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The Descent Series

The Descent Series.

The Descent Series page is a collected series of short articles tracking the wider perspective's and impact of the descent and dis-integration of Great Britain from 1960 to the present.

3. The New - Published 14 February 2016 

2. The Parcel - Published 15 August 2015

1. It Is Not 1975 - Originally published in News 14 February 2015 (Re-published in The Descent Series 22 Aug 2015).


The Descent Series

No 3

14th February 2016 

The New

 "New" in the sense of evolutionary progress, new methods, new styles, new discoveries, new arrangements and new patterns detected, that type of newness does not challenge our Nation, it is natural, it is good.

Natural change is part of life, it is about building upon the past not casting it out.

 Natural newness is part of advancing, aging and maturing (the gaining of wisdom from experience, from making mistakes and learning from them)

- living - in a personal and national sense.

 For the Conservative and Labour revolutionaries "new" has been and is a cover name for political attack on the UK and it's institutions.

To them the UK was and is old and full of authority (based on the British people's expressed parliamentary consent through constituency election of their MP) and not least it worked and so had to be replaced with revolutionary new authority (including the challenge to and demotion of adult and parental authority - permitting the rise of state power and propaganda into the school and family), new behaviour and new policies: Devolution Policy, Multicultural Policy, Europe Policy to name only three.

They are part of the political generation that appointed itself as the "new" in the early 1960s.

The 1960's counterculture did not just reflect a transient social mood it was conscripted by the revolutionaries as a cheap visible and sound sensual template of their intended secular utopia.

 A robust UK political establishment would have been able to bend and move with the post war warp and woof of "pop" culture but by the mid 1960's the political establishment had surrendered.

They had not so much - lost their political faith in their country - rather they had removed it and placed it in either money or foreign power or both.

They had lost the will to fight and be a force for the British interest.

Lacking any opposition (a counterforce) - the Conservative and Labour revolutionary political force set out to attack all the institutions and manifestation's of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Attacking the British island Nation off the north west coast of continental Europe.

 Attacking the independent, easy going people, minded to think the best of others.

 Attacking our Christian Parliament, the rule of law and family life.

The revolutionaries knew that to defeat the British people you must first defeat their Parliament and it's exclusive representation of the British people.

 The final phase of the "new" - 30 years later under "New Labour" and it's Conservative Party progeny, set about the final decisive actions: removing or taking over the moral, social, economic and cultural institutions and manifestations of the British people.

For 50 years the revolutionaries have met no counterforce.

 Until now.


The Descent Series

No 2

15 August 2015

The Parcel.

Those born before the Conservative and Labour parties took the us down the revolutionary road to ruin in the early 1960s are now retiring.

They were brought up in a Nation secure in it's own unity, identity, authority, liberty and territory.

It's economy was not to bad either, while it had a dominant public infrastructure, maritime fleet and heavy industry to name just three, it was also at

the forefront of post-war technological development in computing, television, engineering, business and science (for good or bad), building it's first

nuclear power station (opened by the Queen in 1956).

There was a British working balance between 1945 and 1960 that has now been thrown away.

This generation had a Christian childhood, good schools, a young adulthood (coffe bars and rock and roll), plenty of jobs, an established church to

be married in and have your children baptised into, a solid sense of national history and family and national duty.

A Christian Nation is able to withstand the tides of fashionable political, economic and social change because it is anchored

to "...the Rock which cannot move...".

A nation built on sand just like a house built on sand will fall.

Today a large part of this generation is generally speaking retiring, reasonably affluent and as time has passed they have had the recognition and

means to remove their families and wealth from the urban centres. They have seen what has happened to the UK in the past 40-50 years.

In some, there is a quiet sense of shame "how did we let it happen" in others not a thought.

Selfishness? Diversion ? or Despair ?

While many opposed the changes many others were prepared to go with it (go with the flow) and accept it and some would profit from it - some of

them getting jobs for life in the massive expansion of the tertiary educations sector to churn out reports and statistics of little or no use to anyone.

It has largely been the British working class that have carried the burden and paid the price for the ruin of the past 50 years. Their established

church, common social bonds, national employment and parliamentary representation have all been taken away from them.

It is the British working class that have been and remain the prime target for the Conservative and Labour parties revolution.

Meanwhile through the 1960s, 70s, 80s, as British identity and industry was steadily marginalised, the "Golden Ager's" enjoyed  a working lifetime

of social and material benefits unknown to prior generations and as far as we can currently see will be unknown to future generations.

In a real sense an increasing number have stopped passing the parcel from one generation to another, each generation receiving a  collected

inheritance from the previous generation.

From our established Christian religion to Parliamentary Representative Democracy to our national Military and Industrial Might to Art to Culture

to Language to Writing, Architecure,

Music and Dance and Theatre.....Everything.

Everything known to our Nation is now being thrown away.

Will Your Anchor Hold?


 The Descent Series

No 1

14th February 2015

 It Is Not 1975.

 While large parts of the post war anti-British political revolution had taken place by 1975, British identity and character dominated institutions, the economy and other activities not least through the Christian witness of the established Church, school curriculum and materials and nationalised industries.

 By 1985 despite the retreat of the established church, abandonment of a distinct British curriculum and the privatisation of vast parts of the nationalised industries (creating huge pools of unemployed men) there still remained a substantial British identity across national life.

 Today large numbers still think, speak and act as though it is 1975 - that generally speaking the Nation is essentially the same as it was in 1975 and that the elements that built Great Britain remain in place as they did and that the revolution has been achieved at no cost to the moral or social fabric of the Nation.

 For the most part this is a comfort opinion.

A nostalgic outlook for those that cannot come to terms with the totality of what has been thrown away.

 Most people (unless they are very rich) cannot avoid the reality of the failure of the past fifty years either socially or through experience of public or private services which do not work.

 So it is easier to get through the day by either denying the moral and social  ruin which surrounds them or alternatively diverting into some deep form of entertainment.

It is not1975.

 The revolution has largely taken place and it has taken a heavy toll.

 The anti-British revolution set out to (and has largely succeeded in) disrupt and replace the transmission and imprint (the collective memory) of British identity from one generation to another.

The British people, staunchly religious, fiercely independent  and full of eccentricity and character are now confronted by the final phase of the Conservative and Labour parties revolution. A revolution designed to make them secular, dependent, conformist and compliant.

 The elements that made us a great Nation have been thrown away - the Vassal Territory Blog raised this matter in an earlier post (Blog 21).

 As the common bonds of Nationhood have been cut and let loose, the British people have been abandoned to dissolve and float apart and against each other in a sea of doubt, debt and increasing dis-order.

 The essential lesson is that the Christian foundation of our Nation and civilisation is now being replaced by a secular code centred on the self and the satisfaction of the self at the expense of the National common interest.

 The Christian Nation is being demolished and a godless state is being built.