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The first purpose of election is to determine where power lies.



For many years, in most of the constituencies across the


United Kingdom electors have not had to dwell upon the


the unity and integrity of the Nation or their place in it.



The matter of authorising our MP's to go and sit in the House


of  Commons or authorising them to abstain and go and sit


somewhere else has not been at the forefront of electors


thoughts as they cast their votes, although in the Province of


Northern   Ireland our fellow countrymen have had to have that


matter at the forefront of their consideration when they cast


their vote.


On the mainland electors have been able to, generally


speaking,  focus on the other matter's of our national life:


Economy, Education and Health among the rest.



In other times this is not a bad thing. It has been a mark of the


breadth and depth of our historical national cohesion, integrity


and security - our identity - that the matter of our national


unity has not been at the forefront of our politics.



However for too long it has been taken for granted that our


unity is secure and that power lies in safely and securely  in our


British Constitution, it lies in our Parliament, and it lies in our


representative traditions and institutions therefore  the


integrity of our British Nation need not bother


us too much especially in the privacy of the ballot booth



Since the introduction of legislative devolution, the unity of the


Nation has been in great danger.


This day has been coming since the 1st of May 1997.



British General Election's decide the Union as they have done


for centuries.


In the British General Election of 6th of May 2010 the


electorate's in 59 out of 59 constituencies in Scotland instructed


their MP to go and sit in the British House of Commons to be


part of the whole.



To be part of the British Nation. No abstentionist candidates


where elected.



In the 2010 General Election none of the Conservative and


Labour or Liberal manifesto's contained any commitment


to a separation referendum.


The Union itself was not a principle matter in the 2010 General


election campaign. Even though the continuing slow motion


car crash of legislative devolution - which has created a four


tier electorate across the United Kingdom and in the House of


Commons, continues to disintegrate the Nation and demands


equitable resolution. On this point I would simply say that a


common Parliament demands common representation.



The anti-devolutionists of the 1970s and 1980's have been


proved right. William Ross, the former Labour


Scottish Secretary and Enoch Powell among others


warned us. Many, too many did not listen or did want to listen


to the dangers that would come with legislative devolution


rather than administrative devolution which poses no threat to


the Union.



Now, in only 15 years after it's introduction, legislative


devolution has brought us to the edge of complete National





It is the Conservative and Labour parties that have brought us





It is the Conservative and Labour parties that through the


Better Together trojan horse continue to do damage to the


Union and have entered a bidding war in promising to do yet


even more damage to the Union should there be a No result in


the referendum.



In May 2011 the SNP won a majority of seats in the


devolved Scottish Parliament election.



On that day like all other days since it's entry into law


the Scotland Act 1998 was still in force and it's Schedule 5


continued to declare to allcomers that the Union and United


Kingdom Parliament were reserved matters and that they were


only mandateable by a British electorate at a general election


or a by-election. They are not devolved to a devolved





The SNP won a devolved mandate on devolved matters such as


Education, Police and Fire Brigade but no mandate was




on any of the Reserved matters including the Union, the UK



Parliament, Defence and Social Security among them


regardless of wether they were printed in the SNP manifesto or




The Union was simply not at issue in the Scottish Election. It


could not be. The rule of law prevented it.



If the devolved Scottish election result as the Conservative  and


Labour parties claim crossed a


rubicon and provided a mandate for quote the "Greatest


decision in over 300 years" then surely that rubicon would


have been declared at the highest level in government and with


the loudest volume and clarity with immediate effect?



On the 6th May 2011 the day after the Scottish election did Mr


Cameron recall Parliament or make a National Emergency


broadcast? No.


Did Mr Cameron perhaps make an historical declaration the


next day on May 7th 2011? No.


Perhaps he was busy that week, maybe the next week ? No


nothing the referendum did not exist. 


Maybe June before the Summer Recess ? No nothing.


Perhaps August before the start of the new political year ? No.


In October then with an ideal forum to speak? Mr Cameron


would surely bring the matter to the attention of the Nation at


Conservative Conference. No Nothing.



Only after seven months after this alleged historical rubicon


had been crossed was the referendum finally initiated.



On  8th January 2012 Mr Cameron launched the referendum -


the quote "greatest decision in 300 years" on a Sunday


morning TV show .



It is clear that from May 2011 through the Autumn and


Winter 2011 an assessment and a decision was made by the


Conservative Party that a referendum in Scotland (a Breaking


Up Britain referendum) would assist the Conservative Party in


securing a softer landing on the other side of the next general


election - regardless of it's impact on the unity or


Parliamentary constitution of our country.



The ejection of Scotland would remove at a stroke 59 seats that


the Conservative Party has no interest in or even less chance of





If the result is a no vote, Cameron will claim he defended the


Union. Such a claim would be false.



Since the 8th of January 2012 the Union has been divided,


weakened and distracted by the fact of the existence of the





The purpose of the referendum - an "alien device" to use the


words of Clement Attlee is to provide an artificial authority to


the 59 MP's from constituencies in Scotland to withdraw from


the House of Commons while still being mandated by their


constituency electorate to be in the House of Commons.




A No result and the continuation of legislative devolution will


ensure that the second referendum is not too far





On the 15th of  January 2013 the Scotland Act 1998


(Modification of Schedule 5) Order 2013  entered the House of




This is the legislation that legally set up the referendum and


it's logistics.


For the quote "greatest decision in 300 years" - there has




No Green Paper,


No White Paper,


No Constitutional Bill,


No constitutional debate on the Floor of the House of


Commons - the usual method for legislation of the highest


constitutional importance,


There is no Act of Parliament


but still the referendum Order was passed and passed


unanimously in a few hours. No vote took place.




Previous legislation of the highest constitutional importance


has taken months, years sometimes even decades of debate and


votes in Parliament this Order was done in less than a day.


The next day the House of Lords did exactly the same thing.



Our British Parliamentary constitutional authority is


being challenged.


There can only be one authority in the Nation at one time.


The referendum cannot contain authority (secondary or


alternative or superior to constituency electoral authority)


Authority can only be in one place at one time it cannot be in


the referendum and in the 59 MP's from Scotland at the same




In January 2014 Mr Carmichael finally conceded that the


Modification Order "does not contain any provisions relating


to Scottish constituencies in the UK Parliament."


In other words the referendum is a survey.


It contains no provisions to reverse the 2010 constituency


mandates of the 59 MP's in Scotland who remain tied to their


mandate regardless of the result of the referendum.


The withdrawal of the 59 MP's from Scotland from the House


of Commons - can only occur through constituency election of


a candidate on an abstentionist manifesto.



Any MP in Scotland wishing to negotiate withdrawal or


withdraw from the House of Commons must abide by the rule


of law. They must seek a new abstentionist mandate in the


general election or if they do not want to wait that long must


resign and trigger a by-election were they can stand as an


abstentionist candidate and seek a majority in the constituency


not to sit in the British House of Commons.



If MP's attempt to negotiate withdrawal or withdraw their


constituency from the House


of Commons without a new mandate then quite


simply they will be in breach of their existing mandate the one


that made them an MP and they will be acting


outside the rule of law.


In the United   Kingdom, we are governed by the rule of law not


the rule of MP's.



The referendum is an attempt to break up the United Kingdom


without asking the British People in a general election. That is


why it is happening now. After a general election and before a


general election. The Conservative, Labour, Liberal and SNP


all agree that the question should not be asked in the one place


where it should be asked and is always asked even though we


may not think about it - a general election.


Tonight, our enemies are ranged across a broad front.


Our enemies know that to break the British you must


break their Parliament.



Our Nation is in Peril.


Over the past fifty years, the Conservative and Labour Parties


have brought us here - To the Hour of our Test.


On the Union and on other matters: Immigration, Europe,


Social breakdown, National infrastructure, Economy and the


rest the Nation is in ruins.



National resistance and leadership will not come from either of


these parties.



Unionists will not stand by and watch centuries of National


effort and Sacrifice




Our Unity, Identity, Authority, Freedom, and Territory




Neither will we allow our constitutional  bulwarks be removed:


Our Established Religion,


Parliamentary Government,


Limited Constitutional Monarchy,


Freedom of Speech,


The Rule of Law,


Trial by Jury,


The Freedom of Religion,


The Freedom of Association,


The Freedom of the Press,


The Toleration of Dissent,



We will not let our Nation descend into the darkness again.






Words 1776  (c) Copyright Stewart Connell.