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While devolution is the matter and purpose of this website the Vassal Territory page will be a record of brief comment on wider matters concerning the moral, political, social and economic disintegration of the United Kingdom and it’s 50 year descent and regression from nation state into a vassal territory.





3rd April 2018

The Plastic Age Again

We must thank China for it’s ban on importing plastic waste for the increased consideration in the United Kingdom of the use of plastic (especially when interfacing with food).

 We oppose the plastic bag charge law (which is now going upwards from the original 5p) in particular, because it permits a private business to apply a tax and then hold on to the sum raised rather than repatriate it back to the taxpayer.

It is legalised theft.

Plastic and synthtic materials have a useful contribution to the wider economy however it is vital that the plastic interface with food and drink  and general household activities is reduced and and replaced with natural and renewable material such as (yes, back to the seventies again) paper, cardboard, glass and ceramics etc.

These are still early days in the widespread usage of plastics in relation to food and drink.

Once again materials and products have gone to market without deep and long term research.

 Like many other things, the 1970s and 1980’s can teach us a better balanced and durable way of shopping and living.



3rd April 2018

The Digital Age

As we mentioned in our “Commercial Testing” Entry number 60, too many products and services go straight to market causing untold and unknown damage to society and the individual.

Stricter market entry testing is required to be put in place.

 Government has been in fear of the global corporations for decades and has let too many things enter the marketplace without rigorous testing and analysis of deep and long term impact at an individual health level and a national effect level.

 Certain items are restricted from children (alcohol) but governments have allowed mobile phones to go straight to market.

Eyes, back and hand posture are open to damage by extensive mobile phone use.

 Quite apart from the content issue, profile harvesting (see Facebook) and data dumps and mood fashioning (pushing the “progressive” secular agenda especially to the young) mobile phone use is altering and retarding social interaction and common behavioural habits and traits.

 To have a common society there must be common physical means and modes of interaction (shakehands or fistbump?) that common society can recognise and communicate through, this is also tied up with the passing down of religion, relationships between male/male, male/female, female/female) and a common national history.

Government must close down the"wild west" phase of product and service entry into the market and replace it with deep and durable testing procedure to market and regulate (like cigarettes and car usage) continued access to it.

Mobile phones must be regulated by age.





8th October 2017

The New Blight

 The “New Blight” refers to the moral, social, economic and political disintegration in Glasgow from 1989 continuing into the present.

 Princess Square shopping centre opened in 1987.

It was and remains, ironically, an old, attractive and sympathetically restored (it retains many of the original stone and metal features) square. It stands right in the centre of Glasgow among the devastation of the original city architecture and the mass demolition of common social bonds, housing and amenities found across the rest of Glasgow.

 Princess Square would soon be the consumer flagship in Glasgow of the “yuppie” culture of the time. High end wine bars, restaurants, clothes shops, home décor and jewellers.

 Having destroyed the physical (and economic) integrity of the city between 1960 and 1980 now wider national forces would target the moral and social integrity of the city.

 The increasing retreat by the Church of Scotland from biblical scripture and it’s chasing of theological and political fashion combined with the abandonment of nationhood by the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, led to the loosening of the moral, social and voluntary bonds that had held the city together even into the late 1980s.

 The decline in the cultural force of the established protestant church (and the Roman Catholic Church) and it’s precepts and standards of individual self-control and restraint and it’s social conventions and habits meant that there was no collective anchor to counter the rise of a godless selfishness combined with a free market ideology and the rise of a debt culture which would fuel the growth in materialism.

 The decline in religion had abandoned previous generations built up, individual and collective, moral fortress against selfishness.

 A growth in silo lifestyles, abortion, divorce and materialism would now take hold.

 By 1989, Glasgow and the nation at large had been hollowed out.

 That is the New Blight. 


Glasgow Motto

 “"Lord let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of thy word and praising thy name."




8th October 2017

The Blight

 “The Blight” is the phrase used to describe the dilapidated housing and associated unpleasant social conditions in Glasgow, especially from 1945 to 1989.

 In general the largely tenement housing stock was solid, intact and robust for the climate.

The three main problems associated with housing were overpopulation, lack of inside toilets and the lack of effective planning at the rear “backcourt”of the  tenement in particular the location and organisation of rubbish collection “the midden”.

 Rather than address these three particular problems (limited and selective movement of population to new villages and districts in and close to the city, compulsory introduction of inside toilets and the compulsory landscaping of backcourts) and maintain the continuity of everything else (moral and social bonds, familiar architecture and local character) successive governments and councils decided on a “…knock it down…” approach to the problems.                               

 Between 1960 and 1990, the mass demolition of housing and the mass movement out of Glasgow of 350,000 of the peviously 1,000,000 population took place, it is on a scale that is only comparable with post war Europe.

 Allied to the housing dimension, the demolition of housing and amenities took place along the corridor needed for the then new M8 motorway. This was directed though the long settled mass tenement districts of south west Glasgow on to the new Kingston Bridge over the Clyde in the centre of the city, only to emerge through other tenement districts in the east side of the city then head South.

By the early 1980’s, the physical integrity of the city been destroyed. The settled social and economic fabric was deconstructed including the districts close to the river Clyde’s basins and docks, which were filled in, altering the deep relationship between the river and the people.

 While video’s and photographs of Glasgow from the late 1970’s and into the middle 1980’s convey the wasteland that was the result of the mass demolition and movement of population, behind those images, there remained bonds of religion (the Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church remained dominant forces locally and in society in general) and bonds of social cohesion, families (strengthened by marriage) located near each other, local small scale independent traders made a profit for themselves while voluntary organisations pursued their objectives and the pubs and “the dancing” provided the entetainment. All of these organisations and more provided a moral and social blanket of collective identity and action, even as the city was demolished all around them.

 Soon even these last bonds of religion and social unity were to be loosened by the oncoming Conservative Party and Labour Party political machine of godlessness, the abandonment of nationhood, de-industrialisation, unemployment, selfishness, debt and materialism.

 The New Blight had begun.



1st October 2017

Privacy and Property

Lip reading camera’s and data “clouds” (as well as the tracker and the increasing use of voice recorder’s in your tv and phone) and the large scale move to leasing, renting and hiring items are further steps towards a society with minimal privacy and minimal personally owned property. The immediate effect and future effect of these developments are matters for a government that is serious about it’s national duties.

A leasing society where most items are rented out and largely owned by corporations and individuals have few personally owned and held items including genetic signatures (except for debt) contributes further more to the rootless, silo, “identity fluid”, “identity neutral” society where a mass of universal, identity-less human bots serve a secular, supra-national corporate machine through the cult of “work” and the consumption of debt.

Only our nation state built upon our established Christian religion can resist the forces pushing towards this type of society.




23rd February 2017 

The Intrim Moderator Has Been Appointed.


We all know what this means.


The church is to share a minister.

 We all know what this means.


The church is to close each alternative month.

 We all know what this means.


There is to be a joint Kirk Session.

 We all know what this means.


There will be a special bus to take you.

 We all know what this means.


Where have you been?

 For we all know what this means.




 23rd February 2017

Commercial Testing.

For decades government has neglected the need for rigorous and durable testing of new products and techologies into the marketplace.

 To often governments have put short term profit before long term safety of the public.

 Even from the days of proposed commercial television in the 1950’s, to the “pill”, the introduction of motorways and right up to digital gadgets there

has been lack of deep investigation into their long term health and social effects.

 National research is required on these major alterations in physical activity and general public behaviour.

 There should be strict control of such items entering the national marketplace until such official research is complete and a certificate of public safety

issued by the relevant UK government ministry.






20th February 2016 


Tidy Up.

 As the UK enters the final phase of it's dis-integration: morally, socially and economically we can see the effects before us in mass abortion, mass poverty, traffic jams, the state separation of mother from child, selfishness and the cult of "work" among many others.

 While the Conservative and Labour political class play out the politics of the last third of the 20th century in the 21st century they find

(rather unconveniently)

that their revolution funparty started in the 1960's - one generation after the war- is over.

Rather than set a new totalitarian utopian (secular) template for a "new" society, the warp and woof of the "pop" counterculture period was simply a transient post war artistic cultural manifestation (based on hardwired relative ordered peace, technological and commercial advance and wider prosperity) not the dawning of the age of Aquarius and it's political expression.

 The party is over now and we must tidy up.


See also Vassal Territory Blog 20

"The Party's Over"




25 January 2016


 "They fight as they pray, and pray as they fight"


Over the past 50 years the Conservative and Labour parties have cut the British Army

from 364,000 in 1950 to about 78,000 today.


Many great regiments have been removed from the Army List

 We remember the Cameronians.


Forged from the Covenanters, they formed in one day, the 14th May 1689

on Douglas Dale Lanarkshire.


The Cameronians were disbanded for deep political expediency on the 14th May 1968.


 The British Army must be expanded to at least 400,000.

 This expansion should occur through the re-formation of the old British regiments


This expansion should be led by

re-formation of the Cameronians on Douglas Dale and their return to the Army List.





07 January 2016


 1980 was the first year of the last British decade before the culmative forces of the Conservative and Labour political revolution began to dominate the political life of the United Kingdom.

 Between 1980 and 1989 everything in the UK was - even at this late stage of the revolution - imprinted with British character and identity, a common knowledge and recognition of ourselves.

 The British balance, the old British way of life: our steady, rough and ready way of getting on with it, a working compromise and balance between: the old and the new, order and dissent, stability and eccentricity, tradition and progress.

 Everything was still in place, it was still familiar, still working - just.

But from then onwards the still remaining bonds of British identity were to be let loose and cut adrift.

 When Emily Matliss referred to "Next Britain" on BBC Newsnight on the opening night of the London Olympics, it was 1980 and it's great decade and everything before it that she was casting adrift.



07 January 2016

The Tron.

 Unionists may be considering the recent media reports that highlight agreement of the Church of Scotland and the Church of England to work closer together.

 Before the referendum The Church of Scotland pleaded with the the SNP to be the established Church in a separate Scottish statelet however Nicola Sturgeon gave a firm "no" in reply.

The  CoS then declared itself "neutral" in the referendum on the matter of the break-up of the United Kingdom in order to gain favour with the SNP.

 In 2013 The congregation of the Tron Church in the centre of Glasgow was removed from it's building by the Church of Scotland because they held to the Articles of Faith of the Church of Scotland and did not accept the decision of the 2009 General Assembly to depart from the Articles.

 The management and religious denomination which is based in 121 George Street in Edinburgh and is through British law the established Church of Scotland must now be dis-established and immediately removed from all offices and church buildings.

 In 1643 the Westminster Assembly of Divines was appointed to restructure the Church of England along more Presbyterian lines in structure, liturgy and worship.

 The Westminster Assembly of Divines should be re-convened and finally complete it's appointment.





19 November 2015

Public Pay Ceiling.

It's time to introduce a public sector pay ceiling ie no one at the BBC - staff or contract - should be paid over £100,000 - if they don't like then they can leave.



19 November 2015

Love and Marriage.

While the Conservative and Labour parties continue their attack on marriage we can reflect on the deeper meaning

of the lighthearted song:

"...Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage..."



 19 November 2015

Universal Managers.

The transfer of "managers" from schools to hospitals to the police to private companies to local councils to the

Ministry of Defence to charities to "think tanks" etc must stop.

We must have managers that know and have ground up experience  over time of particular industries and services.

Generic managers are a fiction do not work and cost extra (golden hello's and golden goodbye's etc ) money.




 3rd October 2015

Before It's Too Late.

Immigration: The Forbidden Subject.


Many in Great Britain today cannot bear to speak - or even think about the general

condition and breakdown of our country especially on the subject of immigration.

If not driven into silence by the equality and diversity police, enforcing the

newspeak and behaviour code, they despair and recoil at the thought of what has

been thrown away over the past 50 years.

They tend to immediately divert into another subject or escape into

some form of deep entertainment.

It is not time for diversion. It is not time for escape. It is time to speak - before it's too late.


Part 1

What is the actual UK Population?

Who Do You Believe?

Conservative and Labour Party (in public say) 64 Million?

Sewage Companies 75 Million?

Supermarkets 80 Million?

Watch Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell let the cat out the bag and throws out the figure - it's 72 million - as a

Minster he would have access to the private government estimates.

In the clip (about 1.20m in) - he is focused and does not flinch from his ready made Lebenon / UK comparison .


Part 2

New Stone Age.

Until 2015 Britain had not been invaded by foot since the Middle Stone Age

(about 8000 years ago).



Part 3

Close the Tunnel Now.

It essential that the Channel Tunnel is closed.

The only route by foot from the European land mass must be closed.

The UK Border Force has 8,000 staff for the entire UK, reporting through the Home Office.

This arrangement must be replaced with a (Cabinet level)

Secretary of State and Ministry of Territorial Affairs including a new

Terriorial Police Force with an established strength of 80,000.



Part 4

Get Out The Eurostate Now.

The mass movement of African and other populations into the Eurostate means they will be recognised as

Eurostate citizens and entitled to legally enter the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom must get out the

Eurostate and restore it's natural frontier with the European land mass.



Part 5

Secure The Channel.

The Royal Navy needs to be restored in manpower and ships.

The shortest distance between Great Britain and France is 20 1/2 mile.

We are still an Island and we must protect our territorial waters.





 22nd of August 2015

End of The Mass Transit Age.

The only reason for mass immigration into the United Kingdom is political.

It is used as a weapon to dissolve the indigenous population of the Nation.

Labour Special Advisor Andrew Neather has admitted this on record.

From 1945 the mass movement of populations by plane and train has taken place.

This period is now at an end.

With contemporary technology, communication and transport methods (web/phone technology/3d

printer's/visual and audio links etc) there is no commercial /educational/social reson for mass transit of

people. Tourism is becoming more niche and anyway never required "entry for settlement".


The EU claims that "Four Freedoms" are necessary for trade the movement of goods, services, capital and people. This is not true.

The whole point of trade is you move goods. services and capital to people not the other way.

Today global movement of goods is highly efficient, Capital is done in cyberspace through the click of a mouse

and as for services they are either highly delieverabe by technology (text based prodsucts especially digital

(financial) or they are highly personal in the physical sense in which case the service needs to be delivered

closely and locally (hairdressers) to the individual.


The EU was never about trade between nations, it was and is about the construction of a new western European

state through the enforcement of  custom's union.

Central to this construction has been the free movement of population's inside an external frontier.


Just like VHS video and laserdiscs, the alleged reasons for mass transit has been exposed and overtaken by

technological exploration

and advance, powered by the commercial expectation of profit -  it is the market mechanism at it's best.


Mass immigration into the United Kingdom must end.




 15th of August 2015


BBC Scotland claims it is located at Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

Pacific Quay is a marketing invention.

Pacific Quay never existed until invented by a marketing strategy.

Pacific Quay is actually on the Plantation Quay and Princes Dock Basin site in the

Plantation District of Glasgow.

The site has no connection to the Pacific.

Plantation Quay and Princes Dock were filled in and a new "media-hub" sit's on it.

This is part of the new narrative of Glasgow - A Glasgow where the past and

collective memory of Glasgow is re-edited to conform to the Newspeak and

Newnarrative of multicultural and service sector Glasgow.


while the docks have been filled in - underneath the tarmac and on the edges next to

the waterline if you look closely,

the docks are still there....




3rd August 2015

Work Work Work.


The Conservative and Labour parties

 place only a monetary value on the British people.

 They are obsessed with work so long as they do not do it.

 They are obsessed with profit but they have never made a profit.

 They are obsessed with work because they cannot comprehend that the British

 people are a Nation first and foremost.

 They are not an economic unit.

They are a Nation with an economy.


The purpose of the economy is to serve the Nation.

One of the consequences of the move from a Christian Nation to a godless vassal

territory is that the majority people including increasingly the








will have to work and work for less and less.


There will be less time available for





listening to music

having meals together






tasting food


seeing colours and mountains and rivers and seas and oceans and architecture

watching animals







25th May 2015

Workhouse ?

Your in the Workhouse . (Part 4)

Commercial Servitude.

The Conservative and Labour worship of money and foriegn power means that the British economy has largely been dis-integrated and

in it's place is an auction of British resources to the highest bidder and a reversal (mostly in the larger organistion's) of the power

relationship between supplier and customer. The "business" organistion is always right and the customer is always wrong.

The customer function now is to act as "drone" bee to the seller "Mother" bee.

Business systems have been re-configured so that customer's now work for private companies.

They push their private business activity onto the customer through a number of methods: Self-service tills,

Self service Push button telephone action. No contact phone number, Customer self-service internet procedure etc.


The Bag Tax is a forced payment to private business and not the public purse this is not just commercial servitude

it is officially sanctioned theft.





18th May 2015

It's Your Fault. All Of It.

 The Conservative  and Labour Parties Blame the British People for everything:


Your too British.

Your too White.

Your too Fat.

Your too Sick.

Your too Lazy.

Your too Poor.

Your too Thick.

Your too Slow.

Your too Drunk.

Your too Old.





28th March 2015


London 1985


"As we stepped off the coach

the dust and the rubble stretched out flat in front of us for miles and miles in every direction, the largest construction site in Europe.

 Inside the London Docklands Development Corporation HQ we watched the promotional film."


The film is still running.


Stewart Connell





12th March 2015

The British Buccaneers

In the 17th century British merchant ships set sail across the globe on the open seas to

secure power and riches for the British Crown and people

(and it has to be said for the crews themselves)


The British state must possess what it must possess and do what it must do

however when it has possessed it and done it then there must be a

definitive demarcation between direct

state ownership and state action and  the functioning of the marketplace of non-principal



Where British commercial explorers, inventors, and  traders seek to pursue profit

while bearing the risk then they must be allowed to do so.

However like their forefather's on the

open seas - they must remember that they set sail under the

 Union flag.






2nd of Janury 2015

St Enoch.

The beautiful, dark and majestic

St Enoch Railway Station in Glasgow stood in the centre of the city.

It was opened by the City of Glasgow Union Railway in 1876.

It was closed in 1966.

It was demolished in 1977

It was then dumped into Queen's Dock in order to fill it in.

Today the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre sits on top of it.

The site is now a shopping centre.






2nd of Janury 2015

The Golden Age.

Between 1945 and 1989 there existed a British rough balance between:

Order and dissent,

tradition and progress,

 stability and eccentricity.

In that period there remained a decisive and dominant British identity, character and inventiveness across all activities and expressions: politics, religion, commerce, music film, language....

That British expression, continuity, narrative and memory was then pushed to the margin by the post-war Anti-British political revolution - manifest in the 1960's it ascended to the heights of power in the 1990's and to be found across the three principal parties of State and across all national institutions notably the BBC and Education.

It is this anti-British revolution which has brought political, social, and economic ruin to the Nation.





2nd of Janury 2015

A Fun Economy or  A National Economy.

For 50 years the British Economy has become a Fun Economy based on debt and Entertainment.

Service Sector activities - debt, gadgets and celebrity culture - have now replaced restrained and serious activities essential to the Nations defence, welfare and prosperity.

We must restore the serious foundations of our economy.


Coal, Power and Power Distribution, National Railway Restoration.

Steel and Metal manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Car manufacturing.

Agriculture and Heavy industries.




2nd of Janury 2015

 Grinding To A Halt.

The holiday period highlights three matters:

1. The population of the United Kingdom is higher than official statistics.

2. The National infrastructure has been cut and is limited.

(Rail, Road and essential services).

3. The 2014 winter has (so far) been mild.

The Nation requires substantial resources directed into National infrastructure,

Civil Defence and Emergency planning.





2nd of Janury 2015

City X

 The great British cities told their own stories in their architecture.

Today the architectural story books on our streets and riversides are largely

removed and have been replaced by amorphous graysilver blobs of

generic materials.






The Nation is being removed from it's own high streets.






2nd of November 2014

The "Church of Scotland" and the Union.

The CoS declared itself nuetral in the referendum while pleading with the SNP to reconsider it's rejection (Sturgeon had already given it a firm "no")  to grant it established

status in a separate - multicultural Scottish statelet.

 The 1920 Church of Scotland Act, the law codifying the legal establishment of the church must now be replaced with  an Established Church Act

to make provision for an established BritishChurch



 2nd of November 2014


Before we build one more house we must

reduce the deep reasons for demand.

1. Immigration has created a massive demand for more housing.

 2. The attack on marriage has increased demand for more housing as individuals

delay marriage or remain unmarried.

3 Divorce A family lives under one roof a divorce means two roofs.



18th of August 2014

No Class.

The education industry is now dominated by profit. This includes nursery and primary education sectors.

Old traditionally built schools are being demolished for profit and new flatpack schools are being built by the private sector for rent to public authorities.

One of the profit squeeze methods of the flatpack is to abolish classrooms and create large warehouse spaces called "bases" which can facilitate two, three or more groups of - (Newspeak) - student learners with their lead learner - (Oldspeak: Class and Schoolteacher).

No walls. No doors.

The sub-purpose is profit but the main purpose is to dis-integrate the authority of the Schoolteacher. 



22nd of March 2014



It is often said by Conservative and Labour parties that
"we have an aging  population" this is a reference only to the indigingnous population (the immigrant populations are not "aging" in the same sense).
The reason for why we have an "aging" population is abortion (7 million since 1967) and the political attacks upon the institution of marriage.




22nd of March 2014

Workhouse ?


Your in the Workhouse. (Part 3)


Pound Land Economy.
Parts of the economy (food, clothing etc) are gearing down (increase in discount food shops, charity shops and food banks) as marginal disposable income evaporates on housing, transport, "childcare" and general taxes.


Tax must be cut.





22nd of March 2014


Workhouse ?


Your in the Workhouse. (Part 2)


Mothers Day.
State separation of mother and child, Traffic jam, Long hours, boring futile work, Traffic jam, gruel, sleep.
State separation of mother and child, Traffic jam, Long hours, boring futile work, Traffic jam, gruel, sleep.
State separation of mother and child, Traffic jam, Long hours, boring futile work, Traffic jam, gruel, sleep.
State separation of mother and child, Traffic jam, Long hours, boring futile work, Traffic jam, gruel, sleep.
State separation of mother and child, Traffic jam, Long hours, boring futile work, Traffic jam, gruel, sleep.

Public funds must be directed to support mothers not to work.




22nd of March 2014
Spend. Spend. Spend.
The Budget.
Conservative and Labour empty the coffers.

The 50 year debt trail continues.......British people told spend pension now.

Rather than tackle the three main economic matters - Immigration, Eurostate and the Mutation of the national economy into a vassal territory the Conservative and Labour Budget continues to
ensure the:
Spending of your earnings.
Spending of your savings,
Spending of your debt range.
Spending of your pensions
Spending of your taxes
Spending of your fictional national money (printing press, QE)
Spending of your national assests.
Spending of national debt range.






8th March 2014


Workhouse ?


Your in the Workhouse. (Part1)


The British people are now locked into low skill and low paid  
employment with no sense of job satisfaction or national endeavour.


Meanwhile Mothers are forced apart from their children to work in low paid boring jobs
while their children are placed into the "childcare industry".




8th March 2014




Poverty is increasingly deep and widespread across the British Nation.
Wholesome food, excercise and social activity are either limited or gained at a premium price.


Gruel - A food made with  cereal and often water. It is mostly eaten by peasants.




22nd February 2014


Knock. Knock.


The (129 member) devolved Scottish Parliament removes your front door.
Third Parent (the State) has been made law by the Scottish Parliament.
Each child in Scotland has been appointed a state "named person" to monitor and intervene in their upbringing.








16th February 2014


Love and Money.


The British Nation has been built on the worship and practice of the Christian religion
and the place of The Bible at the heart of our institutions from Crown to Parliament to our courts and legal system.

Money is a measure and store of material value and a means of material exchange.


Money must serve the British interest.






01 February 2014 


The British Church.


In 1643 the Westminster Assembly of Divines was appointed to restructure the Church of England along more Presbyterian lines in structure, liturgy and worship. To this end representatives attended from the Church of Scotland.


The Assembly provided the subordinate standard of the Church of Scotland - The Westminster Confession of Faith.


The Church of England and the Church of Scotland (Ireland and Wales earlier) have retreated in the face of secularism and the increase of foriegn religions in Great Britain.


It is time for the Westminster Assembly to be re-convened and a single national BritishChurch - Christian, Reformed, Protestant, Catholic and Established - be confirmed by law.








23rd December 2013


Civil Defence Force.

Recent serious and raised potential breakdowns in infrastructure (Riots, Railway closedown, Motorway disruption, Digital banking failure, Power cut risk etc have all highlighted the national exposure to a regional or national emergency or public disorder or indeed both.

While existing emergency services do retain plans and hold regular exercises there now remains no national civil defence organisation (Civil Defence Corps (CDC) was dis-established in 1968) that could be mobilised at short notice.


A national but locally formed volunteer Civil Defence Force (CDF) -  militarily structured, uniformed and well resourced is required.

Such  a Force would provide an authorised standing local organisation to platform and support the police, local emergency services and general population population in times of civil emergency or  infrastructure breakdown.






23rd December 2013


Defending The Realm.

The British armed forces have been reduced to the level of a micro-army.

The British armed forces and their associated infrastructure must be restored as the bulwark and primary purpose of our wider national and economic infrastucture.

The defence budget needs to be trebled to £120 billion with regular Army strength increased to an establishment of 400,000.



5th December 2013


Economic Recovery ?.....


No It's Just Vassal Territory Approaching.


Conservative Party claims that an economic recovery  is on the way.
The claim is false and based on data that claimed unsecured consumer credit increased by only £411 million in September..........then conceded a mistake was made and the figure is actually............£864m (highest monthly level in 2013).
The economy is in the middle phase of the mutation from a national economy into vassal territory. Expansion of debt (and the end of savings - you cannot save if you are in debt), printing of money and an expanded and liquid labour pool are three of the primary elements in this phase.


The British people need a government that will ensure that the economy serves only one interest
the British interest.








The End of the Economy – Post Economic Society.

The economy is now in substantial transition into a vassal territory.
British resources are now controlled or dominated by foreign entities often under direct foreign state control (Hinkley C) .


Large parts of British industry and industrial policy are now under foreign control and direction (Grangemouth).


The British labour force is now largely unemployed (especially men) or on some type of welfare assistance, trapped in low paid, low skilled “service sector” activity or sidelined into the (off dole stats) mass education industry.
All three categories are inculcated with debt.






The Flag.


Across the United Kingdom the national flag - the Union Jack – is either being marginalised or removed if being flown at all from government buildings, city chambers and other public buildings.


The Union Flag should be flown from all government buildings including all schools, hospitals and police stations.






The Third Parent.


Scottish Parliament create’s a state appointed individual (“named person”) for all under 18.






Throwing It All Away.


The Conservative and Labour parties for 50 years have systematically marginalised, removed or surrendered the essential elements that made the British nation united, secure and free.
These include
The established Protestant religion.
National common authority, unity, territory, liberty and identity.
Parliamentary government.
Limited constitutional monarchy.
The rule of law.
Freedom of worship, association and the press.
Toleration of dissent.






The Party Is Over.


“Just what is it that you want to do?
We wanna be free
We wanna be free to do what we wanna do
And we wanna get loaded
And we wanna have a good time
That’s what we’re gonna do
-No way baby let’s go-
We’re gonna have a good time
We’re gonna have a party”


The above quote is from the 1966 counterculture film “The Wild Angels” and subsequent sampled use by pop band Primal Scream in their 1990 track “Loaded”.
The "party" in the second half of the 20th century was based on relative peace,
abandonment of traditional institutions, mass consumption and debt is now over.
All that is left is a hollowed out and dis-integrating society mired in debt.






Re-Open The Pits .


 The United Kingdom’s power generating capacity is to be cut by 10% by the end of April according to ofgem - Office of the Gas

 and Electricity Markets – the risk margin of demand above supply will be reduced from a measurement of 14 to 5.

 This cut is due to the Conservative and Labour parties widescale closing of coal pits over the past 40 years,

 permitting the foriegn ownership of the United Kingdoms natural energy sources and their support for the anti-coal

"global warming" campaign.

Dependence on foreign imported electricity and gas will be substantially increased and prices pushed higher.

  We must re-open our coal pits.




Newspeak: Wordwatch




The newspeak function of the word “partner” is to remove and replace the word “husband”, and the word “Wife” in the official lexicon of the state. 

 This has already begun in official documentation. 

 The intent of this replacement is to attack and disintegrate the established Christian religion and the institution of marriage embracing a father, mother and children.










Labour and Conservative parties are placing a stigma on the phrase “housewife”.

 This is because: 

 By using the word “house”, it rejects the state propaganda that women should enter into paid employment as soon as possible and that their principle public contribution is their paid economic activity.

 The word “wife” denotes that the woman has entered into the institution of marriage rather that the use of the state sponsored newspeak “partner”.






The first Labour and Conservative objective of the Olympic project was to provide a political cover in order to divert billions of pounds (public expenditure estimates range from 9 billion to 24 billion) into the public infrastructure of North East London.

 The second objective was to orchestrate, endorse and advance the alternative “official new history” of the United Kingdom.

The third objective was to introduce “The Next Britain” (in the words of  the BBC’s Emily Maitlis).




The Church of Scotland Act 1921.


 In 1921 the British Parliament passed the Church of Scotland Act 1921

  this gave - The Articles Declaratory of the Constitution of the Church of Scotland - specific codified legal effect.

  The first declaratory Article states:
The Church of Scotland adheres to the Scottish Reformation; receives the Word of God which is contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as its supreme rule of faith and life; and avows the fundamental doctrines of the Catholic faith founded thereupon.

 In 2009 the Church of Scotland General Assembly – the Church’s highest court departed from its first declaratory Article - it cannot depart from the first Article and be the established Church of Scotland.






Build Ships.


While our economy disintegrates before our very eyes, it is instructive to remind ourselves that….

Our largest market is ourselves.

  We are an island nation on the west coast of Europe.

  We must re-control and re-direct our national resources (land and sea) to meet our needs and priorities.

  We must re-establish an overseas trade pattern to serve our needs and preferences.

  We must build ships.






Newspeak or Oldspeak.


In George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” - the word “Newspeak” refers to a controlled and restricted vocabulary – an official language sponsored by the state. It’s function is to prevent challenge to the state and to replace the English language which is described as “Oldspeak”.




“Nothing Works...”


 So many things do not work or work as they should. From banking to education to transport to simply opening a door things do not work as they should anymore.

 The British are caught between a government with no interest in them and a market with no fear of them.

 The British are caught between a government with no interest in them and a market with no fear of them.




 British Railways.


The recent taxfunded debacle on the West Coast Line franchise highlights the need to renationalise and reintegrate the national railway of the United   Kingdom and it's associated infrastructure.







Since the Royal Titles Act 1953 the word “British” has been increasingly removed from our national lexicon and where it remains there is an attempt to fashion it in order for it to mean something that it is not.




National Coal Board.


The recent OFGEM (Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets) report on the reduction in electricity generation underlines the need to control, secure and generate our own energy in the UK. The NCB must be re-established and begin the re-opening and expansion of coal mines, coal fired power stations and associated infrastructure.




The Missing Population and Other Debates We Never Had.  


2011 Census - The “cocktail glass” demographic spread is referred to but no mention is made of the causes of this.

 It is only one of many debates we have never had on the deep matters of our nation over 50 years.

  The “top heavy” demographic reflects the consequence of abortion policy since 1967.






The Politics of Zug.


The transformation of Boots the chemist (Nottingham) to AllianceBoots based in - Zug Switzerland and the consequent loss of tax money for the British Treasury  (initial estimates at £80m py) reflects the retreat of successive Conservative and Labour governments from defending British economic interests and the commercial protection of the British people.




U.K. Closing Down Sale – Now On!


Across theUnitedKingdom, national public life (including our industrial and commercial dimensions) is closing down. The size, and scope (width and depth) of national public activity is being reduced, shut-down and removed.

 Our resources: land and sea, manufacturing, commerce and our national infrastructure are now largely under foreign control either by purchase or legal regulation – these include coal, energy generation, energy distribution, and the water supply.

      It is the selling off and selling out of centuries of British genius and industry. National government is in retreat and is perceived to be in retreat.

 There is a prevailing sense that the United Kingdom is closing down.






Nation De-nationalised.


The United Kingdom is being de-nationalised. It is surrendering and selling it’s authority, it’s power and it’s natural industrial might.




Ripped Off, Ransacked, Bankrupt, Britain.


The British people are increasingly being ripped off and left to fend for themselves against market dominant organisations, national resources are being ransacked by foreign interests and private greed while the printing press has replaced sound money to disguise bankruptcy.




Our Energy.


 Our nation is blessed with energy sources. Coal and Hydro power are proven and secure British sources of energy and jobs.  

  We must use them.






Bookburners 2012.


In the book Fahrenheit 451 (the burning point of paper) by Ray Bradbury, books are burned by the fire brigade because they may challenge state policy and spread unacceptable ideas.

  Today as a result of 50 years of state censorship and state sponsorship, political policies and ideas (and debate) are being burned before they even hit the paper.





“Gone To Pot”

 The old British phrase “gone to pot” has today a more darker and deeper meaning than the lighter meaning of old. Today it reflects a more serious concern regarding the disruption and decay of previously reliable activities largely in the public domain.




Stewart Connell Copyright (c) 2012, 2013,  and 2014