regional territorial franchises to authentic re-constituted local and regional compaines.

not generic false flag, super profit driven and creatively bankrupt (now just "progressive" propaganda generators) entities.

It is time to restore local and regional hubs of media skill and talent.



 21st May 2020

Introducing ...James Purnell

In the second of our "Introducing" series, we introduce our readers to another of the "Progressive" agents being paid by the British taxpayer to demolish Britain.



James Purnell

BBC Executive

BBC's Director of Radio and Education

Salary £315,000 per year

(over £1,6 million since 2013)

Former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister

Former Project Director for DEMOS

Former Special Advisor to Tony Blair



21st May 2020

State of Shock

The country is in a state of shock, unable to come to terms with the deep political reasons (50 years of Liberal/"Progressive" ideology) that has brought it to Crisis.

Consequently the country is unable to come to terms with what must be done to get it out of Crisis.

 (See Above Tab: "Not Going Back")



21st May 2020

The Paris Embassy 

 Since November 1990 the (Liberal/"Progressive") Conservative and Labour Establishment have de-politicised Britain and dominated, what passes for British politics.

Today's Culture is their Culture. The Official Panic of 2020 and The Official Fear is their Panic and their Fear.

They are responsible not just for the Panic and Fear but for the "Progressive" culture that has fanned both.

The Defeat of Political Britain in November 1990 has led the country into the Shutdown of 2020.




 18th May 2020









14th May 2020 

Wrestling in the Mud


The United Kingdom having shattered it's society and it's econonomy is now wrestling with itself in the mud.


The Conservative and Labour Establishment's Official Panic and Official Policy of Fear has let loose

one of "progressive" cults most deeply held beliefs - The Codification of Behaviour.


The "progressive" cult has always been of a totalitarian and utopian character, where individual thought and physical empirical, evidence is removed from the public space and

the population's thought and physical movement and action are controlled like a pawn on a chessboard.

A chessboard similar to the squares now on the floor of your local supermarket.


Official Fear is now the currency of government.

Official Codification of behaviour (of Total Movement and Interaction) is now government policy.

Wether it's control via the app on your phone, house imprisonment or coloured squares on a

shop floor.






12th May 2020






7th May 2020

Not Going Back

 The Re-industrialisation of Britain




 We must not go back to the Conservative and

 Labour parties “progressive” state and it’s economy that we left

 on the 23rd of March 2020.


We must not go back to the mass loneliness, mass misery,

 mass poverty, mass debt and mass unemployment, all of which have now been

 multiplied and compounded by the Shutdown.


 There is another road.


 We have just seen how, with political will, British society and it’s economy can be

 Shutdown, likewise, with political will, Britain can Redirect itself to

 regain and restore what it threw away over 50 years,

 it’s serious National Industrial Economy.



Rather than return to a failed economy dominated by, the frivolous, the shallow and

 the short term, it is time to redirect the Nation’s effort and resources into the serious

 the deep and long term activities.

 That is the matter, the stuff, the substance of government.


Rather than submit to mass unemployment of resources, it is time for the

 mass re-employment of resources.

It is time to re-deploy men, money and material from the debt and service and

 education sectors into newly restored physical industries and physical

 infrastructure and for the Nation to gain morally and socially and

 commercially and economically from doing so.


 A Nation speaks through it’s economic policy and that is where Britain

 must start to rebuild.


There are three parts to what must now be done.



 Monetary Policy


The British Treasury must secure the integrity of the Money Supply and then establish

 a debt consolidation and management and liquidation scheme for void debt.

 Without both these measures all economic activity will be like pedalling a bicycle

 without a chain.


While the Nation begins to redirect and reindustrialise and shifts

 it’s mental and physical efforts and resources to actual physical items from debt,

 the government must ensure that the British people are insulated in regards to a

 reasonable and regular income.


During the period of economic redirection and re-training a state income will

be required for those now unemployed or who are on state job retention

schemes (“furloughed”).

The alternative is mass unemployment and mass economic disturbance.

The state income would be issued in the form of a re-training grant or bursary

and would be available to those who register for retraining as

new essential infrastructure and industrial workers, new apprentices,

students (in essential subjects) or other essential trainees.



(On the 5th of May 2020 over half of the national population were in receipt of a

state income in some form)



 Re-Industrialisation and Shopkeeping


A National Economic Board must be established to

manage and direct the restoration of the industrial economy upon the foundation of

 Defence followed by Public Infrastructure and Heavy Industry.

  Government must redirect employment and (re-equip) millions

  who are now trapped in unemployment and in underproductive activity especially in

 the education and service and financial sectors into essential national

 activities that have been neglected for decades.


Central to re-industrialisation must be an unprecedented expansion of the Defence

 Budget. Defence must be the national footprint of the national economy.

 Only upon it, can other national activities including infrastructure and heavy industry

 be built and secured.


Only then can the proper sequence and hierarchy of economic activity take place.

 Only then can all layers of industry be built upon each other leading to a re-integrated



 Coal pits and coal fired power stations and associated

 infrastructure (including British Railways) must be re-established in order to secure

 a functional and reliable national infrastructure of power and transport, both essential

 to the re-establishment of a national and self-sufficient industrial economy.


Nationalised industries must be re-established and imprint themselves again into the

economy and contribute to durable urban and rural economic and social patterns.

 British Steel, British Leyland and the rest must be re-established.


 The United Kingdom is an island Nation and requires a renewed maritime merchant

 fleet (British Shipbuilders must be re-established and a coastal port infrastructure

 rebuilt) to serve it’s coast and to once again, trade on the open sea.



 The re-establishment of Britain’s integral and industrial infrastructure (nationalised

 and private) permits a re-generation of family, local and regional and small and

 middle sized commercial enterprises in manufacturing and retail and other activities

including: leisure and pleasure and a functional financial (including a return to

 a local and trustee association banking) sector.


Family and small businesses allow private initiative, pursuit of profit, individual

 creativity and the opportunity to establish an independent and private domain

 (separate from state intrusion and state dependence).

 Small, local and regional businesses contribute social and economic worth into the

 fabric of society and allow local trade and exchange and mutual benefit.

 There must be a restoration of Britain as a “nation of shopkeepers”



 Essential and Non-Essential Economy


Now is the time for the United Kingdom to make a demarcation across it’s economic activity between public spending on

 essential activity and no public spending on non-essential activity.

 The United Kingdom economy (and it’s workforce) has for 50 years become dominated by the service and financial sectors – now both super-inflated and  

corrupted by politicisation, debt and public money.

 It is time to stop public spending on non-essential activity.




It is time to re-direct the British economy, to once again become serious, national and industrial.


The United Kingdom has a second chance.

 It must take it.


Stewart Connell © 2020




30th April 2020



Now that the Shutdown has shattered society and crashed the economy,

the British people must decide in a general election what they want the United Kingdom to be:


a Secular Service State


a Christian Industrial Nation.




28th April 2020


In the United Kingdom, 1960 marked the end of one political Epoch and the begining of another - The Liberal Age.

The Liberal Age has seen the throwing away of almost all the essential elements of Britain as a Christian, Industrial Nation.

On Monday 23rd of March 2020 that political Epoch was suspended.


The Nation has a second chance.





27rd April 2020

Primordial Mud

At we have since 2011 charted the descent of the United Kingdom from a Christian Industrial Nation into a Secular Service State and what that means for the


The United Kingdom has now landed in the moral, social, economic and political mud.





23rd April 2020



The Conservative Party refuse to close the UK Border.

An Open Border is central to their "progressive" policy of "Transformation".

Hundreds of thousands continue to enter the United Kingdom.

  Watch scheduled and chartered passenger aircraft arrive in United Kingdom.




  1. Matt Hancock Health Secretary admits 15,000 passengers are entering via airports per day.

  (420,000 entries (narrow estimate) since 23rd March until 20th April 2020


 2. Latest Official Immigration Number 

  December 2018 - December 2019


   (In 2020, Newcastle has an official population of about 320,000)


   *The latest official immigration Permanent entry side number released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

 This number includes the discredited randon sample method called the International Passenger Survcey (IPS)**.

  It does not include any illegal entry or any in year immigrant descendent number.

  On the Temporary entry side - the visa entry numbers are about:

  Work 194,000

  Study 222,000

  Family 200,000

  Asylum etc 20,000

  Total Temporary is about 636,000

  Total entries  in 2019 (Passenger Arrivals 144.7 million - including UK residents).


  The International Passenger Survey is the method used for compiling the United Kingdom's official immigration statistics. is opposed to IPS - it is a dangerous sham intentionally designed and used to deflate and hide the actual entry

  numbers into the United Kingdom.

  We support an EntryExit system to record all movement across the United Kingdoms's land, sea and air frontier.

  We recommend the following piece by Dominic Casciani who exposes the IPS method 




21st April 2020

Offa's Dyke


In the middle of a National Emergency the Conservative Party will take another step in breaking up the United Kingdom.


On the 6th of May 2020 (DV) the National Assembly for Wales is to be renamed the Welsh Parliament as legislated for in Section 9 of the Wales Act 2017.

The "Parliament" will also receive new powers on the subjects of the institution's name, franchise and general operation.

Legislation on these subjects will be exercised not on a simple single vote majority but by creeping "supermajorityism"

(a majority of one is not recognised as a majority and a specified higher

threshold of majority is required - similar to the "supermajorityism" that we saw put into the Fixed Parliaments Act 2011 and was used in the House of Commons in 2019 where a

majority is two thirds of parliaments 650 MP's (434).


 This is all part of the fiction being built by the "progressive" establishment (including the BBC) that the United Kingdom is composed of "four nations" in order to replace the British

Constitution with a new, secular, and federal constitution.




17 April 2020


and Bailing Out the "Progressive" Economy

 While millions of British people are now trapped and experiencing poverty and misery and lonliness and deep disturbance to their social and income and employment

patterns, the Government has just announced that it will now bail out (mostly the service and financial sector) companies with a turnover of more than £45 million.


In a massive expansion of the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBIL), the Treasury now guarantees to underwrite 80% of any loan.

This provision will take effect on Monday 20 April 2020 only two days from it's announcement.


This is part of the Conservative Party's attempt to insulate and then go back to it's "progressive" society and economy

(marked by service and financial sector dominance - about 80% of output and about 84% of workforce) and it's politics.






15 April 2020


"Progressive" Panic No 2 


The Conservative and Labour Establishment are now in Panic No 2.


Panic Number 1 was trigged by the Imperial College Report on COVID 19 and now the second has been triggered by the (conveniently timed) Office of Budget Responsibility Report

estimating the economic cost (price tag) of the Coronovirus Act 2020 including over 3 million unemployed, economic activity contraction by over a third and general economic dissolution.


The "progressive" caste of Conservative and  Labour politicians, media and commerce and other agents have led the United Kingdom into this mess and now the only "exit" strategy they

advocate is to take the Nation back to the "progressive" policies and debt service economics that hollowed out the United Kingdom and led to the policy mess in the first place.



15 April 2020

 The Secular State and COVID 19


The National Emergency introduced in response to COVID 19 has highlighted the secularisation of the United Kingdom.

 For over 60 years the position and role of the established Christian church across the United Kingdom has been marginalised.


In keeping with "progressive" policy only a temporal and secular expression of the Nation is now endorsed by "officialdom".

 There has been little reference to the religous dimension by national institutions or their officials.


 In previous times of National distress our National Established Religion (scripture, prayers, hymns and worship) was at the forefront of our National Effort.

 Even during the National Emergency a highly politicised and secular template is being imposed on the United Kingdom.


 Her Majesty's recent Emergency National Broadcast did not include the National Anthem (A Hymn).




14 April 2020




The National Emergency has highlighted the division, duplication and waste involved with legislative devolution.

 Rather than a singular political and policy approach there are different devolved (political) approaches.


The Conservative and Labour parties support legislative devolution and have for years increasingly used a vocabulary of separation and division when it comes to

the constitutional integrity of the Nation - the intent being to facilitate a move to a new and secular and federal constitution.

 This is the reason that these parties and others refer to: "the four nations", "a family of nations", a "union of nations" and "four countries" when referring to

the composition of United Kingdom, such descriptions are fiction.


The United Kingdom is a Nation.







11 April 2020

Doors To Manual


Even in the middle of a National Emergency the Conservative and Labour Parties continue their policy of No Border and keep the United Kingdom's airports open to passenger






08 April 2020

Getting To Know You


  The hollowing out of British society through the past 60 years has led to a threadbare social fabric across the United Kingdom.

 The National Emergency of COVID 19 has exposed this.


 The Conservative and Labour "progressive" policies have led to an atomisation of British society and the dispersal of mutal support and comfort and the attendant widespread



 The loosening and abandonment of the social bonds (not least marriage) and local ties has taken place - including the eradication of the mass masculine workplace, the driving

of women and mothers in particular out into employment rather than being rooted to family and their local networks, de-industrialsation (including the disipline and forming

motivational and regulatory habits of young men) and the pushing away of qualified young folk from their hometown's to get a tertiary education - are just a few.


The "Transformation" from a serious national industrial economy into a service and debt based society has compounded all of these elements.


Here is a BBC page that offers an insight into how family and general social cohesion can be restored even in the midst of these difficult times - times that bring challenge

but also opportunity - the opportunity never to go back to the failed "progressive" policies and patterns of 1960-2020 and to rebuild Christian Industrial Britain. 




3rd April 2020

Rear View Mirror was established in April 2011

 The following two articles were published in 2017



11th November 2017


The Thin Wall

 There is a thin wall between what remains of our (historically) ordered society and it's complete breakdown.

 Of course, enough electricity is still (just) being generated and transmitted through the national grid, powering cash machines and gadgets, the water, food and fuel distribution networks continue to supply the large supermarkets but as we have mentioned over the years, these highly digital managed logistical systems are highly exposed to disruption.

 The dissolution of the homogenous Christian cohesive society upon which, our binding social elements have all been built (the same religion, history, language, customs, conventions, habits, mistakes, manners and general behaviours) and which provided us with practical strength during emergencies and war has had it’s impact.

 These are largely gone, many do not even know their neighbours never mind speak the same language as them.

 This lack of self recognition and “social intimacy” is the unspoken gap in the local fabric and of the nation itself.

  In the event of a local or regional or national emergency this gap will make things worse not better.

 We have also highlighted the absence of national and local organisations and the essential resources that would provide public protection and defence in the event of a local, regional or national emergency.

  The British Army (and Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) and police forces are depleted and what remains is far to preoccupied with "equality and diversity" courses to deliver in strength and force the reserve and emergency provision that may be required.

  The TA has been abolished and the Civil Defence Corps (comprising 330,000) no longer exists.

  The organisations and institutions of government cannot function properly today while the weather is thankfully mild and thankfully there is no local, regional or national emergency.

 In 2017 most homes are poor.

 Most homes do not have reserve provisions of water, food, medical supplies or fuel.

  The Conservative and Labour parties have created this exposure.



25th February 2017

 Politics by Proxy

 and the “Dictatorship of the Air”


Britons today cannot afford the bus fare to their local town centre never mind afford air travel to America or elsewhere overseas.

The recent demo’s in the United Kingdom regarding the United States of America’s entry policy

(entirely a matter for America and none of our business) is politics by proxy.

 The demo’s and attendant coverage are superficially about American policy but are more deeply about Britain and the challenge to the “progressive” revolution in Britain over

the past fifty years.

 To the supporters of the 1960’s “progressive” movement (including the Conservative Party) their political narrative is meant to linear.

There is not meant to be another narrative.

Their opinion and outlook is meant to be the only one.

 The internet (the printing press of the 21st century), the rise of independent media and the loss of the EU membership opinion poll has shattered their “worldview” and narrative.

 An alternative narrative now exists, they know this and they fear it.

  They fear the “progressive” revolution will be reversed.

It is no surprise that air travel and open borders and the mass movement of people are the issues that have generated so much angst and coverage among them.

  Most of the advocates and virtue signallers of the new “progressive” caste travel this way (See also Vassal Territory Blog Entry 51), conveniently overlooking their precious

carbon footprint and ironically, for a group so self consciously modernthey ignore all the wonders of modern technology that have reduced the need for the physical transit of

people, such as (widely available) mobile phones, the internet, video conferencing and 3D printers etc.

  They are largely engaged in the soft, globalised, digital, entertainment, media, service, finance sectors, and that nebulous strata of “management” that floats from one sector to

another with no root in a particular discipline, knowledge or trade.

  These are all activities highly suitable for digital methods of communication and output with little need for physical transit.

  This new caste has echoes of the

 “Dictatorship of the Air” element of H G Wells 1933 book “The Shape of Things to Come”.

 It tells of a dictatorship coming to power after war, an executive emerging from the surviving transport systems across the globe and exercising power.

  A dictatorship intent on creating a world state and utopia according only to their tastes and their interests.





2nd April 2020

The "Progressive" Culture and Panic


Politicians from 1945-1989 (Conservative and Labour) were generally speaking, serious men who had personal and professional backgrounds in serious activities

including in the military or in industry.

They had been aquainted with the harsh realities of life, many with wartime and immediate post war experience.

They had experience of things and activities that mattered such as organising and leading groups of men into battle or to construct a power station.

They had seen much and done much (and learned much) and they were rooted in their time and space and religion and nation, solid in their temperament and

measured in their judgment and action.


Today politicians (Conservative and Labour) have little serious dimension in their professional lives - largely shaped by a "progressive" experience in upbringing, school,

university and occupation.

They are shallow and frivolous but most of all, compliant, open to being blown about like a paper bag in the wind.

They reflect the "Progressive" culture that now dominates in United Kingdom.

Rather than offer steady judgement based on reasoned, empirical evidence in the House of Commons the "progressive" politicians have ran away.

They, like the society they have created have atomised.




31st March 2020

The Liberal Age


The National Emergency that the United Kingdom now finds itself in and the Conservative and Labour parties management of the COVID 19 response - including the

Shutdown of Parliamentary Representative Democracy and the closing down of the general social and economic functioning of society and the restrictions on the internal

free movement of the UK population is a direct result of 50 years of Conservative and Labour Establishment's Liberal and "Progressive" policies.


It has been The Liberal Age.


At the core of these policies have been two objectives - the hollowing out - of the United Kingdom's established religous, social, economic and political elements

and the introduction of borderless approach to our frontier

(As of the day of writing this article - 30th of March 2020 - the United Kingdom's land, air and seaports remain open - Secularism and Temporal Universalism - No Borders - are

the totum of progressive politics and must not be conceded even in a National Emergency like COVID 19) and of course, the connected policy of mass immigration.


The moral, social, economic and political elements of Christian, Industrial Britain have now been run down to such an extent that only an empty shell remains compared to the

national bonded moral, social, economic and political fibre of say 1959 or even 1969 or even 1979 or even 1989.

Those elements have now either been secularised, abolished, atomised, commercialised, sold off, privatised, contractorised, monetised or retained but marginalised (purely image

management) - see British Army now reduced to about 70,000 (while it should be 500,000 minimum) leaving the United Kingdom exposed on a number of

fronts and no national established reserve (tried and tested) infrastructure mechanism (including essential source and supply chain).


Recent Emergency measures (ie the nationalising of aspects of railway provision) have been only introduced to cover over the frivolousness, disjointedness and shallowness

of Britain's dominating Financial and Service Sector (about 80% of output and about 84% of the workforce) which has disappeared in the past three weeks like

"snow aff a dyke".


 It is plain hypocrisy that the Conservative government now appeals to the British for their Christian religious instincts and charitable actions and then appeals to what remains

of industrial manufacting Britain to make things (imagine the industrial capacity available today if Britain had not been de-industrialised) and then it appeals for a

national patriotic mood and push for unity.


They have spent 50 years making this country into a secular pit, an industrial wasteland and an identityless state.




30th March 2020

 National Curfew


While parliamentary representative democracy is shutdown and the Nation is placed under social and economic curfew as a result of COVID 19:


Public Health England Website

Status of COVID-19

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.

Cases of COVID-19 are no longer managed by HCID treatment centres only. All healthcare workers managing possible and confirmed cases should follow the updated national infection and prevention (IPC) guidance for COVID-19, which supersedes all previous IPC guidance for COVID-19. This guidance includes instructions about different personal protective equipment (PPE) ensembles that are appropriate for different clinical scenarios.





23rd March 2020

 Parliament Must Sit and Do It's Duty.


It is the constitutional duty and function of Parliament to hold the Executive to account.

 It is how we guide our Nation.

The Emergency Coronovirus Bill and associated legislation must be subject to a continuous 14 day House of Commons Approval.

Parliament is about to Recess from 1st of April to the 21st of April.

 Parliament must cancel the Recess and sit during this National Emergency.





23rd March 2020

National Unity


The Nation is facing a National Emergency.

We must cast off the politics of selfishness and the petty distractions of recent times.

National divisions must be replaced with National Unity and the direction of effort and resources into National Recovery.


God Save The Queen







16th March 2020

 National Neglect

  At we have through the years highlighted the neglect of Nationhood and in particular the increased - exposure and risk to the United Kingdom that the "progressive"  and "liberal" policies of the past fifity years have created on a number of fronts.

  Wether it is environmental - flooding or physical infrastructure (electricity generation and distribution) to the water and medical and food supply chain or transport or communications - terrestrial and digital or nuclear, chemical, and biological threats, the Conservative and Labour Establishment (CALE) has neglected and abandoned the heavy duties and responsibilities of Nationhood.

 There has been no serious or substantial civil defence measures put in place for over fifty years, if there had been, we would have a Civil Defence Corps of some 330,000 strong (abolished) and we would have a Territorial Army (abolished).

 We would have an National and Integral Infrastructure with Coal Pits, British Rail, Coal Burning Power Stations (and secure distribution and power reserves to maintain heat and light) and an active local and regional reserve infrastructure, resources and management to ensure the provision of essential items and utilities and all of it ready to kick in when needed and all operated by serious, experienced and competent men.

 The "Liberal" and "Progressive" revolutionaries - led by the Conservative Party - have for fifty years placed Open Borders and Limitless Immigration at the centre of their plans to "Transform" and replace Britain with something else.

 On no account is the United Kingdom's territorial land or sea or air border to be secured or closed for any reason

(until failure to close it threatens the political "Progressive" project itself).

Note - The United Kingdom does not have a border (circular and complete) ready to be secured and closed at the press of a button.


The United Kingdoms border should have been closed in January and followed by a proportionate Risk Assessment Measure (RAM).

(including a dedicated secure emergency reception island that should have been prepared years ago).

 As we mentioned in a previous article if the Nation does not enforce the Border at the Border the Border will appear at public counters inside the country.



To imagine that the Conservative Party is a competent organisation (and staffed by serious and competent individuals) and able to effectively govern in normal times and then also be able

to deal with a serious national risk matter would be laughable but only if it were a laughing matter - it is not.

Just check the past fifty years or/and list the things that today do not work or do not work as they should.


Any government with Boris Johnson (The Times) as Primeminister, Priti Patel (Weber Shandwick) as Home Secretary and that had Sajid Javid (Dustche Bank) as Chancellor of

the Exchequer and has Rishi Sunak (Goldman Sachs) as Chancellor of the Exchequer cannot be described as serious or competent by any stretch of the dictionary definition or



We need a new government (and that means a new party) that is (we do not expect perfection) simply patriotic and serious and competent. 




15th March 2020


Bible Reading

Matthew 6:25-34 King James Version (KJV)

25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.





22nd February 2020 


"Immigration" refers to entry for permanent settlement.

"Immigration" does not refer to entry for temporary periods (tourists and students etc).


The Conservative Party's new immigration policy is a policy of Limitless Immigration.

It is designed to further dissolve the homogeneity of the United Kingdom, increase the labour pool and increase the debt and consumption pools.


Alister Jack, the Scottish Secretary, gave the game away in an article saying that employers would not only still be able to recruit immigrant workers but would now no longer need to

advertise in the United Kingdom.

He added that the new system will "be less restrictive than at present", as a result of the cap on the number of foriegn skilled workers being removed and the salary

threshold for entry, cut from £30,000 to £25,600 (more job competition and poverty for the British working class).

In a further blow to the employment chances of young British, he said immigrants would only require the equivalent of Higher-level qualifications rather than

the degree-level.


For over 50 years mass immigration has been the policy of the Conservcative and Labour establishment.

This period must come to an end and can only start to come to an end by stopping the entry for permanent settlement.

Only by a Zero policy can the Nation begin to address the matter of the national population (including the securing of the border and population composition and size)

and to do so in it's favour.



22nd February 2020  


Japan has a population in which 97.8% are ethnically Japanese.

 In the 2011 Census, 80.5% of people in England and Wales said they were White British and 19.5% were from ethnic minorities.





19th February 2020 

The Shape of Things To Come

(The Conservative Party has just announced a number of new immigration pathways into the United Kingdom - these pathways are being presented by the "progressive" media as reducing immigration rather than increasing it, which is the intended effect of the pathways).

On the day that the Conservative Party locks the United Kingdom into it's further "Transformation" into a secular, atomised, indentityless, federalised, globalised and corporatised state through further mass immigration, it worth noting that the number of individuals in work has increased - in the three months to the end of December the employment rate rose to 76.5 per cent as an extra 180,000 people "found work", (mostly women  driven into "work" and more chidren in corporatised childcare) and immigrants) the Conservative Party through Priti Patel has now identified 8.5 million of the - official population - who do not work (new mothers, students, the sick, those caring for the young, old or/and disabled or sick and the retired, who are all termed "economically inactive" ("economically active" is the only measure of value used by the Conservative Party) as a pool of new potential labour.

This is the authentic character of the Conservative Party: Secular, Anti-British and addicted to a Monetised and Globalised state.

This character is usually kept hidden from the electorate but was visible in the 2012  book "Britannia Unchained" - Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity, co-authored by Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab and Chris Skidmore.

One of the verdicts contained in the book is:

"The British are among the worst idlers in the world.

We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor. Whereas Indian children aspire to be doctors or businessmen, the British are more interested in football and pop music."

At we take the view that less people should work and more people should spend time with family and friends and neighbours and volunteering and contributing locally and nationally in ways that they feel comfortable - in short we need to rebuild the social bonds that have been abandoned over the past 50 years..

We are opposed to the Cult of Work that now manifests itself in an increasingly secular, atomised and monetised social environment and material culture.

The Conservative Party supports increased immigration (no limit) and promotes the official number of the United Kingdom Population at about 66 million. supports a policy of Zero Immigration and holds the opinion that the United Kingdom population is now about 82 million.

 We encourage research using supermarket and sewage data to develop population number methods.




17th February 2020 

Your Voting - Your Not Voting


On the 4th of February 2020, the House of Commons voted on the "English" NHS Funding Bill.

MP's from constituencies across Scotland walked through the lobby of the House of Commons and were declared non votes (the same applies to Northern Irish and depending on the legislation Welsh, MP's too) while MP's from English constituencies were declared votes ("...a right to vote...") by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.


This was all due to the Conservative Party's: English Votes For English Law (EVEL) legislation.

Rather than repeal the unequal and divisive legislative devolution acts, the Conservative (and Devolutionist) Party has introduced a measure to cause further national division and exclude MP's from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales from common voting with MP's from England on legislation that effects a part of England - but not exclusively England. All United Kingdom legislation effects/impacts the rest of the of the United Kingdom to some degree (either in substance or in money terms). The United Kingdom is a Nation, a singular body politic.

Rather than all 650 MP's having the same common power's, procedure's and practice, there is now a complex and multilateral system of voting in the House of  Commons (Uncommons) that is defined by which undevolved/devolved territory that an MP's constituency sits in.

We invite our readers to view the coverage of the Deputy Speaker in responding to this, the use of EVEL in the House of Commons.

This is a historical and revolutionary action that is taking place.

It is the denial of an MP's right to vote in the House of Commons entirely because of the mechanism of legislative devolution.

The anti-devolutionists of the 1970's and 1980's warned that this would happen. If you click on the bottom link you will see it happen for yourself.

It reflects the further revolutionary alteration of the British Constitution that is advocated by the "progressive"Conservative Party and it's outriders in the the anti-British "Constitutional Reform Group" who advocate the overthrow and replacement of the British Constitution with a new federal constitution.

Link: supports the repeal of legislative devolution and EVEL and the introduction of a Common Representation Act to re-establish a common method of representation and legislative order across all the constituencies of the United Kingdom and in the House of Commons.







1st February 2020 

The Price


The Conservative Party surrendered the political independence of the United Kingdom on the 1st of January 1973.

The Conservative Party's "European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020" (terms worse than the 1973-2020 terms) has been enacted.


The many continued entanglements in the Conservative Party Treaty (including the legislative embedding of over 3 million Eurostate citizens - see "EU Settlement Scheme") are a recalibration of membership rather than a return to a pre-1973 order and relationship, a general and reasonable return to which, we would support.

The Conservative Party's Treaty is a further denigration of the United Kingdom as a Nation.


We must remember that it is the moral and social elements of the Nation that matter first.

If we concentrate on them then the other essential elements of national life: defence, economy, industry etc can then find and take their natural and beneficial form.


There has been far too much (intentional) diversionary talk about trade and not enough about the Nation.

On that note, enough to say, that we must remember that the United Kingdom's largest market is the United Kingdom.

What matters most for business wanting to trade over the national frontier is that a trade agreement exists for a reasonable duration until replaced by another, not the particulars of different trading territories and the subsequent - multilateral negotiations that are required (a form of three dimensional chess).

An exit on World Trade Organisation terms, will even now, provide this (and avoid the ongoing diversions and expense of continuing Eurostate negotiations and particular (highly politicised trade deals) and permit the United Kingdom to concentrate on it's restoration and rebuilding in the moral, social, defence, industrial and political dimensions.


However, even if the Conservative Party's "Withdrawal Treaty" did provide a WTO exit from the Eurostate, for

the price is still too high.

 To accept a border anywhere inside the United Kingdom is a direct challenge (and is intended to be) to the integrity of the Nation.


The Conservative Party Treaty is not about the renewal of the British Nation it is about the further transition of the United Kingdom into something else - a new secular, "progressive", federalised, globally corporatised and identityless state.

This is the meaning of the Conservative Party Treaty.



The following is from Nigel Farage - Cheerleader in Chief of the Conservative Party's New EurostateTreaty:

 "The withdrawal agreement is not Brexit. It is a betrayal of what 17.4 million people voted for.


27 August 2019




20th January 2020  

Londonisation of Britain

The apologists for the Conservative Party's New Eurostate Treaty claim that post 31st January the United Kingdom will usher in "Boomtime Britain", a new dawn of Selfishness, Materialism and Consumerism (debt score providing, of course).

It is a trap.

The Conservative Party led by the former Mayor of London (a post invented by Tony Blair in 1998 after another referendum - turnout 35/100  electors = 1.735,350 voters from a register of 5,016,064) is intent that "London" will be "rolled-out" across Britian.

The mass misery, lonliness, poverty, debt, identured labour - the day to day experience of (by far) the greater number of British people - will continue and deepen while their country is taken away from them and they know it.



20th January 2020 

"A Little Care and Thought" 

Immigration into the the United Kingdom is bringing to an end (more profoundly than the Eurostate or legislative devolution) a thousand years of history

No amount of national self deciet or diversion or willful ignorace can avoid this.

The force of numbers will drive through the expensive comfort fiction of - it's ok, Britain will change but Britain will stay the same.

Britain will not stay the same, Britain is changing and will change and must change to reflect a new population.

It cannot be homogeneous and and hetrogeneous, Christian and Secular, Cohesive and Atomised, Industrialised and Servicised.

We are back to the old question that all British politics now rests upon today: A Nation Or No Nation ?

In general, no blame must be attached to the immigrants, they are here because the Conservative and Labour and Liberal and SNP etc parties have legisislated for them to come here and continue to legislate to provide access for settlement.

The policy of mass imigration for 50 years has been central to the Conservative and Labour plans for the replacement of Britain with a new secular, multicultural super corporate state.

The blame lies with these parties who have never been explicit in their general election manifesto's, that they were intent on this historic alteration.

The Nation - what is left of it - would do well to reflect on this matter on the words of Hugh Gateskill on the matter of membership of the Eurostate in 1962.

 "Now we must be clear about this, it does mean, if this is the idea (European Federalism), the end of Britain as an independent nation-state. I make no apology for repeating it, the end of a thousand years of history. You may say: "All right let it end." But, my goodness, it's a decision that needs a little care and thought."

 Hugh Gateskill

 Leader of the Labour Party




20th January 2020


Following on from our article on Barclayland in Glasgow (see 28th September 2019), please find below a solid and insightful piece on Manchester from The Guardian.





14th January 2020

"Edinburgh Agreement" Fiction


(Primeminister's letter to Devolved First Minister Nicola Sturgeon)


Mr Johnson has just invoked the "Edinburgh Agreement" between Mr Cameron and Mr Salmond as the constitutional basis of the Union and any further referendums.

This is of course constitutional fiction.

The United Kingdom is Authorised by the general election of the 650 constituencies that compose it.

It is not and never has been Authorised by referendum.


The Union was renewed in the general election of 2010.

The "Edinburgh Agreement" was signed in 2012.

Authority remained in the 650 MP's throughout the Parliament of 2010 to 2015.

No legislation exists that created a secondary/complimentary Authority in the referendum. The referendum was an opinion poll.


The "Edinburgh Agreement" was simply an arrangement by the Conservative government

(who initiated the entire referendum debacle - not the SNP - on January 8th 2012)

and the SNP in order to facilitate the logistics of the referendum.


The Conservative Party has again endorsed the cult of referendum rather than Parliamentary Authority.

They have done this because they intend to use the referendum device to advance their "progressive" manifesto.



12th January 2020

The Sovereign Mandate


The British Parliamentary Nation was renewed on th 12th of December 2019.

This was done through the exclusive exercise of the Soveriegn Authority of the British people in the General Election of the 650 constituencies across the United Kingdom.

Across Scotland all 59 constituencies elected representaional MP's - including the 48 SNP MP's - who stood on manifesto's that committed them to sitting in the British Parliament.

The SNP did not stand on an abstentionist manifesto.

If the SNP wishes to withdraw from the United Kingdom then it must either resign all of it's seats and create by-elections and then stand in those by elections on an abstentionist manifesto.

A referendum cannot contain authority in the United Kingdom and is simply an opinion poll.

Authority can only exist in one place at one time.

It can only be in electors (during a by election or a general election) or in MP's (outwith a by election or a general election).

All Authority in the United Kingdom is Singular ie local councils (Liverpool City Council etc), devolved structures (including the devolved Scottish Parliament (it's delegated election competence is limited to devolved matters) etc or other delegated organisations ie National Rail etc derive their Authority from the Authority exercised and channelled through the British Crown in Parliament through general election across the 650 constituencies.

 The Soveriegn Mandate in 2020 is intact, it is legal and it is constitutional.



10th January 2020 


"Inter-Generational Housing"


The policy of "Inter Generational Housing" has recently been aired on Radio 4.

Private and public strategies for the - co-location of multi-generational living - was explored.

The claimed intention being to coordinate social interaction and reduce isolation especially between the generations.

This - "Inter Generational Housing" - used to be called "the family", the building block of British society.

While British society dissolves, public policy becomes increasingly engaged in altering (see the Nudge Unit) social relationships into government approved regulated patterns (Equality and Diversity Code) and behaviours primarily those that support the "Transformation".

Housing is a key factor in constructing these new patterns.



10th January 2020

Got The Message

As you have just witnessed during the festive period, all mainstream media and corporate power are pushing the moral and social "Transformation" agenda.

Prime time television now propagandises for the "Transformation".

Tv programmes, films and adverts and commercial products and services, all now push the new Equality and Diversity Code.

This new secular code is to replace the Christian foundation of British society.

As we have just seen with the Maya Forstater case it will be enforced without mercy and re-enforced by the new social and corporate digital social mood formers.

It is in the Moral and Social dimensions, even more than the Economic and Political or Constitutional that the "Progressive" revolution must win (and is winning).

If they win in these dimensions then they will win in all the others.

Poverty, Indentured labour, Debt and Lonliness and Digital social mood forming are the recruiting sergeants and are used by the Conservative Party to get submission and compliance for the new "Progressive Orthodoxy".



10th January 2020


A Manifesto of "Transformation"

The Conservative Party Manifesto of 2019 is a Manifesto of "Transformation".

It does not address any of the great matters destroying our country and that is it's purpose.

It has little to say on any matter of substance.

The Manifesto headline was "Get "Brexit" Done" and it will not even do that (it is not an exit it is a re-calibration of membership).

Rather than get out immediately and trade on general terms as a Whole Nation, the Article 50 process and the new treaty panto will drag on and on and in addition the Nation will have an internal border set up and part of the Nation will be further abandoned to be pulled further under the power of a foriegn state.

Beyond the Eurostate matter, the Conservative Party Manifesto of 2019 is full of nothingness except the overiding objective of the "Transformation" of Christian, Industrial Britain into a Godless service state. Great Britain is to be the New London. A state where British society is atomised, our common and collective dimensions are reduced and a culture of all against all prevails, it is a state where it's border exists only on paper and it is all sponsored by the Conservative "Progressive" establishment and it's client media and mega-corporations.



10th January 2020

Charles Dickens Country

The country that Charles Dickens was addressing in "A Christmas Carol" was a homogeneous, Christian, Protestant and Industrial Britain.

The Christian message contained was of course universal but in the first instance it was Great Britain, experiencing the great social and industrial change of the Industrial Revolution in a relatively short period, that he was speaking to.

It addressed the moral, social and economic matters of 1843.

Poverty, social division, labour exploitation, housing and medical provision are jut some of the matters it refers to.

In a sense it is a manifesto for a better Britain, one informed and guided by the Christian faith and practice of it's people.

In many ways, in 2020, the country that Charles Dickens made his appeal to in "A Christmas Carol" no longer exists.



10th January 2020

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all our readers across the United Kingdom and overseas.





25th December 2019


Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ is Born


Luke 2 King James Version (KJV)

2 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

2 (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

3 And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

5 To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.




23rd December 2019


N. B. Northern Britain


Northern Britain means anywhere outside the M25 (the border of the new emerging state).

The Conservative Party now claim to just have discovered Northern Britain but of course, they have known of it for many decades and it was their plan to de-nationalise and de-industrialise it, while they replaced the indigenous population of London with a new population.

This new London population was to be the new indentityless, indentured, service, labour pool for the new "High Caste" that would be the new "Master's of the Universe" (or at least of the old United Kingdom). Mr Johnson would be their Leader before he became the Leader of the Conservative Party. 

From the establishment of London Docklands Development Corporation in 1981 (the true "Progressive" Capital of the UK) and the defeat of the Miners in 1985 and the "Big Bang" of deregulation in 1986, the Conservative Party's "Progressive" intent was to servicise and globalise the British national economy.

This nessesitated the implosion and "creative" destruction of Industrial Britain.

In December 2019, we witness the Conservative Party getting conveniently misty eyed about the "North".

The political and financial powerhouses inside the M25, led by the Conservative Party and made rich by the de-nationalisation and de-industrialisation of Great Britain, will ensure that the "North" will not rise again and will remain trapped in misery, poverty, debt and lonliness.





21st December 2019

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This


The Conservative Party "Progressive" Establishment cannot contain themselves, they regard the election result as an endorsement of their 50 year old policies to dissolve the United Kingdom.

 They continue in power.

 The "Progressive" and "Transformation" agenda is active and brought to you by the Conservative Party in 2019.



 In the years (2014-2018) of Conservative government, they ensured:

 Over 1 million Bitish abortions (Official Only).

Over 3 million immigrant entries (Official Narrow Gauge Only and Not Including Illegal).

 Over 499,000 Divorces (England and Wales Only).







16 December 2019


King James Bible

Matthew 7:15

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."



 The "Progressive" Victory


The Conservative Party is not: traditionalist, empiricist, conservative or unionist, it is a "progressive", liberal and revolutionary party and it's new majority is a victory for the anti-British establishment and consequently, the fifty year old "Transformation" of the United Kingdom into a secular, atomised and monitiesed state will now continue and the Conservative Party will be emboldened in it's betrayals to come and it's De-Nationalisation of the Nation.

Beyond Fake Exit the there will be further: Mass Abortion, Mass Immigration, Mass Divorce, Mass Debt and Poverty, Mass Lonliness, Mass Indentured Labour, De-Industrialisation, De-Militarisation, Devolved Division of the Country, Mass Indoctrination in Schools, Mass Social Atomisation etc.

 The Nation is now locked into institutional and societal de-composition.



16 December 2019


Tactical Voting Has Failed - Time For A New Party

 At we recognise that there are many well intentioned electors across Scotland who want to secure the Union, have no more referendums and begin to address and reverse the moral, social, economic and political dissolution. For many of them, they have practised tactical voting and found it unsatisfying to say the least.

Voting should be about voting for a party that - generally speaking - represents what you believe in rather than voting for a party that - generally speaking - does not represent what you believe in.

Apart from anything, to vote for what you do believe in means that a dialogue can take place that enables the country to roughly identify what it wants and how to get it.

At we take the view that the United Kingdom requires a new party to emerge and contest the Conservative and Labour establishment policies that have ravaged this country for fifty years.

There is a broad and deep demand for such a party but there is no outlet.




16 December 2019


Agent of No Change


Nigel Farage is a political outrider for the Conservative Party.

His decision to withdraw "Brexit" Party candidates from Conservative held seats (while standing in Labour held seats) provided the Conservative Party with it's majority.

Regardless of wether it's called UKIP, "Brexit" Party or the Reform Party, any party containing Farage or Arron Banks or Richard Tice is the Conservative Party.


There are those (especially supporters of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties) who say the emergence of a new nationwide party is not feasible and would take years to set up and a be logistical waste of time and effort.

The one "takeaway" from the "Brexit" Party debacle is how feasible and how practical it is in this digital and direct communication age to set up a nationwide political party and organisation in a short timeframe and to test it in action in an election.





7th December 2019

Do Not Vote*


The purpose of this general election is to continue and finalise the "Transformation" of the United Kingdom into - something else -  a secularised, atomised, monetised, de-nationalised and multiculturalised state.

 A vote for the Conservative, Labour or Liberal parties means you will get further:

 Mass Abortion,

 Mass Immigration,

 Mass Debt and Poverty,

 Mass Lonliness,

 Mass Indentured Labour,



Division of the Country

 Mass Indoctrination in Schools,

 Mass Social Atomisation and Divorce etc

 If you are on the electoral roll in any constituency across Scotland, reject the the tactical voting propaganda generated by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties to vote (strangely enough) for the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties. It is a racket designed to prevent you from getting the policies that you want through the emergence of a new nationwide party.

It was the Conservative Party (not the SNP) that  initiated the 2014 referendum and it was then joined by the other two to vote for the 2014 referendum legislation.

In this general election the SNP pose no threat to the Union (they can only win 59/650 seats), and they have already commited to taking their seats in the British Parliament so the Union across Scotland is secure, constitutionally and legally.

The SNP are being used by the Conservative and Labour and Liberal parties as a diversion to cover up their own policies of dissolving the moral, social, economic and constitutional elements of the United Kingdom.

Our (electoral) Authority is a precious treasure, a compact handed down to us from generation to generation.

Last month the Nation remembered the Sacrifice made for our Parliamentary Nation, it's Authority, Territory and Liberty.

 You have the power to vote but you also have the power not to vote, especially when the parties on the ballot paper offer manifesto's intended to finalise the dissolution of the United Kingdom. Electoral abstention is a valid and effective form of political expression that honours the Sacrifice of previous generations for the Nation.

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties have Betrayed you for fifty years.

 Do not be complicit through tactical voting.

Do not reward Betrayal.

Do not vote in this general election*.


*If you do want to go to the polling station, you can spoil your ballot paper by writing a short comment on it (which will be seen by all candidates at the count).

There are a small number of independent candidates and an independent party that are standing and who are endorsed by in the 2019 general election;

Ross, Skye, and Lochaber Richard Lucas Scottish Family Party

Bournemouth East Ben Aston Independent

Birmingham Hall Green John Godsiff  Independent

East Dunbartonshire Liam McKechnie Scottish Family Party




 3rd December 2019

The Purpose of National Economic Intervention

The Labour manifesto at least recognises that an infrastructural hollowing out of the United Kingdom, has taken place (while elsewhere in it, it encourages further social atomisation) and that nothing less than a Manifesto commitment is required to substantially restore, repair and rebuild our national infrastructure - the problem is that the Labour Party (like the Conservative Party) detests the British Nation.

The Labour and Conservatived establishment continues to be dedicated to the utter ruin and destruction of the United Kingdom and it's "Transformation" into a secular, monetised, socially atomised, and identityless state.

At, we think the Labour manifesto is far too limited in the scale of intervention now needed in the United Kingdom

(like the need to rebuild the Nation after wartime).

The Labour and Conservative establishment do not want to highlight the true scale of the social and economic devastation that they have caused for over fifty years.

They do not want to restore the moral, social and economic elements of our country, they intend to further it's dissolution.

Of course, we must re-establish and re-nationalise the railways, water and electricity generation and distribution and many other activities, however in Labour's Manifesto there is no mention of re-opening coal pits or building coal fired power stations or re-establishing British Leyland or re-industrialisation in general.

Labour's manifesto advocates a paper mache intervention and a policy of social mush and a new market in torches.

At we support the rebuilding of our national infrastructure and putting men to work in it with regular and reasonable wages.

Such a national infrastructure does not only provide the means and materials required for national defence, production and commerce it provides the physical means for men to engage in competent, serious (not frivolous) and functional productivity and not least, to be able to offer and establish durable marriageable relationships which are essential for society.




 30th November 2019

A Nation of Shopkeepers (No longer)

The honourable and ingrained tradition of British Shopkeeping has been eroded by the Conservative and Labour establishment over the past 50 years (for many national and local, social, legal, regulation, taxation and political reasons) while almost every new shop (excluding the super-retailers pop-up Brands) on the high streets and low streets and side streets and back streets is opened by the immigrant population (many, newly arrived and apparently documentless and penniless).

 Napoleon Bonaparte*

"Your meddling in continental affairs, and trying to make yourselves a great military power, instead of attending to the sea and commerce, will yet be your ruin as a nation. You were greatly offended with me for having called you a nation of shopkeepers. Had I meant by this, that you were a nation of cowards, you would have had reason to be displeased; even though it were ridiculous and contrary to historical facts; but no such thing was ever intended. I meant that you were a nation of merchants, and that all your great riches, and your grand resources arose from commerce, which is true. What else constitutes the riches of England. It is not extent of territory, or a numerous population. It is not mines of gold, silver, or diamonds. Moreover, no man of sense ought to be ashamed of being called a shopkeeper. But your prince and your ministers appear to wish to change altogether l'esprit of the English, and to render you another nation; to make you ashamed of your shops and your trade, which have made you what you are, and to sigh after nobility, titles and crosses; in fact to assimilate you with the French... You are all nobility now, instead of the plain old Englishmen."

 *Barry Edward O'Meara, Napoleon in Exile, (London, 1822) vol 2, page 52.


 30th November 2019

It's Only a Gameshow, It's Only a Gameshow

 In a sense, the general election is just a gameshow.

It exists only for the spending of public money, the further employment of the Conservative and Labour establishment (including their client media) and the viewing habits of a decreasing audience.

Nothing of national importance will be decided or changed in this gameshow.


 30th November 2019

Burn That Coal

 We are deep in British Winter.

While the Conservative and Labour "progressive" establishment have closed down our coal pits and coal fired power stations (and made us pay for it) they have put the generation and distribution of electricity at substantial risk (see: power cuts 2019), we say burn that coal. supports the re-opening of more than 200 coal pits and the construction of more than 20 new coal fired power stations (and associated infrastructure) across the United Kingdom.

We put the warmth and lighting of British homes (especially for the young and old) and hospitals and schools before any scientific theory especially one propagandised by the BBC.

  *National Grid have just opened offshore "holding companies" in Hong Kong and Luxembourg while SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy plc) has just "registered" itself in Switzerland.




16th November 2019


SNP - Party of the Union

Once again the SNP have declared they will take their seats (they are a representational party) in the Britsh Parliament (this is an act of deep meaning  - they are accepting the binding authority of the constituency electorate to go and be part of the whole British Nation in the British Parliament) they are not standing on an abstentionist manifesto, so the Union across Scotland is already secure constitutionally and legally (Nominations have closed and no abstentionists are standing across Scotland) in the 2019 General Election.

There are 59 seats across Scotland so the SNP can never form a majority on their own in the British Parliament of 650 constituencies, they must be assisted by the Conservative, Labour and Liberals as they were in in the referendum legislation of 2012, 2013 and 2014.

(Note: the referendum mechansm in the United Kingdom contains no authority, it is an opinion poll, a survey.)

Even if the SNP win 59/59 seats they have already pre-agreed to be stay part of the Union after the General Election.

If they reconsider their policy after the 12th of December 2019 and wish to withdraw from the British Nation and it's Parliament then they  must either resign their seats and stand again but this time as abstentionists or wait for the next general election and then stand as abstentionists.




11th November 2019

Jack's Party

Jack's is a discount chain store it was set up in 2018 by Tesco. It's purpose was to rival discount chains including Lidl and Aldi.



10th November 2019

We Shall Remember Them.

We are told often today and in many ways that the United Kingdom does not exist, it is not a Nation and that it is an artificial construct.

The Sacrifice remembered today is proof that the Nation does exist.  





9th November 2019


The Indulgence General Election


This is The Conservative, Labour and Liberal, SNP Establishment General Election.

It's function is to confirm the anti - British "progressive" establishment in power.

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal, SNP parties all voted for it.

It is their General Election. It is an indulgence General Election.

 In the middle of a British Winter and closed coal pits and closed coal fired power stations and closed railways stations and disintegrating social fabric, there is no mood for a general election in which nothing will change.






8th November 2019

Nomination Papers

Nomination Papers are available from 10AM this morning at your local council offices.


Across Scotland, a campaign (by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties) is underway to get unionist electors to "tactically" vote for the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties to "Save the Union" and "Avoid Another Referendum".


It is only the Conservative Party that has ever in the history of the United Kingdom initiated a referendum on the existence on the United Kingdom (not the SNP).

- see David Cameron on the Andrew Marr Show January 8th 2012 and subsequent legislation -


This referendum legislation - the Scotland Act 1998 (Modification of Schedule 5) Order 2013 - was supported by both the Labour and Liberal parties in both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

The legislation was passed without dissent - no need for a vote - in a matter of hours in a single day in each House.

At this General Election, in the absence of a new national party, advise our readership to encourage and support Independent Unionist candidates to stand.






7th November 2019

The Political Choreography of Silence



"...the art of designing and arranging the steps and movements in dances..."


The Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties have agreed that Immigration will not feature as a primary matter in the General Election.

The subject has now been removed from national public debate at the highest level.

It is another example of the Fake General Election now taking place.





5th November 2019

  Remember Remember


 Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.

 We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! 

  Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament.

  Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow. 

  By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match.

  O, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.

  Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

  And what shall we do with him? Burn him!




2nd November 2019

Tactical Voting is Always Self Defeating

Once again tactical voting is being proposed for Unionists in Scotland (and elswhere) in a general election. This is self defeating and will ensure the complete dissolution of the Nation.

It not only diverts from the need to form a new party across the United Kingdom armed with a broad manifesto of national restoration, repair and regeneration, it rewards the Conservative and Labour and Liberal parties for their moral, social, economic and political dissolution of the nation for over 50 years.

Not least it rewards the Conservative Party for initiating the 2014 referendum (not the SNP) on the existence of the United Kingdom itself

(it then floated another in March 2017).

All of these parties agree on the same anti-British and "progressive" manifesto.

No matter who you vote for between these three parties, you will authorise the same anti-British "progressive" manifesto.

If you must vote, do NOT tactical vote between the Conservative, Labour or Liberal parties, vote for one of the smaller parties or an independent candidate that offers an alternative manifesto.

Without a new national party to offer a manifesto to restore Britain as Britain this a fake general election which will end with essentially the same policy manifesto that it started with. 




30th October 2019 

The Dual Purpose of a General Election

The first purpose of a general election is to identify and confirm (or otherwise) the constituted institution of electoral authority and power (British Parliament) and it's territorial (limits) of representation.

This is done by parliamentary candidates across all constituencies declaring that they will (representational) or will not (abstentionist) go and sit (be part of the whole) in the British Parliament.

(The SNP declares that they will go and take their seats in the British Parliament even though they say the do not want to be part of it - they do this to win more votes and constituencies).

The second purpose is for the principal two parties of state (the naturally opposing composition of political opinion) to offer (differing) manifesto's so that the electorate have a choice of political movement and direction for the country.


After the forthcoming general election, should an SNP MP wish to remove the constituency they represent from the British Parliament, they must first resign their seat or wait for another general election and then offer themselves as abstentionist parlamentary candidates at the following constituency election.

A refusal to do so will be unconstitutional and illegal and must be met with the rule of law. 




29th October 2019 

T & C's

The ("progressive") Conservative Party's latest offer of new terms and conditions of membership of the Eurostate is further proof (not that any was needed) that the United Kingdom is not leaving, merely altering it's terms of membership in favour of the Eurostate.

The "new terms" (worse than the present terms) are are largely the Theresa May terms sprinkled with further dissolution of the constitutional, administrative and trading singularity of the British nation state.

In a sense this is not primarily about the Eurostate or even the political independence of Great Britain.

It is about the final attempt by the Conservative Party to avoid it's own political destruction and marginalisation after 180 years of being a principal party in the British state.



  21st October 2019 

Church and Nation


 King James Bible

1 Corinthians 13, 1

 "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal."


 It is now 10 years since the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (it's highest court) voted to retreat from Biblical Scripture (RE: The Rennie Case) and submit to the secular "Equality and Diversity" Code.

 In 2012 the Church of Scotland's Tron Church congregation in central Glasgow, was thrown out onto the streets after a writ was served on it by the Church of Scotland for holding to Biblical Scripture and contesting the 2009 General Assembly decision.

By 2009, the Church of Scotland was dominated by the "progressive" Scottish Establishment and it's ownership of the Manse (and the Stipend) exercised silence and compliance from ministers and congregations.

  These two events reflect the (50 year) definitive retreat (including the Church of England) of the established church.

    These retreats by the established church have led to a loss of direction in national sprititual and temporal life as well as releasing mass selfishness, mass misery and lonliness, mass debt and an emptiness in private life, especially in the new secularised society that is being constructed, an atomised space that rather than being full of Christian witness, practice and convention is now being filled and regulated by the secular Equality and Diversity Cult. 

 The new religion, is the worship of the self (pleasure), of money (debt) and material items (take your pick).


  A report has just been released by the Church of Scotland Aberdeen Presbytery Planning Officer, it announces that about 1/2 of the churches in the Presbytery will be closed and sold due to falling membership and attendance.





17th October 2019 










16th October 2019

The "Progressive" State

 While we witnesss the latest Conservative Party (a "Progressive" party) capitulation to the Eurostate and further abandonment of the constitutional integrity of the Nation, these are simply the latest instalments of the Dissolution.

The "Progressive" revolution is now into it's fourth generation, each one increasing it's secular, social, economic, legal and political control of the now largely established "Progressive State".

The United Kingdom has now experienced 50 years of these retreats, capitulations and abandonments.

They are the outward facing manifestations (the external - working out) of the new "Progressive" State.




9th October 2019 

How To Trade

There has been too much talk of trade deals.

This has been similar to the obsession with "economic growth" (National economic growth does not matter - it will look after itself - what matters is economic activity).

Of course, we must leave the Eurostate (we should never have gone in), what matters with trade is that there is a reliable and enforced and durable trade agreement between nations until it is re-negotiated and re-agreed.

This is what matters to business not the particular and intricate tariff and tax rates.



6th October 2019 

The Arrest of the "Supreme Court" Judges

Rather than enter the "Supreme Court" building and arrest the judges (and put them on trial in the Houses of Parliament) for breach of the Constitution - the action that a party in government and that believed in the Authority and Integrity of the British Constitution would have taken, the Conservative Party (like the other "progressive" parties) accepted the breach, the decision and the alteration of the House of Commons Journal (the formal record of the House of Commons business) to alter the actual timeline and remove events that actually happened (yes - George Orwell 1984 and the Ministry of Truth and all that - the past (private or public) is now whatever the "progressive" parties choose it to be).

Her Majesty's Prorogation of Parliament in the Journal on Monday 9th September 2019 has been removed.

These actions reflect a substantial step in the "Transformation" of the British Christian, Parliamentary and Unitary Constitution into a secular and federal constitution and state.


Speaker’s Statement
25 September 2019
Volume 664


Hansard (the Official Report) is the edited verbatim report of proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 

 "I will arrange for the citation for that judgment to be entered in the Journal of this House and accordingly direct that the item relating to the Prorogation of Parliament in the Journal of Monday 9 September is expunged and the House is instead recorded as adjourned at the close of the business. I instruct the Clerk to correct the Journal accordingly and to record the House to have adjourned at the close of business on Monday 9 September until today."

The House of Commons Journal is the corrected, archive edition of Votes and Proceedings, the formal record of House of Commons business for a given day.

28th September 2019 



To the secular Conservative and Labour parties, the cult of the self that they promote now dominates what is left of British society and marriage is a religious, political and social restriction on selfishness and pleasure.

 On this, they are of course, correct.

The divorce laws have recently been further loosened.

Divorce is a deep emotional experience for those involved and has a substantial impact on society, an impact that has been neglected (to favour the "progressive" viewpoint) in political debate during the past 50 years.

Part of the motivation for the abandonment of our – still - established national Christian religion is the drive towards selfish pleasure – the "sovereignty of the self" starts and ends with the gratification of physical and material wants, nothing else matters.

It is central to the “progressive” orthodoxy to remove all barriers to that gratification: political, legislative, educational or social.

 Since the 1960’s the dismantling of these barriers has permitted global corporations to service the pursuit of selfish pleasure.

 While divorce creates social division, divorce is a welcome fuel injected element into the atomised, monetised and privatised markets. At the stroke of a judges pen, markets can double and triple in size. Why have one roof when you can have two, why have one toaster when you can have two, why have one Tata Range Rover when you can have two or three etc.

 We now have vast new estates full of divorce, full of debt and full of debilitating doubt rather than (as far as humanly possible) certainty.

 Divorce (like Marriage and Abortion) is promoted by the “progressives” as a matter that is entirely for the private soveriegn domain, it is not.

A marriage is a freely entered into private and public institution and commitment.

It is the building block of Nationhood and the regulatory unit of social management and should be the guiding star of economic purpose.

It is a commitment, in many cases made before God and in all case before the law. They are public contracts with a profound public impact not least in the protection and stable nurturing of children.

 Marriage should be encouraged, supported and re-enforced by government not diminished and made a mockery of.

The divorce provisions must be recast and limited.



28th September 2019



There have now been more than 9 million abortions conducted in the United Kingdom since 1967.

 Britain has lost millions of it’s people.

 9 million mothers and 9 million fathers affected, many profoundly.

 The “progressive” campaigners put "self sovereignity" and self pleasure above all other matters. Abortion for them is a cold calculation of political, physical and material pleasure.

 Like divorce, abortion is now a political device to release adults from adult, religious, social and public commitment and to permit an unemcumbered route to the “sovereignity of the self”.

 One of the contributory elements in the great tide of depression that rolls across the United Kingdom and that seeps unmentioned and hidden away into so many aspects of national life is the deep emotional loss and shame that has exists due to abortion.

 The 1967 Abortion Act must be repealed and the pre-existing medical principal (re: the Bourne  precedent) restored.  



28th September 2019

Land of Loneliness

  The tide of depression across the United Kingdom is in part due to loneliness.

 Divorce, abortion, the fragmentation of family ties, de-industrialisation, the late entry, if any, into marriage, the lower reproduction rate, de-creasing male employment, increasing female employment, the promotion of silo lifestyles, deep digital escapism and the promotion of “progressive” lifestyles especially by the education sector and the BBC have all contributed to mass lonliness.

 Men and women entering their forties and fifties now face a tide of lonliness (even in the digital age), for many of them, the natural desire for human companionship and comfort is increasing found only in the cold and monetised and prescriptive environment of the secular state.

 A recent survey suggested that 8 million people now live alone in the United Kingdom, this seems a rather low number to us at when one factors in the middle aged singletons and the un-re-married divorced.

Many of the immigrant populations do not have the same levels of lonliness as they have retained their family and group cohesion, proximity and marriage and higher reproductive patterns.

 One benefit of the increased number of older children (adults) staying with their parents is at least they are not lonely.



28th September 2019


One of the objectives of the 50 year old progressive revolution has been to reduce the social demarcation line and barriers between adulthood and childhood.

 Schools are no longer schools they are the indoctrination centre’s for the Conservative and Labour establishment and their agents in the “charity” (political campaign’s) industry who are given special access onto school sites in order to promote the "progressive" agenda and and present materials (the devolved Scottish parliaments website) that are unsuitable for children.

The content taught is generally kept away from parents so as to - not "rock the boat" and of course, is endorsed by the political campaign groups such as Stonewall, who the government and local councils submit to, give public money to and permit entry on to the school estate and seek their approval through LGBT charters and employer approval lists and other devices.

 These group’s actively politicise a school’s environment and curriculum and seek to push children into adulthood.

It is no surprise that "mental health" hubs are now being set up in schools.

 Politics and Adulthood must be left at the schoolgate.



28th September 2019


 Glasgow’s (and all of Britian’s cities) “transformation” into a secular, multicultural service hub continues…

Visitors arriving in Glasgow Central Station may notice a new (out of scale, of course) building development on the South West side of the approach.

 Welcome to Barclayland – the Glasgow equivalent of a dystopian filmset.

 Barclayland is is to be a southward expansion of “Glasgow’s International Financial  Service District (IFSD)

(translation - debt racket).

 The site (called a “residential campus” in another dreary attempt to suggest a continuity with the old local social fabric and an echo of a high and noble educational pursuit) is to be named “Buchanan Wharf” an invented name (just like the invented “Pacific Quay” where the BBC Studios are located) to provide a whiff of Buchanan Street (the central street of Glasgow’s shrinking - golden square mile – where (like all UK cities) it is pumped full of public and private money to keep the illusion going that the economy is booming, the service economy is a success and full of glitter and consumer sparkle and that you too can sit outside on the pavement with your rain soaked cappuccino.

 Formerly known as the Broomielaw -  "Buchanan Wharf", contained and was surrounded by some of the last remaining tenements in that part of the city (already devastated by the M8 motorway construction through central Glasgow in the 1960’s), many of which have now been knocked down.

 Barclays claimed (BBC) that some 5,000 jobs would be on site but this was reduced to up to 2,500 in some reports (City Business) most of which (1,251?) would be new while the rest would be drawn from existing Barclay staff.

 The site will include two 18 storey towers, 324 Buy to rent apartments, dinning space, residents’ lounge and games room, and a 4,250 sq ft communal roof terrace.

 Welcome to Barclayland, a closed, secularised, atomised, privatised, monetised and digitalised space for the new High Caste of the New State.




24th September 2019

Breach of the British Constitution


Bill of Rights [1688]

1688 CHAPTER 2 1 Will and Mar Sess 2

An Act declareing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Setleing the Succession of the Crowne.


"That the Freedome of Speech and Debates or Proceedings in Parlyament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any Court or Place out of Parlyament."

 Today the "Supreme Court" explicitly breached the British Constitution by impeaching and questioning the proceedings of Parliament.



21st September 2019  

Not The “Supreme” Court campaigns against the existence of the Supreme Court.

The "Supreme Court" was invented in 2009 and set up by the Labour Party and endorsed by Conservative and Labour parties in the Constitutional Reform Act 2005.

  The physical removal of the Law Lord’s from the House of Lord’s and their highly politicised nomenclature of the “Supreme Court” and their relocation in a separate building and administration was and is an attempt to reduce the power of the British Parliament and contribute to the establishment of a new federal state and federal legal jurisdiction and “progressive” legal caste rather than a plain integral part of the British body politic, state and legal system.

  A British government has no reason to facilitate or participate in the intrusion of the court into the political dimension.

It is a simple and plain breach of the British Constitution.

  The “Supreme Court” is not the Supreme Court,  the House of Commons is the - Supreme Court - and through the Crown in Parliament is the singular representative source of Authority and Law in the United Kingdom.

  The Law Lords (and the “Supreme” Court apparatus) must be reabsorbed into the House of Lords and publicly submit to the British Parliament with immediate effect.




12th September 2019  

  The War Against Civilisation

“They built the world as we know it, all the system’s you traverse”*


In 1966 (one generation after the end of the second world war), the godless "Progressive" (regressive) and "Liberal"  revolutionaries engaged themselves in a war against civilisation – Christian Civilisation to be precise.

 Civilisation "as we know it" was built upon the British Christian Constitution and many nations across the earth would soon recognise it, copy it and use it as a template for their own constitutional mechanism's, format's and documents including the United States of America and post war European states.

The hippy “social justice warriors” in the 1960’s, set themselves the goal of creating a secular counter moral (less) and political system and that meant they had to dissolve the existing authority of the nation. They did this by eroding the institutions of the nation, marginalising our national established religion and loosening the common bonds of family and society, the capture of the education system and the emptying and the removal of our industrial infrastrastructure and our representative parliamentary democracy.

Today that revolution, is represented and still led by the Conservative and Labour establishment and embedded by their agents in the BBC, commerce and the educational ("progressive" indoctrinational) state within a state.

The "progressive" establishment has been highly successful over these past 50 years and it now manages a state comprising an aggregate of individuals motivated largely by selfishness and fear.

The nation has been atomised.

Today the British inhabit a wasteland, devoid of common and exclusive nationhood and common bonds, common means and modes of habits (including commercial habits) and customs, behaviours and not least, common representation in their body politic and Parliament. 

Civilisation requires all of these elements.

Today Britain is a society full of lonliness, full of paid monetised transactions (many of which were until very recently simply free acts of kindness and love) and full of debt and misery. A cold mechanical state now exists.

Science, technology and corporate entities now freed from Christian restriction, limitation and regulation now energise, digitalise and atomise a  rootless, identityless and nationless mass, who are now rendered merely a pool of generic indentured labour and a pool of consumption - both ends of a secular superprofit process.

 The British built modern Civilisation.

They must now either defend it or loose it completely and acquiesce in what follows.


*Fom "Kurious Oranj" by The Fall




12th September 2019

 The “Transformation” Continues

  “there could be no better example of the triumph of liberal values, of course, than Britain today.”

 Boris Johnson


 Boris Johnson is a "Progressive".

 He would not have got so near the apex of power in the Conservative and Labour establishment if he were not.

 In the quote above however, he is of course, correct.

 The triumph of “liberal values” has indeed “no better example” “than Britain today”.

Britain today is a godless, atomised and hollowed out nation, a wasteland of misery, lonliness and debt, a plastic container being refilled with the de-composing matter of the liberal policy of the past fifty years.

 On becoming Primeminister, Mr Johnson's first political action was to re-confirm his allegience to the "progressive" establishment's 50 year old project to de-politcise Britain and "transform" it into a secular, corporate state by excavating the moral, social and industrial fibre of Britain and to legislate for continued further mass immigration.

This is no abstract political theoretical assertion, it has happened and is continuing to happen day by day, as a walk through any British town or city will prove.

The fifty year old evidence is front of us. Trust your own senses not a BBC editorial.

Britain’s “transformation” into a cold, nationless, debt ridden corporate state with rootless populations performing the functions of a servile labour pool and a consumption pool continues........



12th September 2019

The Emptiness of the Referendum Device


In the United Kingdom a referendum can only ever be - a survey - a opinion poll.

 To suggest it is anything else is to endorse an unconstitutional and anti-parliamentary device.

It cannot contain authority (only electors during British Parliamentary constituency elections and MP's after those elections, can do that) and therefore a referendum can never authorise the dissolution of  the Union.

Authority can only be in one place at one time.

It cannot be in a referendum and in a constituency electorate (or an MP) at the same time.

 (This lesson should have been learned in 2014 and would have avoided many of the national problems of the past five years. The United Kingdom has enough problems).

 The Conservative and Labour establishment know this essential constitutional and parliamentary elemental rule exists (and the BBC) but continue to endorse the referendum mechanism and agitate for another referendum on the existence of the United Kingdom (in the 2014 referendum only 1/10  of the electorate were permitted to participate and even that 1/10th of the franchise was configured to favour those with a minimal connection to the United Kingdom including those newly arrived  with Indefnite Leave to Remain (ILR) - with a residential status status in Scotland.

It is easier for the Conservative and Labour parties to manipulate and achieve a dissolution endorsement result through a referendum (they achieved 45/100 in the 2014 referendum) rather than achieve dissolution through the traditional parliamentary route of constituency representation or abstention.

 Regarding the SNP, they continue to reject an abstentionist policy and support a representational policy.

They continue to ask the electors to authorise them (send them) to go and take their seats in the British Parliament even though they claim they do not want to go and sit there representing integral constituencies of the British Nation.

 For further reading on this matter see "Union Glue" available through Amazon.



12th September 2019

Temporal Treasure

 The temporal political treasure of the British is their political authority exercised exclusively through the British Crown in Parliament.

  If you believe in British sovereignty (political independence) then you must only cast your singular electoral authority into a British constituency parliamentary election.

 You must not cast your vote into any anti-parliament either outside in a foreign state or inside the United Kingdom itself  (the EU Parliament or the devolved Scottish Parliament).

 The abstention rate of more than 60/100 in the recent EU election (and 46/100 in the devolved Scottish Parliament election in 2016) reflects an unarticulated but instinctive sense that it is wrong to place your authority into any other legislative structure other than the one you identify with.

 Abstention is a political force that is being exercised and should continue to be exercised and increasingly exercised in any devolved election, EU election and referendum.

Representation and abstention are different sides of the same parliamentary coin.

  If you do not believe in it do not vote (or stand) for it.

 Plain and simple.



12th September 2019

The Limits of the Devolved Mandate

 The Conservative and the Labour parties continue to encourage and facilitate the separatist suggestion that a majority vote in the Devolved Scottish Parliament is a mandate for a referendum on Union. It is not. Even if 129/129 MSP's (illegally) voted for a referendum, the Devolved Scottish Parliament (and Devolved Scottish Manifesto's) has no authority on Reserved Matters (if it did have authority then the Devolved Scottish Parliament would right now be in control of Defence, Foriegn Affairs and Treasury matters, it is not, quite simply because Schedule 5 of the 1998 Scotland Act exists and reflects the singular authority of the British Parliament.

A brief reading of Schedule 5 of the 1998 Scotland Act will clarify this.

The rule of law must be maintained and enforced.




29th March 2019


The Westphalian Peace of 1648 refelected the post reformation emergence and recognition of the nation state in Europe and later the New World. 

The emergence of the soveriegn nation state was from then to remain the natural building block of the new order of temporal authority. This was to be the principal arrangement of temporal power until 1945 when the theory and attempted application of supranational political entities emerged and manifest itsef through the United Nation's Organisation, the invention of human right's (mirror right's between nation states) and the fiction of international law (nation to nation agreements.)

This theory was of temporal supranationalism was encouraged by post war relative peace (won by nation states) and the ending of conscription, the switch to peacetime production and the rise of domestic and personal consumption including the teenage market, these social and structural trends combined with organisational, technological and corporate and production developments especially in mass manufacturing, media and transportation (especially air) and of course mass immigration, led to the idea that the nation state especially the Christian nation state was obselete and ready for secularism and social atomisation a service and debt culture to be followed by borderless generic, trade and consumption.

The combination of all these factors (with no counter narrative, articulated and expressed until the second decade of the new millenium) with social and cultural and medical (the rate of development and general market availability of contraception and the pill) paved the way for the "progressive revolution" and the largely - but not completely unspoken (David Bowie's lyrics for "Oh You Pretty Things" and the seventies ITV children's programme "The Tomorrow People") assertion that the hippy movement and the wider "progressive" movement (which would come to full - maturity - on May 1st 1997  and the election of  Tony Blair) were the "breakout" and expression of a new and higher level of human "homo-superior" development. This higher level of humanity theory continues today in the output of the "Progressive" and "social justice" movement and was well represented in the second "Selfish and Rich" march last Saturday.

 We must defend the principles of the soveriegn nation state and the ideas behind Westphalia.

Without them there is no freedom - national or individual.



 29th March 2019

Parkfield supports the parents of  Parkfield Primary School in Birmingham.

A combination of Christian and Muslim parents (the school population is overwhelmingly Muslim) repelled the teachers and the LGBT lobby and local council in their attempt to indoctrinate primary schoool children into "progressive" and "liberal "politics and practices. 

 Get politics out of schools.



29th March 2019


Mrs Thatchers assertion in 1984 that Northern Ireland was "as British as Finchley" was politically and constitutionally correct, although she herself betrayed this assertion by her actions and in particular the signing of the 1985 "Anglo Irish Agreement" (she would later admit that she had been wrong in signing it but by then the damage had been done and no lesson's were learned and the Conservative and Labour establishment would endorse a further and deeper surrender in the "Belfast Agreement" of 1998) however the assertion encapsulated the unalterable essence of nationhood, that it is a people's collective self recognitition and acceptence of a  common authority and territory that composes a nation not a land mass, if that were not the case then every spec of land sticking out of the sea would be a nation and no two nations could occupy the same single piece of land mass. 

  The physical (including coastal) delination of the United Kingdom conforms exactly to the political and parliamentary constituted expression of the British people's collective self recognitition and acceptence of a common and exclusive authority and territory.





17th March 2019

Return to Despotic Government


 The Conservative and Labour (and others) joint executive have now voted for Fake Exit. hold's the view that Fake Exit was always the (intended) outcome of the entire debacle, it arrived this week on the floor of the House of Commons.

One of the most telling actions was the performance of Exit Secretary Stephen Barclay who stood up in the HOC and spoke in favour of an extention of the alleged exit date and then, one hour later with no public shame visible, walked into the lobby and voted against it.

We are again (the last period being 24th of June 2016 - Cameron's resignation and the emergence of the unelected government of Theresa May from Buckingham Palace on the 13th of July 2016 -  until the general election 8th of June 2017) in a period of despotic government directed by the Conservative and Labour joint executive.

The pretence is over, the 2017 general election manifesto's are now dust.

The contract that saw the constituency election of  Conservative and Labour MP's has been torn up.

The electors authority exercised on the 8th of June 2017 has been betrayed in the most explicit manner possible on the highest matter possible - the independence of the United Kingdom.

Putting to one side the profound national surrender and humiliation (the same side as all the other profound national surrenders and humiliations over 50 years - take your pick) the votes of the last week reflect the Conservative and Labour establishment opinion that Great Britain must not now be a homogenuous, united, independent and settled Nation state and must be dissolved and "Transformed" and replaced by a new statelet in the Eurostate - one that is Secular, Multicultural, "Liberal", "Progressive", Atomised, Monetised, "Globalised", LGTBised, Servile and Defenceless.

Nothing now will change for the United Kingdom (unless a new national party emerges through a general election) and it's trajectory is set.




13th March 2019

New Party, General Election and National Renewal

Of course, we should not have gone in and we should have came out years ago, however the national opinion poll (referendum) on the 23rd of June 2016 provided a convenient political point to have a general election not just on membership of the EU but upon the great question that has underwritten every policy and every action by Great Britain over the past 50 years - are we a "A Nation or No Nation" ?

Only a new party with a broad manifesto of national renewal can release Britian from the trap put in place at every general election over the past 50 years by the Conservative and Labour parties.

Without a new party a general election is of no purpose and national renewal cannot happen and Britain's moral, social, economic, military and political fibre will continue to be excavated leaving only a hollow husk to be completely filled with the godless worship of the self, lonliness, misery and debt



12th March 2019


From the 1960's Great Britain has gone from the Demoralisation phase to the Destabilisation phase and now the Nation has just entered the Crisis phase.

Tonight, parliamentary cabinet collective government was abandoned by the Conservative Primeminister.

The Nation is in peril.

Only a general election that offers a new party with a broad manifesto to defeat and marginalise the Conservative and Labour establishment can provide national defence, stability and renewal.



3rd March 2019



 (of cloth, clothing, or soft furnishings) becoming thin and tattered with age.

"tatty rooms with threadbare carpets"

worn, well worn, old, thin, worn out, holey, moth-eaten, mangy, ragged,frayed, tattered, battered

(of a person, building, or room) poor or shabby in appearance.
"we huddle round a cassette deck in a threadbare rehearsal room"
(of an argument, excuse, idea, etc.) used so often that it is no longer effective.
"the song was a tissue of threadbare clichés"
There is no excuse for voting Conservative or Labour or any other of the parties that have excavated the moral, social, economic, military and political fibre of Great Britain over the past fifty years.

Britain is now threadbare.

It is time to rethread the needle.

 The forthcoming general election will provide the opportunity to vote for new parties that will challenge the Conservative and Labour establishment.




20th of Febuary 2019

Dig The New Brand


There is nothing new or independent or British about the "new" political formation.

It is simply the latest extremist (there is nothing "middle of the road" about their policies for Britain) "brand" from the Conservative and Labour establishment.

A new party for the BBC's "New Britain".

It's purpose is to cover another electoral flank of the "progressive" revolution.

They, like the Conservative, Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrats etc all support the agreed establishment unpublished manifesto to excavate the moral, social, economic, millitary and political fibre of Britain, to leave a hollow husk.





16th of Febuary 2019

The Extremists 

  We will leave it our readers to decide who the "extremist" parties are:

  1 The parties that for fifty years legislated to destroy our Christian civilisation, expel our Christian religion from national life, facilitate mass imigration, dissolve common family and social bonds and atomise ad monetise British society, de-industrialise our serious national economy and convert it into a debt machine, demilitarise the British Army and use it as a "progressive" propaganda device and use the referendum mechanism against British parliamentary representative democracy.


 2 The parties that support Britian as a Christian nation, full of common family and social bonds, a serious industrial national economy, a restored British Army and our parliamentary representative democracy.


Don't just hope for a better Britain. Vote for it.


  16th of Febuary 2019

The Plates Shift

For over 8 years at we have encouraged the shifting of the plates of British politics through the disintegration and marginalisation of both the Conservative and Labour parties.

You can now watch it happening every night on television (however we recommend you do something more interesting instead).

This is to be welcomed.



 16th of Febuary 2019


 Any viewing of tv or film of British streetscapes of the 1970s or 1980s and you will see scene after scene of towns and cities dominated by masculinity not just in the sense of being profoundly dominated by men and working men in the streets docks, coal pits, power stations, railway stations and depots, industrial plants, factories, and army camps etc but in the broader sense of the expression of masculinity in every sphere of society from social clubs to to architecture to the arts.

Today British men are treated as "suspect" with "suspect" and "offensive" opinions and rigourously (physically and in thought) policed (especially when assembled in public and on a single site for work or for a political purpose) opinions that contest the new secular and service sector orthodoxy.

Traditional masculine traits are increasingly removed or missing from common culture.

British Men have been removed from industry while industry has been removed from the nation.

Men and manly habits and customs and speech have been marginalised from the the common public space.

Previously masculinity was transmitted in countless forms - from speech to behaviours from swearing (but not in front of women or children) to smoking and drinking style etc.

Men have are now to be coralled into the service sector to be trained and retrained and reretrained not in some useful traditional or emerging trade or occupation but in the secular "Equality" thought and behaviour code. 

The official agenda from the Conservative and Labour establishment is to facilitate the marginalisation and neutralisation of masculinity.

For 50 years masculine instincts traits and expressions have been sidelined and mocked and disapproved of by officialdom..

Masculine traits and behaviours are frowned upon especially by the agents and apparatus of the Conservative and Labour state.

 The removal of masculinity, of course, removes a vital comoponent in the capability of the nation to defend itself.British Men (men from other nations and religions in the United Kingdom are exempted of course for "cultural" reasons) are being trained and " re-oriented"in new moral (less) and social (less) behaviour: they are to be feminised, LGBTised, secularised, demasculinised, monetised and atomised.

They are being prepared for thrir new roles in what the BBC calls "New Britain".


 16th of Febuary 2019

 You Choose:

UK Population 66 Million or 80 Million

 Our opinion is that the the UK population is about 80 million, the official number is about 66 million.

 The official number is counted through the International Passenger Survey (IPS) although this only interviews 0.34 of the 240 million that travel in and out of the UK per year.

 The IPS method is rather embarrasing for the Conservative and Labour establishments attempt to manage the headline number that they have started a review to make the fiction more credible by introducing a digital veneer to the data streams that make up the headline number. 

Look out for the headline number "bumping up" soon while the establishment parties claim that they never knew that the immigration number was so high.

Of course, they know.



 16th of Febuary 2019

Inside the Hollow Husk

 By excavating the moral and social fibre from the nation for over 50 years the Conservative and Labour establishment have created an empty shell that is now being filled with a new secular and selfishness core.

This new core - the worship of the sovereignty of the self - has now  been legislated for and is to be found in all the "equality and diversity" provisions in law and in the "social mood set" (social censorship of expression) largely framed by the state especially in "education" (a "progressive state within a state), the BBC and politicised commercial entities.


 16th of Febuary 2019

Wrong Parliament Wrong Mandate 

 The devo-parliament cannot have a mandate for a referendum on any aspect of the Constitution, Schedule 5 of the Scotland Act 1998 prevents it. All matters defined as Reserved are under the mandate of British parliamentary constituency election not the mandate of devolved parliamentary constituency or regional election.

 The following recent quote from -  First Minister Sturgeon -  is constitutionally and legally wrong and is a significant and dangerous step away from her previous rhetoric.

 “Of course there is a mandate to have an independence referendum within this term of the Holyrood parliament.”

 The assertion that there is now a mandate, is a device to imply that the devo-parliament has authority to enact a referendum and to encourage (via MSM etc) public compliance and participation in such an unconstitutional and illegal activity.

 No compliance or participation in any referendum should take place.

The statement is opening the door to public disorder and conflict.

Boycott Referendums.


 16th of Febuary 2019


One of the consequences of abandoning the national religion is the increasing emphasis on national (and private) short range planning rather than longer range planning.

One of the most visible daily examples of short range planning is the Beeching Cuts of the 1960's.

The cuts saw 30/100 route miles (5000) closed and over 50/100 (2363) stations closed from 1963 onwards across the UK.

Today millions of car journey's (atomisation and monetisation of mass transport) take place when they need not have, had only a longer range perspective been exercised.


16th of Febuary 2019

 Keep It To Yourself

 Some younger members of the Royal Family have recently been advocating emotionally "putting it out there".

We disagree, there is much to be said for keeping it in there.


16th of Febuary 2019


 The disintegration of the United Kingdom over the past 50 years has led to a retreat of national common habits and behaviour.

One aspect of this, is the recent alteration in forms of initial social interaction - shaking hands.

Today, fist bumps/high fives/shoulder bumps etc have now entered that particular (and important) social space and time.

We endorse the traditional British common custom of shaking of hands which declares peaceful intent and trust between the two (not three) individuals.





2nd of Febuary 2019

Come and Go

 The Conservative and Labour establishment narrative since the 1960's, has been that the immigration flow and alteration of the population

composition (from homogeneous to hetrogeneous) is permanent and final.

The narrative is intended to demoralise the indigenous population and reinforce the idea that the British can do nothing about this nor should

they even try.

Unfortunately, for the Conservative and Labour parties, the deep, human reality of population movement is not a cold, fixed and permanent

arrangement based entirely on a material calculation, money or possession of a travel document (although all of these are practical factors).

The deep emotional pull and attachment to one's own people and place (tribe and territory) is operating all the time.

This "emotional pull" is natural and primal, protective and beneficial to all and it is the motivational force that is the basis of Nationhood.

The pull to be with one’s own people in one’s own territory leads to settled and stable and durable nation states.

It is a good thing.


While the Conservative and Labour parties wish to keep their immigration and multi-cultural narrative intact, especially that their

immigration policy has resulted in a permanent "progressive" alteration (post homogeneous) in the composition of the population of Britain

and that a “Transformation” by the state is now required to facilite this alteration, they do not want to acknowledge in public that mass

immigration can, even at this late stage be a temporary manifestation of temporary policy.

It is for this reason both the Conservative and Labour parties conceal the schemes for repatriation that they operate today.

The VARRP - Voluntary Assisted Return and Re-Integration Programme provides support and money for individuals to return to their place

of origin.

(In 2017 forced repatriation (Enforced Removal) numered 9670 while - VARRP accounted for an additional 1,562 returns).

(Source: Migration Observatory)

These schemes repudiate in principle and practice, the very narrative fiction that both parties have promoted for fifty years.


 The link to the VARRP scheme can be found below.


The VARRP Scheme

Voluntary Assisted Return and Re-Integration Programme




31st of January 2019



A walk through any British city or town  today is like a walk through a dystopian film set - a combination of 1984, Solyent Green, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451.

Many moral, social, economic, cultural and political elements of all these films can be seen in what is left of British society, in may cases the future fiction of the past has been eclipsed by the fact of the present, for example, the legal ability to define oneself as a man or as a woman was a step too far even for the greatest science fiction writers.





29th of January 2019 



At we do not do "Utopia".

We are sometimes accused of harking back to the 70's or 80's or earlier.

Well, yes we do, but not in some utopian fashion.

We refer to the 1970's and 1980's simply because they were the last decades of a political Britain and a Britain that functioned.

Of course, there were serious matters facing the country even then (many created by the "progressive" agenda starting to take it's toll), including poverty, social hardship and the quality of housing and economic mismanagement by goverment, management and trades unions.

We refer to these periods to highlight the degree of decline and disintegration of the United Kingdom since then and to identify exactly what the Conservative and Labour parties legislative trajectory over fifty years has  thrown away.

However, we take the view that practical policies rooted in the national interest are always worth articulating and contributing to debate.




26th of January 2019 

The Meaning of Walls

In May last year we commented on the meaning of Doors.


8th May 2018 

The Meaning of Doors

  Police Scotland Website


 (Our italics)

 “A hate incident is any incident that is not a criminal offence, but something which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hate or prejudice.”

 Doors are physical manifestations of prejudice.

 We use doors to discriminate, to permit entry or refuse entry to individuals that we are prejudiced to because we either like them or we do not like them.

 Whether we like them or not (sometimes it is involuntary either way) usually depend’s on a large number of internal reasons both subjective and objective.

Prejudice is a good thing.


Doors are not much use without walls between them.

This applies to private walls as well as national walls.

If it is wrong for the United Kingdom to have a national "wall" (a controlled - on land. sea or air - circular delination that can permit or repel entry) then not only is the concept of Nationhood conceded but so is the concept of private space, protected by private walls.

If those who oppose national walls/borders are sucessful (both Conservative and Labour Parties are opposed to a controlled circular delination - their refusal to to control the Kent coast for example - then neither can there be no individual physical privacy (only privacy of thought) and without physical privacy there can be no freedom.

Furthermore if there is no national wall/border (a defined securable border that regulates entry or exit) then defence, security and regulation of all kinds personal and commercial will not take place at the border (the singular place of control and permission) but take place either in the high street or closer to the individual creating far more regular and irregular intrusion and disruption.


26th of January 2019 

Landmass and the Nation State

Nations are made by the collective self recognition of individuals not an aggregate of individuals on a physical landmass.

The landmass of America has many nations, in North America there are two: the USA then Canda then the USA again.


26th of January 2019  

The Composition of Economy

For fifty years the Conservative and Labour parties have legislated for an economy that generates poverty, misery and lonliness.

There is no point in merely tweaking the UK economy it has to be recomposed from the ground up and it must be done with the single purpose of restoring a national economy and that means a foundation established upon national defence, national infrastructure and national heavy industry from minerals upwards.

The present general economic composition of the United Kingdom is roughly Services 80% GDP, Manufacturing 18% (including Heavy Industry/Defence/Public Infrastructure) GDP and 2% "Other ie Agriculture etc" GDP, is a "progressive" inversion of the natural national order of economic activity which existed in the 1950's and 1960s which was (taking into account different classification categories) Heavy Industry/Defence/Public Infrastucture 60%, Manufacturing 30% and Services 10%.

 The reversal of the national economic order has led to a reversal and disintegration of the then existing social order that rested upon it, ie the regular and reasonable renumeration and mass employment of British men.

A man' s wage could reasonably sustain a family unit meaning that the wife did not need to work and could be home and locally based for 37 daylight hours every week which meant that the talents and resources of the mother were locally rooted  and generated relationship networks (mostly operated by women and the elderly) and provided an active social and organisational fabric for all in the locality.

This economic and social model provided a stable arrangement that was a fortress against poverty, misery and lonliness.





19th of January 2019 

 It's Only Rock and Roll

From the emergence of Britian as a politically independent nation and it's formal recognition and definition as such at the Glorious Revolution - which secured our parliamenatry rule of law - Britain experienced a period of peace and prosperity.

 The architects of the Glorious Revolution put in place a constitution that - in the words of Robert Burns was the

"the most glorious on earth, or that perhaps the wit of man can frame"

  It is this Christian Protestant Constitution that permitted Britian to become a Great Nation.

  Our constitution and the countless aspects of it's functioning allowed the British to settle their constitutional foundations and build upon them in all fields of human exploration and endevour from religion, philosophy, medicine, science, education, economics and not least the arts.

Britain enriched itself and then it enriched the world.

 The British Constitution has never let us down. It has allowed us to be united, free and prosperous.

  This is why the enemies of Britain especially in the Conservative and Labour establishment want to destroy it.


19th of January 2019 

  The Work Unit

The replacement of Christian industrial Britain with a secular service state is nowhere more visible in the forcing of women especially mothers into the workforce.

The forced removal of the mother from the children, family and home for 37 daylight hours a week (not including the time and the logistical hassle of her getting to and from the work unit location) and then dumping her in a boring, repetative activity (they cannot all be "glass ceiling" breaking BBC executives on £100,000 a year and "lunch-shop" in the few remaining golden miles of our cities) has created a social vacum that  has been filled by the vicious cold secular state, in full intervention mode and full of equality and diversity audits.

The bountiful instincts, skills, talents and powers of a mother are naturally rooted in the home and the fabric of local relationships, not left to atrophy at production line or or a desk.


19th of January 2019 

The "Super Referendum"

While the Fake Exit panto enters it's extended run the devotees and addicts of the referendum device return to "ramp up" their plans,

look out for the movements to combine all the metropolitain political fashions into a constitutional defining "event"

featuring a "Super Referendum" containing a vote on the Eurostate, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and even the Crown and a Federation and PR

and English devolution (again).

We are a parliamentary representative democracy - keep it that way.

Ban referendums.


19th of January 2019 

Reverse Gear

For fifty years the UK has been stuck in reverse gear we need to press the clutch (that means a new political party dedicated to Britain as Britain) and get into first gear.


19th of January 2019

The Revolution Is Being Televised

The controversy over the politicisation of  - Dr Who - reflects the depth of the propaganda against all things resting on British Authority and traditional and empirical practice.

The BBC is a "tone" setter. It's establishment status and it's £5 billion budget and 20,00 staff pump out The "progressive" Code of a secular, multicultural, servile, service "New Britain" state everyday.


19th of January 2019 

January Sale

According to the Conservative and Labour establishment the United Kingdom is for sale.

It is fair to say that the present (absent owners) have been rather distracted these past fifity years while interest in the property has been shown by passing visitors.

Even in the "swinging" 1960's the sense of the emerging loosening of national bonds was evident and reflected in the arts and media.

In the 1968 theatre production, "Forty Years On" by Alan Bennett, the mood of national descent is captured and recruited into the counterculture.


 19th of January 2019

Making Your Mind Up

  Political Nemisis (see 8th of December Update) has finally arrived however it itself is a protracted affair as Britain makes it's mind up, is it a Christian Nation or a secular statelet of the Eurostate.

 " your innervision, don't let others change your mind..."

Bucks Fizz



12th of January 2019

The Open Sea


  The Fake Exit Agreement is an instrument designed to continue and further the 46 year old abandonment of Britain's political independence.

  It is an instrument intended to further dissolve our national Unity and prevent a national border.

  It is an instrument calibrated to further demoralise and destabilise and completely disintegrate the United Kingdom; morally, socially, economically, millitarily and politically.

   We must get out, secure our border and rebuild our country.




10th of January 2019


The Way We Were


The greater part of the battle for Britain that is taking place in January 2019 is now about memory.

Do the British share enough common memory of themselves as a people and a nation and can they transmit enough of it to the next generation?

 Those who are against Britain and everything that it has been and is, not least the Conservative and Labour establishment, have already engaged in reducing and removing national memory from the public domain especially through the politicisation of the schools and colleges and universities but also through the sponsorship of messages in advertising and commerce.

 Last years report by the anti- British "think-tank" Demos "At Home in One's Past - Nostalgia as a Political and Cultural Force" recognised that memory is a powerful and binding force for the British people.

Common national memory, especially of a Christian industrial Britain, a Britain with a common identity and social bonds and customs, a national ecomomy that provides a reasonable and regular employment for British men (that does not demand that both husband and wife must work), a serious military establishment and parliamentary representative democracy binds the nation together and for a singular purpose (common national interest) rather than drives it apart.

 The report argued that national memory must be marginalised or erased completely in order that "New Britain" - a secular, multicultural service state can be constructed.

 We challenged the author of the Demos Report to debate her publication, she has still to reply.



8th of January 2019

Stewart Connell on Radio Wales

Founder of Stewart Connell speaking against referendums and for Parliamentary representation on the Jason Mohammad programme on Radio Wales today (54 min in).

BBC sign in may be required:



7th of January 2019

Standing on the Footplate

After 50 years of Conservative and Labour policy, the spotlight is now on Britain's lack of ships and ports and infrastructure especially railways to take cargo from and into cities and towns via local canals and roads.

We did have an integrated transport system, it's just that the Conservative and Labour parties destoyed it.



7th of January 2019


We should not be too surprised that the Conservative government has awarded a multimillion pound shipping contract to a company with no ships and cut and pasted it's legal documentation from a takeaway shop.

Conservative and Labour governments have legislated for the ineffective regulation of commerce.

You will find this model of business practised across both the public and private sectors.


7th of January 2019


  1982 is the last year that Britain could have escaped the grip and consequent decimation of Britian’s moral, social, economic and political elements and it’s descent into crisis.

  Even, in 1982 we retained a recognisable national church, common family and social bonds, an economy dominated by nationalised and heavy industry (the regular widespread and concentrated employment of British men) and a functioning parliamentary representative democracy.

 While the 1983 Labour Party manifesto contained a number of sensible policies like getting out of the EU and rebuilding British industry, it was already in hock to the revolutionary anti-British and “progressive” forces in politics while the Conservative Party rather than meet the heavy duties and responsibilities to nationhood, took the easy route and sold itself to the “free market” cult, and the emerging global corporations and consigning an entire generation (see The Boy's From The Blackstuff tv series) to the dole in the process.

  After their general election victory in 1983 the Conservative Party's complete abandonment of British society, national economy and constitutional integrity was enacted.

  The defeat of the miners on the 3rd of March 1985 and the deregulation of the financial service sector called “Big Bang” on the 27th October 1986 (the opening of the Doors of Debt) were the definitive economic events of the 1980’s. They reflected that the decisive shift had now taken place, from a Christian industrial nation to a secular service state and the coming secularisation, atomisation and monetisation of British society.


7th of January 2019

Private Act - Public Impact

The matters of immigration, devolution and the Eurostate concern the issues of our relationship with the Outside and who we are and who we are not and where does our authority and territorial border meet the Outside.

  However, the British must resolve, in their favour, the deep and profound matters concerning themselves for fifty years namely; marriage, abortion and divorce.

 These are personal matters but they are not completely in the personal and private sphere, they all have a deep public impact on our Nation. If people do not marry or marry late in substantial numbers it has a profound effect on the birthrate and the natural cycle of generational and social relations and national demographic composition.

 Abortion legislation introduced by the Conservative and Labour parties over the past 50 years has generated not only deep personal grief and a shameful aspect to public policy but has had unrecorded impact on the demographic composition.

 Divorce creates emotional division and disturbance and it’s effects especially on children have a lasting impact. The Divorce Industry dovetails neatly into the secular and corporate agendas ie the demand for housing (putting immigration to one side) is dominated by the impact of divorce and the need to build at least two houses where previously there was only one needed.

The Divorce Economy comprises not just the multiplication of roofs but everything under the roof: two cookers, two fridge’s, two sofa’s etc.

The Silo Society is not just composed of singleton students or young unmarried individuals, the divorced are now a large part of it.

 Marriage, abortion and divorce are all key factors in the rise of the silo society.

 These initially private acts all have profound public impacts.

It is time to stop acting as if they do not.



7th of January 2019 

Fake Education

While the BBC’s Today programme did the “progressive” bidding of the Conservative and Labour establishment  over the Christmas holidays, by getting suitable “progressives” such as Angelina Jolie to be “Guest Editor”, it is using displacement methods to focus items on foreign “news stories” and “progressive” policies, to divert public attention and resources from covering the plight of British young people trapped in "progressive" indoctrination centres otherwise described as “schools”, who are then dumped into fake colleges and universities, that saddle them with thousands of pounds in debt and are then further dumped into the gig, uber and deliveroo economy. They have been abandoned by the Conservative and Labour establishment and are now left isolated and lonely and exposed to a vicious secular state and a predatory commerce that cares nothing for them.

 The fake education sector is a State within a State. From industrial scale nurseries to primary and secondary schools to the tertiary sector, the Conservative and Labour agenda is to churn out secular, thoughtless, generic, automatons that will provide cheap compliant labour and generate debt.

 They do not tell you that on Radio 4.



3rd of January 2019

Alternative Britain

There is an Alternative Britain.

If you want it.


It is a Britain that is Christian, full of common social bonds, a serious national economy that does not morally or materially impoverish, it is less rich and it is less poor, it defends it's territory and it's freedom and maintains it's parliamentary representative democracy.

You simply have not voted for it yet.



29th December 2018 



  (The Yellowhammer is a sparrow-sized, bright yellow bird of woodland edges, hedgerows, heath and farmland that feeds on seeds and invertebrates. In the winter, it will join mixed flocks of buntings, finches and sparrows to feed on seeds on farmland.)

   Yellowhammer is the government codename for the emergency plan that assumes substantial disruption from Calais and Dover.

 (other British ports have been closed or neglected or reduced in function due to cutbacks by privatisation or government restriction.)

  In December 2018 after 50 years of the Conservative and Labour parties moral, social, economic, military and political disintegration, the Nation is reduced to begging across the capitals of the Eurostate, putting the army (suitably secularised, feminised, LGBTised and internationalised ) onto the streets and activating emergency food, water and medical supply plans.

The only escape for Britain, is the emergence of a new party dedicated to Britain as Britain.




25 December 2018

Bible Reading


Luke 2:9 to 14 King James Version (KJV)


9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.




18th December 2018  

Boycott encourage our readership to prepare to Boycott any referendum on the Eurostate or

any other matter.


"I could not consent to the introduction into our national life of a device so alien to all our traditions as the referendum,”

Clement Attlee





"We  are a Parliamentary representative democracy, we must keep it that way."

Stewart Connell

Founder of



 From the United Kingdom's first referendum on the 8th of March 1973 until the latest on the 23rd of June 2016,

the referendum device has been used by the Conservative and Labour establishment to destroy Britain.

For 45 years Britain has been increasingly disabled and divided by the fake authority of the referendum.

 The referendum mechanism provides a fake authority to contest the authority of parliamentary constituency election.

The Conservative and Labour parties infer referendum's contain authority but they never assert this in public or on the record for to do so would explicitly counter one of the fundamental doctrine's of the British constitution, that Authority can only be in one place at one time.

Authority can only be in electors during a parliamentary election period or it is in the MP elected by constituency electors, no third option exist's.

Authority can be delegated (to local councils etc) but it cannot be divided or replicated.

Referendum's cannot contain authority they are opinion poll's - surveys sponsored by the government.


For further information on referendums that the establishment controlled media will not allow broadcast:


1 "Referendums Everywhere" (Above tab) "20th Anniversary of Legislative Devolution Series" Part 3

2 "Union Glue" Book (Above Tab) by Stewart Connell available on Amazon




15th December 2018 

Borderless Britain

 (without an enforced continuous (circuit) border a nation can never have a border or consequently be a nation, just like a colander can never be a cup)

 Britain has no border.

Britain has occasional apparatus that resembles parts of a border ie Heathrow and Dover and some airports and sea ports but it has no border.

  The UK coastline is about 12,420 miles and it has a land border of about 310 miles, at it's narrowest point, the French coast is about 21 miles from the British coast.

  There are about 1000 islands in the British Isles of which only about 130 are inhabited.

 There are thousands of miles of unsecured, unpatrolled and uncontrolled border that is open to entry especially in Norfolk, Kent, Fermanagh and the Hebridies and Pembrokeshire.

 In Italy, with a coastline of 4,722 miles, the Guardia di Finanza (GdF) - Financial Guard - has 68,000 staff and 600 sea vessals and 100 aircraft.

 The UK with a coastline of 12,000 miles, the UK Border Force has 7,500 staff and 9 sea vessals and no aircraft.

 Custom's controls are now largely "cheap essential scenery" due to 50 years of increasingly permissive entry provisions of legislation.

 Enforced physical borders perform essential functions at essential geographical and political locations.

 It is far better to have  custom's and security and safety checks at the nations defined border as it prevents hostile individuals and items entering into the country and causing harm. Border based controls also prevent other controls having to exist inside the state closer to the individual ie increased identity checks for hiring items or passport validation for the of opening of bank or commercial accounts.

 It should also be noted that physical border controls generate employment (see Heathrow and Dover employmentincluding durable and high quality jobs which are highly physical and technical. Thy are largely fixed in a geographical position providing secure and settled largely public funded employment increasing aconomic activity at these points.

  Those who argue for no borders or "light touch" (actually no touch) / remote / digital or drone methods of border "checking" are advocating for, higher national risk on a number  of fronts including disease control and safety of technology and more state intrusion and higher cost and more hassle into an individual's day to day activities

 With a remote digital and drone "vision" policy the physicial "border" and identity checks (it's too late for animals or items containing a technological risk as they have now entered the national marketplace) are effectively shifted to the shop counter for the business and individual to perform. It is a form of nuetralising and privatising the "border" with the individual customer/consumer and business bearing the risk, cost and hassle of what should be a border based function performed by the state with the full backing of the state.

 The "no touch" policy also lowers employment at border points while  the global corporations have their costs shifted to the customer and reduce their Just In Time Logistics (JIT) chain, and who would have more of their total cost incurred by the customer and allow them to make higher superprofits. 

 Borderless Britain is being cheered on by the Conservative and Labour establishment and the the Eurostate and global corporations who are encouraging the construction of post nation, states that are secular and generic with rootless consumer populations that are swimming in debt.



 15th December 2018



  There is no depth that the Conservative and Labour establishment will not stoop to keep thier money and power structures in place including begging to their Eurostate masters.

 The United Kingdom is now dragged daily all over the Eurostate to beg for crumbs off it's table.




 8th December 2018



After 50 years (50 year exactly since the "progressive" revolution's "opening night" in 1968) of moral, social, economic military and political demoralisation - orchestrated by the Conservative and Labour establishment- Nemesis has arrived.

The cumulative effect of the demoralisation manifested itself into the period of destabilisation from 2012, in particular the referendums (opinion polls) on the existence of the United Kingdom itself and membership of the Eurostate.

 Postponed for decades, Nemesis now arrives bearing all the delayed, difficult and conceited policies of the past fifty years.

Secularisation, lonliness, debt, divorce, abortion, deindustrialisation, demilitarisation, late entry into marriage, the promotion of silo lifestyles and the hostility to extended family patterns, the removal of British men from the employment pool and the forcing of mothers and women into the employment pool and the political indoctrination of children, these are just some of the essential matters that are profoundly effecting Britain and which are forbidden to be debated under the Conservative and Labour regime.

The Fake Exit Agreement encapsulates the moral, social, economic, military and political decay of Britain in a single document.

The Agreement reflects and locks in Britain's dissolution.

The Conservative and Labour parties have bought us here and will keep us here until Britain is formally "Transformed" into

"New Britain" a new invented secular state, with no social bonds or root of time and place, a place full of lonlieness and misery and poverty.

 Britain is to be taught it's final lesson by the Eurostate in the form of the Fake Exit Agreement namely that Britain is finished and cannot and will not be permitted to restore itself so it must now accept it's transformation and servile status a multicultural servile statelet in the Eurostate.



6th December 2018 

The Yoke of Bondage


The Bible

 King James Version

 Galatians 5:1

  “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.”


 The Fake Exit Agreement submits the United Kingdom to the yoke of European power unseen since pre-Reformation.

  We must get out now.


26th November 2018

The Cold Light of Day


On the 26th of November 2018, the United Kingdom can see it's reflection etched on the Fake Exit Agreement.

After 50 years of national dissolution the United Kingdom is an empty shell.

Abandoning it's religion, it has thrown away it's social bonds, it's industrial economy, it's military and maritime might and it's parliamentary democracy.

Unable to escape, such a husk is now shackled in some form to the Eurostate, the state to which it surrendered and accepted a servile provincial status in 1972 by only eight votes in the House of Commons.

We are here because the Conservative and Labour parties have brought us here and they will keep us here.

It does not matter if the next government is Labour or Conservative or whether the Primeminister is Johnson or Watson or Raab or Starmer, Britain's dissolution will continue and it will continue unless a new party defeats both the Conservative and Labour parties and marginalises them.

It is only by the shifting of the political plates across the United Kingdom through the emergence of a new party dedicated to

Britain as Britain can the Nation be restored and renewed




24th November 2018


 Our once great cities and towns are now”transformed”.

Many Britons do not venture into them anymore (but tend to keep this to themselves) it disturbs them to see the alteration of places that they do not now recognise and no longer have a common identification with.

While the Conservative and Labour councils pump out the narrative of booming, vibrant and of course "cosmopolitan" (code for mass imigrant populations) towns and cities and the narrative is compounded by the compliant local media and commerce (they are all on the "transformation" payroll) the cities and towns visibly decay and decompose (morally, socially and economically) in front of us.

It is all fiction.

 We are to shut up and play our part in a national scale Conservative and Labour directed “Truman Show”.

Commonness and common culture has been interupted then disrupted then replaced with uncommonness and disjointness and multiple-cultures, or to use another description a multi-cultural political conflict and the management of it.

The culture clash is now on the high street, rather than tell a story of a common identity the high street is now telling a story of competing cultures.

The common national and city and town space and cultural commonality of religion, language, dress, habits and behaviour (including commercial behaviour) no longer exists and this has been intentional, a systematic dissolution of common identity.

The Conservative and Labour establishment’s equality and diversity cult is now the primary managing tool (through legislation and social intimidation) of the cultural conflict of politicised sub national group identities.

 Multi-culture management is what happens when a homogenuous nation state is "transformed" into a hetrogenuous state.

 All the primary efforts of the state are diverted into managing the different and competing populations and cultural expressions.

A homogenuous nation state does not need to bother with this activity because the commonness and common identity and history already exist so the nation state can focus itself on other activities of common beneficial effect and social improvement such as transport or authentic education or scientific discovery or even commercial and artisic expression.

 Vast parts of the cities and towns are now occupied by substantial, concentrated numbers of multiple foreign and self identifying, cohesive and reproductive (they do not engage in industrialised abortion) populations and all are equipped with the franchise.

 This state of affairs must be addressed by politics if it is not then only deep national danger lies.



24th November 2018

Fictional Border

 The United Kingdom has no border.

 Those wishing to enter the United Kingdom illegally, smuggle and avoid the “Hard Border” apparatus at Heathrow and Dover need only enter via the miles upon miles of uncontrolled and unpatrolled entry points including the beaches of Norfolk and Kent, the fields of Fermanagh, the islands of the Hebridies and the South Wales coast.


 24th November 2018

Peak Culture

 While the Nation dissolves, the dissolution is reflected in it's Art.

It is increasingly the case that British art in the widest sense has peaked.

Wether television, films, radio or pop music, peak British culture happened between 1976 and 1989.

A British cultural powderkeg of artistic expression, wider inovation of ideas and exploration and technological development has been replaced with a rootless, cultureless, commerical mush all processed through the "progressive agenda" blender.

This correlates with the alternative political narrative advanced by that the United Kingdom came to

an end as a "political" nation at the end of the 1980's and the fall of Mrs Thatcher in 1990, to make way for the Blair prototype John Major.


 24th November 2018


 Commercial and voluntary organisations are imploding.

 Silently and behind closed doors organisations are doing less of what they are meant to do and more of what they should not be doing.

Commercial and voluntary organisations aided by the equality and diversity cult and the codification of eveything made possible by digital tracking and recording are being recruited into the politicisation of commerce and voluntary activity.

 Increasingly organisations are unable to do simple activities - conduct human speech, answer a phone send a letter or perform thier primary existing function- but can retain and recall an employee or customers inidvidual equality and diversity (political) profile.

 The combination of "progressive" politics and commercial superprofit has led to an economy that is not only becoming completely politicised but

cannot function at a simple level.



24th November 2018 

The Singer and The Song

 The singer Morrisey may not be your artistic cup of tea however he has at least the courage to speak out (inside and outside of his music) against the Conservative and Labour establishment, mass immigration, the loss of British culture and the loss of freedom of speech.

Morrisey's latest album, "Low in High School" is available now in all good record shops.





20th November 2018 

 Just Another Surrender

 The Fake Exit Agreement is just another surrender to be placed alongside all the rest of the past fifty years (make your own lists) all actioned by the Conservative and Labour establishment.

 The United Kingdom is now a shell state and the enemies of Britain, inside and out know this.

 The Fake Exit provisions reflect a former Nation state, now a hollow husk, a place where moral social, economic and military and political elements were taken for granted, neglected and then thrown away to be replaced with….a godless state full of selfishness, lonliness, misery and boredom waiting for the next Uber or Deliveroo gig.

 This is the Nation dissolving.

This is how it happens, right in front of us.



20th November 2018 

Nec Tamen Consumebatu

In 2009 the Church of Scotland (CoS) Assembly (it's highest legal court) decided to submit to temporal power and political fashion.

In 2018 the Church of Scotland would like everyone to forget the Rennie case and they would also like us to forget how the CoS threw a congregation (The Tron church in the centre of Glasgow) out onto the street (Buchanan Street to be precise) because the congregation there held to Biblical scripture and refused to accept the 2009 submission.



20th November 2018 

Curriculum Carnage

 Having introduced "progressive" political indoctrination into schools especially the promotion of LGBTI etc (including in-school posters promoting the matter and teachers wearing LGBTI "lanyards") it is no surprise that the government is now to spend millions of pounds on putting "mental health teams" into every school.

The indoctrination is causing personal and social emotional carnage and that is what the mental health hubs are to manage.

This is not to counter or reverse the damage that has and is being done but to further it's effectiveness.

 The political indoctrination of children (about 6 hours a day) by the Conservative and Labour and SNP establishment and the education industry (including trades unions and fake independent "think tanks" has constructed a political curriculum that is having a profoundly damaging effect on schoolchildren especially in regard to their sensitive understanding of themselves as  they grow up and their gathering knowledge and gradual entry into wider society.

  The Conservative and Labour establishment know this is damaging to children but regard it as a price worth paying in order to transform society, from a Christian society into an secular state with a compliant labour pool.

 Parents and authentic teachers and wider society must act now to restore an educational curriculum not a political one.

  The recent announcement by the devolved Parliament that it will consolidate and formalise exisitng political indoctrination of schoolchildren especially in LGBTI issues is the legislative construction and application of a revolutionary political curriculum.


Announcement of the Inclusive Education Report in the Devolved Parliament



20th November 2018 

Marching Into History

 50 years after the Cameronians were politically marched into history the entire British Army now marches into history with them.

 Having been reduced in size (now about 76,000) and rendered into the composition and shape ordered by Conservative and Labour establishment

and it's agents in Stonewall and other revolutionary groups and super profit corporations, the British army is now to become the International

"Progressive" Army, it is to recruit  from overseas.

Fully feminised, LGBTIsed, secularised, multiculturised and internationalised, the former British Army is to be a machine for recruiting

(outsourced to Capita, of course) and ready for deployment anywhere …… the United Kingdom. support the restoration of the British Army with an establishment of 500,000 officers and soldiers and the re-formation of the old regiments and local public (not privatised) recruitment which composed it.



20th November 2018

Through the Lense Again

 Britain is now to see itself through the prism of the anti British  "progressive" revolution generated by the Conservative and Labour establishment's propaganda tools in the media. The moral, social, economic and political dimensions are now filtered through the "progressive" political lense of the 20,000 staff and £5 billion budget of the BBC and it's satellite and client media.

 From the handling of news programmes and deeply serious subjects to  the politicisation of childrens programmes and light entertainment programmes

to indents for the channel itself, the "progressive" template and formula is applied.

   The BBC is the propaganda arm of the "progressive" revolution of the last third of the 20th century.





3rd November 2018



On the 5th of November 2018 the British people will celebrate the 413th anniversary of the defeat in 1605 of the plot by Guy Fawkes and other Roman Catholics to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

 Best wishes to all the Bonfire nights planned across the United Kingdom. 

We continue to encourage groups and organisations across the United Kingdom to establish Bonfire Societies and to maintain the memory.

Here is a link to the well organised Lewes Bonfire Societies website which provides an excellent model and template for groups and organisations to set up their own societies and a link to further information.

If you are attending the Lewes celebrations please bear in mind the council and police advice.


Remember Remember

 Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.

 We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! 

 Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament.

 Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow. 

 By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match.

 O, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.

 Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

 And what shall we do with him? Burn him!



3rd November 2018


On the 5th of November we also celebrate 330th anniversary of the arrival of William of Orange in Brixham in the South of England to begin the Glorious Revolution. 

The Conservative, Labour and SNP parties marginalise British history in schools and wider society and would like us to forget our national history, at we remember it and we are pleased that Her Majesty does too.

Her Majesty The Queen recently commented on 2018 being the 330th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution at the State Banquet for the King and Queen of the Netherlands as part of their state visit:

 "This year marks the three hundred and thirtieth anniversary of the Glorious Revolution, when your ancestor, Prince William III of Orange, came to these shores and restored stability after turbulence."



3rd November 2018  

Post Tenebras Lux

 Without the Reformation there would be no United Kingdom.

The last Sunday in October is Reformation Sunday.

 Wednesday October 31st  2018 was the 501st anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Thesis to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg Germany and sending it to Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg .


Genesis 12:2

King James Version (KJV)

And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

 Isaiah 60:12

King James Version (KJV)

12 For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.




3rd November 2018

 The "Budget" and the Privatisation of Debt

There are no Budgets anymore just debt reshuffles.

While the Conservative Party sets the scene for the next general election, the British have been told by both the Conservative and Labour parties that not only must the British accept indentured labour, zero (negative) pay rises (pay cuts) and concentrated moral and material poverty, the atomisation of society is to mean the atomisation of total debt.

We are witnessing a debt shift from the government account to the personal account.




3rd November 2018

100 Years and Empty Gestures

We remember the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

British soldiers fought for a Christian, United, Free and Parliamentary Britain.

On 26th December 2017 commented:


Empty Gestures

 The dissolution of the United Kingdom, in particular the atomisation of society has led to increasingly empty public gestures where previously meaningful public actions, ceremonies and witness took place.

 The retreat of authority (common and national) and the lessening of the transmission of private and public habits of thought, religion, language, history, customs and manners since the 1960’s is now manifest across society.

Putting to one side the matter of immigration and the domination of the “progressive” revolutionaries in the education industry, British society is now increasingly a moral “Gig” “Uber” and “Deliveroo” society, one focused on the pursuit of the individual selfish interest rather than the collective national interest.

Rather than continuing to be a nation and society built upon and informed by the Christian Protestant religion in every dimension of it's activity, the United Kingdom is now a society where selfishness and material possession are now dominant.

 The secular and ultra profit motivated corporate entities are the economic manifestation of this retreat but it is in the social dimension of society that the retreat has had the primary effect.

 A society that no longer regards the common public habits of thought, religion, language, history, customs and manners or it’s national survival to be of essential importance and things to be held and defended and passed on to the next generation or is a society that can no longer even be bothered to think about such things will find that it's public actions and ceremonies previously full of meaning and containing a (sometimes unspoken) commitment to maintain that meaning have become empty gestures while a new state sponsored and enforced secular behaviour, enters to fill that void. 





27th October 2018

Selfish and Rich

 The Selfish and Rich March (aka the "People’s March" calling for yet another referendum),

in one place and at one time encapsulated the anti British mood and politics of 1968 and it's rotting effect on Britain for the past 50 years.

 The British people are too poor to protest in central London they can hardly afford to make it to the end of their street but the selfish and rich can

afford it.

 The hangover politics of the last third of the last century was there for all to see.

 Full of burning ostentatious entitlement, individuals from Blair’s (did anyone anywhere vote for Tony Blair ? someone must have) Alistair Campbell to

the drug addled patrons of the anti British liberal "progressive" bourgiesie establishment.

Meanwhile immigrants sensibly (they had better things to do) stayed away and the march was profoundly middle class and 'hideously white' to use

the Greg Dyke and Andrew Lloyd Webber phrase.

The march was full of the usual suspects but especially represented was the "Golden Agers" (Greg Dyke is one of the more vocal Golden Agers) all in

their expensive jumpers  and carbon lite shoes (unlike their carbon heavy holidays to India and Patagonia), they have lived a  golden life in a golden

period wrapped in the security blanket of the British nation state (and passport), an established christian church and civilisation, reasonably paid long

term employment (often in nationalised industries now sold off and now trading under some unpronounceable name invented in a "media hub"), local

solid social fabric, an NHS and school and college and university system that worked, a serious national industrial economy, a British Army (rather than

an equality and diversity militia) and a functioning parliamentary representative democracy and very good golf club catering, all paid for by the

sacrifice of previous generations,

 It was a society that provided a working sustainable balance of tradition and progress.

It  was a society that worked and worked well. 

Then, they cashed and crashed it all in for a one off generation of selfishness. 

They threw it all away and there is nothing left only an empty shell for the next generation, full of poverty, loneliness, debt, boredom and misery.



27th October 2018

 The Hetronormative State

 The BBC has recently set itself against it’s own “Hetronormative” organisation.

According to one of its own recent reports the BBC is  not LGBTQI…..........etc enough. has news for the BBC, in Britain, heterosexuality is the norm, Britain is a hetronormantive state.


The BBC promotes a political anti heterosexual agenda, it seeks to masculinise women and feminise men in order to alter the religious and political

composition of Britian and to marginalise masculine traits and lesssen it's masculine historical narrative and to fragment and generate

conflict and doubt in society and society’s means of interacting and functioning in an orderly manner.



27th October 2018

You Started It

 Recently some young soldiers had photograph’s taken with Tommy Robinson, it was not at a political demonstration, it was a spontaneous act at a

petrol station and they are now being hunted down and are to be punished by the Ministry of Defence for what it regards as a political act against the

equality and diversity cult state.

 The British Army (Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and Police) now officially march and dance and take selfies in the demonstrations

of the political organisation called “Pride” across the country. This is a highly political act and it is meant to be. has for years highlighted the Conservative and Labour establishment's breeching of the political neutrality of

the British Army.

 This breech reflects the deeper politicisation (and privatisation) of the British armed forces and police.




20th October 2018

Terms of Trade


The British must speak now or forever hold their peace.

The British people have never been asked in a general election if they wanted to be “transformed" from a homogeneous nation state to a heterogeneous state.

For Britain to be "transformed" into something else and no longer to be a nation state, christian, with common family and social bonds, a serious national industrial economy, and a parliamentary representative democracy then the Conservative and Labour parties and their propaganda machines in the public sector, media and commerce need only to continue to silence debate, promote the "transformation" and simply let the unspoken assumptions that attend it - that Britain is finished morally, socially, economically and politically - set the terms of trade on the matter.

 For Britain to be Britain the terms of trade must be reversed.


20th October 2018

No Staff

One the consequences of the dissolution of our serious national industrial economy and the "transformation" into a shallow service marketplace is the lack of .....staff. Wherever you go there is increasingly a singleton operation from privatised railway stations to coffee bars. This is one of the reasons (apart from the population matter) why so many commercial entities do not work as they should and why there are so many long queue's everywhere for everything, they are structured for precision superprofit through demand management

(people waiting silently in a 1973 fashion rather than kick up a fuss).

For the staff that do exist it is poverty wages, long hours away from their family, boredom and misery.



20th October 2018

None of Your Business

 One aspect of the powershift from the personal dimension to the commercial dimension is the intrusion at so many levels of the commercial entity into a persons private life, opinion and interests.

Increasingly employers and businesses are intruding into employees and customers private political opinions and interests.

Either digitally or through the training course culture especially "Equality and Diversity", "Bias" and "Mindfulness" courses and the "mental health" industry, commercial entities are promoting and enforcing a "progressive" political agenda.



13th October 2018

80 Million


We hold the opinion that the population of the UK is about 80 million not the official 66 million which is based on the IPS sieve method of counting.

 In 2008 the official population was 61 million it is now claimed to be 66 million an increase of only 5 million however average official immigration has ran at upwards of 600,000.

This official figure is based on the Office of National Statistics numbers which are based on the IPS (International Passenger Survey) method of non counting (it is based on an interaction with 0.02 % per cent of "travellers" at principle ports) legal entry, it does not count illegal immigrant numbers. suggests that the introduction of a digital EntryExit sytem would enable the other 99.98% to be counted, identified and movement controlled and that this would be helpful.

We challenge the Conservative government to publish it’s private population numbers.

 We encourage our readers to explore and research supermarket and sewage outflow and utilities population estimates. These are serious superprofit making organisations with vast digital and paper data resources to plough into research into national, regional and local population sizes, compositions and spending habits.


13th October 2018


(from the Greek σιρός – siros, "pit for holding grain")


Since 1967 there has been over 8.7 million abortions in the United Kingd om

About 202,000 abortions were recorded in 2016—that’s about 4,000 a week on average.  

There was over 750,000 births or about 15,000 a week on average.

We hear a lot about the aging population but this refers to the British population it does not refer to the immigrant populations that do not conduct industrialised abortion.

 In Britain, increasingly money and other resources are not spent on the provision for the next generation but are spent on the self.

 The silo debt economy permits the individual to spend on more individualistic items, more cappacino’s, more cars, more holidays, more silo homes, more gadgets and even deeper box set entertainment.


13th October 2018

 Fake Exit – As Planned

The hollow shell that is Britain in 2018 is now finding out that the moral, social, economic and political decay of the past fifty years has had a cumulative effect, that the abandonment of our Christian established religion, the breakdown of common social bonds, the shift from a serious national economy to a debt based service economy and the systematic eradication of our parliamentary representation is all connected and that Britain has thrown away the essential elements that it held it 1973.

Fake Exit is one of the outcomes, it will resolve nothing, exactly what the Conservative and Labour parties intended on June 22nd 2016.



6th October 2018

Britain’s Black Dog

The tidal wave of depression, rise of the “mental health” industry and widespread loneliness and the plunge into deep entertainment is a direct result of the Conservative and Labour policies of the past 50 years.

 The withdrawal of the established church from public life (and it’s restraining effect on the individual and protective effect on family and national life), the official endorsement and promotion of the equality and diversity cult especially targeted at schools, the abandonment of common social and collective bonds and the rise of silo lifestyles (siloism), the deconstruction of a serious national economy and it’s replacement with a debt based work cult have all contributed to this tidal wave.

British society before it’s descent was a fortress against many things one of these things was loneliness of the individual.

 In that time (because we can remember it) national, local and family bonds wrapped the individual from birth into adulthood, from the NHS (and a known local 24 hour GP), the church, the post office, the school, the library, the Boy’s Brigade, college, courtship etc) all these elements and more placed the growing individual into a blanket of social bonds that would serve them and the nation through life.

We all had an interest in each other as fellow Britons living in our nation state.

 Today British people can sense the country is on course to complete dissolution, those old enough to remember or those who have been told about Britain before it was hollowed out, see it everyday.

They can see the moral and social decay happening in their local church, local organisations, city centres and places of employment.

 Many now, do not even venture out or go far into towns or city centre’s as it upsets them to see what has been thrown away and lost and what has replaced it. Streets once familiar and recognisably British are now alien to them.

It is not pills that will put this right, that will counter depression and restore common bonds and fulfilment and hope and balance and contentment in an individual’s life.

It is not pills that will re-knit the common social fabric of family, extended family, friendship and other local and national collective relationships.

 It is a new political party that will do it.



6th October 2018

The Total State

 The abandonment of the established religion, parliamentary representative democracy and nationhood by the Conservative and Labour parties has led to the rise of the “progressive” secular religion, the sovereignty of the Self, otherwise known as the equality and diversity code.

All parts of society are now drawn into the E&D cult through legislation (ie the Equality Act 2010) and consequent social, employment and cultural intimidation.

The formal and informal state is now sponsoring the Equality and Diversity code.

It is becoming mandatory to submit to this code across the public sector including primary and secondary schools, the voluntary sector and the commercial sector especially advertising.

The “transformation” of British society into something else is now being driven by the Total State.



6th October 2018

 Border Patrol

 (A break in the border means no border)

 The national border must be a complete circuit otherwise control of entry and exit is meaningless.

Where there is no controlled infrastructure by one means or another, uncontrolled entry and exit of people and items will take place.

 It is happening now.

 It does not matter that the United Kingdom has a very “hard” border at Heathrow or Dover, if a single part of the air, sea and land border is uncontrolled elsewhere, for example in parts of Norfolk or Fermanagh or South Glamorgan or the Hebrides then those who wish to enter the United Kingdom without identification and control will simply enter through these parts.




29th September 2018

Demoralisation and Destabilisation


For 50 years the British have been trapped in a process of demoralisation, an ongoing grinding away of our moral, social, economic and political beliefs, habits and institutions by the Conservative and Labour establishment.

This has been done – successfully – in order to “transform” Britain from a Christian, homogenous, nation into something else.

Since 2012, when we entered the Destablisation phase, we have experienced the deconstruction of the constitutional parliamentary root and frame of governance of the British people, this has been done largely through the use of the (“alien”) referendum device.

Only dramatic introduction and intervention of new policies can avoid the next phase, Crisis.



29th September 2018

Emergency Measures

 (For a number of years has warned about the destruction of our national infrastructure including power generation and supply (including digital money supply) and the transport network). 


The United Kingdom is now facing an alteration to it's national comportment that it has experienced over the past 45 years

(Eurostate membership).

It is not 1973.

The moral, social, economic and political integrity and substance of the Nation has been thrown away.

The fragile infrastructure across the United Kingdom must be strengthened.

The United Kingdom faces national turbulance unless it intervenes to ensure national stability and a safe landing.


1 There must be an immediate increase in the British Army, the establishment of a Territorial Defence Force and the establishment of a Civil Defence Force (formerly the locally embedded 330,000 strong Civil Defence Corps) and a massive expansion of police reservist's.

2 The immediate reopening of coal pits and coal power generating stations and the securing of power lines (renationalisation of the National Grid) and transport routes.

3 The securing of all water, food and medical supply including the direct control of national supermarket logistics supply.

4 Increased powers and money for local councils to manage additional activities.

5 The securing of the money supply, physical and digital.




29th September 2018

"What Are You Rebelling Against ?

What'd You Got"*

From the film The Wild One's

The counterculture film "The Wild Ones" was released in 1954, it just pre-sages the arrival of teen-age rock and roll.

As the "progressive" revolution's Equality and Diversity cult proceeds to wreck British society and remove the nation's Christian foundations and common social bonds and common conventions (and doing special particular damage in primary and secondary schools) it is pressing the accelerator pedal in it's destruction of any remaining stable social institution or civilised regulated behaviour.

Unfortunately for the "progressives" and their grandchildren, the diminishing number of "Social Justice Warriors", the film simply reflects a post war social mood and manifestation of the emergence of teenagers in the post war period, it is not a template for political revolution.

 (We mentioned this film a number of years ago in our Vassal Territory Blog 20 The Party Is Over) 


29th September 2018

General Election's and Theresa May

 At 11 am on 18th April 2017 Theresa May was opposed to holding a general election.

At 11.15 am on 18th April 2017 Theresa May announced she would "call"* a general election.


The general election was held on the 8th of June 2017.


  *(The Primeminister initiates a motion in the HOC - it was the first time this procedure had been used in British history

- a British Primeminister no longer "calls" a general election ie activates the procedure using the Royal Perogative ie customary authority).



29th September 2018

 New Arithmetic 1 = 217

For years we have warned about the Fixed Parliament Act 2011 yet another legacy of the Conservative and Liberal government of 2010 - 2015.

Now once again it bobs up out of the sewer tank of that government, doing it’s job of shifting power from elector’s to the Conservative and Labour joint executive.

It’s purpose has been to alter the definition of a majority in the House of Commons from a single MP to 217 MP’s.

The cult of thresholdism ("supermajorityism") has arrived in the House of Commons.

We are about to hear a lot more about this Act.



22nd September 2018

Another Cameron and Clegg Legacy

(Recall of MPs Act 2015)

Recall of MPs Act 2015 is opposed to this Act.
It is a vehicle for undermining the integrity of constituent’s authority and representation. It is also a device for parliamentary disruption.

We are about to hear a lot more about this Act.


22nd September 2018

Parliamentary Representation

 The Conservative Party wants to cut representation in the House of Commons from 650 to 600.

At we support an increase in representation to 723 seats.



22nd September 2018

Britain is Bankrupt 

We are told Britain is booming and will boom even more after Fake Exit.
It is all fiction, a land of make believe.
After 50 years of national disintegration Britain is Bankrupt morally, socially, economically and politically.
Britain is now a husk, full of emptiness, loneliness, grinding poverty and boredom.


15th September 2018 

The Nation: Inside and Outside 

Immigration, Europe and Devolution, the three great matters that challenge the existence of the Britain, they must be addressed in favour of Britain.

However these subjects are the consequences, the outside manifestations of a deeper, inside matter upon which all of them must rest.

The matter takes the form of a question “Are We A Nation ?"

(This happens to be the title of a book of Enoch Powell speeches “Nation or No Nation?: Six Years in British Politics” collated by Richard Ritchie in 1979 and published by Paperfonts)

If we are a Nation then we must do what we must to defend the Nation, it’s composition, it’s political independence and it’s singular form.

If we are not a nation (and in that case we also have never been a nation) then we are something else.

After fifty years, the question is finally about to be answered, one way or another.


15th September 2018 


 The "Chequers Agreement" is a Fake Exit and it is the the logical outcome of three things:

 1 The 50 year disintegration of the United Kingdom morally, socially, economically and politically in other words complete disolution of the nation.

 2 The use of the referendum device to sideline parliamentary representation.

 3 The acceptance of the Article 50 procedure.

 Remember Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Davis all signed up to it, all of it.


It is the Endgame of fifty years of Fake Politics by the Conservative and Labour establishment.



15th September 2018 

Introducing ...The Director of BBC News 

(The BBC has a budget of £5 billion and 20,000 staff)

 Fran Unsworth is the Director of BBC News and Current Affairs.

 The independent grammer school educated BBC employee is paid £340,000 a year.

 Since 2013 she has updated her BBC Blog five times.




15th September 2018 

False Memory Syndrome

Once again the Conservative Party is attempting to implant a false memory into the electorate, in particular, that the SNP is responsible for the referendum of 2014 and the threat of another one since March 2017.

This is a False Memory. The SNP are innocent on both counts.

The Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party has called on the First Minister not to call another referendum, but of course, no First Minister can or has ever done so, the devolved parliament has no authority on the matter of the constitution. Only in the British Parliament can a referendum be "called" ie initiated and primarily legislated for (for the sake of this update we will put to one side the completely unconstitutional and anti-parliamentary nature of a referendum).

Quite apart from the devolved parliament not having any authority on the matter (Schedule 5 of the Scotland Act 1998) the SNP have never had and never can have the numbers themselves in the House of Commons to legislate for a referendum.

It was the Conservative party that initiated the referendum

(see the Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron launch the referendum on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 on the 8th of January 2012)

and it was the Conservative Party that legislated for the referendum

(see the Scotland Act Schedule 5 Modification Order 2013).

 Regarding the second referendum, it was Theresa May in March 2017 that initiated it and opened that can of worms in order to get votes across Scotland from electors opposed to another separation referendum.

Those who do not want another referendum should focus their efforts to prevent one on the party that has initiated two referendums on

breaking up Britain rather than on a party that has not initiated any and on it's own, has no authority to do so.



8th September 2018

Weapon Of Choice (The Referendum Device)


 The referendum is the weapon of choice of the Conservative and Labour establishment.

The referendum is the chosen instrument being used to sideline the electorate's authority and parliamentary representative democracy.

It is being used (without a political or legal basis) to disintegrate the United Kingdom as a singular, constituted nation state.

That is why referendums are being "ramped up" all across the United Kingdom for all different reasons at this time.


The following five points are witheld from the public domain by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the BBC.

1 A referendum cannot contain authority - only the elector or their representative (MP) and then consequently Parliament can contain it and transmit it. This is how our British parliamentary system works and it does work.

2 If a referendum could contain authority then MP's would not be MP's because authority is singular and can only be in one place at one time.

If it could be in a referendum then it could not be in the MP's or collectively contained in our British Parliament.

3 Only in our British Parliament - nowhere else - is electors authority transmitted into, collected and exercised on behalf of the nation.

4 A referendum has no human element, the human element has been removed otherwise it would be an election.

(A referendum result is a cold inanimate recorded paper statement, it cannot listen or speak, it cannot feel emotion and it cannot represent)

5 All referendum's in the United Kingdom are simple opinion polls (they have no effect on the authority of MP's or their constituencies)

regardless of the fact that the referendum has been sponsored by the government.




8th September 2018

Mr and Mrs

The recent Supreme Court (a Blair invention) Siobhan McLaughlin case that decided to award a widow's legal entitlement to Widow's Parental Allowance to an individual who was not a widow (the couple were not married) is a further attack on the institution of marriage by the secular "progressive" state, a relic of the social tides last third of the 20th century.

The Supreme Court decided that marriage is a discriminatory arrangement and such discrimination between a married and an unmarried couple (there is about 3.3 million co-habiting couples and about 1.2 million of them with children) breeches "human rights".

We have not heard the last of this judgement. It will have a ripple effect across the entire range of married rights and entitlements.

The decision makes any marriage entitlement illegal.

The family unit of a man and a woman and children is the natural building block of the Nation and primary bulwark against an expanding and intrusive state.

PS the Supreme Court must be abolished, it exists only to facilitate the dissolution of our singular parliamentary constitution and the construction of a federal constitutional regime in the United Kingdom.




1st September 2018

It's Britain or The Conservative Party


Today the outriders of the Conservative Party are attempting to coral those who want Britain to be Britain into the Conservative Party. It is a trap.

The Conservative Party has spent fifty years planning and legislating and enforcing the moral, social,economic and political dissolution of Britain.

It offers nothing to those who want to restore Britain as Britain.

Only a new party that believes in Britain as Britain and has a broad manifesto to restore Britain, is in any way qualified to recieve our membership and


The choice is simple.

It is Britain or The Conservative Party.



1st September 2018

Devolution and Local Decay.

We should not be surprised that the devolved parliament provides 60% of STUC (Scottish Trades Union Council) money.

Legislative devolution is a wratchet mechanism to lever the devolved territories out of the Union.

Devolved governments take British taxpayers money and use it break-up the United Kingdom.

They also do it also with power.

The devolved governments intervene, take over and then push out local councils and other local administrative systems in order to insert their political objectives - all feeding into the overiding objective of division.

One small example of this is the eradication of local further education colleges in Glasgow that have been incorporated into a "single brand" with "new" campuses (in other words the old local colleges).

Once FE colleges were local with a local identity, relatively free standing and full of their own character and experience and knowledge specialism.

Now the colleges are part of a large corporate politicised mush structure and far more pliable, through stratas and stratas of middle management, to bend and sucumb to the dangerous devolved (and non-devolved) political fashions of the day not least the equality and diversity cult.

Across the the entire remit of devolved subjects: Police, Fire Brigade, Schools and other public services etc local, intimate, colourful character is being snuffed out (authentic diversity) and a cold, amorphous blob of unthinking corporate, drone managerialism driven by a dark revolutionary political agenda is taking hold.



1st September 2018 

 Shopping in the Third World

(Part 1) Streetscape


One of the "riches" of living in our de-industrialised, multi-cultural and debt ridden, de-nationalised nation is that we can shop.

The 1980's retail boom's full of yuppie's and "loadsamoney" saw the urban centre's retail street facade brim with sharp clean and spacious lines.

A broad range of shops existed cheek by jowel together, low mid and high price range.

In the 1980's, Britain's commercial retail space was still infused with British and to a large extent American and European commerical influences ideas and themes and fashions.

The urban city commercial and social streetscape was recognisably British and it was generally speaking orderley, clean and spacious. The city space was a common space full of unspoken common bonds and common habits and behaviour and indeed common forms of commercial trading and dealings.

Today the urban areas are often disorderly, smelly, unkept, greasy full of litter and crowded with obsticles, not least the increase in political street furniture including signs, lights, varied, pavements, bins, dog bins (for that large non-existant urban dog population), bollards, etc.

We are seeing our cities descend into cordoned sectors of social and commercial disruption and dislocation.

Of course there is less disruption and dislocation in the "Golden Miles" to be found in every British city where politics and civil and commercial interests all converge in keeping up the illusion that everthing is going well and eveyone is rich and happy and especially happy to spend money (debt) shop and drink cappacino in the rain just like the celebrities do but in somewhere else.

Each city now now pushes the image of it's "Golden Mile" as a reflection of it's "zingy, edgy, vibrant and cosmopolitan " character, all of them a contrast, of course, from their old, dirty, gritty industrial past.

No memories of the past in the "Golden Mile".

One step outside the "Golden Mile" and you are back in Breakdown Britan.





25th August 2018 


The International Passenger Survey is the method used for compiling the United Kingdom's official immigration statistics. is opposed to IPS it is a dangerous sham intentionally designed and used to deflate and hide the actual entry

numbers into the United Kingdom.

We support an EntryExit system to record all movement across the United Kingdoms's land, sea and air frontier.

The following recommended piece by Dominic Casciani exposes the IPS method



25th August 2018 

"Burn The Books, Montag" (Again)


Without words being transmitted verbally, physically or digitally, we cannot give expression and order to thought and form and meaning and

intent and most of course, action.

Words are the substance and power of action.


The Conservative and Labour establishment restrict free speech and encourage it's restriction and censorship (ie through the BBC) in order to

prevent other views being explored and potentially becoming politically popular, examples of this include opposition to devolution and

opposition to abortion.


Quote from the film Fahrenheit 451 from the book by Ray Bradbury



25th August 2018

I'm Alright Jack

The "I'm Alright Jack" generation are doing fine thank you.

Born into Christian Britain and a homogenuous national society with a parliamentary constitution, an army, a functioning NHS,  schools and welfare system, common social bonds and a serious national economy which permitted regular long term employment of men, this generation had the best opportunities of any previous generation.

 Rather than recognise and protect and nurture these elements this generation cashed in all the advantages that was handed to them by their forefathers in peace and war.

 In a sense they pulled up the drawbridge and have now left descendant generations to live and inhabit the national wasteland and sqalour that that they have left behind.

The essential elements that provided stability, order and a balance between tradition and progress have been jettisoned in favor of short term pleasure and ultra profit.




21st August 2018

The Conservative Party

is the Problem Not the Answer


The Conservative Party is "putting it about" that by joining and voting for the Conservative Party, those who want Britain to be Britain will get what they want under a "new" Leader as a result of mass entryism, this is a cheap ploy to get them votes.


The Conservative Party has legislated and facilitated the dissolution of Britain for fifty years.


Edward Heath

Margaret Thatcher

John Major

Tony Blair

Gordon Brown

David Cameron

Theresa May


Five out of seven of the principal actors in the the dissolution of Britain have been the Leader of the Conservative Party.



21st August 2018

Under The Cosh, Again

The recent low rate of strikes and sick days is proof that the British people are now firmly under the cosh of the

the Conservative and Labour establishments 50 year programme of national destruction.

With all the bonds of religion, society, economy and politics loosened there is now no opposition to the untrammeld force of selfishness and the profit

motive in society and the marketplace.

Wages and conditions are being sacrificed for ultra-profit.

In Shell State Britain the Gig, Uber and Deliveroo is the default market model.

The shift of power to business organisations has been facilitated by the removal of large scale sites of British working class men,

the forcing of women especially mothers into the labour market and of mass immigration.

These factors have led to a submissive and compliant labour pool.




21st August 2018 

 Freedom of Religion

 Under the Equality and Diversity Cult 

Glasgow Caledonian University Roman Catholic Chaplain, Mark Maurice has been removed from his university post for practicing his faith in his parish church.

 In a parish devotion, a rosary of reparation for the gross offence to God which is "Pride" Glasgow was held.

The "Pride" event is part of a highly political (the Conservative and Labour parties are facilitators and promoters of it - using public money and resources) and corpratised propaganda machine designed to "transform" British Chistian society into a godless service state by removing the Christian foundations from our nation and constitution.

 On hearing about the devotion, Glasgow Caledonian said it was "disappointed" and stressed that it had a strongly inclusive culture and actively respected and promoted equality and diversity. supports the freedom of religion and worship and the right of the Reverend Maurice to practise his faith without punishment.



21st August 2018


Breech of the Constitution -

 The Politicisation of the British Army

 lt is against the established precepts of our constitutional order for the British Army, Royal Navy and RAF (and the Police) to publically endorse or participate in any political demonstration.

The active participation in and promotion of the political demonstration called "Pride" (which campaigns for the erosion and removal of our Christian constitution and society) by the British Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force and from this year the Royal Marines is a breech of our constitution.

The ban on the armed forces participating in any political demonstration must be restored.



18th August 2018

The National Question


It is August 2018. 

The Final Act in the End of Britain now begins.


Since it's establishment in April 2011, has called for the shifting of the political plates in the United Kingdom through the formal (rather than the current informal) organisationational merger of the Conservative and Labour (and other) parties that all endorse and promote the dissolution of Britain as a Christian industrial nation and it's "transformation" into a godless service sector state.

In tandem with the formal consolidation of the Conservative and Labour parties (all pro immigration, pro EU, pro devolution pro de-industrialisation, de-militarisation and pro "progressive" social revolution) we have called for the emergence of a new national party (see BUP page) dedicated to restoring and rebuilding Britain as Britain.

The new party option is now, at last, increasingly finding traction across public opinion as seen in recent opinion polls.

The general public are now daily experiencing and witnessing the emptiness of Shell State Britain in 2018.

Their lives have been emptied, limited and ruined by the Conservative and Labour parties dissolution of Britain for over fifty years.

They are now lost and abandoned and drifting in a sea of lonlieness, selfishness, poverty and debt, tied now only to the cult of "work".

The Fake Exit of Britain from the Eurostate has simply highlighted the consequence of throwing away of all the moral, social, economic, millitary, infrastructural and political elements of our nation.

Today the United Kingdom stands exposed (and the Eurostate knows this).

Increasingly the civil service (because it knows what is happening) and business (because they are rich and fear for their profits) are issuing warnings and making preparations for public disorder, shortages, "civil unrest" and chaos.

At we have highlighted the exposure (in planning, civil defence, and material and social terms) of the United Kingdom to local, regional and national emegencies including and especially: electricity generation and distribution (including it's immediate effect on the circulation of the money supply), medical and food distribution (including the use of Just in Time (JIT) logistics and the functioning of transport routes.

These are all serious matters with serious immediate effect for large numbers of people.

Neither the Conservative or Labour parties are interested in these matters they are only interested in money, their money and their ability to escape from the disorder that they have created. 

With either party (or both) in power, it is now too late for Britain.

The overiding question at issue today (comprising immigration, the Eurostate, legislative devolution and other profound matters) is should Britain be Britain or become something else?

In our parliamentary system it is only through contained parliamentary democratic conflict on the floor of the House of Commons (rather than outside on the streets or leaked onto the streets through the referendum device) between two opposing constellations of opinion, one openly offering the End of Britain and it's "transformation " into something else (what the BBC calls "New Britain") and one offering the return of Britain as Britain will the National Question be answered and resolved, one way or another.

At we want the National Question to be resolved in favour of Britain as Britain.


If you also want the National Question to be resolved in favour of Britain as Britain then act now before it is too late. 

[email protected]

For seven years  uniquely provided the unofficial narrative about what is happening to Britain and we have campaigned inside and outside of Parliament for a United and Free Britain.

 If you agree with our general perspective then support

and our associated political party, the British Unionist Party


You can contact us at

[email protected]

Thank you




 30th June 2018

"The Purpose of Economy" Speech

Continuing his Union Glue Tour 2018, Stewart Connell delivered another speech in Glasgow titled: "The Purpose of Economy".

The speech focussed on the purpose of the economy in serving the social aspects of the Nation and the impact of the Conservative and

Labour parties policies to de-nationalise and de-industrialise Britain and de-couple the economy from the Nation.


More to follow




27th June 2018

Defending Defence

 The warnings by General Lord Houghton that Britain is "living a lie", regarding it's defence capability are welcome even

though restrained.

The Conservative and Labour parties 50 year old decommissioning and privatisation of the British Armed Forces 

(British Army now down to about 76-78000 regular, the Royal Air Force about 33,000 regular and the Royal Navy about 33,000 regular

and the wider Defence Estate, has left Britain with a micro army, a token air force and a mini-navy.

The Conservative Party's 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review was the most recent principal blueprint for the

deconstruction , monetisation and sell-off of defence "assets".


We are an island nation.

The British economy must quite simply be built upon defence, land, sea and air.

The digital realm must, of course, be occupied but it is in the physical realm first and last and not least

within the United Kingdom itself and at it's land, sea and air frontier that men, money and material must be deployed in order

to hold and exercise and if necessary, project force and power; political, military, economic and diplomatic.


We must restore the British Army to an Establishment strength of at least 500,000.




25th June 2018

 "The Black Stuff"

The 1980 BBC 1 Play for Today, "The Black Stuff" and it's associated drama and series reflected the impact of the intentional mass destruction of British industry and the effects of mass unemployment in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

"The Black Stuff" is a dramatic record of the dissolution not only of British industry but also of the common social bonds that bound together settled and common populations in architecturally settled places doing settled serious economic things like coal mining, working in the docks, railways, power stations and the rest.

We can now witness the result of the moral, social and economic dissolution, recorded in "The Black Stuff" in every village, town and city across the

United Kingdom.





24th June 2018

"Gizza Job"

One of the myths peddled by the Conservative government's of the 1980's (and later Labour government's) was that the "creative destructionalism" of British industry and the opening of the (moral and social) door to debt would allow the "old" (national) industries to be removed and a "new" service economy introduced that would provide new employment opportunities, where bricklayer's, steel fabricators and engineers and the like would "retrain" as service assistant's, serving coffee and burgers and cakes and then "get on their bike's" travelling the country looking for a counter to serve a customer from.

All of it was a fictional narrative.

A backstory served up, and still served up by those who never had to sign on year after year after year.

(Recorded unemployment in this period was over three million)

The early 1980's experienced the first full scale intentional and generational deconstruction of British industry and mass male employment.

There never was any "reconstruction" of the British economy only the emergence of a lonley and shallow

marketplace fulled by debt and the cult of service sector "work".



23rd June 2018


 The Airbus (and BMW) warnings that they may close their sites in the United Kingdom are an example of how politically and economically

exposed the United Kingdom is as a result of 50 years of Conservative and Labour policies.

Rather than consolidate, protect and generate our own manufacturing and general production, 50 years of multinational, multisource manufacturing has

removed the knowledge and practice hubs of British ingenuity and skill, ranging from the old BBC inhouse production departments to the British civil

nuclear industry.



21st June 2018

The "Transformation"


The Conservative and Labour party sponsored, Finsbury Park "One Minute Silence" on Tuesday the 19th of June

and the introduction of a national "Windrush Day" on the 22nd of June (both promoted by the public sector,

commerce, media, and advertising industry) are both part of the narrative to "transfom" Britain from a Christian homogeneous nation into a

secular heterogeneous state.



17th June 2018

Evening All"

The announcement that graduate's will be qualified as police detective's after a 12 week training course just about sums up the shallowness of public services today.

Experience of common life and long apprenticeships in specific fields is frowned upon.

The public services are caught in the grip of political and managerial fashion.

Today generic management with no roots in the sector that they operate get paid massive tax salaries for using purposeless jargon and ticking the equality and diversity cult boxes.

They then after a golden goodbye then meander off into another public sector activity and get a golden hello and start all over again causing organisational carnage in that new field.

"Goodnight All"




12th June 2018

The Ballot Box and The Street

The Conservative and Labour establishment will happily perrmit mass demonstrations everyday in the streets (preferably the backstreets) where they can use all the powers of the state and controlled commerce and media to marginalise popular dissent.

While lawful demonstrations and assemblies are essential instruments of parliamentary democratic protest, it is only through the ballot box and the emergence of a new nationwide political party that offers a broad manifesto to restore, repair and renew Great Britain that they will be defeated.



10th June 2018

 Fake Exit - Exposing the Shell State

 The United Kingdom has for 50 years been hollowed out, morally, socially, economically and politically by the Conservative and Labour establishment.

 While the British Army can still put a show on in central, central (central) London, the Eurostate's contempt for the United Kingdom reflects the general measure of opinion overseas of the United Kingdom as a former serious nation.

 It is not 1972 or even 1989.

 Fake Exit is now showing the British exactly what has been thrown away over the past fifty years.




8th June 2018

Britain On The March

While the Eurostate teaches the United Kingdom how politically empty and powerless it is

(a decimated army and a wastland of serious national industry just to mention two measures)

as a result of the past fifty years of national moral, social and economic disintegration, across Britain, demonstrations in

support of Britain and it's renewal and against the Conservative and Labour establishment are taking place and increasing

week by week.


 The demonstrations are not being reported the anti-British BBC and the other controlled media.


Not least in "quiet" middle England, Immigration and and Fake Exit and the general decay of society is now manifesting

itself into organised political action, after years of distraction, despair and pent up frustration.


The present political expressions and manifestions are similar - in an organisational sense - to the political groups and

movements that emerged prior to the formation of the Labour party a hundred years ago and saw it break the Conservative

and Liberal parties hold on power.


The Conservative and Labour establishment and it's 50 year destruction of Great Britian is now meeting it's nemisis.


Support your local demonstration.

 It's our parliament not their's.




6th June 2018

The Republic


 The anti-British (but funded by the British taxpayer) "Constitution Unit" (CU)

  (University College London) has released two new reports:


 They argue for a new Coronation Oath and service and surrounding procedure.

 The CU report in conjunction with the recent Demos report on "Nostalgia" in politics

(removing the collective national memory from the British people)

 form the constitutional background of the coming Final Act in the End of Britain.

The purpose of the Final Act is to enact and codify the "progressive" revolutions agenda of the past 50 years into a new

secular and federal single constitutional document.

 The CU report seeks to introduce a secular and multicultural coronation while the "Nostalgia" report seeks to remove the 

national memory more generally.

 Our constitutional limited Monarchy is now being fashioned to act as a tool for the proto secular republic which is under construction.

 Both reports are desinged to cut Britain off from it's past in all senses.

 Both reports are about removing the British and Britain from the British constitution.



6th June 2018

The Past Has Been Abolished


The recent report by Demos "At Home in One's Past - Nostalgia as a Political and Cultural Force"

continues the work of the Conservative and Labour parties in attempting to remove memory from the British people.

It is essential for the "progressive" revolutionaries to erase the national collective memory of the British and replace it with a

equality and diversity code.




3rd June 2018

The Interval and the Final Act

 We are now in the Interval before the Final Act in the End of Britain.

The historic political events of 2012-2017 were no co-incidence they were the rehearsal for the Final Act.

The Conservative and Labour parties and the "progressive" establishment from the media to the education sector to the equality and diversity cult are now preparing the final decisive "transformative" acts to cut the British off from their Christian constitution and monarchy and parliamentary representative democracy.



3rd June 2018

Long Hot Summer

It's only the 3rd of June and the political temperature is rising.

Demonstrations across Britain in support of Britain and directed against the Conservative

and Labour establishment are increasing.


Support Your Local British Demonstration

It's Our Parliament Not Theirs.

Get Them Out



 3rd June 2018

Hot and Cold has highlighted many times the exposure of the United Kingdom to natural and manmade emergencies.

While the the temperature rises and the Visa digital payment system crashes it is worth remembering that three days of snow in March streched the "Just In Time (JIT)" distribution chains of the supermarkets and the shelfs were near to empty or empty.

Another three days of snow and the country would have been on it's knees trying to feed itself.

There is no point in having access to what little money you have in your bank account if there is no food to buy.

Fifty years of national disintegration moral, social, economic, infrastructural etc means that the UK is dangerously exposed to national, regional and local emergency, more than at any time since the war.


The Civil Defence Corps (330,000) has been abolished

The Territorial Army has been abolished.

Meanwhile the Police and the British Army (cut to 78,000) is too busy enforcing the Equality and Diversity code

to provide meaningful national assistance to the civil power.



30th May 2018 

Through The Lense

 Through the the lense of Conservative and Labour parties, the education sector, the controlled news channels and media, advertising and commerce (physical and digital) , a new state is being made.

 This new state is "New Britain" in the words of Emily Matliss on Newsnight on the opening night of the 2012 Olympics in London

 British society is being "transformed" into something else.

 Secular, Full of Selfishness and Foriegn.


Want Britain to be Britain?

One party does.



30th May 2018

 The British Constitution and Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is in jail by order of the Conservative and Labour "progressive"establishment and their media agents in the BBC and the controlled media.

His imprisonment (wether we agree or disagree with his politics and methods) is political and the ban on reporting his imprisonment was political.

This is how the we regress as a nation going back centuries into a despotic state where the exective imprisons dissenters and MP's in Parliament simply submit to executive power.

At we believe in the freedom of speech, the the rule of law, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of the press and the toleration of dissent and the other bulwarks of our Britisth constitution.

Only a single nationwide political party that offers a broad manifesto alternative to the fifty years of moral, social, economc and political disintegration of Britain can defeat the Conservative and Labour establishment and repair and restore Britain.



26th May 2018

 Get Out

The Commonwealth

 The London Declaration of 1949 and the Royal Titles Bill of 1952 had one political purpose to begin the removal of the word “British” from the lexicon.

And they did.

 The United Kingdom must reassert it’s independence and stand on it’s own again.

 It is time to grow up as a post Empire Nation.

For too long, Britain has clung on to the “Commonwealth” like a comfort blanket, allowing it to tell itself two soothing stories at once, as the emerging nations asserted their separateness.

 The first was that the Commonwealth would simply be a modern version of a misty common allegiance and a single interest.

  It is not, it is a cold and calculating self help group for countries that have found the word “British” (and all it means) repellent but who recognise power and profit (political and economic) through the mechanism of the (not British) Commonwealth connection.

The other story is that having asserted their separateness from Britain, Britain would then be encouraged to prostrate itself and permit millions from the newly independent nations to enter the United Kingdom and be indistinguishable from the indigenous population.

It is a story designed to make immigration appear to be a continuum rather than an alteration.

The historical common emotional pull of Empire Nation ties forged in peace and in war is being used by the Commonwealth to put Britain down and prevent it from acting in it’s own self-preservation, defence and as an independent nation.

  The Commonwealth is a mechanism to prevent Britain from asserting it’s political independence.

  The orchestrated humiliation of the United Kingdom over the past few weeks on the matter of the paying passengers of the HMT Windrush is what the Commonwealth exists to do and will do again soon.

 There is no level or depth that the Conservative and Labour establishment in Britain will not stoop too to ensure that Great Britain becomes something else.

Get out.  


23rd May 2018

  Glasgow Speech

"Devolution and The Road to Ruin"

On the second date of the Union Glue Book Tour 2018, in a speech delivered in the Jury's Inn Hotel on the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow, Stewart Connell highlighted the Regional Assemblies Bill purpose as an attempt to create a fictional symetrical devolved goververnmental architecture. The assemblies were administrative forms of devolution and the Labour and Conservative parties fearedthat the English assemblies would mutate into legislative devolution and threaten the integrity of England.

 Further in the speech, the surrender of the Church of Scotland to the equality and diverisity code was exposed while other matters including abortion, mass lonliness and the abandonment of our serious national economy were explored.

 In closing Stewart called for a general election between a political formation (Conservative and Labour etc) that wants Britain to be someting else and a new single political formation that wants Britain to be Britain.

 Full text of the speech will be available shortly.



21st May 2018

Glasgow Speech

 On the second date of the Union Glue Tour 2018 Stewart Connell gave a speech in the great citadel of Unionism, Glasgow.

The speech was titled "Devolution and The Road to Ruin".

The speech explored the development of legislative devolution from 1997 and the

historic political events of 2012-2017.


More to follow.



12th May 2018 

Leaving the 20th Century 

We are now leaving the 20th century or to be more accurate we are finding out how to leave the failed politics and policies of the last third of that century.

 The “progressive” revolution of the 1960’s had (and still does) at it’s centre a direct and indirect assault upon the Christian constitution and authority and order of the United Kingdom (and those other nations informed by it).

 While the revolutionaries remain in power in the form of the Conservative and Labour parties they are shell parties. One is kept going by foreign money and trading on it’s small “c” conservative past while the other is kept going only by appealing to it’s “progressive” revolutionary zeal.

 Neither party holds the political validation from the electorate for the policies that they have embarked upon.

There is a gathering opposition to both of them.

This is to be welcomed and is essential for the emergence of a new national party.



8th May 2018 

The Meaning of Doors

  Police Scotland Website


 (Our italics)

 “A hate incident is any incident that is not a criminal offence, but something which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hate or prejudice.”

 Doors are physical manifestations of prejudice.

 We use doors to discriminate, to permit entry or refuse entry to individuals that we are prejudiced to because we either like them or we do not like them.

 Whether we like them or not (sometimes it is involuntary either way) usually depend’s on a large number of internal reasons both subjective and objective.

Prejudice is a good thing.



6th May 2018 

Everything Must Go

 For 50 years the Conservative and Labour parties through secularism, mass loneliness, mass abortion, mass divorce, mass debt and of course the unmentionable, mass immigration, have sought to reduce and then remove the ways and means and the institutions of the British.

 They have largely succeeded.

For these parties, our religion, our parliamentary democracy, our legal system, to our language, our commerce, our arts, our manners, our education, our history, our architecture and behaviour and habits must be reduced, removed and replaced.

Everything must go.


 6th May 2018 

 Before Conservatism

There Was Unionism

 To conserve and to establish a traditional perspective and a body of empirical substance over time, there first must be something to conserve, a natural common matter and entity.

 Unionism can be traced as a religous and political idea through the covenanting period of the 1500's onwards while conservatism emerged during the Restoration from about 1660 onwards.




6th May 2018

Empty Pews

  The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland is about to take place.

 Another gathering of the Conservative and Labour establishment in a different suit, to plot the religious retreat from established Christian witness and submission to temporal power in the form of the equality and diversity cult.

 For fifty years the denomination that is authorised and established by law as the Church of Scotland has abandoned it's members and adherents and taken the side of those dedicated to the removal of Christian witness and worship across British society.

  Today from the comfort of the Manse and the Stipend they are surprised to find empty pews.



6th May 2018

Golden Agers

and a Cold Society for the Young

There is emerging talk about the difference between the younger and the older generation of Britons today.

Due to the policies of the Consewrvative and Labour parties, young people are now growing up in a dissolving nation where the moral, social and economic elements are now hostile to them rather than organised to protect and nurture them.

 From the retreat of the established church, to their political indoctrination in their schools, to the assaults on family and local life, to digitalised commercialism of their privacy, to their early inculcation into debt and indentured labour, young people today now face a cold society compared to the collective warmer society of post war Britian that could be traced even into the late 1980’s.

 From about 1945-1989 there was a (diminishing) golden age, generally speaking, for those born into a still united, free and prosperous Great Britain.

 Born into a Christian and homogeneous Great Britain, they had good schools, reasonably paid regular serious employment (probably in a nationalised industry), government supported marriage and government support for having children, reasonable holidays, public services that worked, a close located extended family, no debt and savings – possibly enough or with a small loan from the local bank manager (who knew your family background) to start a small business, close knowledge of long term neighbours and a bit of spare time for socialising and contributing to a voluntary organisation.

 Today, now or near to retirement (they had the choice to retire), the golden agers, content on their final salary pensions can go for a cappuccino in their Tata Range Rover and browse through their Saga magazine to decide on how many holidays they will go on this year while the young (and others) are abandoned to float in moral and social disolution and economic misery and servitude.





29th April 2018

Evidence and Transmission


The 1960’s political and cultural revolution was not “progressive” it was regressive.

It’s purpose was to reverse and remove the Christian civilisation found in

Great Britain

(and in other nations founded and informed by our Christian constitution).


The evidence of the revolution's damage lies all around us everyday in the moral, social and economic ruins of the United Kingdom.

 For 50 years this revolution has faced no substantial opposition until now.

50 years since it’s cultural highpoint of 1968 and twenty years since it’s political highpoint in the election of New Labour of 1997, it is in 2018 that it is at last facing a counter revolution.

Central to the advance of the counter revolution has been the internet.

Just like the advent of the printing press at the Reformation, the internet has facilitated the transmission and promulgation of officially frowned upon opinion, previously restricted by the media agents of the Conservative and Labour parties.




29th April 2018


 The “progressive” revolution does not believe in savings of any kind moral, social, economic or political.

It only believes in the short term fix of selfishness.



29th April 2018

Happy Talk

 General social discussion of politics is now restricted not by voluntary politeness and manners (founded on the established Christian religion) but by fear of coercive legislation and cultural intimidation.

This is partly due to the official imposition of the "progressive" revolution and the disintegration of previously common norms across society.

 Today we are meant only to engage in frivolous chit chat happy talk, no serious subjects, no criticism and certainly no dissent from the equality and diversity code.






20th April 2018

Breaking The Spell

(Because We Must)


There has never been any need for any immigration at all into the United Kingdom.

 The British managed by themselves on their island, sufficient and independent for centuries upon centuries upon centuries.

 The unique elements of the British have been their religion, their island, their parliament, their genius and their homogeneity, a deeply political and precious thing.

 These elements together built a great nation and indeed if the truth be told, the entire modern civilised world as we know it today.

 The only reason for immigration on any other level than that of a trading island trace level has been political.

 The Conservative and Labour immigration policies have always had one purpose, to alter and abandon the homogeneous composition of the United Kingdom and “transform” it into a heterogeneous state.

 This transformation rests upon the British ceasing to exist as a common, self recognising and political nation and becoming something else.

 This is the “transformation” that is unmentionable by law.

 The spell is enforced by all the powers (legislative and non-legislative) and all the organs of the state from schools to commercial contract.

For 50 years the Conservative and Labour parties have cast a political spell to instill the idea that the British people were deficient and insufficient in themselves and needed immigration from many places in order just to function.

 The idea is false, of course it is false, as a nation we have been blessed and had everything we ever needed and need.

 Above our heads the rain gives us water, under our feet, our soil and the seas around our island give us food while coal gives us power.

 The British have everything they need to repair, restore and regenerate.


The spell is now broken.




9th April 2018

 The Political Purpose of Trade

 The great political point about capitalism and nation to nation trade (international trade) is that we can move goods, services and capital to people.

We do not need to move people to them.

 Trade means that we do not need to go to war and occupy other nations in order to possess their goods or services.

 They can get items that they want from us and we can get items that we want from them through the exchange of mutually agreed physical measurements called money.

 The inentional ignorance of this is the basis of the fictional "Fourth Freedom" of the EU - the "free" movement of people.

This is all basic stuff that should be taught early in secondary or even tertiary education.


9th April 2018

Economic Havoc Called “Progress”

 In this “free” market borderless digital “utopia” promoted by the Conservative and Labour parties, the cult of globalism moves at will to wipe out anything that is a barrier or restriction or limitation of superprofit, this includes religious belief, getting older, independent opinion, having and bringing up children and privacy and artistic creativity amongst many other things.

  It does not matter the national, moral and social havoc caused in it’s wake, all that matters is the superprofit point and pushing the cost pendulum towards the consumer and taxpayer, in the case of the consumer, it manifests itself among other things in the increasing forms of self service (using your resources; time and mental and physical effort an equipment) to replace the businesses resources ie the increased use of self-service tills and reader guns in your local not local supermarket.


3rd April 2018

The Coal Strike

The 1984-1985 coal strike was not about coal, it was not about the 1973 coal strike, it was not about "free" markets in coal, it was not about trade union power in coal, it was about breaking British industrial (and masculine) power and opening the doors to a debt based, feminised, service marketplace and of course, the unmentionable, mass immigration.


3rd April 2018

Goodbye GKN

GKN is a large British manufacturing company and it’s roots can be traced back to the industrial revolution It has been takenover by a hostile asset stripping company.

Just like the ARM company (a major British semiconductor and software design company takenover by the Japanese with Conservative government consent), GKN has been thrown away for money with no concern for the wider or longer term British interest.

As we mentioned on 7th November last year, the Conservative Party Leader speaking at the false flagged CBI conferece, declared to foriegn nations and corporations that what was left of British industry was for sale and would not be protected by a Conservative government.

 7th November 2017

Conservative Party:

Money Before Country Everytime

Theresa May Speech CBI

6th November 2017

  “We (Conservative Party) believe in the free market and won’t attempt to shield the economy from market forces.”


 The Conservative Party (and the Labour Party) have no interest in British industry.

The scrapyard beckons.


 3rd April 2018 

Nation - Singular

 Ramping up it’s Fake Exit Day propaganda with a “breakout session” from Conservative Central Office in London, the Conservative Party Leader and failed Home Secretary Theresa May (she oversaw immigration increase by about 4 million and the first invasion of Britain by foot since the Middle Stone Age – about 10,000 years ago).

She referred to the UK as a “union of nations” this is not just constitutional illiteracy of the first order (not only has she spent decades as a senior politician, she also went to a good grammer school and university) it is a meaningful use of the lexicon to prepare the political groundwork for a federal constitution in the UK.

If Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England were nations then the United Kingdom could not be an integral and unitary parliamentary nation.

The UK is a nation – singular.

It is not a union of nations, a "family" of nations, a federation or a confederation.

It is a single political body.




24th March 2018 

Under The Spell

Since the 1950s we have been under the spell of mass immigration and the stories attached to mass immigration.

  Since 1948 and the issues raised by new nationality acts across the British Commonwealth, the United Kingdom - a homogenous nation (a deeply precious thing) - embarked on a programme of mass immigration for decades.

 Many stories were then told to encourage the view that the UK needed mass immigration (not enough workers in Yorkshire mills, or the NHS or farmworkers or foriegn students or cultural "enrichment" in general etc) and cover up the fact that the homogeneity of the United Kingdom had been thrown away.


24th March 2018 

Gone Fishing

The Conservative Party 2018 continues the work of the Conservative Party 1972 as it confirms that France, Spain and Luxembourg and 24 other countries will continue to have right to fish in British territorial waters after Fake Exit Day.


24th March 2018 

Fake Exit

 The Conservative Party has begun ramping up the fanfare to Fake Exit Day.

 This is another attempt to present the Conservative Party as a party of the British Interest, it is not, it is a godless party of the foreign interest.

 There will be no Exit only degrees of “alignment”.


24th March 2018 

Pod Life

 A new pod hotel has opened in London modelled on already established pods in Japan.

 At we expect to see more pod hotels and pod dormitories in workplaces as commercial and corporate power increases, privacy becomes a thing of the past, the spread of silo lifestyle increases and marriage and the family unit are marginalised.


24th March 2018 

Over and Out

In a midweek update we stated that the political system in the UK has been switched off by the Conservative and Labour parties and is over, done, finished.

 Only the emergence of a new national party can break the Conservative and Labour establishment control of the political system and switch it on again and reverse their 50 year ruin of Great Britain.

 We will no longer engage with any parliamentary committee or commission.

We will not validate or prop up a system that works daily for the foreign interest and against the British interest.




22nd March 2018

 Leave Today

The 1972 European Communities Act must be repealed today.

(It will not be because the Conervative and Labour parties want to stay in).

A short Bill (just like the one that took us in in 1972) to repeal the 1972 Act could be presented to Parliament and passed in a day.

This would immediately show that the UK is back and put the UK in a serious negotiating postion in trade talks with the EU and others overseas.

The Article 50 process is all about "full alignment" and continued alignment

aka staying in aka never leaving.




21st March 2018 

It Is Over

 We have a Conservative and Labour establishment that has switched off the political system in the United Kingdom.

 It is over, done, finished.




17th March 2018 

Complete Economic Reversal

Nothing Less.


The composition of the British economy must be completely reversed.

 Conservative and Labour parties are engaged in a joint venture - it is to tell the British people that the economic system is functioning in the national and individual interest, it is not.

 Our economic activity is now detached from our individual and national interest

The British people are now working against their own national and individual interest.

 We cannot continue with the domination of the service sector, then a small token component of manufacturing and a minor role for defence, heavy industry and public infrastructure

Marginal action or tweaking will change nothing, that is a dangerous falsehood and practice done everyday by the Conservative and Labour parties.

 We must completely reverse and restore our economic composition and ensure our national characteristics and priorities imprint into and onto our economic activity.

 We must take millions of young men (full of talent and potential) out of the cult of revolutionary education (and debt) and the sedentary and banal shallow service sector and put them into defence, heavy industry and public infrastructure.

We have stopped making things (shipbuilding) and increasingly things do not work as they should

(provision of public and private housing).

We must make things again and make things work again.

In particular we must provide young men with apprenticeships and then regular reasonably paid, purposeful employment.

 The rest will come.

We must restore meaning and purpose to our economic activity.



 17th March 2018 

British Leyland


At we hold the opinion that the national economy

must be built on the dominant economic foundations of defence, heavy industry

(including coal and shipping) and public infrastructure.

 We support the re-establishment of the nationally owned vehicle manufacturer

British Leyland.

 British Leyland and it’s large and intensive sites of employed men – just like defence and coal and shipping were sacrificed to the Conservative Party (and Labour party ) cult of privatisation and the re-engineering of the social order with the intent to marginalise men and push women into the market place, dissolve the family unit and open the national frontier to mass immigration.

 British Leyland is regarded by the free market globalist privatsation cult as a failed venture.

In 1977 British Leyland launched the Rover SD1.


In 1977 the SD1 was voted European Car of the Year.



17th March 2018 

The EXIT Fiction

 There are still supporters of withdrawal from the EU - mostly the Conservative Rees Mogg and UKIP types - who advance the view that the UK will emerge from the EU in its pre-EEC 1973 moral, social and economic condition and enter into the role of a global service sector player and a centre for free market digital capitalism.

 It is all comfort fiction.

 It is an illusion based on denying what the Conservative and Labour parties have actually done to the United Kingdom over the past fifty years while everyone else was out enjoying themselves.

The Britain of 1973 or even 1989 has gone.

Our moral, social, military, economic and political elements have been abandoned or dissolved or both.

 Our homogenous society has gone.

Our military capability has gone.

Our common social bonds have gone.

Our serious national economy has gone.

Our unified parliamentry representative democracy has gone.


It has happened and there is no point in denying it.





5th March 2018 

Force of Nature

(The Cult of Work Defeated by Snow)

 The arrival of a period of snow, bursts though the shallow, plastic, digital and commercial environment that dominates British society today.

 While, of course, we must ensure that the existing infrastructure and emergency provision is secure and delivered effectively especially to our young and old, there is another side to the arrival of the snow.

 The crushing cult of work has been put in it’s place by the force of nature.

 Generally speaking – a lot of people are have been off work and doing other things and this itself is a good thing.

British people work and commute far too much and British children spend far too much time in school and college studying for a largely ineffective certification system, so the arrival of forced absence from both is a good thing.

 For a short while a lot of good things have happened to our country and people.

Mother’s and father’s have spent time at home with their children.

 Neighbours have talked to each other and friends have spent time together.


For a few days the Work Cult has been defeated and we have had a taste

of what an alternative Britain could be.


We touched on the Work Cult in Entry 49 in our Vassal Territory Blog.


3rd August 2015


Work Work Work.


The Conservative and Labour parties

 place only a monetary value on the British people.

 They are obsessed with work so long as they do not do it.

 They are obsessed with profit but they have never made a profit.

 They are obsessed with work because they cannot comprehend that the British

 people are a Nation first and foremost.

 They are not an economic unit.

They are a Nation with an economy.


The purpose of the economy is to serve the Nation.

One of the consequences of the move from a Christian Nation to a godless vassal

territory is that the majority of people including increasingly the








will have to work and work for less and less.


There will be less time available for





listening to music

having meals together






tasting food


seeing colours and mountains and rivers and seas and oceans and architecture

watching animals





4th March 2018

Devolution Powers

and the Rule of Law

 While the British people struggle to get the basic day to day essentials and stay warm, the devolved parliament is preoccupied with pushing and then stepping over the legal limits of it’s power.

 The devolved Scottish Parliament’s “Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill” is outside the legal competence of the 1998 Scotland Act Schedule 5.

 Even it’s “Presiding Officer” has conceded it is outside the devolved competence.

 It is not legal.

 The entire legislative devolved experiment (across the United Kingdom) has failed and should be immediately suspended and all devolved powers restored to national government (territorial offices) and local council's.



1st March 2018



While the snow falls and demand rises for heat and light, the National Grid PLC  (a private commercial entity formerly in public ownership and known as the Central Electricity Generating Board) has just announced a “gas deficit” as it attempts to meet UK demand for electricity.

We released the following article on the closing of Longannet  power station almost two yeas ago.

25th March  2016  
 Longannet Was British 
 Longannet coal fired power station has been closed.    
It was the second largest in the UK and the last coal fired power station in Scotland.

The  station worked for 46 years. It was still fully functional and generated power for over 2 million British homes, hospitals and schools and other public services. It employed hundreds of men on site and provided valuable economic activity to the local area. The station has been closed by; the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the SNP, the TUC, the CBI, Scottish Power (a front company of the Spanish corporation  Iberdrola)  and the political organisation which claims it is a charity the World Wildlife Fund.  

The United Kingdom is closing down. 


We support the re-establishment of the  National Coal Board (NCB), the re-opening of the coal pits and the building of 18 Coal Fired Power Stations.


1st March 2018 

A Nation Exposed

 Over the years we have warned about social breakdown and the abandonment and absence of national and regional and local emergency infrastructure and resources especially the lack of a cohesive society, civil defence and the increasing risk to power generation and distribution, the transport network and the food supply.

 The arrival of a period of snow highlights this matter and the Conservative and Labour parties contempt for the primary responsibilities and duties of national government.



7th February 2018 

Age and Maturity and Society

 The 1960's “progressives” knowingly coated their revolutionay policies with the emerging teenage

maket and visible gloss and artisitc culture of the time.

They promised - as they still do - that their utopian society would allow the individual to pursue the teenage impulse forever, to be an autonomous and sovereign self (be whatever or whoever you want to be) and that they would bend and fashion British society so that it would happen for you and make society into a form in which adolescence and “youth” and the teen age would dominate all sphere’s of life and marginalise common adult authority, common knowledge and common power.

 And so 50 years later adult authority and knowledge has retreated, not least from the church and politics and the passing whims of youth are now worshipped and legislated for by the principal parties and manipulated for secular political interest and superprofit by vast corporations.

 Our collective national growth and maturity through the experiences of school, adolescence, apprenticeships and training, courting, marriage, establishment of the home,  parenthood, the raising of children, and the establishment of the family unit (the building block of a Christian society) and the voluntary contribution and participation in local and national society etc has now been not just disrupted but fundamentally dissolved and reconfigured in a pattern that serves the power of the political and corporate establishment.

The moral, social and economic order that prevailed in the 1950’s and was still visible and imprinted into British society into the late 1980’s (while society was being hollowed out by the “progressive” revolution) worked well and held together a balance between the old and the new, restraint and freedom, tradition and (authentic) progress.

 We now have a society that refuses to grow up (or delay until it is too late to make any meaningful difference) or to take responsibilites, explore, make mistakes and learn and experience maturity).

 Rather than mature, millions today now isolate themselves and live silo lifestyles in a secular, atomised digitalised and adolescent market place.

There is now an increasing hollow centre in British society that should be filled with the full range of age and maturity.

Rather than grow as individuals and explore and challenge themselves, many men  (and women) avoid marriage, children and establishing a home. Why have the hassle and responsibility of looking after others when one can just monopolise every resource one has in order to please yourself.

Selfishness is easy.

From there, they are inculcated to be debt generators, depersonalised, corporatised  and digitalised servants to debt and debt packages and of course (in the quiet hidden moments not seen on Facebook) private misery.

 At a national level we have thrown away centuries of political maturing and evolution and are now regressing in our political culture and civilisation.

 For 50 years the policies generating a society worshipping youth and inceasingly hostile to maturity have been legislated for by the Conservative and Labour parties for fundamentally political reasons and have increasingly dominated and then altered our nation and it’s civilisation. They must be reversed.




 27th February 2018 

Devolution, Architecture

and the Kirk

The Church of Scotland until the 1990’s had an Assembly Hall that looked exactly like it should

a legislature and a court and a place of worship all at the same time.

  It contained a sombre wooden layout in a C shape surrounding the communion table and the Moderators Chair and lecturns and a Throne Gallery .

 The traditional layout of the Assembly Hall was turned into a scene from a 1973 inner London “community” centre in order to accommodate the new fangled devolved “Scottish” Parliament until Kirsty Wark’s (so much for a neutral BBC) half billion pound devolved parliament building was built.

 The Hall and the “Black and White” corridor surrounding the Hall (where the representatives gathered to informally debate politics and theology at the one and same time) held an authority and conveyed a serious established Presbyterian contribution into the British state, statecraft and state craftsmen.


The Church of Scotland would later beg the SNP to be the official church in a separate Scottish statelet but Nicola Sturgeon chased them away – no chance in the proposed multicultural Scotland.

 The Church of Scotland, established by the British Constitution and British law would then declare itself neutral in the 2014 separation referendum.


27th February 2018 

 London Calling Again


There is one part of the United Kingdom with all the elements ready to push for more devolution and separate statehood and it is not Scotland …….it is London.

 With a population of some 10 million, visibly different, young and fertile with alien religious, social and economic characteristics from the rest of the United Kingdom, vast capital wealth and a materially hungry, a digitalised and servile labour pool, a markable (M25) and defendable territory including a secure coastal access, London with it’s proto political structure (Sadiq Khan is just the begining) is a new emerging city state.



27th February 2018 


Over 8 million abortions have taken place in the United Kingdom since 1967.

            These have been overwhelmingly of the British.


The loss of 8 million Britons is never referred to.

Their potential is never referred to.

The loss to our country is never referred to.


It is often casually said by the anti-British BBC and others that the UK population is “ageing”,

they never say why.



27th February 2018 

Banned by the BBC Again!


The BBC have been aware of our campaign for years.


Last year a senior BBC Editor approached us for content.

The intention was to make a contribution on a live national politics programme.

We provided our special 20th Anniversary of Devolution three part series.

Upon receipt of our content the BBC decided to have no further contact.


Our content is outside of the Conservative and Labour controlled narrative.

 We will not conform to the BBC’s anti-British corporate political posture and political demarcation.



17th February 2018 


 The decline and loss of Britain as a dominant and creative artistic nation full of independence, enquiry and eccentricity (including the principal art mediums of the pre privatised BBC (the BBC is now a shell organisation commissioning privatised and revolutionary content)  and the old ITV regional stations and franchise (now generic media companies) and it’s submissive conformity to the new “progressive” revolutionary codes all reflect the abandonment of our national political and artistic culture over the past 50 years.

British art like the nation itself is disolving, no longer able to either recognise itself or articulate purposeful artistic comment about itself.

For those few British artists still able and still brave enough to express comment on the state of the country (in whatever art form they perform or produce) we must treasure them.

 Having thrown away our nation we have also thrown away everthing that flows from it not least our art.


 17th February 2018


The removal of the Union flag from public buildings has been going on for years.

 Even before devolution the Union flag was increasingly not being flown.

 General political and public neglect and a disregard for our country and it’s institutions and history led to a withdrawal of the flag and other symbols of nationhood from the public and official space.

 Flagless flagpoles could be found everywhere next to the Saltire and the EU flag.

That said everything about what was happening in the country.

The Union flag is widely regarded by Conservative and Labour “official” UK (not just Scotland) and especially by the sniffy middleclass as a relic of the past, an embarrassment in modern multicultural and secular UK  and of course “offensive” in a background visual noise kind of way.

 The immediate future UK is to be about neutral symbols not national symbols

That is the reason for the empty flagpoles and the shifty absence of national symbols from all aspects of national life. It is all about the neutralisation of the political state and it’s “transformation” into a secular vassal territory. It is the political equivilent of legally self declaring that you are neither male or female until you decide you are something else.

 The Conservative Party is complicit in the removal of our national flag from the public and official space over the past 50 years.

 The Conservative Party has endorsed and sponsored the denationalisation of the nation across the entire range of policies so it can come as no surprise that this should be reflected in the decreasing flying of the national flag or indeed the continuance and furtherance of that approach by the SNP through powers that the  Conservative and Labour parties voted for by voting for legisaltive devolution.

 The lesson is simple.

If you support the Flag do not support the Conservative Party

 The Union flag should of course, be flown prominently from every public building including: schools, hospitals and police stations.




17th February 2018

 Debt as a Drug

 Mass debt is a government sponsored consumer drug with the intent of numbing the emotional and material effects of moving from a Christian nation (and all of it’s modes, customs and habits and patterns) to an atomised and lonely secular vassal territory.



17th February 2018 

Begging Letters

The Conservative Party recently sent out a begging letter to the 3,000,000 plus EU immigrants in the UK begging them to stay while agreeing to the entry of millions more EU immigrants through it’s new “settled status” provisons for entry.

No letters have been sent out asking the British to stay.



17th February 2018

Abortion Numbers

The online and over the counter, do it at home or at work, abortion pill pack (self-medicate) will make it impossible to record the level of abortion currently at about 200,000.

 So much for the 1967 Abortion Act providing a safe environment for mothers.


 17th February 2018

Diversion Politics Via Article 50

 The Article 50 process is a gift to both Conservative and Labour Parties

It is a diversion.

All other political matters are now sidelined or forbidden while the country is trapped into a orchestrated descent into breakdown and chaos.



17th February 2018

Franchise for Sale

It is now proposed that “refugees” and “asylum seekers” should have the vote.

The Conservative and Labour 2016 Scotland Act permitted the devolved Parliament to alter the electoral franchise.

 It should be remembered that in the referendum in 2014, the franchise used was supported by the Conservative and Labour parties.

That franchise meant that the United Kingdom could have been brought to an end by a single vote cast by a Nigerian who was resident in Scotland.





3rd February 2018 

The Outer Casing

and the Elements


In his speech in York University Stewart Connell referred to the “outer casing” of the Nation.

The outer casing being the constitutional and parliamentary fabric of the nation state, the political material that holds it together and makes it work like a highly sophisticated watch.

 Inside the casing the moral and social and economic dimensions exist.

 The casing and the elements inside it have now disintegrated and the rusted components are brittle and breaking and becoming dust.

 It is upon the moral religious component that everything else is built.

 The abandonment of our Christian witness and heritage not least by our established church means that all the other elements will fall in on themselves. This is what has been increasingly happening during the past 50 years.

 Rather than bring social cohesion and national unity the social dimension now brings division, silo lifestyles, conflict and loneliness while the economic dimension rather than bring dignity and material progress brings misery and poverty.


23rd February 2018



As Capita follows Carillion……

  For anyone interested in the defence of the United Kingdom, it is comforting to know the following from Capita’s website:

“Capita is entrusted by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deliver a range of core business services of national importance. The responsibilities implicit in these undertakings are taken extremely seriously by all employees engaged on their delivery.”

 For a number of years has highlighted the legalised theft of public resources through “outsourcing” and other measures.

 Both Carillion and Capita have extensive contracts across the MOD not least in the Defence Estate and Army recruitment.



The British Army is now down from about (regular) 258,000 in 1960 to about 78,000 today

(including those on equality and diversity courses).


Further Reading

Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010



27th January 2018

State Within a State

 (Alternative Economy Number 1)

 One of the largest (and most highly politicised) economies in the UK is the education economy.

 Education spending especially on the tertiary sector is effectively a state within a state.

 Millions of young people are now locked into the educational state which builds satellite towns (isolated campuses away from normal patterns of national life) to house them and inculcate them with debt and the secular moral, social and economic religion of the “progressive” revolution.

 The Conservative and Labour parties do this to further the movement of the United Kingdom from a serious national economy to a secular service marketplace.



27th January 2018

Mark E. Smith


Popular and alternative culture across the English speaking world and beyond has been led and dominated by British writers, performers, musicians, painters and many other artist’s none more so than the late Mark E. Smith.

 Mark E. Smith was the leader of the punk/post-punk/alternative rock band The Fall.

 The Fall provided the music to the 1988 Michael Clarke dance company production

“I Am Kurious Orange”.

The ballet marked the Tercentenary of The Glorious Revolution.


From the album “I Am Kurious Orange”

 “Big New Prinz”



27th January 2018

 The Limits of Tolerance

 Since the Glorious Revolution the British people and parliamentary democracy have been very tolerant of political and religious dissent.

 The certainty of the rule of law through our united parliamentary constitution permitted generous limits on the toleration of dissent.

 We have now passed the limit of tolerance.

 The religious, political and constitutional elements which provided the ingredients for toleration have been marginalised by the Conservative and Labour “progressive” revolution and now increasingly political and social disorder, anarchy and chaos are on the rise.

 Complete toleration means the complete disintegration of the state and civilisation.

 It is time to enforce the limits of toleration (the walls and fabric of the state) and defend our nation, it’s religion and it’s parliamentary constitution.



27th January 2018

 For Whom the Bells Toll

“Carillion” (an invented word by a brand consultancy) is a corruption of carillon (a peal of bells)

 As we have seen with the £1.5 billion Carillion debacle the entire public sector is full of legalised financial rackets - privatisation, contractorisation, monetisation, PFI, PPP etc.

It is essential that activities of an important and dominant character are demarcated in the public sector.

  That is why we had the NCB, and the Electricity Boards all in public ownership.

 A recent National Audit Office report indicated that taxpayers will have to pay out over £200 billion in contractorised PFI commitments.

 The report also identified that using these private arrangements makes the cost of the projects 40% higher than using direct public payment.

 All the new flatpack public sector buildings we see everywhere are rented from the private sector through deals put in place by Conservative and Labour parties rather than being owned and maintained by public authorities such as government departments or local councils.



27th January 2018

In Celebration of Certainty and Centralism

 The nation state and it's institutions must mean certainty.

 It must mean the use and the potential use of force to enforce the united constitutional and parliamentary represented will of the British people.

 That certain force must be exclusivevly held and wielded by the central state.





23rd January 2018

York Speech

In a wide ranging speech at York University, Stewart Connell highlighted the recent political attempts to to undermine the British constitution and the deep and continuing effects of the “progressive" revolution on the moral, social and economic dimensions of the nation.

 The speech included subjects such as the impact of referendums, mass abortion, the cult of work, the pushing of mothers into work, mass loneliness, mass debt and mass poverty and the retreat of the established church.



20th January 2018

Stewart Connell

Speaks at York University


British Unionist, Stewart Connell, addressed a meeting in York on Tuesday 16th January 2018.

 Stewart attacked the Conservative and Labour parties for the 50 year ruin of the United Kingdom and called for their defeat by a new national political party to restore, repair and rebuild our country.

 The event was hosted by York University Politics Society, one of the leading politics society’s in the United Kingdom.

More to Follow




9th January 2018



The Return of Devolution

 On it goes, the Conservative and Labour establishment attempt to “normalise” legislative devolution across the United Kingdom.

Having played fast and loose with the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom by introducing legislative devolution across Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland they are now attempting to introduce it (again), regionally across England.

Just like the 2004 Blair and Prescott attempt in the Regional Assemblies Bill it begins with (via carrots and sticks) marginalising local councils and then inventing and imposing “hip and trendy” city and metropolitan footprints (Northern Powerhouse etc) which are out of keeping with the more intimate scale and traditions of British local government and representation.

Aided by central government financial inducements and penalties, large scale local government regions (Similar to the old Strathclyde Region tier of government which covered Glasgow and the west of Scotland in the 1970’s and 1980’s) are set up and which then become powerful political building blocks (like the London Assembly) leading to demands for them to be “supercharged” by the introduction of legislative devolution - the establishment of a territorial elected assembly with legislative powers.

(See Part 3 of our 20th Anniversary of Devolution Series)

Many local councils (the natural British form of local government and administration - which have been treated with hostility or abandoned and starved of direction and funding for decades by both Conservative and Labour parties) in England are now tired of fighting the drive towards the new city regions and are now seeking to come to some arrangement with them.

This is all part of the dissolution of the integral British state. As the United Kingdom dissolves, new (and old) identities and powers across the country rise and compete for power, status and resources.

Local councils should not be wasting political effort, material resources and money on such dangerous activity, they with national government assistance, should be rebuilding villages, towns and cities across the United Kingdom.

Local government (like national government) across the United Kingdom is not just in a mess, it is in a dissolving mess.



2nd January 2018

The Poverty Mask


Mass poverty and the misery that attends it across the United Kingdom

is masked by the Conservative and Labour pro mass debt policies.

Mass debt enables government to mask the depth and impact of poverty across the nation and shift the responsibility onto the individual.

Mass debt soaks up and covers up the premeditated consequences of moving from a serious national economy to a frivolous shallow service marketplace. It is similar to the use of the education industry to soak up and store unemployment.


 2nd January 2018  

Accelerator Pedal

Education continues to be monetised.

The Conservative Party has announced it will introduce will introduce 2 year degrees at a cost of £11,000 a year.

 The Universities minister Mr Jo Johnson said he wants to "break the mould" of a system in which three-year degrees have "crowded out" any more flexible ways of studying.

It will be directed towards more "alternative" courses rather than traditional courses.



2nd January 2018 

Devolution in Wales

In 2018, the push is now on to change the description of the Welsh Assembly to the Welsh Parliament

(and increase its membership from 60 to 80 or possibly 100)

in order to give the impression that the United Kingdom is a federation rather than the unitary and

integral nation state that it is.





31st December 2017 

The Hardest Part

 In 1979, Glasgow was at the crossroads of being either (as it had been) a rather dark and serious industrial British city full of continuity, a masculine economy, common social identity and rough purpose or becoming a new silver, shiny, bland, service dominated, urban location full of disjointedness, social division and no purpose.

 The election of the Conservative Party lead by Margaret Thatcher earlier that year on a narrow and apparently, “monetarist” manifesto rather than a broad manifesto of national renewal, had ensured that during the 1980’s, Glasgow and the rest of the country would be nudged and pushed to float down the river of funny money, tourism, the education industry and the “service” sector etc.

 Having set the scene by destroying the physical and industrial infrastructure and integrity of Glasgow (and the other great British cities) during the 1960’s and 1970’s and with the established church in retreat, the Conservative and Labour parties now embarked on the loosening of the moral and social bonds of the nation (especially in relation to debt and marriage).

 In 1980, Glasgow and the United Kingdom as a whole had began the last part of the journey from nation state to vassal territory, a journey that would ironically end on the 28th November 1990 and the defeat of Margaret Thatcher and with her the last remaining vestiges of political Britain.


See Vassal Territory Blog Page

Entry 63 “The Blight” and Entry 64 “The New Blight”




31st December 2017 

No Pay

 The confirmation by the Home Office that they are making plans to introduce an unpaid 50 strong trial “Border Force Special Volunteer Force” to drive along the coast checking the coastline and phoning in any suspect activity seems to us to be (apart from an idea for a sitcom) another example of the Conservative and Labour contempt for British workers conditions and the usual casual and dangerous approach to securing and defending of the United Kingdom’s frontier.


The UK Border Force has 8000 staff and 9 vessels.

 The Italian equivalent (which has one third less coastal waters) has over 60,000 personnel and 600 vessels.



31st December 2017 

 The Fog

 The Conservative and Labour establishment support membership of the EU that is why we had a referendum not a general election.

 A referendum keeps the EU supporting establishment and their power in place.

The levers of power in the British state continue to be in Conservative or Labour hands

(this was a fatal flaw of UKIP and it’s pursuit of a referendum).

 The political and constitutional mess we are in is intentional and it provides a fog for the Conservative and Labour parties to engineer a “never leaving” arrangement and continued domination of the wider political agenda.

 The fog also means that all the forbidden matters such as abortion, re-industrialisation, immigration and devolution continue to be forbidden and all the other pressing matters such as education, NHS and welfare of our elderly are neglected and all frozen into the privatisation, contractorisation and monetised legal frameworks of the Blair, Brown and Cameron government periods.



26th December 2017

 Empty Gestures


The dissolution of the United Kingdom, in particular the atomisation of society has led to increasingly empty public gestures where previously meaningful public actions, ceremonies and witness took place.

 The retreat of authority (common and national) and the lessening of the transmission of private and public habits of thought, religion, language, history, customs and manners since the 1960’s is now manifest across society.

Putting to one side the matter of immigration and the domination of the “progressive” revolutionaries in the education industry, British society is now increasingly a moral “Gig” “Uber” and “Deliveroo” society, one focused on the pursuit of the individual selfish interest rather than the collective national interest.

Rather than continuing to be a nation and society built upon and informed by the Christian Protestant religion in every dimension of it's activity, the United Kingdom is now a society where selfishness and material possession are now dominant.

 The secular and ultra profit motivated corporate entities are the economic manifestation of this retreat but it is in the social dimension of society that the retreat has had the primary effect.

 A society that no longer regards the common public habits of thought, religion, language, history, customs and manners or it’s national survival to be of essential importance and things to be held and defended and passed on to the next generation or is a society that can no longer even be bothered to think about such things will find that it's public actions and ceremonies previously full of meaning and containing a (sometimes unspoken) commitment to maintain that meaning have become empty gestures while a new state sponsored and enforced secular behaviour, enters to fill that void. 



 17th December 2017

Ghost Budgets

The reason “Budgets” today have less impact now than in the 70s or 80s is that the  national economy no longer exists.

 They are ghost “Budgets” but like the old national Budgets they manifest social policy and its objectives and purposes.

Economic policy is social policy by another name and today the objective is to asset strip the United Kingdom and to finance the new secular and economic order.

Today third rate actors replicate the photo call of the old images of real Chancellors and their team standing in front of No 11 holding the Budget box containing real serious national decision about a serious national economy.

Today “Budgets” are replaced  by micro statements on how the sloshing tide of debt might be hosepiped through the system but then again things have changed by the following week and none of actors know what they are doing or how it will pan out.

The Chancellor for sure does not.

 The former serious national economy is now a debt recycling system full of  funny money pumping into the chosen puppet growth sectors

(it is national and puposeful economic activity we need - not the cult mantra of "growth").

 The tide of funny money  travels through the “financial” sector channels and into the personal service, entertainment and conspicuous consumption parts of the system including foreign holidays, nail bars, tattoo parlours, restaurants, new houses everywhere (and their contents), mobile phone accessory shops and Tata Range Rovers.

 On and on it goes.

For now.



17th December 2017 

Jog On

 It is that time of year again just before Christmas, when the Office for National Statistics (ONS) conveniently release a new report on how immigration is “falling” while the BBC across all their platforms, do their best to tell us that the report indicates that immigration is going down (while it is going up).


1 Continue to claim UK population is “about 65 million”

(a nice comforting number that has been familiar for decade’s).

 2 No estimate of the illegal entry number.

 3 The continued lead use by the BBC of the net number

(Immigration minus emigration) of 230,000 entries rather than the use of the total number which was 572,000 entries.



 An 80% surge in applications from EU states for entry for new settlement has been recorded.


Further Research

Other means of calculating UK population include: sewage outfall rates, government data, bank accounts and supermarket logistic data and active digital footfalls.



17th December 2017

How Poor Can You Go?

 While wages go down and prices go up, mass poverty is now embedded into the United Kingdoms debt ridden and ransacked economic system.

Pound shops, discount shops and charity shops are now the signature uniform feature of towns and cities across the United Kingdom.

They lie just outside the "golden mile" in the centre of all the major cities where public money has been poured to give the impression of metropolitain (private money) "glamour and sophistication" where debt bling is king and you can sit out on the Euorpean style pavement with a cappacino while it rains.

 The private sector is now pursuing the “Gig” and “Uber” and “Deliveroo” model of business organisation to cut costs while “demand management” (fewer staff, longer customer queue’s and more “self service” – the customer works for the business by scanning or self checkout etc) shift costs on to the customer. 

Across the public sector the privatisation, contractorisation and monetisation of government activity not least in defence (see the role of Capita), NHS, Education and local government has led to loss of national and local government control and a massive shift of power and money from the public sector into the private (largely foriegn owned) sector.

  This is part of the United Kingdom’s “journey”, day by day, into the third world.




10th December 2017

Appeasement 2017 Style

 This is What They Do

In the early hours of the 8th of December 2017 we witnessed the latest instalment in a 50 year process of appeasement to foreign power by the Conservative and Labour parties and the sight of another British Prime minister hurrying away in the night to offer some British sacrifice to some foreign potentate.

 It is further plain proof that we are never leaving the Eurostate unless the Conservative and Labour parties and their “progressive” establishment are defeated by a new party dedicated to the restoration of the political unity and independence of the United Kingdom.

 The Article 50 procedure is a trap designed to lock the United Kingdom further into the Eurostate and ensure that the UK negotiates from a position of further weakness (already firmly established by 50 years of moral, social, economic and political disintegration).

 “Full Alignment” means not leaving.

A “soft border” (note: it is the UK border not a Northern Ireland border) means not leaving.

 The permitted entry and settlemt of 3 million EU immigrants (and their relatives) means not leaving.

The European Court of Justice exercising jurisdiction in the UK means not leaving.


The Conservative Party can put this EU “Agreement” to the test now in a general election if they dare.



3rd December 2017


Never Leaving


The entire Conservative and Labour “progressive” establishment (including the usual spaghetti soup of

suspects: COE, COS, LIBS, CBI, TUC etc) that took us into the EU will do all it can to keep us in.

 For over 50 years they have gutted the United Kingdom’s ability to govern itself, to function as a serious

national economy and to trade as an independent nation.

 They have destroyed our armed forces, public infrastructure, heavy industry and natural trade pattern.

All of them from Theresa May downwards believe in the Eurostate and they

have spent their political life supporting it and now they profess to be getting us out while wanting

us in.

 They all remain in power.

 Referendums keep the “progressive” establishment in power while a general election provides the

means to remove them providing there is a party to challenge it.

They continue to work to ensure the United Kingdom will not restore it’s political independence that was

surrendered by a majority of 8 votes in the HOC in 1972.

Without a party dedicated to repealing the 1972 EC Act and fighting for it and winning it in a general

election (by defeating the supporters of the Act) we will never leave.




2nd December 2017

The Lessons of Dover

 We should not interfere in the affairs of Republic of Ireland and they must be removed from continuing to interfere in our affairs, which they have done since the Conservative Party’s “Anglo-Irish Agreement” permitted them to do so since 1985.

 The United Kingdom already has a “hard border”, it exists at every seaport and airport across the country.

If you travel to France by foot or vehicle through Dover seaport you will experience a hard border (no “fluid” or purely digital border there), it is an extensive, physical check and control procedure and likewise if you travel through Heathrow airport you will not simply saunter onto a jet and take off into Turkey, you will experience a hard border (again no “fluid” or purely digital border) it is a border full of highly sophisticated, intrusive (and time consuming) physical check and control procedures.

 The government of the Republic of Ireland is demanding no border between itself and the United Kingdom, the reason for this is that the Republic of Ireland continues to want to annex a part of the United Kingdom that happens to sit on the same land mass as the Republic.

 Many nations sit next to each other on the same land mass but do not seek to remove the line of delineation or it’s apparatus.

 When the Irish Republic’s government, the Eurostate and the other’s demand “No Hard Border” they mean “No Border".

 If the United Kingdom does not possess a border it will not exist.

The same singular check and control procedure must apply across

the United Kingdom.



 2nd December 2017


 Today most “Work” is no longer an activity that brings dignity and prosperity to the individual (especially men) and the nation. Work is now a replacement for religion and family and local life.  Rather than make us more independent, satisfied and prosperous, “work” is now a nebulous concept designed to make us more dependent on state and corporate power as well as make us even more poor. Work has also become a vehicle for the promulgation of the new secular code. Like many activities today “work” is now - working - in the reverse direction of what it was originally meant to achieve.

This has all taken place through the encouragement and policies of both the Conservative and Labour Parties.

 While we watch the retreat of our national established religion, the disintegration of the family unit and the rise of the officially endorsed secular religion of “equality and diversity”, the work cult intrudes into what was previously the little private kingdom of the family.

 Work now dominates the private space either through the time spent conducting the primary activity or it’s secondary associated activities or just in the time spent commuting (although with the increasing push for home based working and the saving of office and kit costs (increasingly carried by the employee not the employer) or the introduction of dormitory work sites, this element may be reduced in order to deliver more time and effort and money to the business organisation).

 Work is now pumped up to be the defining characteristic of an individual and is promoted through secondary and tertiary education as such.

It now seeps into the private domain through increasingly submissive contracts, digital gadgets, harsh employment of mothers and women and the marginalisation of men.

 Today, much work is done at home - unpaid – through digital clouds and business network’s which blur the demarcation of workplace and home, mothers are separated from their children who are locked into the state and private child “care” industry and exposed to state indoctrination from an early age, employers know this is happening and know they have a highly compliant workforce whom they can load more and more work onto with little if any dissent.

 Trades unions are complicit in this trend, they support the pushing of mother’s and women into the work environment and the equality and diversity code.

 Meanwhile men (who are less compliant and more prepared to confront management) are marginalised and prevented from gathering in a mass number on single vital site's in case they exercise their collective might (especially on a political matter in the British interest) and strike.




26th November 2017


 The recent Office for National Statistics report on the number of women not having children reflects the cold hard demographic numbers about the past fifty years and the consequence of the preoccupation with selfish frivolous things and activities and the pursuit of short term pleasure against the need to prioritise the individual, collective and national resources for the important things and activities in life, while making provision for the saving and storing away of materials and resources for the future.

 Mass abstention from parenthood (including men), mass abortion, mass immigration and mass divorce, all encouraged by the Conservative and Labour parties, have all contributed to the present condition of the United Kingdom not least mass loneliness, mass use of prescription drugs, and the housing "crisis" (created mostly by divorce and immigration).



25th November 2017

The 2016 General Election


 The Conservative and Labour parties and their sponsored media would like you not to know about or forget about the following matter but at we like to remember it and record it for posterity.


 Between 13th July 2016 and 8th June 2017 the United Kingdom was a despotic state.

 During this period the United Kingdom was governed by a government that it did not elect and a manifesto that, not only did it not authorise but was the opposite to the one that it did authorise, a year earlier on 7th May 2015.

 This is not about some highly technical constitutional matter it is about the plain setting aside of the British people’s authority and votes cast in the general election of May 2015 through a coup d’état by the Conservative Party between the 24th of June 2016 and the 13th July 2016 (Cameron’s resignation speech and Theresa May’s installation).

The Conservative Party’s new unauthorised manifesto of 13th July 2016 (the day Theresa May was appointed not elected even by Conservative MP's or party members) was the opposite to the electorally authorised Conservative Party manifesto of the general election of 7th May 2015 (regardless of whether we liked it’s contents or not).

 Rather than hold a general election in 2016 on that new manifesto - which would have been the constitutional and proper parliamentary democratic thing to do – and which should have been prompted by either the Labour  Opposition or preferably by the Crown, the Conservative Party coup d’état ensured (with Labour Party compliance) that no general election would be called in 2016 in the aftermath of the referendum on EU membership.

From 24th June 2016 the new Conservative alleged policy, of getting out the EU (still opposed in principle by EU supporter Theresa May, who having voted to stay in the EU her entire political life including in the referendum, refused to say that she would now vote to leave in a radio interview in October 2017, she could only say she would “weigh up the evidence”) would recalibrate every policy contained in the Conservative manifesto of May 2015 including defence and border matters.

 The terms of the agreed 2015 contract between the electorate and the Conservative government had been completely reversed with no submission of this reversal to the electorate.

 The electorate were kept out of the matter as the Conservative and Labour establishment preferred to have a Conservative Party coup d’état and then despotic government rather than a general election.

This state of affairs would continue until 8th June 2017 when the Conservative Party would call a general election (again with Labour Party compliance to gain the necessary “supermajority” (522-13) in the HOC on 19 April 2017 to massively build upon their working majority of 17.

 Once again Conservative Central Office got it wrong just like the EU membership referendum (survey).

The Conservative Party rather than gain a massive majority under (the grammer school girl) Theresa May, the Conservative Party lost 13 seats and became a minority government.

 Parliamentary government had been, by default restored, for now.



19th November 2017



 In 1959, Christian Great Britain, had effective schools, reasonably paid, regular serious employment, government supported marriage and government support for having children, affordable British holidays, most families were extended and closely located, and close knowledge of their long term neighbours, the local parish church was the central local cultural force, for many some savings were possible and the idea of owning a small family business, a shop or a garage was near.

 There was no mass immigration, no legislative devolution and no membership of the eurostate.

 There was no mass abortion, no mass loneliness, no mass debt, men largely worked in physically active and socially bonding jobs in heavy industry, defence or the nationalised industries providing or making necessary things.

 Women largely stayed at home rearing children (and reading to children) while contributing to the local social fabric and institutions.

  British society was relatively orderd, secure, free, stable and peacefully governed, by the rule of law under our unitary parliamentary constitution.



18th November 2017 

Battle of France

 The primary threat to the unity of the United Kingdom comes from the Conservative Party then the

Labour Party only then the SNP and the others.

 The Conservative Party has initiated two referendums on the Union.

One has taken place and one is pending.

 Neither the Labour Party or the SNP has initiated a single referendum on the Union

(putting  to one side Labour’s devolution referendum’s in 1978 and 1997).

 It is not just the institutional Union that is in peril.

 The Union is not an abstract institutional entity or an empty vessel waiting for new contents.

  It is a Christian, social, economic and political nation which is a Union.

 The Conservative and Labour programmes of mass secularism (“equality and diversity”), mass poverty (and debt) and mass immigration (and abortion) are dissolving the United Kingdom. 

Unionism’s limited resources spent on attacking the SNP, while not in the first instance attacking the

Conservative Party (then the Labour Party) are wasted.

 It is like throwing Great Britain’s finite resources into the Battle of France.




12th November 2017

 We Shall Remember Them




11th November 2017

The Thin Wall


There is a thin wall between what remains of our (historically) ordered society and it's complete breakdown.

 Of course, enough electricity is still (just) being generated and transmitted through the national grid, powering cash machines and gadgets, the water, food and fuel distribution networks continue to supply the large supermarkets but as we have mentioned over the years, these highly digital managed logistical systems are highly exposed to disruption.

 The dissolution of the homogenous Christian cohesive society upon which, our binding social elements have all been built (the same religion, history, language, customs, conventions, habits, mistakes, manners and general behaviours) and which provided us with practical strength during emergencies and war has had it’s impact.

 These are largely gone, many do not even know their neighbours never mind speak the same language as them.

This lack of self recognition and “social intimacy” is the unspoken gap in the local fabric and of the nation itself.

 In the event of a local or regional or national emergency this gap will make things worse not better.

We have also highlighted the absence of national and local organisations and the essential resources that would provide public protection and defence in the event of a local, regional or national emergency.

 The British Army (and Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) and police forces are depleted and what remains is far to preoccupied with "equality and diversity" courses to deliver in strength and force the reserve and emergency provision that may be required.

 The TA has been abolished and the Civil Defence Corps (comprising 330,000) no longer exists.

 The organisations and institutions of government cannot function properly today while the weather is thankfully mild and thankfully there is no local, regional or national emergency.

 In 2017 most homes are poor.

Most homes do not have reserve provisions of water, food, medical supplies or fuel.

 The Conservative and Labour parties have created this exposure.



11th November 2017

 National Breakdown

Day by day, we are witnessing, the political breakdown of Great Britain.

 Government in the narrow and wider sense is dissolving while the various, institutions and organisations of government, increasingly do not fulfil the purpose that they are meant to and are now simply vehicles for the new secular state's “equality and diversity” propaganda, this is especially so in the armed forces, schools and the police.

 Defending the country, protecting and educating children and enforcing the law has been replaced by the overriding objective of indoctrination into the new code.

 British Government and parliamentary representative democracy, in any real political sense, is now coming to an end and it is being replaced by a new intrusive secular state power.

 The Conservative and Labour establishment cannot put this right. It is that establishment that has brought us here over the past 50 years and they intend to keep us here until what has been the United Kingdom is finished and replaced by a vassal territory.




7th November 2017

Conservative Party:

Money Before Country Everytime


Theresa May Speech CBI

6th November 2017


 “We (Conservative Party) believe in the free market and won’t attempt to shield the economy from market forces.”





6th November 2017


Politics by Any Other Name


As the price of butter and interest rates go up and wages go down, it is a key political period.

 Since 2007 cheap money (ultra low interest rates), released money (savings and pensions) and “funny money” (private bank invented credit and QE) have pumped up a false economy.

 As the nation dissolves, the national economy dissolves.

 The economy reflects national moral, social and political preferences and priorities.

Our economy no longer reflects a Christian nation based on the family unit and local social bonds neither does it reflect a serious provision for defence, public infrastructure or heavy mass (male dominated) industry.

 It is now a debt based shallow “service” economy fuelled by mass abortion, mass immigration and the mass conscription of mothers into the work cult.

 The economic data also shows the “diversionary” economy.

 These are the popular entertainment and “leisure” activities engaged in to divert from the daily poverty and misery of the majority of the British people.

 A national economy cannot function simply through kebab shops, nail bars or tattoo parlours even less so through the "financial" sector or Tata Range Rover cars.

 The United Kingdom is now travelling on a moral, social and economic vapour trail of our past.



4th November 2017


November the 5th 2017 is also the 329th anniversary of the Landing of the Williamite Forces in Brixham in Devon marking the start of The Glorious Revolution and the securing of our civil and religous liberties.

While the Conservative and Labour parties would like us to forget our national history and our constitutional formation period, we at remember it. 




4th November 2017


On the 5th of November 2017 (Bonfires will be lit on the 4th as the 5th is a Sunday) the British people will celebrate 412th anniversary of the defeat of the plot to blow up their Houses of Parliament.

Best wishes to all the Bonfire nights planned across the United Kingdom. would encourage the establishment of Bonfire societies along the lines of those in Lewes, Sussex across the entire United Kingdom.

 Remember Remember

Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.

We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot!

Guy Fawkes, guy, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament.

Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow.

By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match.

o, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.

Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

And what shall we do with him? Burn him!




30th October 2017  

Post Tenebras Lux


Without the Reformation there would be no United Kingdom.

The last Sunday in October is Reformation Sunday.

 Tuesday October 31st  2017

is the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 thesis to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg Germany and sending it to Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg .

There are many services, events and activities being held to celebrate Reformation 500 please search to find one near you.




28th October 2017 


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 1976 and All That.

 The emergence of punk rock in 1976 brought to an end the lingering traces of the hippy countercultural revolution of 1966. Of course, the oil crises of 1973 also played it’s part but the arrival of punk with it’s no frills, no nonsense attitude and it’s DIY ethos reflected profoundly British characteristics of individual independence, eccentricity and raw brutal force.

 While punk blew away the artistic hangover of the 1960’s “counterculture” revolution, regrettably there was no political equivalent to remove the hippy “progressive” politics that by then embedded itself into highest reaches of the establishment not least in the church and education.

 1976 seems like a solid date to identify the final chapter of British nationhood and it’s moral, social, cultural, economic and political disintegration until 1989 and the final victory of the “progressive” revolution over any remaining empirical, traditional, and small “c” conservative political formation.

 The defeat of Mrs Thatcher in 1990 was certainly not about the “Poll Tax”, or even the EU, it was ultimately about the defeat of the last traces of political Britain. Mrs Thatcher with all her faults and all her wrong policies (many of which she later recanted, not least the 1985 “Anlgo-Irish Agreement") represented a political Britain, which in the opinion of our enemies, had to be brought to an end.

John Major represented the first step in the new age of non political Britain. John Major was Tony Blair before Tony Blair was Tony Blair.

When Tony Blair became Primeminister in 1997 he built upon the foundations that John Major had laid down.

  With Blair the “progressive” revolution had finally taken control of the levers of power and they have kept them to this very day either through the Labour Party or the Conservative Party.

 The "progressive" revolutionaries have done their work:

 The established religion has been abandoned and marginalised while a godless state is constructed.

 The social bonds are loosened and float and bump away into the night.

The serious economy is now a memory and has been replaced by a debt economy.

 Our parliamentary democracy has been sidelined.

 There is no sign of the nation that resolved itself to fight in 1939.

 There is no sign of the nation that was forging ahead (a working balance of tradition and progress) in peacetime 1959.

 There is no sign of the nation that in 1979 could still muster serious masculine industrial might in order to strike.

 There is no sign of the nation that in 1982 could, just, manage to coble together a fighting fleet and defeat Her Britannic Majesty’s enemies thousands of miles away.

 There is no sign of the nation that even as late as 1989 could still generate and imprint it’s British political signature on it’s morality, social order, economy and culture.

 That nation has now gone.

 If you want it back, you know what you need to do to get it back.




27th October 2017 



1967 Abortion Act

The 27th of October 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act receiving the Royal Assent.

Since then there has been over 8 million abortions in

the United Kingdom.

Abortion has had a deep moral, social, economic and political effect.

It has altered the natural demographic composition of the

United Kingdom and it is being used as a cover for mass immigration.

The BUP supports the repeal of the 1967 Abortion Act and the restoration of the law to the pre - 1967 Abortion Act status which provided for the immediate medical consideration of both mother and child.




21st October 2017 

Not Spain


There has been much comparison between the challenge to Spain’s integrity and the challenge to the United Kingdom’s integrity. campaign has nothing to say about the affairs of Spain or any another country, it is none of our business.

 However regarding the actions here of the Conservative and Labour and Liberal parties in regard to the integrity of the United Kingdom and the Conservative Party initiated referendum on the Union in 2014 we have plenty to say.

 Not least......


The United Kingdom is a singular, unitary and integral parliamentary representative democracy and it’s composition (it’s unity and integrity) was authorised by the UK electorate in the general election of 2010 and could only have been re-composed by another subsequent general election (as it was in 2015).


In 2010, 59 out of 59parliamentary constituencies across Scotland authorised their MP to go and sit in (be part of the whole – to accept as valid and binding the authority of the British Parliament) the British Parliament including six SNP MP’s who all stood on a representational not an abstentionist manifesto.

Rather than defend the integrity of the British state, the Conservative and Liberal government with the support of the Labour Party opposition instead chose to ignore the established parliamentary, constitutional and legal authority of the state in order that the rule of law and the integrity of the Nation could be overthrown under the cover of a fictitious referendum “authority”.


The legislation which set up the referendum, The Scotland Act 1998 (Modification of Schedule 5) Order 2013 (SI2013/242) contained no authority,  no provision or effect, to reverse the 2010 general election mandate of any MP including the 59 from across Scotland, the mandate that they had, to go and sit in the British Parliament remained intact before during and after the referendum. In other words the referendum was an only an opinion poll, a survey, even though it was sponsored by the government.



The BBC knew of the actual constitutional and legal status but refused to broadcast it. The BBC continued to broadcast a content (including a countdown clock) that presented the image that the referendum did contain authority and would break up the United Kingdom upon the declaration of a “Yes” result.

This matter became a formal complaint and was taken to the BBC Board of Governor’s (BBC Trust Unit) who chose (Complaint’s and Appeals Board January and February 2015 Issued April 2015) not to answer it and instead fabricated another complaint that it itself had posed in it’s response, on the matter of MP’s from Scotland after the referendum.

 Please see the BBC website for details of the full Decision.



21st October 2017

Old Bexley and Sidcup


James Brokenshire is the Conservative MP for the constituency of Old Bexley and Sidcup in greater London.

 He is the Northern Ireland Secretary.

 This week, he has warned against Northern Ireland moving towards

“direct rule” and that this must be avoided,

“we do not want to see a return to direct rule”.

 Mr Brokenshire will be fully aware that his Old Bexley and Sidcup constituency is under direct rule as is the whole of England.




21st October 2017

723 Seats

More Representation not Less.

 The electoral register and the number of parliamentary constituencies are central to the operation of our parliamentary representative democracy.

The integrity both must be upheld.

The Conservative government wants to cut the number of parliamentary constituencies from 650 to 600.

 This means less representation of electors as constituencies become larger. takes the view that the British people need

more parliamentary representation not less parliamentary representation.


We support an increase in the number parliamentary constituencies to 723

This will provide more representation for electors by reducing the ratio of elector to MP.

 In our Union Parliament, the number of constituencies is based simply on population and geographical criteria.

 (We also support the merging of the four Parliamentary Boundary Commission's into a singular Commision for the entire United Kingdom).




21st October 2017

Bags of Money


The bag charge was introduced by the devolved parliament on the 20th of October 2014. All money from it remains with the private busines, none of it goes into the public purse.

 Paid largely by the poor, the bags are already paid for by the business and the charge

covers the price of the bag plus more to spare.

 Some business possibly still are factor into the price of items this means that the bags are being paid for twice plus the excess that goes to the business.

 If the devolved parliament wants to reduce the use of bags then it can pay for re-usable bags or ensure all money from the charge goes to public funds.

 This is not a frivolous marginal matter, it about the use of state power and the corporate apparatus to transfer your money to a private business under the cover of “saving the planet”.

 Millions of pounds are now being generated (5p per bag in the minimal prescribed charge) by private business for their private use.

 It is a racket and the legislation must be repealed.



14th October 2017

Autonomy of the Nation


Autonomy of the Self


The retreat from national authority over the past fifty years has seen the Conservative party and the Labour party hand over power to the EU (and other supra-national institutions) and the devolved institutions, the retreat from national authority is now so advanced that the government has recently retreated from even holding the authority to decide whether an individual is male or female.

 The Conservative government will shortly introduce a “Gender Recognition” Bill which will allow individuals to have the authority to decide if they themselves are male or female, to be fair, this is the logical step from the previous legislation that provided for the legal recognition (including the alteration of passports and other official documentation) of the claim that a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man.

 The retreat of collective national authority permits the rise of the “authority” and the “autonomy” of the self.

 By retreating from our national authority contained through our parliamentary representative democracy the collective order of our society is disrupted, diminished and dissolved.

This is another “progressive” revolutionary tactic designed to dismantle the authority of the established and Christian order of our society alongside the “equality and diversity” cult.

 If our country cannot decide what is a man and what is a woman then it will find that in a very short time it cannot decide very much else and has generated distress and disorder across society especially among the young and the vulnerable who are increasingly lost in a society that is dissolving around them and are being exploited in both the moral and economic sense.

It is the job of a British government to protect the young and the vulnerable not to sacrifice them to the power lobby and propaganda lobby of the “progressive revolution”. It is no co-incidence that this lobby (ie Stonewall etc) target schools and colleges and universities with money and materials with full official backing of the Conservative and Labour and educational departments. Schools should be free from political propaganda.

 The phrase “my body is sovereign” is a phrase that has already been used in connection with the other “self” politics of the last third of the 20th century.

 It is “self” politics (an indulgent politics concerned only with the “me, me,me”) that emerged in the 1960’s rather than the politics of the collective national condition. It is the politics of the “pill” and abortion.

 The replacement of a nationally authorised medical designated definition of male or female with an online “self” definition is a further extension of this kind of politics.

 As the “collective” dimension of life in the UK diminishes and the “self” dimension increases, more of these retreats from national authority take place.

 The political enemies of the United Kingdom seek to activate as many challenges to our authority from inside and outside the UK as possible.

It is about the construction (by the Conservative and Labour parties) of a secular order in the United Kingdom in which the Christian order and culture has been marginalised and the national singular authority is increasingly replaced by new authorities in an ongoing clash for supremacy.

Great Britain must assert it’s singular authority, now or it will be too late.



10th October 2017

A Devo Mandate Is A Devo Mandate

 While Theresa May continues to support another referendum on the Union, Nicola Sturgeon claims that the devo mandate that the SNP got in the devo parliament election in 2016 is a mandate for the devo parliament to hold a referendum on the Union as a consequence of a UK departure from the EU.

This is constitutionally and legally wrong.

She has got the wrong parliament. It is in the sovereign parliament election not the devolved parliament election that she must seek a mandate for separation.

She is claiming a devo mandate is a sovereign mandate and authorises all the contents of the SNP 2016 Manifesto, if this was the case then the SNP would have a mandate right now for lots of things including the removal of nuclear weapons and indeed a mandate for separation. It is fiction but a dangerous fiction and it is one that the Conservative and Labour parties (and the BBC) refuse to challenge because they support devolution and the power and patronage of the devolved Scottish Parliament.

 The only mandate (authority) in a devolved election is on matters that are devolved. It does not matter what the contents are in a manifesto for a devolvevd election because only devolved matters (ie not reserved matters: the Constitution, Foreign Affairs, Defence etc) are mandateable (ie subject to authorisation).

If the SNP or any other political party want authority to enact any legislation then the only constitutional and legal way to get it, is through a British ballot box in a parliamentary general election.



23rd September 2017

 Part of our "What Kind of Union Do You Want?" Series

Part 9

The Immediate Bond.

 The average working week is 37 hours.

  The married mother and father, the home, the extended family, known neighbours, the lollipopman, the school, the church, regular and familiar architecture, the local council house scheme, the post office the GP, the local park with a park warden etc these are all aspects of of place and time and the immediate bonds and layers of identity. 

They represent the key formational elements of who we are and where we fit into our locality and nation and it’s life.

  The immediate bonds of life are put in place by the mother.

 Since the 1970’s there has been a drive by the Conservative and Labour parties to force mothers and women in general out from the home and the local neighbourhood, out from the nurturing of children and the provision of welfare to the older generations.

  These activities and attendant voluntary institutions encouraged the building of strong local friendships and social bonds.

 Pushing women out to work  has led to vast areas, schemes and estates in villages, towns and city suburbs being left empty, day in day out, as the mothers go to work in largely low paid and boring jobs with little attachment, they cannot all be Kirsty Wark or Emily Matliss

 (who we should remember are already very rich and are paid for out of our public purse).

  Today it is mostly the middle class that can stay at home and nurture their children while working class mothers are increasingly forced to leave their children and are conscripted into the cult of “work” activity.

 Most mothers do not want to work full time, for most it is of little satisfaction compared to the satisfaction and contentment of making a family home, raising a family or providing for the older generations. Such activity is certainly more valuable than boring repetitive work on a computer screen or a production line.

  It is these bonds of place and time that generate the immediate substance of Nationhood.

In a sense the nation is the family unit writ large.

  The absence of women from local life means that their true talents and skills are lost and that a hole in the local quilt and fabric of social unity and cohesion is created and expands over time.

 A common identity and mutual support network fails to appear.

 Without this invisible voluntary blanket and bank of kindness and goodness (and highly practical skill, talent and resource) many things do not happen and do not exist, friendships do not happen and voluntary organisations do not operate and function as they could in a village, a town or a neighbourhood.

37 hours which could have been spent putting human rich resources into the local fabric are in many case spent shuffling pointless bits of paper or digital records around in an office or shuffling things around in a factory. 

 As women have been forced into indentured labour the social bonds have dispersed and the local social bonds that existed even twenty years ago have gone.

 The children and the old have been offloaded into the industrialised private or state sector, all open to all the forced doctrines of the secular equality and diversity religion.

 The warmth of the free bonds of local and national compassion and kindness

 (once guided by our established Christian religion) in our voluntary behaviour, habits and institutions are now being replaced by the profit motive.

 It is the monetisation of kindness and free action.

  Those born, even into the 1980s can remember this society full of immediate social and national bonds. Those born after, have only (if they are lucky) the handed down (a good thing) stories of what it was like.

This society did exist because we can still remember it.

  In todays atomised dissolving society, silo lifestyles are lived in shallow social waters easily turned off like a tap. Without a deep and durable meaning or serious human connection, all is selfish and pleasure motivated and monetised.

 In deep social waters, in physical closeness and over time, it is necessary to “rub along” with each other as the greater affection and the greater common cause and recognised interest are more important than the particular difference even on important matters in themselves. We restrain ourselves in the common interest to (within reason) “keep the peace” in order to avoid what would be conflict and division.

 This is how close relationships work and this is how a nation works.

 This is how we live with each other in the common physical world.

  In silo lifestyles especially those lived largely through digital media this lesson is surplus to requirement.

 By separating mothers from their children and forcing them out of their home for 37 hours a week the Conservative and Labour parties are knowingly loosening the bonds of family and national life.

  They do this because it creates a population that is rootless, compliant, and pliable (not least in the economic field), increasingly at social war against itself and increasingly dependent on the secular state for coerced action, regulation and provision where previously free association and voluntary coordination existed.

 This pushing of women into cheap employment is compounded by late if any entries into marriage, no fault divorce and of course abortion.

 It need not be like this. Another Britain is possible, even now.

We can rebuild.

 We did it before.


 “The contention may, or may not be true. It cannot be denied, however that the conditions created by the war have made for a disintegration of family life. The call up of millions of men, married and single, for service in the armed forces, the recruitment of women, the necessity for maximum output of munitions, the evacuation of children from their homes, have been cumulative causes which have made inevitable a separation of members of families on a scale enormous in it’s proportions. It may be that the separation is only a temporary necessity. It might prove to have an evil after effect in the years that are to come. At any rate it is certainly a disturbing, distressing unsettling influence.

The talk to the women of the Empire broadcast by Her Majesty the Queen on April 11th was therefore both noteworthy and timely. Whilst paying a noble tribute to their astonishing work, quiet heroism and whole-hearted sacrifice in helping to win the war, Her Majesty emphasized the importance of their task as homemakers, and, maintaining the influence of religion in the home was paramount, declared her conviction that it is upon the strength of the people’s spiritual life that the right building of the national life depends “ I look forward to a great rebuilding of family life as soon as the war ends,” Her Majesty stated. If our homes can be truly Christian, then the influence of that spirit will assuredly spread like leaven through all aspects of our common life, industrial, social and political.”

Her Majesty’s plain simple address needs no interpretation. It call’s for no comment other than that, in these tragic times, when our Christian heritage is threatened by adverse influences, we may well thank God that the “first lady of our land” has been moved to remind us that in religion alone can be found the source and mainspring of the courage and selflessness that the times demand and that the home is the foundation upon which the Christian religion is built.

  North Tyne Magazine Volume 54 May 1943



18th September 2017