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COP 26

"COP 26"


The following is  the record of comment

during on the matter of COP26

(From 23rd of  August 2021 to the COP 26 Period 31st October 2021 until 12 November 2021).




12th November 2021

When The Man Comes Around


8th November 2021

 The Pagan State


You have just witnessed the unveiling of your (post United Kingdom) New Pagan State.

The 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" revolution (anti - Christian Civilisation) is capping it's Der Sieg Der Jab with a doctine of global worship of the Earth.

It is a State/corporate sponsored worship cult.

COP 26 (both conference and sponsored demonstrators) is a choreographed stage show staffed by the "Useful Idiots".

The New supranational (global) State is a Pagan State - a state with many false gods.

Chief among them is The Jab followed by "Climate Change" - the cover for planned penury.




5th November 2021

 Throw The Jab on the Bonfire


An effigy at Lewes 2021

Across the (former) United Kingdom, spontaneous - out of control of the government - celebrations will be held tonight to celebrate the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot.

Today also marks the arrival in Brixham of King William III and the Revolutionary Fleet in 1688,

marking the formal start of the Glorious Revolution that secured the British Constitution and Parliamentary Representative Democracy in what would soon become the United Kingdom. encourages organisations, institutions and others to set up Bonfire Societies along the lines of those in Lewes.


Remember Remember

 Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.

 We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! 

  Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent To blow up king and parliament.

  Three score barrels were laid below To prove old England's overthrow. 

  By god's mercy he was catch'd With a darkened lantern and burning match.

  O, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.

  Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king.

  And what shall we do with him? Burn him!




5th November 2021

We Don't Take Lessons From COP


The Bible

King James Version

Psalm 95:4-5


4 In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is his also.

5 The sea is his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land.

6 O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker.



For over ten years has opposed the 60 year old descent into the degenerate, materialist mud

that results in tree pellets being transported from North America to the Drax power station in Yorkshire.

We support COAL to keep British people warm and keep the lights on.

COAL is a natural gift from the past (from trees that provided oxygen to dead compressed trees (plant matter) that form COAL).

The (former) United Kingdom was in effect a large rectangular COAL mine.

National, Secure,Practical, Reliable.

Burn That COAL.


"The Trees"




 For years at we have opposed the indiscriminate use of plastic.

 In 2018, in our Vassal Territory Blog, we drew attention to this and advocated for a return to more natural materials.



 Vassal Territory Blog


 3rd April 2018

 The Plastic Age Again

We must thank China for it’s ban on importing plastic waste for the increased consideration in the United Kingdom of the use of plastic (especially when interfacing with food).

  We oppose the plastic bag charge law (which is now going upwards from the original 5p) in particular, because it permits a private business to apply a tax and then hold on to the sum raised rather than repatriate it back to the taxpayer.

 It is legalised theft.

 Plastic and synthtic materials have a useful contribution to the wider economy however it is vital that the plastic interface with food and drink  and general household activities is reduced and and replaced with natural and renewable material such as (yes, back to the seventies again) paper, cardboard, glass and ceramics etc.

 These are still early days in the widespread usage of plastics in relation to food and drink.

 Once again materials and products have gone to market without deep and long term research.

 Like many other things, the 1970s and 1980’s can teach us a better balanced and durable way of shopping and living.







4th November 2021 

After National Suicide

The New Post-National State has arrived. Presented at COP 26.

It did not take power in an armed coup, it has been voted and voted and voted into power for 60 years.


The Conservative and Labour and SNP etc establishment have facilitated the suicide of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has ended.


The 60 year slow motion suicide culminated in the Jab and Covid - yes, in that order - and the chief false god is Ecology/Earth Worship.

The former United Kingdom is now a client sub-state of the New Supranational State  AKA AstraZenecaland.

The Bio-Digital-Service/Servile State has been put in place.




2nd November 2021


 The dark, majestic, Victorian, St Enoch's railway station (A physical representation of Christian, Integral, Industrial Britain) in Glasgow was built by City of Glasgow Union Railway in 1876

and operated services (including those to London St Pancreas) until 1966.


The station was demolished in 1977(one of the three large stations in the city).

A shoping centre was built on it's site and opened in 1989.


In 1983, the rubble from St Enoch's was used to fill in Queen's Dock in the northern side of the Clyde in Glasgow.

In 1985, Queen's Dock was renamed Exhibition Way and the Scottish Exhibition Centre was opened on it and now operates commercially as the Scottish Exhibition "Campus".


Today it is the site of COP 26.


 At we reject the New Bio-Digital-Servile/Service-Global-State unveiled at COP 26.

We support the restoration of Christian, Integral, Industrial Britain.


The City of Glasgow Motto is

"Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of The Word and the praising of His Name"






 1st November 2021

No Name City

COP and delegates to COP have been told they are in Glasgow, they are not.

Glasgow (Origin 6 AD - Dissolution 1989 AD) no longer exists.

31st October 2021

When The Man Comes Around




30th October 2021

The Jab Is Forever

The Jab - Number 3 is now being injected - the third in less than 10 months.

The experimental material does not pass through the biological system like an aspirin, it is forever.



30th October 2021


Always worth a listen.



30th October 2021

Wake Up The Nation




23rd October 2021

Hate Rally

 The Hate Rally (anti-religious, anti-human, anti-nature and anti progress (regressive) COP) due to take place in Glasgow is the New Model of politics in The New State

No dissent permitted.



22nd October 2021

Der Sieg Der Jab


The Jab has been injected into many millions across the former United Kingdom.

It is is a victory for the 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" revolution and the High Caste of the New Supranational State who will present themselves for the first time at COP.





15th October 2021

The Liberal Disease

It's not a coronovirus that destroyed Britain it was the Liberalism practiced by the "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment for 60 years

and which culminated in the Covid Project.



15th October 2021

Coal Not Dole

For over ten years has supported the re-opening of coal pits, coal fired power generation stations

and associated infrastructure.

Burn That Coal.


15th October 2021.


(Monarchies and Presidents and Popes)

The new surpranational state that is planning to present itself to it's jabbed minions  (across the Earth) for the first time in November in Glasgow

and demands public fealty from the potantates and plenipotentiaries of it's now sub states.

"It's a good life bowing to a tyrant"

"City Dweller"

The Fall



15th October 2021

Abortion, Divorce and The Covid Project 

 The abortion of 9 million Britons since 1967 altered the (former) United Kingdom in many ways, spiritually, politically socially and economically.

One aspect of The Abortion of the British policy is the lack of manpower for all economic activities across the former United Kingdom in 2021

meanwhile the rise of divorce has atomised the national fabric, removing the family unit as an independent bulwark against the New State and The Jab.



15th October 2021

 That Was Then But This Is Now

Now that, The Jab, has largely "rolled out" (however Covid - attributed - deaths have increased substantially on a day by day comparison with Autumn 2020)

suddenly we are expected to forget about Covid and say nothing about The Jab,

and the "Transformation of Britain" into a drugged up - debt fuelled and docile - sub - state.





2nd October 2021


1688 Vs 2020 


The Covid Project is an attempt (a so far successful attempt) to usher in a new supranational (Global - biological and  political) power, a modern day equivalent to the pre-Reformation Roman Catholic Church.

The Reformation 1517 (Martin Luther's 95 Theses being nailed to Wittenberg Cathedral) brought that global power to an end.

It led to the emergence of Protestant and independent nation states and the recognition of the sovereignty of the nation state at the Peace of Westphalia of 1648

(At we regard - The West - as the descendent manifestation of the Peace of Westphalia). 


The Glorious Revolution across Great Britain 1688-1691 secured the Protestant religion and the British Constitution and Parliamentary democracy

across what would soon become the nation state of Great Britain and then the United Kingdom.

However the Glorious Revolution was not only a national victory for individual and national freedom, it was a geopolitical - European and global - victory and the securing of freedoms for nation states.

It was the historical re-ordering of power and authority across the globe.


It is the British Christian Protestant Constitution above all, that the - Globalists (those intent on introducing a single state authority across the Earth) - have intended to destroy for the past 60 years.

To gain singular global power they must at first destroy the British Constitution and all that it is and represents.


It is no co-incidence that the Covid Project has been targetted and unleashed on the great nations, that most of all freely adopted and adapted the British Constitution on their own territories including:

Australia, Canada, New Zealand and of course, the United States of America.




27th September 2021 

 Cancel COP

  One year into the New Epoch and New State Supranational Power - The High Caste presents itself.

The Masters of The Jab.

27,000 delegates (and thousands more media and sponsored demonstrators) of the New State prepare to descend on Glasgow.

 Meanwhile the - official - death toll of the "Covid" project continues to rise (awkward).

On 24th of September 2020 across the (former) United Kingdom there were 40 deaths attributed to Covid. On the 24th of September 2021 there were 120 deaths.

On 24th of Septemeber 2020 across Scotland (an integral part of the former United Kingdom) there were 2 deaths attributed to Covid.

On the 24th of September 2021 there were 50 deaths.



27th September 2021  

Exposed Again

There are now reported shortages in petrol supply and warnings of potential electricity and food supply disruption.

The national infrastructure has been abandoned and what remains has been politically monetised.

In 2021 the United Kingdom has been dissolved, what functional infrastructure remains is exposed and imploding.


For 60 years the "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment have been elected and elected by millions

(who did not care or did not care enough or simply appeared to not care at all)

on manifesto's to disrupt, neglect and privatise the essential fabric of the United Kingdom.


For millions, the individual responisible is not in No 10 Downing Street, he is in the mirror.

The line of authority is between the elector and the elected (the MP).

Generally speaking, you do get what you vote for. 


 For over 10 years has highlighted the exposure of the (now dissolved) United Kingdom to natural and manmade threats.

In particular medicine, water and food supply, power generaton, digital money, public order and transport.


While the national infrastructure dissolves the (national, regional and local) reserve and emergency networks and provisions are now either abolished or depleted.

The Territorial Army has been abolished, the Civil Defence Corps (a 330,000 manned local uniformed organisation) has been abolished

and coal has been decimated as a national, secure, and reliable power source.


For 60 years the "Conservative", Labour and SNP etc establishment de-nationalised the United Kingdom.

Rather than build and secure a solid national infrastructure, the establishment has set up a debt fuelled, drugged up, digital Disneyland. 




27th September 2021 

The 2019 General Election and Covid.

There was no need for a general election in December 2019 (the official "Opposition" and others held the minority "Conservative" government to account).

The previous general election was held on 8th June 2017 only 18 months before.

 (see above tab "Union Glue", book available on Amazon)


On the 29th of October 2019 the Early Parliamentary Election Bill (Act) was passed (Aye 438 votes, No 20, Abstentions 181) with "Conservative", Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP votes.

It recieved the Royal Assent on the 31st October 2019.

The general election on December 12th 2019 returned a "Conservative" Party majority of 80 seats.


The European Community "Withdrawal Act" (Version 2) passed 9th January 2020 (Aye 330 No 231) and Royal Assent was given on January 23rd 2020

The United Kingdom's first Covid 19 case declared 8 days later in York on January 31st 2020.

 The "Lockdown" began on 23rd of March 2020.




21st September 2021 

 Remove Them

 British Authority has returned to to British people and no longer rests in the House of Commons.


The "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment in the House of Commons have submitted to Foreign Writ by accepting supranational direction in connection

to the Coronovirus Act, Immigration and of course, The Jab (a political not medical injection).


The 2020 submission to Foreign Writ is a modern version of The Treaty of Dover (Dover Treaties) of 1670 when King Charles II of England

secretly agreed with France  to betray his country and it's religion.


Now it is for the British to decide how they exercise their Authority that has returned to them since the general election of the 12th of December 2019.




13th September 2021



The godless "Conservative" and Labour and SNP etc establishment have now crossed the rubicon and declared that they will inject British children with an experimental material in order to protect

themselves and their 60 year old Liberal/"Progressive" agenda.

The establishment claim over 90% of the population is jabbed but are increasingly desperate (free Uber and Kebab's) to jab the remaining 10%...why?

the answer is that they have not jabbed 90%.

Quite apart from the official population number of 68 million, which is a false number (we suggest it's about 82 million),

the large British working class conurbations are about 50% jabbed and 50% unjabbed

while many of the immigrant populations (with recent memories of their homelands, that they have escaped from) also remain unjabbed

and of course, many of the British under 30's (the reproductive pool) remain unjabbed and very importantly, know how to play the game.





1st September 2021



The godless "Conservative" and Labour and SNP establishment are not bound by any consideration other than their own personal political power and money.

They will inject anyone with anything if it provides them with power (and their Liberal / "Progressive agenda) and money.


The experimental injection has not been "rolled" out as a political "nudge" to get the population confident again to enter social settings

(after being subject to a year of psychological warfare by the establishment apparatus),

a national placebo - a free packet of aspirins, a pint of beer or a packet of cigarettes, could have done that,

 all of them with known and accepted risk ratios without the use of an experimental injection.

 No - the government activated the public release of a highly experimental injected material

with one singular purpose, it has been to alter the existing natural biological composition of the general population

into something that it was not but now - according to official numbers - largely is.


The new state has now emerged politcally and biologically.

The United Kingdom (c) is now a (legacy) brand name of AstraZeneca  - the patent holder on behalf of the Supranational State Power.


 The experimental injection has been resisted by about 30-40 % of the actual population, most of which is under 30

(in many cities and towns the injection has been resisted by about 50% of the general population including Glasgow, Sheffield

(Parts of Sheffield have a rate of only 32% for the first injection) and Liverpool.


It is this resistance (largely from the British working class and under 30's) that has driven the increasingly desperate attempts by the "Conservative" and Labour Establishment

to get people injected (including free kebab's and uber taxi's) - the reproductive pool is key and the goverment knows this.


It is this demographic that contains the greater number of the reproductive pool of the British.

Providing that this - healthy - reproductive pool remains free of the experimental material,

nature will take it's course and the experimental material will die out.




23rd August 2021



"It's a good life bowing to a tyrant"*


The new supranational state

that replaced the United Kingdom on 23rd of March 2020

intends to hold it's first public conference - A Conference of "Useful Idiots" - in Glasgow.


In the middle of an - official - "pandemic" that continues with more "cases" and a higher attributed daily death rate than last year,

the "Conservative" and Labour establishment has decided to host

a - Climate Change - conference.


27,000 foreign delegates and thousands more (media and sponsored demonstraters etc) have been permitted to arrive by jet and 

to enter into central Glasgow, with no compulsory medical vetting, no lockdowns, no track and trace, and no "vaccine" controls for them,

for they are the High Liberal and "Progressive" Caste.


Glaswegian's however remain required to wear masks and conform to the Covid legal decrees.



*"City Dweller"

The Fall